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Dinosaur museums contain sculptures that are manufactured in nations like China. This fact can be proven by simply asking the staff at the museum or doing some research. There has never been a complete discovery of any dinosaur… FACT. If you disagree, you will highlight your lame research skills. No-one can disagree with facts. They can disagree with the meaning of the fact, but they can’t disagree with the fact itself until a new action is made to alter the current state. At the point of writing this, the fact still remains true: no complete dinosaur has ever been discovered and dinosaur museums contain sculptures. The name of one of the largest dinosaur companies is Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company. It’s based in China. I love real science. The scientific method is awesome. It would be great if we lived in a world where people who claim to like science, recognised that loving science means you do your own research, stick to facts and don’t believe anyone. Listening to what people tell you to believe, does not put you on the side of science.

How old is The Earth Realm? 

Dinosaurs Debunked




The clip above is from Ben Stein’s movie called Expelled. The full movie is shown below.



Obviously I don’t agree with everything Kent Hovind says, but when it comes to pointing out the bullshit in the theory of evolution, he’s one of the best.


This starts of a little slow. Stick with it and you will enjoy this video series. He’s a funny guy with a lot of knowledge.




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