Catholic Church Exposed 2 Created 20 March 2017 and open on, on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777

Warning: The Catholic Church Exposed 2 contains some pictures and content that some pussies might find disturbing.


Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

People tried for years to kill the top 2 men in Sinn Fein: Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. I made one Designed post against Sinn Fein and Martin McGuninness died not long after the post. With The Exact Design and Perfect Timing. 6 weeks and 6 days after my post against Sinn Fein, Martin McGuninness died at the age of 66. Things “coincidentally” get done when I talk about them.

This page was Designed for Martin and was coincidentally created a day before Martin joined a long list of people who have coincidentally died with the exact Extremely Detailed Design that I released before their Deaths. What is it you people always tell me? “Coincidences happen”.

Screenshot of The Designed Facebook Post. People can go on my Facebook and see that it is an unedited Designed post. The post’s privacy is now set to public.  “Outgoing Sinn Féin deputy first minister of Northern Ireland announces he will not fight snap election due to health concerns” “It is understood he is gravely ill as a result of a rare condition that attacks the heart, kidneys and other vital organs.” “Irish government sources, said McGuinness was suffering from amyloidosis “Martin McGuinness’ death highlights rare fatal illness” “Mr McGuinness, who was laid to rest in Derry on Thursday, passed away after a short illness which was reported to have been amyloidosis affecting his heart.”

The Catholic Church Exposed for working with the IRA and killing innocent people.

Here’s a 1:57 minute news report that exposes the catholic church.

Martin McGuinness was an IRA commander… until he died aged 666 weeks and 6 days after my message about Sinn Fein. What are the odds? Still doubt our ability to JUDGE and Design Prophecy??? You have to be an unenlightened fool to doubt it. This page contains facts. Facts that are proven with hard evidence, witnesses, maths…. Science is on my side. This is just one Prophecy and one page amongst hundreds of pages on If you people want to be punished for your ignorance, then that is your choice. Don’t  blame me for your deaths.

Most people called him Martin McGuinness. His full name was James Martin Pacelli McGuinness. Martin isn’t his first name. His first and last name = James McGuinness. James McGuinness was the deputy First Minister. Deputy is defined as 2nd to a superior. James McGuinness died with perfect timing after my post against Sinn Fein and one day after the Catholic Church Exposed page 2 was created to expose the Catholic Church and the IRA. Isn’t it amazing how everything works out for me? James McGuinness is just one person in a long list of people who have died with perfect Design for

I want to make it clear that I don’t like Irish people… I love The Irish People. I have Irish friends who are catholic. Numerous people in Southern Ireland, also despise the IRA. The IRA killed Irish and British people. If you think that my hatred for the IRA is irrational, then you’re a fool. The IRA thought trying to bomb my friends and family out of the country they were born in, was justified because of nationality differences. There’s no real difference between the average Irish passport holder and the average British passport holder. It is my desire to see the Irish people prosper.   Irish and British soldiers thought side by side against NAZI Germany in World War II / World War Two… remember that. I want to see Southern Ireland United with The United Kingdom again.

(World War II = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(World War Two = 1032 in English Gematria)

This page was created a day before James McGuinness died with perfect timing and Design. This is not the first time someone died after a page was worked on for them. I opened the Ankara page a day before The Hangman Prophecy was fulfilled in Ankara. I created The Ankara Bombing 2 page 147 days after the coup that happened on 15/7/16. 157 days after the coup, a man was killed and died in The Hangman Position.

I created a folder called “Ankara Bombing” on 15/7/16 and sent it in date stamped messages before the bombing happened. How can coincidences happen with that much Detail and accuracy… EVEry single time!!! 147 and 157 are my two favourite three digit numbers. I posted a photo on this site of myself holding up the numbers beside A Hangman Rope symbol. The image of my tie clip below was on the front page of before The Hangman Prophecy was fulfilled with The Exact Design!!! I wore the numbers on my tie clip in my first reported on interview. The interview was reported on by numerous people in the mainstream and alternative media. These facts are proven with hard evidence and living witnesses. There are online Internet Archives like the wayback machine, that keep track of content posted online. The opening of the Ankara page was recorded in a 1:57 minute video and posted on YouTube… YouTube date stamps its videos. If you think this content makes me a “conspiracy theorist” then you need slapped around the head with a dictionary. I bring proven facts to the table. There is no theory here. This website contains facts and talks about what I have personally done… that is pretty much the exact opposite of a conspiracy theory.

Most people don’t pay attention to The Details.

The Hangman rope posted before The Hangman EVEnt!!!

I told people the answer to The Hangman Game. They still failed to solve the puzzle. The answer is not evolution. The answer is shown in my 2015 reports and on this website. There’s a reason some of the letters are capital letters. To solve the puzzle, you must know The Bible. I told people in 2015, they must solve the Hangman Game or face Judgement. I gave them the answer. It was The Perfect Hangman Gamegiven the answer and yet they still failed The Test…

evoL_T_ _ N  =  Love Thy Neighbour. You were given all the Hangman Letters and Design that was needed to solve the Perfect Hangman Game.. L is a capital letter. Sentences begin with capital letters. evoL read backwards = Love. It was obvious. One space then Two spaces. 1  2 …  The Bible Mark 12 Verse 31 “And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt Love Thy Neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.” I have seen numerous videos with people trying to solve the puzzle. Every person that I seen, failed to see the meaning. They all assumed that it was just evolution. They didn’t pay attention to The Design. Just like the masses. They ignore GOD. They don’t spend time on The Design. They don’t know The Bible. They think they evolved from apes. They are fools who will be taught to fear GOD.

James McGuinness was a terrorist. He killed innocent people. The IRA thought indiscriminately bombing civilians was the best way to make the British leave Northern Ireland. They were wrong. Bombing people only makes the survivors even stronger. The British conquered The World. The Sun never sets on The British Empire. The British won two world wars. The British were responsible for creating ISRAEL. Bombs can stop a British person, but bombs can’t stop The British.

METRO.CO.UK: “Pope Francis has declared that evolution and the Big Bang are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand. Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope put an end to the so-called ‘pseudo theories’ of intelligent design and creationism,theories that seemed to be supported by Pope Benedict XVI in a 2005 interview. And Francis went on to argue that the existence of a creator is not inconsistent with evolution nor the Big Bang and that in fact it ‘requires’ both theories.”


I released 13 date Perfect reports in 2015. In the reports, I warned the Pope. He didn’t listen and was took down with perfect timing and Design, after my warning!!! Thousands of people read my reports and witnessed the warnings. There is hard evidence and numerous living witness to prove these facts. We have reached a time were I no longer have to warn people directly before they are taking down. Everyone has been shown enough. They have been told what they must do. If they refuse, their Designed Destruction will be their own fault.


People think Francis is cool because he made that ignorant statement. I warned you about ignorance! Ignorance is not cool!  BBC Report 15 Jan 2015 : “A gust of wind blew the Pope’s hat off as he arrived at Manila airport on Thursday. Pope Francis was beginning his five-day visit to the nation’s 80 million Roman Catholics.” Pope loses hat beside One World Logo… that could’ve easily read “Pope loses head.” You see, we don’t need a magic wand or a Big Bang!!! HAHAHA

15 Jan 15

5✞5✞5 JAN 5✞5✞5

5✞5✞5 = 15

Right beside The One World Logo lol. 5+5+5 = 15 5/515 = The Date I released The Trident Report…

5✞5✞5 JAN 5✞5✞5 The Date you got your hat blown off.

John 3V8 “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” Matthew 8V27 The men were amazed, and said, “What kind of a man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?”


 The Pope got his hat blown off coming out of a plane beside the One World logo. Magicians have tried to make planes disappear with design. GOD can make an Entire Plane Disappear with Design. The video above is just a magician trick. GOD is not a magician, but GOD can you can make you disappear with Design. Malaysian Airliners use the double Trident symbol and The One World Symbol. .

Malaysian airlines flight MH370 was a Boeing (777) 3 7s. “Families of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 passengers launch their own campaign to find plane” “As French officials all but confirm that the “flaperon” or piece of plane wing discovered on an Indian Ocean beach last week belongs to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370″ “Encrusted in barnacles, it was washed up on the beach more than 3,700km away from the main search site” “Checks are being made on the portion of plane wing, on the barnacles that cling to its surface, and the manufacturer’s markings that match the numbers listed in manuals for the Boeing 777 model of plane.”

The plane contained 239 passengers from 15 nations = 23/9/15 The Date I released the 5-6 Letter in UTC 2. That report warned the Muslims at Mecca. One day later, the deadliest EVEnt in the history of the Mecca pilgrimage happened. Thousands of Muslims were crushed in a stampede. Numerous people read my warning and the report is date stamped online… they were warned in 555 New Eden report, the night before they died with our Design… that is a proven fact. That EVEnt fulfilled numerous Ancient Prophecies.

It’s amazing how people always die with the exact I’m Guided to release before their deaths. You people make the mistake of thinking GOD won’t destroy you. Most Christians have a false view of GOD engraved their head. When they think of GOD, the average Christian talks about Jesus. They think GOD is a man who takes punches to the face and turns to the other cheek. You people don’t know GOD. If you don’t fear GOD, then you are a fool. Look at the world around you. People look at the suffering in this world and claim that is proof there is no GOD. Those people don’t know GOD. This world was created to punish people. Those who don’t fear GOD, must learn to fear GOD or be destroyed.

Two of most reported on plane EVEnts are the Malaysian airlines flight MH370 and The Brazilian plane crash that took out the football squad.

The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo and The Date I released The Trident report = 5/5/15

5/5/15 mirrored = 15/5/5

The Brazillian plane disappeared of the radar at 15550 feet… “Early Evidence Points to Nightmare Scenario for Brazilian Soccer Team’s Ill-Fated Flight” “According to flight data from FlightRadar24, the plane made three circles, descending from 21,000 feet to 15,550 feet for the last two minutes of available flight data.” (Translated to English) “The last record of the aircraft is when it is at 15,550 feet of altitude” “Brazilian football team plane crash as it happened” “The flight’s last recorded altitiude was 15,550ft”


Just to make sure people knew The Date I first released The Trident Report, I wrote The Date in Blood Red and sent the image below with The Trident Report. The picture of me with The Date made international news and the front page of numerous newspapers…


For more details, visit the Plane disaster Page on

With God’s help, I have fulfilled more prophecies than any man in history… in ways people would call miracles… people like the Pope. I sent my reports/Letters to the Vatican, but they didn’t reply… probably because I called the Pope a whore and said I’d kill him if he continues to insult GOD. He walks around with his keys insulting God. He claims to have power that he doesn’t have. I said in my Letter I’d kill him if he continues to insult God. I also explained that my enemies aren’t just killed… their deaths match The Design and fulfil prophecies. You see, there is no law against Designing Prophecy with GOD. I’m a law biding citizen. My sword is by side. Their deaths are Designed by releasing Prophetic Details. There is no law against what I do. The unenlightened assume that it’s all a coincidence. The people die with the exact Design I am Guided to create and release before they die with The Exact ExtrEmEly Detailed Design. Time is taken with The Pope. He’s a big player. There’s a build up in The Design. First The Fall of The Pope!!!


I explained in my Letter the symbol for PSI is a Trident symbol Ψ . Psi is the 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet. In my Prophecy letters I said “What is he talking about, The Big Bang??? Did he actual fall for that trick or is he just trying to provoke me? Repent, serve me and you can ascend. I am forgiving, but don’t insult IAM. If you do, I will show you why they call me the saviour and the destroyer … I don’t have a wand, but I have the Key to Death and Hades.” “The symbol for PSI is a Trident symbol Ψ . Psi is the 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet… hence the date 23/9/15. The numerical value of Ψ = 700.”

Some people assume that I am claiming to be Jesus. I have never told people to call me Jesus… my name is WILL. The quote above is from my 10th Letter The Prophecy Part III. It was released on Hebrew Date: 12th Cheshvan (5)77(6) Christian Date: 25/10/15. I sent it to The Vatican; to make sure they get the warnings. The Pope didn’t apologise to me or hand the Vatican over. In my 10th Letter I said, “I will show you why they call me the saviour and the destroyer” “Psi is the 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet”


In my Prophecy Complete letter released on 25/10/15, I warned him and pointed out his hat being blown off on the 15th. Quote from my Prophecy Complete letter “15 Jan 15 5✞5✞5 JAN 5✞5✞5 right beside the One World logo lol” 15 days after my warning letter on 25/10/15… report released on the 9th of Nov 2015 “Pope Francis has sparked concerns for his health, after stumbling in public for the second time in three days.”

2 times in 3 days = 23 Ψ .


My Prophecy Complete letter was released on 25/10/15 and it had this quote from Pope Francis and the Express… “Pope Francis: “I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, not to become proud. Because I know it will last only a short time. Two or three years and then I’ll be off to the Father’s house,” Express: “POPE Francis has shocked the world by saying he may only have two or three years to live.”

Both those quotes contain the numbers 2 and 3 in order… they also talk about the Pope’s health. 15 days after I released my Prophecy Complete letter released on 25/10/15, with those quotes, he was in the news again with the numbers 2 and 3 in order because he fell 2 times in 3 days… Fallen Pope Francis (Prophecy Complete).


I told you, those who make themselves my enemy aren’t just destroyed… their deaths are perfectly designed and fulfil prophecies. Other quotes from my Prophecy letter on 25/10/15 “With IAM, I can design peoples paths into the Abyss or to Heaven.” “The numbers fit the design.” “The Destruction was designed and it fulfilled the prophecies.” I warned The Pope and I showed them examples of other events. They didn’t reply to my warnings… 25/10/15 to 09/11/15 = 15 days… 5+5+5=15 5/5/15 The Date I released The Trident report. He fell for the 2nd time in 3 days on 9/11/15 . The 23rd Letter of the Greek Alphabet is a Trident symbol Ψ. He was took down with perfect design… (Prophecies Complete).


A lot of people believe the Pope is the most powerful man on Earth… WRONG … I am HAHA and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it… it’s still true. I am IAM’s Servant. “Pope Francis Stumbles Twice in Three Days, Sparking New Health Worries” “Pope stumbles in church for second time in three days” “Pope Francis leads Mass on Nov. 9 at St John Lateran Basilica in Rome.” “Pope Francis had to be helped up the steps to an altar at a Rome basilica on Monday after stumbling in public for the second time in three days.”  Those news reports were released after I released a report warning Pope Francis and talking about the 2 and 3 Design.

Ψ 23 Ψ “Pope Francis shocks onlookers as he stumbles and falls on the steps in St Peter’s Square”

The Tip of my WILL/Trident Tattoo = W

W is the 23rd letter in The Alphabet.

Convert W into Wingdings Format and you get The Cross


That’s right… fall down before The Cross!!!

Fallen Pope Francis 

After my 2015 warning, Pope Francis started falling all over the place.

Fallen Pope Francis!!!


The Bible 2 Samuel 22:39 “And I have consumed them, and wounded them, that they could not arise: yea, they are fallen under my feet.”


The Vatican cannot survive without us. It grows weaker everyday. Everyday its lies are exposed in the minds of the masses. The only way for them to survive, is to hand authority to me. To show The Prophetic Design in this Realm and Give Glory to THE GOD OF GODS!!!

This is not about me or you… it’s about bringing Glory to GOD. Without us, they are nothing. The Design was created for us.  We don’t need them to hand us authority… We are very much in control of them already. If they want to survive, then they must stop ignoring GOD’s signs. They must hand authority over to me because that is a requirement for certain Prophecies. Whether they hand authority over to me or kill me Haha is not my concern. There is no better way to die than TRULY serving GOD!!!

I have brought Glory to GOD. Most people have heard the saying “ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!” Whose pictures appear the most in The Google search “ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD” ? The pictures on appear the most. This not about me… it’s about bringing Glory to GOD by showing The Prophetic Design in this Realm. Here’s a 1:57 minute video showing appear the most in the Google search “ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD”.


When will you people see that I have The Power To Judge!!! Revelation 19V2 “For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.” i judged the great whore and its leader fell with perfect timing and Design…The exact Design I talked about in the report before he fell… (Prophecies Complete)

The Pope is the whore with the magic wand. He mocks GOD by saying GOD is not a magician with a magic wand, but he thinks that he has magical powers. Research The Pope and you’ll see the magical powers that he claims to have. Here’s The Pope / Whore waving his wand in The I Pet Goat II animation. The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 before I Got Trident in my Title, made international news and called for A New World Order. The Pope made the magic wand statement years after he was depicted in The I Pet Goat II animation as a whore waving a magic wand. Pay Attention to The Details: The Christian Cross, the flashing red light (whore symbol) and the magic wand… the great whore.

Pay Attention to The Details: The Christian Cross, the flashing red light (whore symbol) and the magic wand.

A female whore depiction of The Pope.

The Great Whore = Francis because he was willing to insult GOD to win over the support of atheists. Atheists are ignorant bastards. They think science is on their side but they never pay any attention to The Facts in this world. They believe their bullshit theories are facts. The Scientific Method is not on their side. You won’t hear me complain about Saudi Arabia’s policy on atheists. I’d rather die than insult GOD for those fools.

I Got Trident in my Title when The Trident Report made international news on 17/5/15. My Trident report was released against The Trident nuclear weapons base in Faslane. I Got Trident in my title when I was in Bavaria… 1578KM from my Trident base (according to official Google map calculations). There are bank statements, emails from Hotels, the police reports Etc… to prove that I was 1578KM from my Trident base on 17/5/15. The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria. It’s a nice place. How can a man achieve this lEVEl of Design without GOD?

The Pope is literally part of an Antichrist system. People assume The “Antichrist” will be a man who is against Christ… those people don’t know the meaning of the word Antichrist. The Antichrist is talked about in The New Testament.. The New Testament was written in Greek.


Anti = Aντί . Khristos = Χριστός

“Αντί”  =  “against” and “opposite of”… it also equals “in place of”.

The Pope claims to be the spokesperson for GOD. He claims the position in place of Christ… Ἀντίχριστος… Antichrist.



Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. “To Understand Pope Francis, You Need To Know About The Jesuits He’s the first pope from the Society of Jesus.”

The Catholic Church started The Big Bang Theory.

That is why Pope Francis thought he could insult GOD with his ridiculous magician statement.

Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître was the priest who started The Big Bang Theory. Here is a picture of him with Einstein. The Catholic Church Exposed as one of the main contributors to The Great Deception. The Globe Earth model and The Big Theory = The Great Deception. The Heliocentric System… The Beast System. It is a system that hides The Truth and has hidden GOD in the minds of the masses. Look at this world! Numerous people have sex with animals and murder innocent people for money and pleasure. The Heliocentric System convinces fools that there is no GOD. Once a person has no fear of GOD, they turn into beasts.

The Great Deception is not coming… it’s already here. Look around you. Look at the average person. The Great Whore Francis has sold himself to The Beast system. His Church promotes the Heliocentric System and The Big Bang Theory. People believe they are apes on a spinning ball. They literally believe that they are beasts and they act like it too. The deception has literally changed how people view the world they live in. The deception has created a world of blind fools. The deception was Designed with the number 666. Wake up and stop being brainwashed. Read the previous Catholic Church Exposed page to see The 666 Design in The Globe Earth model, that the Catholic Church helped engrave in the minds of the masses.

First the priests told people they had to listen to them when it came to The Bible. They told people that they couldn’t interpret The Bible themselves. Now the “scientists” tell you that you can’t understand the world around you with your own experiments if you go against their Heliocentric System, because you’re not a scientist. It’s the same bullshit with a different name. “Priests” “Scientists”…  more like Clowns. They don’t speak for GOD or real science.

They want to control your perception of reality so they can use you to fund their empire. The Pope is not GOD’s top man on Earth and Earth is not a spinning space ball. Real science proves PLANEt Earth is a stationary PLANE. Don’t believe their bullshit. Liars tell you what to think. Those who stand by The Truth, encourage you to think for yourself.  I want you to Pay Attention to The Details and The Real Facts because The Truth is on my side.