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The Earth Realm page on opened on 9/1/2017 The Sacred Hebrew Date 11 TEVET 5777.


For true scientific objectivity, the Earth Realm pages target the ridiculous claims made by Flatheads and Globeheads.


The Eratosthenes stick experiment is one of the most popular things mentioned by those who try to debunk the Flat Earth model. When writing an article about a Flat Earther going to launch a rocket, the Daily Mail referred to the Eratosthenes stick experiment in their headline… signifying that was the number one globular ‘proof’ they could think of. is a popular mainstream ‘science’ website.

Popular Science used the Eratosthenes stick experiment in their top ten ‘proofs’ that Earth is spherical. The Eratosthenes stick experiment was number 4 in their top ten list. “If you stick a stick in the (sticky) ground, it will produce a shadow. The shadow moves as time passes (which is the principle for ancient Shadow Clocks). If the world had been flat, then two sticks in different locations would produce the same shadow”. “Imagine the Sun’s rays (represented by yellow lines) hitting two sticks (white lines) some distance apart. If the Earth were flat, the resulting shadows would be the same length, no matter how far apart you place the sticks.”

The image below is from Popular Science.



 Firstly, for the Eratosthenes stick experiment to debunk the Flat Earth model, the light rays emitting from The Sun in their model must be parallel. The Sun in the model used by Flat Earthers isn’t big enough to cast parallel lines on two distant sticks at the same time. Anyone who says the Eratosthenes stick experiment debunks the Flat Earth model, doesn’t understand basic science.


The Eratosthenes stick experiment debunking the Flat Earth model, is a claim that is easily debunked using real scientific experiments that you can do yourself.


Get two objects that are the same size.

Place the objects on a FLAT surface with a light above them, and put distance between the two objects.

You will see that the shadows have different lengths.

Common sense and real world scientific experiments show that two sticks on a flat surface don’t create equal length shadows when placed at distance… yet mainstream ‘science’ would have you believe they do. Common sense tells you that there’s no reason to believe someone’s claims, if the reasons they give you for believing in it can be easily debunked. “If the world had been flat, then two sticks in different locations would produce the same shadow”. “If the Earth were flat, the resulting shadows would be the same length, no matter how far apart you place the sticks.”

The Eratosthenes stick experiment is claimed to debunk a Flat Earth by most people in the mainstream; however, it is their claim that is easily debunked. Isn’t it extremely interesting how the people who claim to love science tell you something that’s easily debunked by real science? Why do most globeheads talk about the Eratosthenes stick experiment when they are trying to debunk the Flat Earth model?


There are fools in this world who can’t think for themselves. They say idiotic things like, “why does it matter?” NASA’s yearly budget is around $18,400,000,000. “With an annual budget of 18.4 billion dollars, the topic of cutting NASA’s budget has proven a contentious topic for taxpayers and space enthusiasts in the US. How can we devote billions to space exploration while there are still failing and underfunded social policies at home?” The number of homeless people in the United States in 2017 was reported as 554,000 by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s. Divide NASA’s budget by the number of homeless people and you’ll see that every single one of the 554,000 homeless people could’ve gotten over $33,000 each, every year. NASA’s budget could literally be used to end homelessness. If I was in charge I’d use that money to build houses because that creates more jobs and lowers house prices. Also build new economic homes for the homeless people. Keep in mind that’s a yearly budget and there are new designs for low cost homes. In 2018 NASA’s budget got even bigger. “Last week, Congress passed, and President Trump signed, an Omnibus bill to fund the government for the rest of fiscal year 2018. (Only six months late! Fiscal year 2018 started back on October 1.) NASA ended up with a crazy-good $20.7 billion—its highest total since 2009, the year President Obama and Congress passed the economic stimulus package.” “One of the best documented methods for determining the Earth’s roundness was first performed (to our knowledge) by the ancient Greeks. This was achieved by comparing the shadows of sticks in different locations. When the sun was directly overhead in one place, the stick there cast no shadow. If the Earth were flat then both sticks should show the same shadow”.

One of the best ways to show mainstream ‘science’ is full of shit, is to debunk one of their most popular claims… do the stick experiment on a flat surface yourself.

It doesn’t matter how much you Destroy the spinning ball box… some people just don’t want to leave their box… they just want to stay there with their spinning ball. They’ll spin their ball until The Design requires them to know they live on a stationary plane.  “the world is not flat: It’s round.”

The word ’round’ is not a good word to use when trying to differentiate between a flat object and a spherical object. An object can be flat and round. A disk is flat and round. A lot of the people who attack the ‘Flat Earth’ say ‘Earth is round’. Earth is not actually ‘flat’ and only an ignorant fool would use the word ’round’ when trying to differentiate between a flat object and a spherical object. A Flat vs Round argument is ridiculous… it’s an argument between two groups of people who have accepted ridiculous labels.


Firstly, I want to thank NASA for doing an unbelievable job… their bullshit is literally unbelievable. You have to a gullible moron to blindly beLIEve most of things they release to the public. You also have to be a gullible moron to blindly believe a lot of the nonsense ‘flat earthers’ continuously parrot. Both sides contain bullshitters / disinformation agents. One side releases lies in the name of science and numerous people on the other side attack science. Real science is an amazing thing. If you want to find The Truth, you pay attention to verifiable facts.

A word’s Simple, English and Jewish Gematria value, is an unchangeable and true mathematical fact. The letter values are set and recognised worldwide. “When she returns to Earth on Sept. 3, she will have amassed 666 days in space, more than any other American. The days of space travel as a male-only business are long gone — and with them, the days of men holding all the best records, too.” “She is due to return to Earth in September, by which time she will have logged an estimated 666 days in space.”

Numerous news articles and the Guinness World Records website talked about NASA’s actor Peggy Whitson accumulating a record breaking 666 days in space. You’ll find other reports counting the total as 665 days. They probably weren’t counting her landing day / the most significant day. My point is, they try to use The 666 Design whenever they can. The most famous NASA missions, are The Apollo missions. The god Apollo is also known as The Prophecy.. (Prophecy = 666 in Jewish Gematria). The Greek Sun god was called Helios. NASA promotes the Heliocentric System; that puts The Sun in the center.

(NASA’s Actor = 666 in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(NASA’s Actor Peggy Whitson = 2132 in Jewish Gematria)

(NASA = 132 in Jewish Gematria) “Nasa astronaut Peggy Whitson returns to Earth after yet another record-breaking mission in space. Find out why the “American space ninja” is so amazing!”

(American Space Ninja  = 156 in Simple Gematria)

(Six Six Six = 156 in Simple Gematria)

( = 156 in Simple Gematria)


The Tides are Turning. A women reportedly broke records in 2017 for a 666 day trip to space.


(The Tides are Turning = 217 in Simple Gematria)

(The Tides are Turning = 1302 in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(NASA = 132 in Jewish Gematria)

(Enter The Stars = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(The Prophecy Designer = 1320 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

( = 1320 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)


The Earth Realm pages show The Design in the Flat Earth vs Globe Model debate.

(Flat Earth vs Globe Model = 1332 in English Gematria)

666 + 666 = 1332

(Illuminati Card Game 1032 in English Gematria)

One of NASA’s top employees has been hitting headlines for fighting in the Flat Earth vs Globe Model argument. NASA’s Neil deGrasse Tyson stated that Earth is shaped like a Pear. Therefore, it may be more accurate to call the debate ‘Flat Earth vs Pear‘.

(Flat Earth vs Pear  = 1032 in English Gematria)

NASA called Earth a Pear years before Neil deGrasse Tyson called Earth a Pear. “There are also other ‘higher-order’ shape deviations which make the Earth slightly pear– shaped with a larger southern hemisphere surface area than in the northern hemisphere”.


The Earth Realm pages are perfect for destroying people’s beliefs. They are designed to teach people they must stick to the facts, use real science, don’t trust anyone and question everything. If you know an overly confident person, send them here. They’ll find out that almost everything they thought they knew about planet Earth is a lie. If you want to insult a clueless person, you say “what planet are you on?” Most people don’t know anything about the “planet” they think they are on. Ask someone to imagine the planet they are on and they’ll imagine the globe with the maps they’ve seen numerous times. Tell the person those maps are wrong. Tell them they don’t even know what the planet they think they are on looks like. Watch the cognitive dissonance kick in. Watch them get mad. Once they call you crazy, whip out the facts and watch that person’s beliefs and ego be Destroyed.


If you believe something is unquestionable or believe a theory is a fact, then you have highlighted your opposition to the scientific method. It wouldn’t be called a theory if it was a fact. I love real science, and I hate those ignorant morons who claim to love science without knowing what real science is. Repeating what you read in a science book or what a scientist tells you to believe, is not real science. Science requires you to observe, question and test. If you believe everything mainstream “science” tells you without making any observations yourself, without asking any questions, without conducting any tests… then you don’t really love science. The scientific method consists of making observations, asking a question, conducting tests… It doesn’t consist of mindlessly repeating everything that you are told.


Once their view of the world has been destroyed, then you can really get to work on them. Not only was their view of this world’s maps wrong, their idea of how this world works is also a bunch of lies. The Earth Realm is a stationary plane. All those “crazy flat earthers” were/are on to something. They were/are more right about this world than the average globehead. I don’t call myself a Flat Earther because that’s a ridiculous label, and I don’t agree with a lot of the things most of them say. “Flat” is a terrible word to use when describing the shape of this world. I don’t call Earth “flat” so don’t call me a Flat Earther for knowing Earth is a stationary plane. You should never let people label you… especially with untrue labels that have a lot of programmed negativity attached to them. That’s how the political world is controlled. Left vs Right. Globe vs Flat. They try to box you in and make you defend something that you don’t fully agree with. Earth is not a spinning space ball and it’s not flat like a pancake… Earth is a Realm. Realms created GOD, can come in all shapes and sizes. Laws can be changed.



The Earth Realm pages on, expose the bullshit promoted by globeheads and flat earthers.


Shahzwar Bugti is a popular Flat Earther. He became popular for his Density vs Gravity videos. I commented on his post: “There is more to it than just saying the words ‘buoyancy and density’. Why don’t the denser objects travel upwards or left or right? There has to be a force dictating the direction of attraction.”

I agree with his comment… I was just disagreeing with the fact that on multiple occasions he claimed that the words ‘buoyancy and density’ explain the reason why a dense object with the same dimensions as a less dense object, will travel further in the downwards direction. He deleted my comment on his post, without answering the question. For a lot of flat earthers, the word ‘Density’ replaced the word ‘Gravity’… A single word mindlessly used in a failed attempt to explain complex actions. Search ‘Density vs Gravity’ in google and you’ll find a lot of videos. They always try to make you pick a side. There is clearly more to it than density. I don’t care if both sides hate me. You can group yourselves like mindless sheep all you want.

Globeheads and flat earthers have been fighting each other in debate groups on Facebook. If you don’t mindlessly agree with something one of them says, they instantly assume that you’re on the other team… they instantly assume that they know all of your thoughts.  Just because I know that there has to be a force that is bringing the denser materials below the less dense materials, in the downwards direction, doesn’t mean that I’m a globehead who believes in Newton’s theory of Gravity. You see, globeheads attempt to discredit the directional attracting force with their bullshit theories and a lot of flat earthers just ignore the fact that there needs to be a force dictating the direction of attraction. I say the words ‘a lot of flat earthers’ because they don’t all believe the same thing.

If you don’t know that Newton’s theory of Gravity is just a theory, then you need to look it up. “Today, Newton’s law of universal gravitation is a widely accepted theory. It guides the efforts of scientists in their study of planetary orbits.” “Newton’s theory of Gravity” “English natural philosopher Isaac Newton unified Italian natural philosopher Galileo Galilei’s theory of falling bodies with German astronomer Johannes Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.”

Globeheads claim that the Moon orbits Earth and Earth orbits The Sun because of Gravity. They also claim that Gravity is strong enough to hold all of the water in Earth’s oceans… while Earth’s spinning at 0.5 KM/Sec, wobbling, revolving around the Sun at 30 km/sec, in a Solar System that’s is moving around the Milky Way Galaxy at 250 km/sec, and The Milky Way Galaxy is moving in the local group of galaxies at 300 km/sec. Gravity is strong enough to fling Earth in various directions at extreme speeds, but not strong enough for a fly to feel it. Their version of ‘Gravity’ is strong enough to hold everything in place at those various and changing speeds (Acceleration and Deceleration), while simultaneously being weak enough for a butterfly to fly. Not only does their bullshit theory of ‘Gravity’ go against the scientific method and common sense, in a ridiculous attempt at explaining directional attraction, they say that ‘Gravity’ is the same force that makes the moon orbit Earth.

The globeheads say that you don’t feel the extreme movements in their system, just like you don’t feel movement in a car when travelling at a constant speed.  In The Heliocentric System / Globe Earth Model, Earth’s speed is not constant… there is Acceleration and Deceleration. You feel acceleration and deceleration in a car. In their model: Earth is spinning, wobbling and travelling in multiple directions. Make a turn in a car, and you’re going to feel the movement. Globeheads use terrible analogies; they can easily be debunked with real observable scientific experiments. “Here’s Why We Don’t Feel Earth’s Rotation”. “So why can’t we all feel it? The answer lies in the nature of Earth’s movement. Think of being on an aeroplane when it’s smoothly travelling at a constant speed and constant altitude.”  “If Earth were to change acceleration, we’d certainly feel that, and it wouldn’t be pleasant”. “Now let’s look at the orbit being an ellipse. That means that sometimes (in January) we’re a bit closer to the Sun, and sometimes (in July) we’re farther away. When the Earth is closer to the Sun, it orbits faster, and when it’s farther, it orbits more slowly.” “Astronomers have known for years that something seems to be pulling our Milky Way and tens of thousands of other galaxies toward itself at a breakneck 22 million kilometers (14 million miles) per hour. But they couldn’t pinpoint exactly what or where it is. A huge volume of space that includes the Milky Way and super-clusters of galaxies is flowing towards a mysterious, gigantic unseen mass named mass astronomers have dubbed “The Great Attractor,” some 250 million light years from our Solar System. The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are the dominant structures in a galaxy cluster called the Local Group which is, in turn, an outlying member of the Virgo supercluster. Andromeda–about 2.2 million light-years from the Milky Way–is speeding toward our galaxy at 200,000 miles per hour. This motion can only be accounted for by gravitational attraction, even though the mass that we can observe is not nearly great enough to exert that kind of pull. The only thing that could explain the movement of Andromeda is the gravitational pull of a lot of unseen mass–perhaps the equivalent of 10 Milky Way-size galaxies–lying between the two galaxies.” “the accelerating expansion of the universe.”


A lot of the mainstream bullshitters say you would only feel movement if Earth accelerated or decelerated, while they simultaneously saying Earth does accelerate and decelerate. Those morons define Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance: the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs. If you want to know what cognitive dissonance looks like, point out those contradicting beliefs to a globehead and watch their mental discomfort. “Here’s Why We Don’t Feel Earth’s Rotation”. “So why can’t we all feel it? The answer lies in the nature of Earth’s movement. Think of being on an aeroplane when it’s smoothly travelling at a constant speed and constant altitude.”  “If Earth were to change acceleration, we’d certainly feel that, and it wouldn’t be pleasant”.


When they try to explain away why people don’t feel movement, they focus on Earth’s ‘constant spin’ speed and say you’d only feel acceleration. The reported accelerations through space are from negligible… they don’t talk about that when they say you’d only feel accelerations.

Mainstream ‘science’ says Earth is travelling at changing speeds through space, they say we would feel changes in acceleration, and they also admit that we don’t feel any movement… they contradict themselves like a bad liar. Fortunately for them, the Earth Realm isn’t in short supply of gullible morons who don’t see the obvious contradictions. Easily debunked experiments, contradictions, lies, shit CGI… yet they still have a massive following of sleepers. “Observations from the Hubble telescope have shown that the Milky Way is on a high-speed collision course with the nearby Andromeda galaxy and the two will merge into a new elliptical system. Andromeda, also called M31, is about the same mass as the Earth’s Milky Way and similar in form. Although it’s 2.5 million light years away, the two galaxies are moving together at 250,000 miles per hour and after seven years of measurements by the Hubble telescope NASA has confirmed for the first time the sideways motion of the two galaxies. According to all its computer simulations, that motion is not enough and the two are destined to merge. “The Andromeda galaxy is heading straight in our direction,” said Roeland van der Marel, Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute at a NASA press conference. “The galaxies will collide and will merge together to form one new galaxy.” As they approach each other the two galaxies will speed up to around five times their current velocity and smash through each other, or strike a glancing blow, flinging some other planetary systems into space.”


Cool story bro. Tell me again how we are accelerating… Oh and could you also explain why we don’t feel movement because we’re not accelerating? Cognitive Dissonance!!! Hahaha

Imagine a place where sane people get called crazy by fact ignoring people who think they are space travelling spinning apes… there is no need to use your imagination because you are already in that place… The Earth Realm!!!

My Trident Report made it to the top of the Wikileaks front page, and remained on the Wikileaks front page for months in 2015. I was in numerous news papers, on the front page of news sites and on the news for years in a row. The fact that I am a former submariner in the Trident system is easy to verify.

Don’t believe what you read in newspapers like The Times. I have never confessed to recording Top Secret information and I have never released any Top Secret information or documents. My Trident report that was featured on the Wikileaks front page for months in 2015, does not contain Top Secret information and only highlights my concern for that information being released. Obviously I’m not going to talk about the details in the systems. What I will say is, they would not work in the Heliocentric system.

Submarine systems only work effectively on a stationary plane. The theory that the low level employees get indoctrinated with, does not match up with the practical. The average unenlightened, compartmentalised employee does not question these details. Their mindset is focused on knowing what they need to know within their box. Most people on patrol don’t know where the submarine is. The map in the control room is behind a curtain. The Navigation Center is a Top Secret compartment. Some of the stuff is above Top Secret. ETs, LETs, Etc, can only see the information if they have the specific Top Secret Codename clearance. I was given access to the Navigation Center because I was an ET Navigation. There were things they didn’t let me see; however, they did let me see and do a lot of things that I wasn’t supposed to be seeing or doing.

Here’s the book I was given as an award for being the best student in TTF (Trident Training Facility). I studied the Navigation theory for months, passed all the theory tests, passed all the practical,  got the best student award and Fast Track promotion while in a large squad/class… if you think I got that without knowing anything about the systems, then that doesn’t say much about the rest of them or The Royal Navies standards. I knew my shit. ET FC / NAV = Engineering Technician Fire Control Navigation.





Believing what “scientists”  tell you to believe does not put you on the side of science. I love science. Those who truly love science: question everything, everyone and stick to the facts. This world is full of deceivers. Don’t trust anyone. The Earth Realm pages Destroy the fake globe Earth model with facts that you can prove and see yourself. No-one will be able to read through all these pages, understand the fact based content and conclude they are an ape spinning through space. Sharing someones video in these pages, does not mean that I agree with everything that person says. Just pay attention to the facts they show. You don’t have to like a person or agree with everything they say, in order to recognise a fact if they present one. That is obvious to any true logical thinking person, but not the masses. Look at the political world and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Most people run on their beast emotions. The majority of people want to believe everything their enemy says is false. The Art of War teaches you to understand your enemy.  Defeating your enemy is easier when you know what they think they know and know why they think it. That is a good way to become Victorious. Even if they are at the bottom of the mountain, you must attempt to understand them. You can’t judge someone, if you don’t understand them.

A lot of the Globeheads who claim to be on the side of science, seem to think that an alternative needs to be offered when scientifically testing a claim.  Testing the claims someone makes is a primary requirement for True Science. If you get angry at someone for testing the claims made about this world’s shape and movement, then you’re a fool who isn’t on the side of real science. When you are testing the claim, you don’t need to create an alternative theory. Anyone who says you do, does not understand real science or logic. Think of it like this: If a man said he could jump a mile in the air by just using his legs, but failed to provide evidence to prove his extraordinary claim, then you can say there’s no reason to believe that without evidence and point to data which shows no human has ever jumped that high… there’s no need for you to provide the actual height that guy can jump.


I already knew scientists release fake science. I knew that since I was a kid. The flat Earth model isn’t new to me. Someone taught me it when I was kid. Knowing The Truth, makes you question everything. The amazing thing about all this, is the amount of people who believe in the globe Earth model and never see the obvious flaws.

Trapped in a world with hypnotised people who think they are apes spinning through space. is like being trapped in a mental  institute. They claim they are the ones who believe in “science”. In reality the globe Earth does not stand a chance against real science. The majority of them don’t know anything about the globe Earth model. They believe NASA’s photos of space are real… even though NASA says they are photoshopped images. They believe a pendulum proves Earth’s motion… even though pendulums are designed to move in a consistent pattern and are the known tool of a hypnotist. Anyone can buy a pendulum and see that it doesn’t move until you apply a force to it. The problem is people believe everything they are told. They are afraid to question authority because they don’t want to look like a “crazy Flat Earther”. In reality, they are the crazy ones. Crazy people ignore facts. Crazy people believe they are spinning, space travelling apes. They call those who believe in Scientology crazy, but they never seem to notice they have also been brainwashed by fake science. There are no real images of a ball Earth, there’s no proof of motion and the curvature of your fake ball Earth has been debunked. You must to be insane if you still want to hold on to those unscientific beliefs.

I Got Trident in my title on 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775, when The Trident report made international news.

Google Trends shows you people’s interest in a certain topic.

The screen recording below shows that the mountain was being climbed on 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775.

The Mountain turned into a huge spike on the 17th of Jan 2016.

I took the 17 second recording below on 17/1/17 at 17:17PM “Is the Earth actually FLAT? Brian Cox wades into debate amid ‘NASA cover-up’ claims”.

Brain Cox: “Nobody in human history, as far as I know, has thought the world was flat.”

Brain Cox is one of the most popular globe earth promoters. He said, “Nobody in human history, as far as I know, has thought the world was flat.”

He mustn’t know much about human history or he’s being deceptive. Only an uninformed fool or a liar would claim that no-one in human history thought Earth is flat.


One of the most popular science websites is IFL Science. IFL has attacked Flat Earthers, but even they admit the obvious fact that numerous ancient societies talked about this Realm being a stationary plane. Here is a quote from their website “Even the most cursory historical survey shows that the idea that the Earth is flat has been a notion shared by an extraordinarily wide range of cultures and tied to vastly different metaphysical systems and cosmologies. It was a common belief in ancient Greece, as well as in India, China and in a wide range of indigenous or “pre-state” cultures. Both the poets Homer and Hesiod described a flat Earth. This was maintained by Thales, considered by many one of the first philosophers, Lucretius, an avowed materialist, as well as Democritus, the founder of atomic theory. The ancient Greek conception, in turn, has some parallels with that of early Egyptian and Mesopotamian thought, with both thinking that the Earth was a large disc surrounded by a gigantic body of water. The ancient Chinese were also virtually unanimous in their view of the Earth’s flatness, although – in this system – the heavens were spherical and the Earth was square. A number of ancient Indian conceptions, common – with some degree of variation – to ancient Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, tie their cosmography to botanical images, with the earth being comprised of four continents surrounding a mountain, akin to the way petals encircle the bud of a flower. Ancient Norse thought postulated a circular flat Earth surrounded by a sea inhabited by a giant serpent.”