The Facebook post that I made about Fake News on  1/15/17 17/10/5777 15:57.

Text from the Facebook post that I made about Fake News on  1/15/17 17/10/5777 15:57.

Fake News = 1057. All the text in the post = 10570.

( People were impressed when I warned CNN about Donald J Trump CNN Fake News backlash weeks before Donald Trump attacked CNN, called them Fake News and they hit rock bottom with their own subscribers attacking them. Look at my older posts on Facebook: you’ll see hard evidence and witnesses to prove that Fact. Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with EXtEmE Detail and Design!!! The information below wouldn’t EVEn be considered a small fraction of The Detail in the fulfilment of that Prophecy. That’s just one more Prophecy Completed among many many others. There’s a reason pictures of me appear in the Google search “Prophecy Complete”. There’s A reason my images dominate the search “Trident Prophecy”. There’s Numerous Ancient Trident Prophecies: Shiva, Neptune, Saturn… My images dominate the search because no other human fulfils or creates The Trident Prophecy in The Detail that I have. Hard evidence and living witnesses prove that fact. If you disagree, then try to disagree with Facts and not your programmed ignorance. The Sun Lights The Day… The Truth Lights The Way… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!! ) = 10570. 1/15/17 17/10/5777 15:57.


Not long after I made The Designed Facebook Post, someone commented “whats your take on pizzagate then ?”

4+4+4+4 = 16. 

At 16:16 on 1/15/17 17/10/5777, I sent the picture below as a reply.

Anyone can go onto my Facebook page, see the date on the messages and see that they are unedited, Perfectly Timed and Perfectly Designed.

The Pizzagate story was one of the main things that was used to create the Fake News agenda… and agenda that aims to control the internet.

The Card below was released in 1995.

Pizza for the Secret Meeting Illuminati Card Game.

At 4:44 I replied to the comment with the text below… 34 minutes after his question.

( The Fake News bullshit is used to attack internet freedom. That is a Fact. It has happened in numerous other Nations. I sent the “controlled internet” message months before that happened. Follow The Link and you’ll see a video recording of the date stamped prophetic “controlled internet” Facebook message that I sent with perfect timing before an act that aims to control the internet was signed. You’ll see numerous articles about other nations taking advantage of the Fake News bullshit. (Fake News = 1057) (Government = 1057) (United States = 157) I prophesied it with perfect design for You have to be a special kind of stupid if you think all the letters equal 157 and me talking about it before it happened is all a coincidence. I didn’t fall on my computer, create that Design and send those prophetic messages by accident. I’m talking about FACTs that are proven by hard evidence, maths and living witnesses. No-one cares about people clicking on real Fake News bullshit… The Fake News crap is all about internet control… the Fake News agenda must be stopped, if you value Freedom of speech on the internet. ) = 10572. 1/15/17 17/10/5777 4:44.


34 minutes after his question, I replied At 4:44. I replied to the comment with the text above…

“The Sun Lights The Day… The Truth Lights The Way.”  ~ WillIAM McNeilly


People wonder how one man can control everything. The answer is I am God’s servant… God controls everything.

They believe you can’t control a street light just by filming it.

They believe you can’t control the minds of birds with perfect timing and Design.

They believe you can’t control the YouTube URL when uploading a video, to make the number value Equal The EXact Design.

It doesn’t matter what they believe. They have been proven wrong.

Luke 18:27 “And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Nothing is impossible when you serve The True God of Gods. Picking up my phone, recording the street light, it turning on and off wasn’t impossible because I done it. It was done with perfect timing and Design. I took the video at night and uploaded it to my YouTube channel the next day. You can click on the video and go to my YouTube channel. There you will see the upload date. You’ll see that it was uploaded 8 days after my birthday in the 8th month AKA Hebrew Date: 14 AV 5776.  The first four numbers in the Hebrew Date equals my favourite four digit number 1457. The Light was controlled with Perfect Design in 2016!!! People witnessed me talk about The Light outside my house in my 2015 reports. Thousands of people have read those reports. People witnessed me talk about the number 1457 in my 2015 reports.  What are the odds of me talking about The Light outside my house and the number 1457 in my 2015 reports, then picking up my phone in 2016 to video the light and it turning off and on again on the perfect date and with perfect timing? The date in ISRAEL when The Light turned off and on again was 14 AV 5776. I used the number 1457 in A Barry Bell Yahoo email, when sending my first report / The Trident report.  There’s hard evidence and numerous witnesses to prove these FACTS! This is not about whether or not you believe me. It’s about whether or not you ignore The Facts / The Truth. The Truth will always be The Truth… regardless of what you believe. It benefits you to know The Truth.

Here’s One 57 second showing no birds in The Sky outside my house, until I petted The Owl Three Times with my WILL/Trident arm. I took the video on 11/20/16. The video was taken with my phone. The phone date stamps videos that are taken with the camera… That proves when it was took. YouTube date stamps uploads.. The video was uploaded to YouTube at exactly 14:57… my favourite four digit number. Controlling The Birds with Perfect Timing and Design, fulfils multiple prophecies. It also proves that God can control Minds with Perfect Design. With God’s Guidance, I have fulfilled and created prophecies in more Detail than any other human has or will ever achieve… I was told to film an empty sky, raise my arm, pet The Owl Three Times and the birds will appear… as always, that is exactly what happened…

Prophecy Complete…




Donald J Trump was ELected President. A new President of the world’s most powerful government. Your government will still be controlled by The Real Government. Don’t forget that. You might think you are avoiding doing what we want, but you are wrong. The Prophecies have been fulfilled with Perfection. When you come to the crossroads, it’s your choice which path you take, but both paths are Designed.

The image below is from the world famous and award winning I Pet Goat II animation.

The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I Got Trident in my Title on 17/5/15, when my Trident report made international news,

Government = 1057. What are the odds of all the days adding up to 1057 and all the letters in Government adding up to 1057???

Do you honestly think this world is controlled by mere humans??? I am The Servant. That may not seem like a powerful title, but I assure you, being The Servant of The God of Gods, makes me a lot more powerful than the president of the United States. Just look at everything we have done… pay attention to the facts and use logic. If you disagree with what I say, then try to disprove everything with facts and logic… you will fail. There’s no calculator big enough to calculate the odds. The odds don’t need to be calculated in a Designed world.


The Hidden Owl on The $1 Bill.

( I Got Trident in my Title when I was in Bavaria… 1578KM from The Trident base. The United States and The Illuminati were both founded in 1776. The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria HA : D ) = 1578. Add the word “THE” to any 1578 English Gem value and you get 1776. Add the word “Jesus” to a 1776 English Gem value and you get 2022. Add The Words “THE JESUS” to any 1578 English Gem value and you get 2220. On The 222nd day in 2022, I Will, will turn 33. The Phoenix wears 33. That’s how you release a Trident report and make a Facebook post with Design. Perfect Prophetic Design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

Control The Birds With Design… ( Prophecy Complete )