Earth Realm 1.1 Flat Earth Prophecy

Most people don’t seem to realise that the Flat Earth Prophecy is one of many prophecies that have been fulfilled with EXtrEmE DEtail and DEsign. The Flat Earth Awakening was by Design. One of the major differences between The Earth Realm Truth and Flat Earth theory (that is talked about by the majority of the popular Flat Earthers), is they talk about Earth as if it was created thousands of years ago and this reality has never changed. The Earth Realm has changed and can change in an instant. Do you think GOD Designed the Flat Earth then just stopped Designing? Why do a lot of people assume that? Earth is a changing Realm… that is backed by evidence and numerous living witnesses. Take The Mandela Effect Quiz below and see what you get. Are the memories of millions of people wrong or do you live in a changing Realm? If you know Earth is not a Planet spinning through space, then you must know there’s A Designer. If you see your reality changing… then why assume that you just have the same false memories almost everyone else has? Common sense tells you that you live in a changing Realm… The Earth Realm. This Truth is bigger than The Flat Earth. Look within yourself, and you will know The Truth. The Truth is all around you and in you. Deep down you’ve always known this world is Designed. You know that it is a changing Realm. Try to remember the things you have questioned before. The things that made you say “that couldn’t have happened”.

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Ever seen an entity from another Realm and thought to yourself “I must have just been seeing things”.  You probably thought that because you believed in the spinning ball nonsense or you believed Earth is just a regular flat stationary plane that hasn’t changed and nothing supernatural happens. Want to see an Entity from another Realm, that has come into The Changing Earth Realm with perfect timing and Design? Don’t freak out and close your browser Hahaha You’re deep down the rabbit hole now…

Comments from the YouTube video above about The Young Ones Fifth Roommate


Google my name WillIAM McNeilly and you’ll see numerous news articles about me. My name on Facebook is WillIAM Lewis. I have bank accounts Etc in both names. When people think about who rules this world, a lot of them imagine a man with A Trident or a secret cabal. What happens when you combine the word Trident and Cabal then search “Trident Cabal” in Google? The top two links are about me. The first link will bring you to a picture of me with a light in my left eye… The 1:57 minute screen recording below, shows my image at the top of the Google search “Trident Cabal”. The picture made international news on the day it was released 17/5/15. The image was shared over 7000 times. In the post I called for A New World Order!!!


The picture of me with A Light in my LEft EYE made international news on the day it was released 17/5/15. The image was shared over 7000 times. In the post I called for A New World Order!!!

You live in a perfectly Designed Realm!!!

Check out The Mandela Effect Page 5 on for more Details.

I am not against the majority of Flat Earthers. I just hate the name. These pages are called Earth Realm. The words intrigue people. The words “Flat Earth” instantly make people assume that you are crazy. The Flat Earth theory is disproved with just a picture of a mountain and a dictionary. Later in this page you will see a video of the most popular Flat Earther Eric Dubay dressed as a women and calling everyone a shill. People have been psychologically programmed to relate the words “Flat Earth” to crazy people and the most popular Flat Earther has released videos on his own channel, acting like a mental patient in a woman’s dress. People laugh, but the Flat Earthers know something. They are closer to The Truth than those who still think they are monkeys on a spinning ball.

People say Tesla tried to tell everyone that Earth is a Designed Realm, but the Earth Realm Truth was not seen by the brainwashed masses. Did Tesla really say “Earth is a Realm” or was the quote created by a Flat Earther? Tesla was not liked by the establishment. The only way to prove Tesla said that himself would be to use one of Tesla’s own writings as proof. The quote has been used on multiple sites and shared numerous times online. Earth is a Realm… whether or not Tesla said those words is irrelevant. If you know Earth isn’t a spinning ball, then you know that you live in a Designed world.

Tesla tried to enlighten the majority of the masses to the fact Earth is a Designed system. It can proven that Tesla believed in a Designed Earth. That is also what The Freemasons will till you. A lot of Freemasons call GOD, THE DESIGNER!!! Freemasons control and run NASA. Tesla failed to Enlighten the masses to the deception because he was standing against Prophecy. Earth is a Realm… it is a Realm created to fulfil GOD’s Word. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to swim against the tide… you cannot achieve anything without GOD. Tesla could turn on light bulbs with wireless technology, but he could not turn on the lights in the minds of the masses because The Time was not right.

The Debated Nikola Tesla “Earth is a Realm” Quote

I’m not just some random person telling you that you don’t live on a spinning planet. When it comes to nuclear disarmament, I one of the major players on The World Stage. On the day of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons vote, I was on live TV and my comments were the featured Top Story on one of the worlds biggest news platforms. In 2017, I have been on TV and in multiple news articles: talking about nuclear disarmament and the nuclear threat. Read through this site for more Details on that. I laugh at everyone who doubts nuclear disarmament because they don’t know where they live. There is one thing that I never talked about in public. One thing that guarantees nuclear disarmament and A New World Order. When I went one live TV to talk about the Trident nuclear weapon system’s vote, on the day of the vote, I could have mentioned that one thing, but I didn’t. I didn’t mention it because mankind was / is being tested and it is my job to ensure The Prophecies are fulfilled with ExtrEmE DEtail and DEsign!!!


You know the saying “seek and ye shall find”. You can find GOD when you seek The Truth with facts and real science. If you don’t seek GOD or don’t care about The Truth, then you risk turning into a dumbass atheist who thinks they are a monkey on a spinning ball. Look at the people around you. Most of them are failing the test. This is The Test that you don’t want to fail. Anyone who wanted to know why I released The Trident report, could have read my other reports or visited this website, but most of them don’t. They assume that I am just another whistle blower. People rarely seek The Truth. Most of them only believe what they see on TV. Even when I tell people The Truth to their face about my motives, they don’t believe me. One of most amazing things in The Earth Realm, is the ignorance of the average person. People can believe anything they see on TV, but they have a hard time dealing with the facts that aren’t televised.


In May 2015, I released the first report / The Trident report. That report was truthful within that box. Highlighting the safety and security issues to disarm the world and create A New World Order was Plan A. Clearly the people were incapable of completing Plan A. They failed the test. The people were shown enough information to rise up and stop the renewal of The Trident programme, but the majority of them failed to do anything. Even now, the majority of people do nothing. They believe The West and Russia are close to starting a war with each other… look at the masses! The average person does nothing to try and prevent a World War. Allowing those people to vote proves democracy is a broken system. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

Always have A Plan B!!!

The Illuminati New World Order cards and the Assassin cards were released in 1995 and 1996… before most people realised Earth is not a spinning ball.


Flat Earth Prophecy!!!

Conspiracy Theorists get called crazy when they talk about people Designing world EVEnts with numerical Design. They are not crazy. This world is Designed for Prophecy and The Prophecies are fulfilled with numerical Design. Do you think we cannot Design EVEnts with an ExtrEmE lEVEl of DEsign??? 2017 is The Designed year for Plan B..Show EVEryone that they live in A Realm… The Earth Realm. It is not a coincidence that Flat Earth has made the mainstream news again in 2017… it’s Design. More and More celebrities and sports stars will come forward. Even more than 2015 and 2016. Do not fail this test or the consequences will be dire.  Divine Prophecy is completed with perfect timing and Design. Tesla couldn’t turn on the light bulbs in the minds of the masses because The Time was not right. Prophecy required the people to be made fools and the ball earth deception fulfilled that Prophecy with Perfection. Is there any greater deception than convincing people they are monkeys on a spinning ball? They walk around waiting for “The Great Deception” … completely unaware that they have been majorly deceived. The average person’s mental view of this world is far from The Truth. The Great Deception is not coming… The Prophecy has already been completed. Now you see a growing number of people are becoming aware of the fact they live in The Earth Realm and not on a spinning ball or pear or whatever other bullshit shape the space deceivers told you.