An Inconvenient Truth. Published at 19:47 on 15 ADAR 5777

An Inconvenient Truth open on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777

Where is this global warming that Al Gore warned about in his famous movie An Inconvenient Truth?

This page will show the global warming guys some inconvenient truths. “After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’ “. November 2017 Report “Boston Cold Weather Record Breaks One Held More Than a Century”. “Boston hit a cold weather record Saturday morning, breaking a record that has been held for over a century in the process. Boston’s temperature tumbled to 23 degrees, the lowest temperature on Nov. 11 since 1901” “Later in the day, the National Weather Service announced the day’s high temperature of 37 was a new record for the lowest maximum temperature for the date, beating the old record by one degree set in 1890, 1987, and 1971” “Record lows were recorded all around the region from Vermont to Ohio on Saturday, according to a Twitter post from the National Weather Service.”


This page was published on 15 ADAR 5777 AKA The 13th of March 2017… months before those records were broken. This page talked about worldwide cooling, months before the records were broken in 2017.

Two days before the records were broken in Boston Etc, this webpage got it’s first adding the public internet archives.*/

This page was date stamped on Thursday The 9th of November 2017. Then on Friday The 10th of November and Saturday The 11th of November, records were broken for cold temperatures… I talked about record cold temperatures and date stamped that page in the public internet archives, a day before numerous cold records were broken; that’s a witnessed and easily verifiable fact, backed by hard date stamping evidence. 11 Nov 2017 Report: “Arctic Cold Setting Dozens of Daily Records in the Northeast, Midwest Through Veterans Day”. “Dozens of daily record lows have already been tied or set.” “Back-to-Back Cold Records Broken: Keep Those Winter Coats Handy All Weekend” “If it seemed like Old Man Winter made a rather sudden and blunt entrance, you’re right. The region experienced record-breaking cold two days in a row” “Central Park recorded a low of 24 degrees on Saturday morning and 25 degrees on Friday evening. That broke records” “In fact, the National Weather Service said record lows were also set early Saturday at LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airports, and at Bridgeport, Connecticut.”

The Google search ‘cold records’, on the 15/11/17, still showing the cold records set on 10/11/17 and 11/11/17, at the top of the search.

This page warned about cold temperatures coming; while almost every mainstream scientist warned about ‘global warming’. Months after this page opened: temperatures dropped and records were broke with an early blizzard. I would say ‘I told you so’ but that’d get ExtrEmEly repetitive, given the amount of times I’ve been proven right; that’s not boosting… just stating an obvious FACT! 2017 Report: “First Blizzard of the Season Breaks October Snow Record in Havre, Montana; Heavy Snow Closes I-70 in Colorado” “Havre, Montana, has seen 14.8 inches of heavy, wet snow as of late Monday night, which would set a new record for highest snow total in October”. “According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Great Falls, this storm was effectively a blizzard in the Havre area, especially considering the severe impacts. A blizzard occurs when the following conditions are met for at least three hours: sustained winds or frequent gusts to at least 35 mph and considerable falling and/or blowing snow that frequently reduces visibility to less than a quarter mile.” 12:17 PM 04/25/2017 “Al Gore’s New Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming”. December 2017 Report: “THE US is colder than the surface of Mars and Niagara Falls has turned to ice as temperatures plummet to record-breaking lows — leading to frozen sharks washing up on the beach. It is set to be the coldest New Year in living memory as 220 million Americans wrap up to face lows of -37 degrees Celsius.” 18 September 2017 Report: “Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests”. 18 September 2017 Report “Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years” “Arctic sea ice extent is up 40% from this date five years ago.” 15 Sept 2017 “Montana Snow About 60 Days Early”. Published 7th May 2017 “CE AGE BRITAIN: River Thames will FREEZE OVER on ‘this date’ – and could kill millions A GLOBAL cool down will “march in with vengeance” to usher in a 100-year mini-ice age that could freeze over the River Thames, climate scientists told Daily Star Online.” “European Forecasters Warn Winter 2016 – 2017 Will Be “Coldest In 100 Years” European weather forecasters believe that the inhabitants of the old world should start now making provisions for sweaters and winter coats. The German meteorologist Dominik Jung said the 2016-2017 season promises to be “unusually cold.” The long-range forecaster said that he “shivers” just looking at the latest maps and models from the national weather Service.” 2017 Report: “Perth’s coldest March day in nine years” 2017 Report: “Big and fluffy snowflakes fell across parts of south Texas on Thursday, including San Antonio and Austin. While snow is common in parts of north Texas, it’s unusual for this region to see snowfall and people shared their delight on social media.” 2017 Report: “Perth’s coldest March day in nine years”. 2017 Report: “It’s so cold outside that it snowed in Florida” “Usually the words “snow” and “Florida” don’t go together. But a cold front over the weekend has proved that rule wrong for shivering Floridians, bringing in a dusting of snow across the western Panhandle late Saturday night into Sunday morning.” 2017 Report: “The initial blast of cold supported snow that blanketed half the nation Christmas Day, the highest percentage on Dec. 25 in five years. For the first time on record, Seattle had at least an inch of snow on the ground for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Meanwhile, thundersnow rocked Boston while a blizzard warning was hoisted for southeast Maine.” 2017 Report: “Erie gets record snowfall during Christmas blizzard”. “The good news for many in the Northeast and Midwest was that it was a white Christmas. The bad news was that a blizzard swept into parts of New England and bitter cold enveloped much of the Midwest. Erie, Pa., recieved a record 34 inches of snow. And another 19 inches fell before dawn Tuesday, bringing the total to 53 inches — the greatest two-day total in commonwealth history. The previous record was the 44 inches that fell in Morgantown in March 1958.” 2017 Report: “Record-breaking snowfall blankets Erie, Pennsylvania, with over 60 inches of snow” “From 7 p.m. on Dec. 24 to 7 p.m. Dec. 26, Erie had received 60.5 inches of snow, which shattered numerous records for the city.” 2017 Report: “The “Nation’s Icebox” is feeling the chill and setting a record. The National Weather Service reports International Falls and Hibbing set record low temperatures on Wednesday morning. International Falls — the self-proclaimed “Nation’s Icebox” — plunged to 37 degrees below zero, breaking the old record of 32 below set in 1924. Hibbing bottomed out at 28 below, breaking the old record of 27 below set in 1964. Freezing temperatures and below-zero wind chills will stay put for days to come across much of the northern United States. Forecasters are warning of hypothermia and frostbite from arctic air settling in over the central U.S. on Wednesday and spreading east. Meanwhile, the snow-hardened city of Erie, Pennsylvania, is digging out from a record snowfall of more than 5 feet this week.” 2018 Report: “Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak weather blankets sand dunes” “More than 15 inches (40cm) has blanketed sand dunes across the small town of Ain Sefra, Algeria. It is the second time snow has hit in nearly 40 years, with a dusting also recorded in December 2016. But this snowfall which hit on Sunday, is much deeper than the fleeting shower little more than a year ago. Locals, who endure temperatures of 37C in summer, were stunned as dense snow settled on the town”. 2018 Report: “Snow, ice and record cold grip the South; at least 8 dead”. 2018 Report: “Snowfall blankets all 50 states”. 2018 Report: “Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study”. 2018 Report: “Bitter cold across Texas brought a new winter record for peak electricity use, ERCOT, the state’s independent electric grid operator announced Wednesday morning.”


Al Gore thinks the world is coming to an end due to global warming. Instead of warning everyone for free, he wants you to pay for his movie An Inconvenient Truth. This page will show you the global warming vs global warming deniers fight that has been going on for years, is as fake as your two party political system. It’s all designed to herd the masses into two opposing groups, while The Real Inconvenient Truths get very little attention..

When someone talks about Global Warming, must people think about Al Gore and his movie: An Inconvenient Truth. The cards shown on this page are from the Illuminati Card Game… they were released about a decade before Al Gore released his movie: An Inconvenient Truth. They were released over two decades before this webpage opened on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777.

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

Don’t tell me global warming is not debatable when numerous real scientists are highlighting the faked data. You global warming fanatics, need to stop hiding from that inconvenient truth.



I took the screenshot above at 10:47 on 7/11/16. The screenshot shows the first non advert video for the YouTube search “An Inconvenient Truth” was 1:57:22. 147 157… My favourite numbers… FACT.  I searched for the video “An Inconvenient Truth” again recently and couldn’t find that video in the YouTube search. The top video requires you to pay for it. If the world was really at risk of heating up to temperatures that will cause catastrophic events, then why would you charge people to see your warning?

Al Gore is fear-mongering and making money. Unless you’re extremely selfish, you wouldn’t charge people to see a warning. In 2015 I sacrificed a great paying career, a huge bonus, spent most of life savings, spent time in prison and detained on a base… just to warn people. My Trident report was on the front page of Wikileaks for months in 2015. I paid a huge price to warn people. The people profiting from warning others, should not be trusted. This world is full of selfish con men. These FACTS may be An Inconvenient Truth for you,  but FACTS should never be ignored… unless you want to ignore The Truth. Burning an extreme amount of “fossil” fuels everyday isn’t good for the environment. Earth’s environment is being destroyed by various types of pollution. Something should be done about it. The bullshit put out by these con artists and clowns isn’t helping. Two sides fighting over bullshit while the real Inconvenient Truths are being ignored.



 One day they are talking about global warming, then the next day news reports are saying Earth is experiencing extreme colds… then they are back to talking about global warming again.  Do we live in a Warming World or a Cooling World? Years ago  “Scientists”  warned people about The Cooling World

Newsweek April 28 1975

I wore A tie clip with “147 WILL 157” Engraved on it in my first reported on interview.

Cooling World or Warming World? It’s A Designed World. It will be whatever temperature The Design requires.

When it comes to promoting global warming, Al Gore and Bill Nye are the ones who are put on a pedestal. They just had to put the word global in front of it. Earth is not a spinning space ball. Earth is a stationary plane. These liars and con artists aren’t helping a real environmental movement because they use lies. Everything would get done a lot faster if they used The Power of Truth. It really pisses me off. Earth’s environment is being destroyed and they are using liars and clowns. “Obama talks science and climate change with Bill Nye”.

If you don’t like lairs and want to get mad before a workout, read this news article “In an Age of Alternative Facts, Bill Nye’s New Show Brings Real Ones” “His new program, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” will premiere as a Netflix original series on April 21.”

If there’s bullshit science being promoted, you’ll find Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Carbon emissions are polluting the air and lowering human life expectancy… that can be proven with real science. Instead of focusing on a real scientist who can explain this problem to the masses, they use a clown and create lies. They pretend their lies are backed by real scientific facts. They focus on the lies more than the real facts. They’ve gotten too used to lying… they’ve forgotten The Power of Truth. Maybe the big oil companies and those who back them, don’t really want a carbon tax, and that’s why they created an easily defeated argument presented by a clown.

Don’t tell me global warming is not debatable when numerous real scientists are highlighting the faked data. When it comes to clowns putting on a show for the unenlightened masses, Bill Nye is one of the top performers. It’s amazing how many people believe this clown is a real scientist who can “save the world”. He does such terrible job… intentionally or unintentionally, he is practically on the side of those who don’t care about Earth’s environment.

Bill Nye = A Jester / A Clown

When sheep see a bunch of con artists and clowns trying to promote global warming and acting environmentally friendly, most of the sheep run into the two main groups. The first group believes everything they are told about global warming. They donate their money and back measures to promote a healthier environment. The second group of sheep see that people like Al Gore are trying to make money. The second group of sheep start to hate those who are trying to con them. The second group looks at the people they think are trying to con them, thinks that people like Al Gore are real environmentalists, then starts to hate anyone who promotes doing something about carbon emissions.

As soon as real person who recognises the risk of burning too much “fossil” fuels comes a long and highlights the need to do something about it in order to help the environment, the second group of sheep instantly think that person is working with the global warming clowns. Just  because global warming is nonsense, does not mean burning “fossil” fuels at an extreme rate is not a problem. Anyone who can think logically, can work that out. Unfortunately common sense is not common. Just like the political system, the vast majority of humans are herded into two boxes, and progress becomes nonexistent or extremely slow. They either believe in the global warming fairy tale and promote change for a better environment or they think it’s all a scam and promote the idea of letting everyone freely ruin the environment in the name of capitalism.

Meanwhile, people who know The Truth think the first group is instantly wrong and unscientific because they believe in global warming, when Earth is not a globe Haha The second group is also wrong because they are promoting doing absolutely nothing to help the environment.

Carbon Tax should be implemented. All the money made should be used to develop greener technology. We need to protect Earth and build a better world for the future generations. The Carbon Tax is a great way to get funding. The main focus shouldn’t be just the burning of “fossil” fuels. The Tax should be used to deal with the growing amount of human waste that’s being dumped into the sea. The money should be used to create greener power that can help us stop burning through “fossil” fuels, and creating radioactive waste. These global warming morons only seem to focus on carbon emissions. How many times do you see people in the mainstream warn about the risk of radiation? Radiation has killed a lot of people… a lot more than most people are aware. Check out the Nuclear World page on this site for more details. Radiation killing mass amounts of people… now that’s An Inconvenient Truth that is ignored by almost everyone. A large percentage of those who promote the global warming fairy tale, also promote nuclear power… I guess the green movement really does want to be glowing green.

Carbon Tax should be implanted by the biggest group of Nations possible. Increase the import tax on those who do not comply. Only a selfish fool would think money is more important than Earth’s environment. Those anti tax Christians think they are better than The Son Of MAN… The Bible Matthew 11:19 “The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”

This is what you look like when you don’t work towards creating a better world. JAN. 9, 2017 “Human-Driven Global Warming Is Biggest Threat to Polar Bears” JAN. 9, 2017  “This Is Our Last Chance To Save Polar Bears From Extinction Federal officials warn that unless we reduce carbon emissions, the beloved species could be doomed.”

Every time I see people talk about carbon tax in the news, they are always talking about global warming. They don’t stick to the facts that can be observed in real time by anyone with an eye to see. Global Warming and Carbon Tax vs Global Warming Deniers. I’m stuck on the side lines hating both sides Haha The global warming side is that bad at their job, I am almost 100% sure that they are just straw men put their to lose. If they stuck to the facts instead of making up bullshit arguments, carbon tax would’ve been implemented years ago.

They come out with all sorts of nonsense. They tell people that the polar bears are going to drown Hahaha. The average moron doesn’t know that polar bears are amazing swimmers. Any old picture of a Polar Bear on a bit of ice is enough to convince the sheep that the polar is trapped on that bit of ice and can’t swim. They want people to think that all  the ice melted around the Polar Bear and now he is stuck on a tiny bit of ice. In reality, it is much more likely that the Polar Bear swam to that bit of ice. The image below is famous. It has appeared in numerous articles that promote global warming. The scientific name for Polar Bear is Ursus maritimus… it translates to maritime Bear / sea Bear. Polar bears are classed as marine mammals because of their time spent hunting in the sea. Look it up if you don’t know that I am right. Polar Bears are extremely good swimmers. The fact that they show you the picture below and want you to think that Polar Bear is going to drown, proves that they are feeding you bullshit

I was looking for the image above in Google images and came across the picture below. Some global warming fanatic took the famous image above and turned it into a whole family of Polar Bears Haha I thought these global warming morons can’t be that bad, and thought it might be just a global warming denier taking the piss so I checked the source. I got the image below from a site that promoted the image for global warming. Do you see what I mean? Earth’s environment is being destroyed and these people think a fake family of polar bears on a bit of ice is going to help create change. These fools put all their time into telling lies. They don’t know The Power of Truth. Look at the picture those global warming morons put out Haha You wonder why people aren’t backing carbon tax?

An Inconvenient Truth? This picture is An Inconvenient Lie.

The liberals tell you that “Every Year Is Worse”. The conservatives tell you it’s a hoax. They fight each other over bullshit, while ignoring a lot of environmental catastrophes.  Zoom in on the “Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing” card and you’ll see he’s holding the hoax card… that card has conservative on the bottom and the other card has liberal… Perfect match. They certainly over do their every year is worse bullshit.

They show you photos of Polar Bears at angles to make it look like there’s nowhere for them to go. Do you really think the Polar Bear stood on that one spot while all the ice melted?  Is it not much more likely that it was hunting and came from the land? I’m telling you common sense isn’t common. Pictures of Polar Bears standing on ice has become a symbol for global warming. It’s equivalent to the Photoshopped picture of Earth being proof of the globe Earth. The brain dead zombies actually think Polar Bears are drowning in massive numbers due to Earth heating up. If you think the Polar Bear can’t swim from that distance, then you are clearly unaware of the real scientific facts. “A female polar bear swam for a record-breaking nine days straight, traversing 426 miles (687 kilometers) of water—equivalent to the distance between Washington, D.C., and Boston”. That’s another Inconvenient Truth for the global warming team.  I’m not saying no polar has drowned, but it is not likely to make the entire species “extinct”. Polar Bears are used to the ice melting. The ice melts every year and comes back again. That has happened for a long time. To make the claim that all Polar Bears are going to drown due to melting ice one of your top arguments for carbon tax, is a ridiculous strategy, that will only work on idiots.


Here are documentaries showing you the mess humans are making of The Earth Realm. There’s no need for bullshit science when real science shows that we do need to do something to help The Environment. The environment is being destroyed while people argue about whether or not the Polar Bears are drowning. The two sides arguing with each other resembles the political system. Global warming is a weak argument and we need to do something to help the environment. Stop focusing on weak arguments and focus on The Truth. Pollution is killing people and destroying the environment… that is a proven fact that everyone can agree on. If you want the masses to demand a carbon tax, you must make it clear to them that emissions from factories are lowering their life expectancy. The average person is a selfish bastard. They don’t give a shit about polar bears. Most people love warm weather and get excited by the thought of the weather getting warmer. Once the thought of their life expectancy and the life expectancy of the ones they love being lowered is firmly engraved in their heads, the majority won’t argue against a carbon tax. If you want carbon tax, you need to change the strategy. Forget about Bill Nye… I’ll help you if you want.