Earth Realm 5 open on on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777


Growing up as a kid I told my friends that they believe in bullshit: Santa, the tooth fairy, wrestling, fake science… Every time I got the same response. They deny The Truth because they want to believe their beliefs are real. In time they learnt that I was right, but after they learnt the Truth it was like pressing a reset button. When they learnt Santa wasn’t real, they still believed in the tooth fairy. When they learnt the tooth fairy wasn’t real, they still believed in wrestling. When they learnt wrestling wasn’t real, they still believed/believe they are monkeys on a spinning ball. Some of them now know they aren’t monkeys on a spinning ball.


If you want to find The Truth, pay attention to The Details. There was no reason for kids to believe every dude dressed as Santa, in every shopping center was the real Santa. If they paid attention to The Details, they’d notice the different appearances: Fat Santa, skinny Santa, small Santa, tall Santa… how can they all be the same person? Most adults beLIEve they are grown up and evolved from the their childish, gullible mentality. The Truth is most of them are still incapable of thinking for themselves. They still ignore The Details. They walk around like zombies without brains… “Brains Brains…”  What’s the difference in believing all those different men dressed as Santa are the same Santa and all these official NASA pictures of “Earth from Space” are pictures of the same “Earth from Space” ??? These people still think the way they did with all their other beLIEfs. How can anyone say they have “grown up” if they can’t see that it’s illogical to think these pictures are real or an accurate depiction of “Earth form Space” ??? They are blind.



All the images are Official NASA pictures of “Earth from Space”. They were released through the mainstream and you can view NASA’s images on their website. It is hard to believe anyone can look at those pictures and think they are real or an accurate depiction of Earth. Look at the size of America in their 2012 photo… is this “Planet Earth” or “Planet America”??? The number one reason people believe in “the ball Earth” is they think there are images of Earth from space.   NASA admitted on their own website, Robert Simmon’s used photo shop to create the “blue marble” image. Visit  for an extraordinary amount of hard evidence that disproves the “ball Earth images”.


They all developed at different stages and some of them now know The Earth Realm is not a spinning ball. There never seems to be a point when they recognise that I was right about everything and all their beliefs were pure bullshit. They never seem say to themselves “I was wrong all those times and he was right… maybe I should at least consider the facts he is presenting”. NO!!! That never happens. They get proven wrong, then they think they are right about everything else and call me crazy when I show them facts. I am not all knowing. When people try to prove me wrong, I listen if they bring evidence to the table. Being proven wrong makes you a better person. You get rid of a little bit of bullshit and gain some knowledge. There is nothing wrong with being proven wrong… yet the average person acts like you’re trying to stick a knife in their throat. The real scientific method is based on proving your theories wrong. This fake science crap brainwashed monkeys assume is real, is the complete opposite. Anyone who disagrees with their bullshit theories gets attacked… that is not Science. Science does not call people names if they try to disprove a theory. Science welcomes people to try and prove it wrong. I work with real Science and I welcome people to try and prove me wrong.


I UNMASKED in 2015, and told people the main reason for releasing The Trident Report. Months later I went to my friends wedding and told him and others at the wedding “Earth is not a spinning ball”. Everyone thought I was crazy. It doesn’t matter if people think you are crazy… if they are the ones who are ignoring facts so they can believe they are monkeys on a spinning ball… then they are obviously the crazy ones. Would you give a shit if you walked into a mental hospital and some guy acting like a monkey called you crazy? What’s the difference between that and going to a wedding where people think they are monkeys on a spinning ball? Someone who thinks they are monkey = Some who thinks they are monkey = a crazy fact ignoring moron. Don’t be afraid to call these morons out on their bullshit.


2015 was the same year I had released The Trident report. After I released The Trident report I made international news. Parts of the media attacked me and called me crazy. They never told people that the information in the Trident report is True. I released other reports, made posts, and done interviews before I was proven right… I said A boats will crash in my first reported on interview. Later that year I talked about A boats in the live interview… one day later an A boat crashed into a Merchant Vessel. I warned about missile tests failing… the next missile launch test failed in a humiliating way and made international news. Nothing has changed since I was a kid. People call me crazy but Truth and Time is on my side. The Times called me a crazy Russian spy. I’ve never been to Russia and the information I released was proven true. The Sunday Times contacted me for my input into their news article about the failed missile test. One year they call me crazy… the next year they call me asking for advice. “Two years ago, William McNeilly, an engineering technician weapons engineer submariner for the UK’s Trident II D5 Strategic Weapons System made public a catalogue of safety failures in how the system operates. Among the 30 flaws he identified were fire risks, leaks, muted alarms, compromised ID checks, poor safety procedures and unguarded sensitive information. It was a “disaster waiting to happen”, he concluded. Now we know about the misfire, it was a disaster that nearly did happen.”


When you stand on the side of Truth, it doesn’t matter if people call you crazy… they are the crazy ones… NEVER BACK DOWN!!!


They have schools to teach people how to be Santa and they have schools to teach people how to be fake space “scientists”. When are the masses going to see through their disguises???


Santa is not real and Earth is not a spinning ball. Why do I have to explain that to “adults”??? They beLIEve in LIEs. A lot of the deceivers look up to Aleister Crowley’s teachings. They tell people LIEs and the masses beLIEve every word: War = Peace  Ignorance = Strength…  There is hidden Design in mirroring. There is hidden Design in opposites. There’s Great Design in The Ball Earth model. They achieved Greatest when they convinced the majority of people to believe they are monkeys on a spinning ball. Can you convince the masses they live on a triangle that goes up and down? Imagine how hard that would be. NASA achieved the seemingly impossible. Most people have a hard time convincing people Earth is not a ball: with real science and hard evidence on their side. It’s hard because space cadets want to believe in space travel… like a stubborn kid wants to believe in Santa. NASA has power over people’s minds with their deception. However, The Greatest Power stands by THE TRUTH!!! TIME IS ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH!!!

Here are some proven Truths for you…


Tell the masses there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and they believe it. Tell them that was a LIE and they beLIEve that. Tell them nuclear weapons aren’t a threat and they beLIEve that. The masses  beLIEve whatever their authority figures tell them. That is slowly changing. People are starting to see through the bullshit and think for themselves. The best thing you can do is realise the word beLIEve contains the word LIE. People beLIEve in beLIEving. BeLIEfs are put on a pedestal, by the deceivers and the deceived. They tell you to beLIEve. Look at movies if you don’t know that I am right… how many times do they go on and on and on about the power of beLIEving???  Sticking to your beLIEfs and ignoring facts does not make you stronger… Ignorance does not = Strength.  I work with provable facts, experience and real science. I challenge people to prove me wrong. When someone proves you wrong, they make you stronger and bring you closer to The Truth. Do not let the deceives use their LIEs to discredit the value of Real Science. If you beLIEeve in bullshit,  Time will expose the LIE you have chosen to beLIEve. Stick to the facts and don’t be afraid to see the LIE in your indoctrinated beLIEfs. Let your beLIEfs fall or you will fall into a pit of denial and blind faith. See The Light and stand by The Truth. Time and Truth will expose the LIE you have chosen to beLIEve.

Fighting hard vs Fighting smart.

It doesn’t matter how fast and hard you scrub dishes… if you want to get somewhere, you must fight smart.

Telling people to believe in themselves can a make great inspiring speech, but only fighting the fights you believe you can win, won’t inspire you to fight against all the odds.

They tell you to believe… I advise you to keep it Real.

Believing vs Realism.

If you want to achieve Greatness in The Earth Realm… keep it Real.

Stick to The Facts and you will gain True knowledge. You can join this guys fighting class and believe really, really, really hard… but that doesn’t mean The Truth is not going to hit you hard.

Keeping it Real is better than believing. Do not let people blur the lines between the power of determination and the power of believing. You don’t have to believe you are going to win in order to give everything you have got. If you only fight the fights you believe you will win, then you will never win the fights you thought you could never win. The power of believing is overrated. If you believe you will win, your determination in training and focus in a fight drops because you think you are better than what you are fighting against. If you believe you can’t win, then you train harder and give everything you have got.

Not fearing a loss and giving 100% is better than believing you will win and giving 40%. How many times have champions lost a fight because they underestimated their opponent? They lost because they believed they would win. They believed they were better than their opponent and they lost the EYE of the tiger.


It may seem like the spinning ball monkeys will never know their beliefs are bullshit, but keep on fighting… keep on waking people up and remember Truth and Time is on your side. In time the monkeys will add the ball to their list: Santa, the tooth fairy, wrestling…



SOL = Sun in Latin.

OM = sound of The Sun in Hindu. OM also written as AUM.

ON = Sun in Egyptian

There are 30 large spikes and 30 small spikes around The Sun in The logo… 30 30 … 33.

The 3 holding The Trident forms… 33.