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Welcome to the Will157.com Home Page. Read through this entire website and you will see that EVErything is designed. Not just on this website, but in the world around you!!!

You live in A Designed Realm. This site teaches people to see The Design. Leonardo da Vinci: “Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.”

My name is WillIAM McNeilly AKA WillIAM Lewis. Google WillIAM McNeilly and you will see numerous news articles in the mainstream and alternative news about me. I made international news three years in a row: 2015, 2016 and 2017. When I appear on The World Stage, I just talk about The Trident Report and nuclear disarmament. My Trident report was on the front page of Wikileaks for months in 2015. My interviews made the top story on Russia Today UK in 2016 and 2017.

WILL157.com will show you the real reason for releasing The Trident Report. The Truth can be complex. The Double Headed Phoenix… two paths of thought flying in the same direction. There were two reasons for releasing The Trident Report. I have said many times, hook me up to a lie director and I’ll read The Trident Report… you’ll see that I was being Truthful. I have been interviewed by The Royal Navy Police and Central Intelligence. They all knew that I was being Truthful. The Truth is most valuable in its purest form. If the information seems too complex, read over it a few times slowly. This is not a speed reading test.

This is The WILL157.com Home Page. In simple Gematria A = 1 B = 2 C = 3. In English Gematria A = 6 B = 12 C = 18 Etc. Jewish Gematria is calculated in the same way. All letters have a numerical value. The Gematria values are set and recognised World Wide. When you read through is site, you’ll see that The Design is mainly shown in Simple, English and Jewish Gematria. Showing The Design with those three is because The Design in those three. It is also for consistency.  Pythagorean Numerology Design is also shown on this site.

 When it comes to Antiwar Activists, Nuclear disarmament is the top topic. When it comes to the biggest nuclear weapons vote in the UK, The 2016 Trident Nuclear Weapons renewal vote was the biggest. When it comes to the main popular opposition news platform to take on The Trident Nuclear Weapons programme, Russia Today / RT UK is the biggest. On the night of The Trident Nuclear Weapons vote that was worth hundreds of billions, I was live on Russia Today and my comments with a picture of my passport was the top story on Russia Today UK. Taking on the military industrial complex wasn’t just something that I talked about or made YouTube videos about… it is something that I have done for years. I sacrificed my great paying career in The Royal Navy, risked prison and put my life on the line when I took on the UK’s Trident Nuclear Weapons deal that is worth hundreds of Billions. If you think standing against the UK’s military industrial complex’s biggest deal is a safe thing to do, then you don’t understand the world you live in. Presidents were killed for a lot less than what I done.

  Check out The 4:44 minute video that I made for The Greatest Biblical Star Sign this world WilL ever see. Make sure the quality is high so you can pay attention to The Details.

On June 7 1967,  IDF paratroopers advanced through The Old City towards The Temple Mount and The Western Wall, bringing Jerusalem’s holiest site under Jewish control. ISRAEL was conquered with Perfect Timing and Design. The Rebirth of ISRAEL happened with Perfect Design. A Design that lines up The Great Star Sign. My WILL/Trident tattoo is Designed Entirely with The Numbers 1, 7 and 5  in English numbers, Latin and Gematria.

I was born in LEO at exactly 17 Hundred/5:00PM.

From June 7, 1967 to and including The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775 = 17500 days.

I released The Trident Report aged 25 on 5/5/15.

5 + 5 + 15 = 25

From June 7, 1967 to and including 5/5/15 = 2500 weeks EXactly!!!

Just so people would know the release date of The Trident Report and pay attention to The Design, I wrote the date in blood red and sent a picture of myself holding The Date with The Trident Report. The image of me holding The Date, made international news on 17/5/15.

To  Truly appreciate The Design, you must understand Probability and The Butterfly Effect.

The odds of rolling a 4 on a balanced dice is 1/6

The odds of rolling a 4 four times in a row = 1/6 x 1/6 1/6 x 1/6  = 1/1296

444 is a three digit number. The odds of independent events showing a random three number from 0-999 is 1/1000

The odds of the three digit number 444 appearing 4 times = 1/1000 x 1/1000 x 1/1000 x 1/1000 = 1/1,000,000,000,000

That’s the real basics of calculating probability. When it comes to calculating the probability of a Gematria value appearing with the required Design, you need to consider that the number isn’t going to be zero and could be higher than a 3 digit number. Having an understanding of odds, shows that none of this is coincidental. It shows that the odds of these events happening, is far beyond astronomical. It blows your mind when you combine that with an understanding of The Butterfly Effect.

They Say The Devil is in The Details. They Say The Devil appears in The Mirror. They say The Devil carries A Trident. They say those things because they are liars who want to hide The Truth. Their aim is to scare you away from paying attention to The Details and learning The Truth. The Word Trident is linked to me more than any other human in mankind’s entire existence. Pictures of me and my pictures, dominate the Google search “Trident Prophecy”. Trident is in my Title. When my name appears in the news, Trident appears with it. In 2016, I literally appeared in The Mirror with A Trident HAHA Facts are in The Details. The Truth is in The Details. Pay attention to The Details. Ignorance does not = strength. That is an obvious fact that you’d expect everyone to understand, but they don’t. The majority of popular religions tell you that ignoring other religions makes you a better person. They literally teach that ignorance = strength. A Great detective pays attention to The Details, works with facts and what he sees. Criminals and liars want you to ignore The Details. Those who want you to know The Truth, tell you to pay attention to The Details. The Truth is on my side.

The name I was born with = WillIAM McNeilly. I used the name WillIAM Lewis for years because my mum remarried. My name in The Royal Navy was WillIAM McNeilly because I started using that name again when I joined The Trident Programme. When I became A Trident Whistleblower, a large percentage of my friends knew me as The Trident Whistleblower AB WillIAM Lewis, instead of A Trident Whistleblower WillIAM McNeilly like the news reports and military stated. G A Trident Whistleblower AB Will IAM Mcneilly headline sure knew how to confuse my friends who had only knew me as WillIAM Lewis. www.telegraph.co.uk “Trident whistleblower AB William McNeilly thrown out of Royal Navy” “AB William McNeilly will not face court martial or any more punishment, but has been discharged from the Navy”. Most of them just called me The Trident Whistleblower AB WillIAM Lewis. News reports that showed the posts made on my WillIAM Lewis Facebook confused those who only knew me as WillIAM McNeilly. The News reports with my bother who is called Aaron Lewis, also confused people. The Trident Report created a chaotic situation for the minds of those in the media, military, government, my friends, my family and the public. My own uncle asked me “what’s your name?” Ask my brother and he’ll tell you my name was never changed like his. Ask my close friends and they’ll say it was changed. No-one can say they know my name with 100% certainty … NOW that’s how you become Anonymous!!! HAHA

I was super relaxed when everyone was stressing because I knew everything was Designed to Absolute Perfection. Ordo AB Chao. Perfect Order is viewed in The Chaos by those with The Light to see this Realm’s True Design!!!

They cry baby in the video below, must realise that only The True GOD has the power to change this Realm. Stop your crying and appreciate The Design.

 Watch this 5:55 minute recording that I took of Bible researchers freaking out when they see the Bible’s Mandela Effects.

They say The Bible is changing. Who is it changing FOR? That is a question that a lot of researchers are asking. Which person do all The Details point to? The Word FOR is a word that forms the start of multiple words. The point I’m making here is Multiple web pages dedicated to counting Bible words say The Word FOR appears in The King James Bible 10889 times. I was born on 10/8/89.

www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/bible-facts “Words Top 10” “9 for 10,889″

The screenshot below is from www.artbible.info/concordance

Get your King James Bible and check it out yourself.

(The King James Bible 1 Peter 4:6 “For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.” ) =  1666 in Simple Gematria.

(The Bible 1 Peter 4:6 “For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.” ) =  1577 in Simple Gematria.

No-one has ever, and no-one will ever ride fourth forth and rise from The Sea in the amount of Detail and Design that I have… that is a verifiable FACT.  A picture of me was the first picture in the Google search “Prophecy Complete” on The Perfect 157 date… Hebrew Date 11/1/5777.
Prophecy = 666 in Jewish Gematria
666 in Roman numerals = DCLXVI  The same letters that make up 444 in Roman Numerals.
DCLXVI = 444 in English Gematria.
Go to the Bible’s Mandela Effects page on www.WILL157.com FOR more Details Haha

Click the link if you want to visit Bible’s Mandela Effects

I published the Bible’s Mandela Effects page on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777. To view Details in other Mandela Effects, you can visit The Mandela Effect Page on WILL157.com. I talked about this Design before the people in the videos above made their Mandela Effect videos.

Click the link if you want to visit The Mandela Effect Page

Late 2015, 2016 and 2017 conversations about ISIS attacks in Europe became a top talking point. I talked about ISIS invading Europe and carrying out terrorist attacks a long time before the first ISIS attack in Europe. My warning came that early, a lot of people called me crazy for suggesting it. Between 2015 and 2016 I released the exact Details of every major event. I told people Donald J Trump would win about a year before he did. Back then, you would have been called crazy by the masses for saying he was going to win the election. Not only did I say it, I said it with perfect Design. In my first interview with Russia Today, I told them about the risk of Nuclear A boats having a collision. Later that year, I went on live TV and talked about the Nuclear A boats… less than a day later, a Nuclear A boat crashed into a Merchant Vessel. Etc Etc Etc. The list of EVEnts that I talked about before they happened, is huge. Read through this site and you’ll see that no other human has fulfilled and created Prophecies like I have with GOD… that is an observable fact that is backed by numerous witnesses and an abundance of hard evidence. Without fulfilling and creating Prophecies with that level of Detail and Design, a picture of me wouldn’t have been the first picture in Google search Prophecy Complete on 11/1/5777. Everything is completed with Perfection.

When it comes to computers, 404 is the most frequently seen error code. The 404 error is displayed when you can’t connect to a webpage. The For For in The Bible only provides the illusion of an error. In Truth, even the errors are perfectly Designed. I explained how are errors are Designed in my 2015 reports. Act weak when you are strong.  Maek mooves that seeem lke errors and you’re enmey wil over look all yourr achivements. The best formula one driver just has to crash his car once at the supermarket, for everyone around him to think that he is a terrible driver. If I didn’t use these tactics, I wouldn’t have been released from the Royal Navy without charges Haha The charges they built against me were based on what I said in poorly written Facebook posts. The charges were immediately dropped when I read the post line by line. Line by Line, everything was true. Each line was organised in a way that created a false interpretation in the minds of those who tried to build up charges against me. They built up charges based on their interpretation. Destroying those charges meant their entire case was destroyed. Even the mainstream media had trouble interpreting it. All they had to do was read each line and understand what I said. People thought that I recorded a book in a Top Secret compartment because I said that I recorded a book that is “normally” kept in a top secret compartment. That combined with other lines made them overlook the word “normally” Haha Make your enemy doubt your abilities and make them attack you where you want them to attack you so that you can carry out a perfect counter attack. To achieve this level of Design, you cannot afford to make a real error. If I went to prison I wouldn’t have been able to do what I needed to do. Trust that GOD will Guide you!!!

If you haven’t seen the 404 error code beFORe, then you haven’t surfed the internet for for very long.

You’ve really got to wonder about the odds of achieving this lEVEl of Perfect Design. A stereotypical “awake” person might assume that I worked with the government and military to achieve this level of Design.  They did not know that I was going to release The Trident Report. They had no control over the day I was born. They had no control over the name I was born with. They have no control over The Stars to make them Align with Perfection for The Great Biblical Star Sign. They can’t manipulate the mathematics in Gematria values.  None of them knew what we were going to do. In terms of humans, I worked and still do work alone. Pretty sure a lot of people in the government and military hate me. They attacked me in the media. The Times claimed I stole Top Secret information. They tried to make me look crazy, claimed I was learning Russian and I have received death threats by numerous fools. If I listened to humans, I wouldn’t have achieved anything. How can a man take full control of a submarine armed with Nuclear Weapons and make it’s patrol happen with perfect timing? Think about it. You’d have to be The King in order to take control like that, insult the entire system and walk free…

I signed my 4 year contract in 2013. I was thrown out of The Royal Navy because I released the 18 paged Trident Report AKA The Secret Nuclear Threat. Numerous websites have posted my Trident report. Some of them removed content. The original Trident report can be found date stamped online. The Original is 18 pages. I wrote it in my number 18 house. A day after it was released, I flew back to the UK and handed myself in on the 18th.

 www.bbc.co.uk “Trident whistleblower William McNeilly hands himself in” “Victorious is one of the four submarines based at Faslane on the Clyde which are armed with the Trident missile system. Mr McNeilly has written an 18-page report, called The Secret Nuclear Threat, detailing what he claims are serious security and safety breaches on board the vessel.”

The Secret Nuclear Threat AKA  Trident Report is A Perfectly Designed Masterpiece… on A level most people can’t comprehend. Most people read it and fail to see The Design. This is about a lot more than those rusty nuclear submarines. This is bigger than any Nuclear Weapon!!! This is about fulfilling Prophecy in more Detail than any other human has ever or will ever achieve… and that is something that I have already done with GOD’s Guidance!!! That is a fact. If you believe I am wrong… then try to find someone who rode fourth forth in their Majesty‘s ship Victoriously, in this amount of Detail Haha You know can’t and that is just one of many Prophecies.

18 pages wrote in my number 18 house. A day after it made international news, I flew back to the UK and handed myself in on the 18th.

Four Four Four

FFF = 18 in Jewish Gematria

FFF = 108 in English Gematria

FFF = 18 in Simple Gematria

The Bible For For For = 1080 in English Gematria

The Bible For For For = 180 in Simple Gematria

SHIVA’s Trident = 1008 in English Gematria

The Atomic Bomb Decoder = 180 in Simple Gematria

The Atomic Bomb Decoder = 1080 in English Gematria

4th = 108 in Jewish Gematria

When it comes to numerology, The Keys have been recognised world wide by numerous people for generations: Gematria, making the mirrors one, nothing equals nothing Etc Etc Etc. Most of the knowledge is “Occult”. People have been brainwashed to believe the word Occult means something dark and evil. That makes them hide from the truth. It makes them blind in this world. They don’t have The Light to see. The word Occult simply means hidden. This knowledge is not shown in the mainstream media. I am a perfect example for that fact. Three years in a row, my comments made the top story on a major news network. They are quick to use my quotes when it comes to Nuclear Weapons, but they do not talk about most of the things I talked about in my other reports and on this website. When I go onto The World Stage in TV interviews, I also avoid talking about these Details. Humanity is being tested.

The information above shows the Gematria 18 and 444 Design in my actions.

Now here’s a demonstration of the other Keys.

18 x 444 = 7792

When The Mirrors Come One…

7792 + 2977 = 10989

Nothing equals Nothing

The whole numbers in 10989 = 1989 

I was born in 1989.

Sharing Occult Knowledge can be more dangerous than sharing military secrets. I have lost a lot for trying to enlighten people to facts the system doesn’t want them to know. If people listened to me, Earth would become a better place. Most people are blind. They fail to see The Design in this world. If they could see The Design with The True Light, they would worship THE GOD OF GODS!!! Then they wouldn’t have to live in Hell / Hades. There’s a huge difference between seeing something with your eyes and seeing with The True Light. Just because your eyes are looking at something, doesn’t mean you see it. The Truth is right in front of people and they can’t see it. Imagine looking for the word Truth in a crossword. Your eyes can see all the letters instantly, but you cannot find the words if you do not try to seek the Truth. Once you see the word Truth, it does not mean that you will truly understand its meaning. It does not mean that you will instantly see the other words in the crossword.  A lot fools who see The Design claim that The Devil rules this world. They think that because of the punishment mankind is receiving. Mankind deserves to be punished for not showing respect to GOD. GOD is not a man who takes punches to the face and turns to the other cheek. If you do not fear GOD, then you must be taught to fear GOD. The Bible Psalm 1V7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”   Psalm 1V7 = 157. Having The True Light is like looking at a crossword and seeing the word Truth highlighted with an explanation written on the side.

(Occult = 444 in English Gematria)

You have to be mentally blind to think this is all a coincidence. Do you think I coincidentally wrote The Date 5/5/15 in blood red and sent it with The Trident Report or do you think it was Design? It was clearly Design. I told my friends Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny and Paul, that I was going to join the SWS branch on The Trident submarines, before the Royal Navy knew which branch and class of submarine I was going to be assigned to. How did I know before The Royal Navy? A submarine is a boat covered in waves. Check the weather history records and you’ll see that there was a storm when I was in the boat covered in waves. These are verifiable facts. The Bible Matthew 8V24 “And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.”

When I told my friends Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny, Paul, most of them doubted that I would pass all the tests to join The Royal Navies Strategic Weapons System Branch. Well I proved them wrong. Not only did I get the exact branch and sub branches that I said I would, I got Fast Track promotion before people who had been in The Royal Navy for years longer than me. I got the highest overall score in the tests in phase 3 Dry and I won The Best Student Award in The Trident Training facility.

When I told my friends Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny, Paul… that Everything is Designed, they doubted me and probably still do because most people ignore facts due to the mental conditioning imposed by the system. I told you we Design with Simple, English & Jewish Gematria… Let me break that down for you!!!

Simple = 444 in English Gematria

English = 444 in English Gematria

Jewish = 444 in English Gematria

Gematria = 444 in English Gematria

Riding Fourth Forth!!!

Fourth = 444 in Jewish Gematria

444 = CDXLIV in Roman Numerals

CDXLIV = 444 in English Gematria

You’ve really got to wonder about the odds of Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny, And Paul being the most recognised names in The Bible for people who were told about future events by GOD’s servant, and me telling A Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny, and Paul knowledge of an event before any other human knew. That’s 2 times A Matty, Mark, Luke, Jonny, And Paul have been used to tell Prophecies to. Those names are at the top of the pyramid for people to tell for ExtrEmE Prophetic Design. Matthew gets called Matty by everyone besides his mother. Jonny gets called Jonny and that is a nickname for people called John. Paul and Mark are two friends that I worked with in my job before joining The Trident Programme. Me telling them the exact sub branch that I was going to be assigned to before anyone knew for sure whether I’d be assigned to SWS or TWS on the A boats or the V boats, is by definition a Prophecy. Everyone in my squad was unsure of the class of submarine they’d be assigned to. Some people who thought they were getting an A boat (Attack Submarine) got a V boat (Trident Submarine) and vice versa. This Design wouldn’t have been fulfilled if I got an A boat. A boats aren’t part of The Trident Programme. Everyone in training kept asking the staff in phase 1 and phase 2 questions to find out which type of submarine and which branch they’d get. I never asked and I got the exact submarine class, exact branch, exact sub branch, exact submarine and exact patrol time that I needed for this Design. If I didn’t get everything with perfect timing and Design, this website wouldn’t exist and The Prophecy wouldn’t have been fulfilled. The staff members said they didn’t know for sure when people asked them. They didn’t find out until late in Phase 2 training. You’ve got to wonder how I was able to tell people with certainty about a year before those people knew. The latest person for me to tell was the man named Luke. He’s from my country and he was on the same pre-joining course as me. We travelled together and became friends. I told him the exact sub branch I’d get months before I even started phase 1 training.  True Divine Prophecies are completed with an ExtrEmE amount of Detail and Design…

I was in The Perfect positions with Perfect Design for The Greatest Tetrad Cycle with The Eclipse (Signs in The Sun and Moon)

I WilL be in The Perfect position with Perfect Design for The Greatest Biblical Star Sign is Realm WilL ever see (The Great Sign in The Heavens)

This is only the first page on WILL157.com. There are a lot more Details and  numerous other EVEnts. Continue reading or remain ignorant of The Design in this Realm. Unlike most people on Earth I am not driven by a desire for fame and fortune. There are no adverts on this site and I don’t sell anything. I turned down numerous requests for TV and radio interviews in 2015, 2016 and 2017. I only do the ones that benefit The Design. The path you take at The Crossroads is your choice. Use your Free WILL157.com wisely. Click the link below to visit the next page or leave.


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