I never talked to anyone about it in public, but I did talk to people in private and managed to convince the 3 out of the 3 people that I targeted. At first they called me crazy, but the ExtrEmE amount of hard EvidEncE and facts beat the stupid out of them. I did give everyone a clue. I did tell everyone that The EVEnt that will secure nuclear disarmament happened in May 2015, but it wasn’t my Trident report… I told them to check the Google analytics to see that the rise happened in 2015. The ♫ Flatline, Flatline … ♫ ended with people starting to climb the mountain in May 2015. There was a huge spike in January 2016. It is The Earth Realm Truth that convinces almost 100% of the people who are enlightened by it to desire worldwide “disarmament” and A New World Order. It is that Truth that will change how the deceived view this world… literally. The brainwashed spinning monkeys couldn’t do anything, but their spirit changes when they realise with their real eyes that they live in The Earth Realm.


I said Earth by dictionary definition is not flat… Earth is a Realm. The “flat” Earthers gave themselves a terrible name, but they are still smarter than the brainwashed spinning monkeys. “People laugh, but the flat Earthers know some-thing.” … Prophecy Complete. The Earth Realm is closer to being a flat plane than a pear shaped rock.

((Busting The Ball Earth and Destroying The Flat Earth Movement. Probably not a good way to make friends. Thankfully, I find it really hard to give a shit Haha Truth Is Truth and Bullshit Is shit. Tesla: “Earth Is A Realm”.  A = 1 B = 2 ) = 2017 & 1210in English Gem.

2017 The Year The Card’s Details are revealed. 1 2 The Numbers on The Illuminati Flat Earthers card.

In 2015, I said Trump would win, then the next year he won. Before the ISIS attacks in Europe, I said ISIS was going to invade Europe and attack. I said work towards the creation of an EU Defence force, then a year later they agreed on that. I warned the rich and famous, created a design, then in 2016 numerous celebrities “coincidentally” died with that Design. I sent the prophetic NASA hacked message before they were coincidentally hacked and a large amount of their information was obtained…  Etc Etc Etc. Everything I have said would happen, has happened with the exact details and design that I said it would happen with. There’s numerous witnesses and an extreme amount of hard evidence to prove that fact. People often doubt me but they have proven to be wrong and I have been proven right sooo many times. Do you want to doubt me again? Do you want to believe that you are a monkey on a spinning ball, only to find out that this is another time that I am right and you are wrong? I am God’s Servant… when I tell you there will be nuclear disarmament, you can bet your ass there will be nuclear disarmament. It’s not about where are you going… it’s about how you get there. The Earth Realm is designed to fulfil The Word. NASA and other space agencies played a major  role in fulfilling major prophecies. They have earned respect. They fooled everyone. I have more respect for them than the brainwashed monkeys who still can’t interpret the facts because they’d rather cling to their bullshit beliefs. Your beliefs will fall apart and you will all see the LIE that you have chosen to beLIEve!!!


How many clues did NASA give you? How obvious did they make it? Still the fools can’t see The Light. NASA fooled the world, but I would not say “they tried to fool the world”. It was like a world class football player playing football with kids. The world class football player tried to let the kids win and give them the ball, but the kids were too stupid… they couldn’t do anything with the ball. Look at these photos NASA released of “Earth”… do you honestly think they were trying their best when they fooled the people? Haha These photos are ridiculous, but the kid minded fools still can’t put their ball in the bin.

 How blind to you have to be to not see these images are fake? NASA didn’t even have to try to fool the masses. The masses convinced themselves because they prefer to believe what they want, than to know The Truth. They are like kids convincing themselves Santa is real… after seeing half a dozen different men dressed as Santa. The fat Santa, the skinny Santa, the small Santa, the tall Santa… all the same Santa. Just like they convince themselves that all the Official NASA “pictures of Earth” below are of the same “planet”. Official NASA photos of “Earth”.

Almost every Flat Earther has heard of the “Flat Earthers” Illuminati New World Order Card. The Prophetic Illuminati Card Game has been reported on numerous times in the mainstream and alternative media. Look at the images they use. Most of them show you blurry images. The Illuminati cards are EXtrEmEly rare. I own every single card in the original 1995 Illuminati New World Order card Game and all The Assassin Cards… in mint condition… including all the rare and Ultra Rare cards… EVEry card!!! Card collecting geeks have a lot of trouble finding the Ultra Rare Illuminati cards in any condition. Look online yourself and you’re unlikely to find them.  Not only do I own them… I help fulfil their Prophecies!!!


Do you think we cannot Design Prophecy and make the numbers add up with Perfection?

In simple Gematria A = 1 B = 2 C = 3. In English Gematria A = 6 B = 12 C = 18 Etc. Jewish Gematria is calculated in the same way.

 When WillIAM McNeilly tells you that you live in a Designed Realm…

In the 1995 Illuminati New World Order Card Game, the ball Earth is Related to Science Fiction Fans. The ball Earth is a perfectly Designed model, but it is nothing but Science Fiction. I told you Earth is a Realm and I don’t like the name Flat Earth, but the Flat Earthers know something…  they know Earth is not a ball spinning through space.

(((Busting The Ball Earth and Destroying The Flat Earth Movement. Probably not a good way to make friends. Thankfully, I find it really hard to give a shit Haha Truth Is Truth and Bullshit Is shit. Tesla: “Earth Is A Realm”. A = 1 B = 2 ) = 2017 & 12102 in English Gem. You’ll see what that means in The Earth Realm page.) = 15552. http://will157.com/earth-realm-the-flat-earth-disproved ) = 1696!!!


Eric Dubay is great at getting the message across about “Flat Earth” ( Earth Realm ) but he is still in his own box. Why did it take him that long to talk about NASA lying? I knew since I was old enough to see their lies and think about how illogical they are… since I was a kid. Why did it take till 2015 for large numbers of people to start awakening to The Truth about The Earth Realm? Can you not see that you are all controlled? Can you not see that you awakened to this Truth when The Design was Perfect? This Realm is Designed to Prophetic Perfection because we are all controlled!!!

Eric Dubay is wrong when he calls Earth Flat. I said that on one of Eric Dubay’s Facebook posts. A couple of people liked my comment but others thought the fact that Earth isn’t actually flat and pointing that fact out is nitpicking. That may seem like nitpicking to some “Flat Earthers” but it’s The Truth and I stand by The Truth regardless of what people think about me. “Flat” Earth is wrong by factual definition and “Flat Earth” sounds stupid. When the sleeping masses hear flat Earth, they think you are wrong. They are right because Earth is not flat. It’s also not a fucking ball. Earth is a Realm. Everyday Eric Dubay thinks about how he can disprove the ball Earth. I disproved his Flat Earth with just a picture of a mountain and a dictionary.

The post I made on my Facebook page about The Earth Realm.

“Awake” people know that The Masons control NASA. They know The Masons Design with The Number 33. They know that The Masons respect King SOLOMON. How much do those “awake” people really know? Seeing the obvious fact that Earth is not A ball and Masons use The Number 33 is not really A Major Awakening. The True awakening comes when you learn that The Earth Realm is Designed to Absolute Perfection. When you see The Light and learn your role in The Divine Plan. The Earth Realm is Designed to fulfil Prophecies. The people who call themselves “awake” after realising Earth isn’t a ball, then call those at NASA fools, are not awake at all. NASA successfully fulfilled major prophecies with extreme design. Those who control NASA aren’t fools. They did what The Design required them to do and they successfully completed their mission. A lot of Flat Earthers claim that everything NASA does is a lie. They dismiss everything NASA does as nonsense and don’t look any further. NASA is an organisation that has helped fulfil prophecies. There are intelligent people who work for NASA. Of course they know Earth isn’t a ball. They knew wayyy before you “woke up”.


SOL = Sun in Latin.

OM = sound of The Sun in Hindu. OM also written as AUM.

ON = Sun in Egyptian

There’s 30 large spikes and 30 small spikes around The Sun in The WILL157.com logo… 30 30 … 33.

The 3 holding The Trident forms… 33.