I warned people about the Fake News path. Is Fake News a real problem? Of course it’s a real problem. Everyone should know that it’s real and it is an issue, but it’s an issue for the individuals to deal with. You should know by now that there are a lot of bullshit “news sites” that just want your views so they can make money.

Giving someone the power to remove information from the internet, will be giving them a monopoly on the weak minds. People must learn to differentiate between real and bullshit. When you depend on others to tell you what’s real and what’s bullshit, you make it extremely easy for them to deceive you. The easily deceived fools are the ones who play the biggest part in maintaining this chaotic world. If you create a system that tells you what real is and give it the power to remove anything they call fake news, you end up with a George Orwellian Ministry of Truth style system. The brainwashed and brain dead masses are already willing slaves… a ministry of truth would seal the cave their minds are in. Everyone is in their own cave with their own agenda. Even those who believe they are being 100% honest, feed you lies about this Realm because they have limited vision in their cave. No human knows the full truth. A lot of people act like they have got it all figured out because people want to listen to someone who they think has it all figured out, but they are wrong from the start if they think they have everything figured out. Only God knows the full Truth and we are all fools. Stick to the provable facts. Check the information to prove it’s factual. Don’t trust any human. Don’t string theories together… string the facts together and you’ll be closer to The Truth than those who believe everything that others tell them. Facts = the puzzle pieces that will enable you to see the real picture. Theories = closing your eyes and contemplating what the finished puzzle will look like when you have never looked at the outside of the box.


Google, Facebook, YouTube Etc… they all have the right to censor information on their own sites. No-one should be telling them what they can and can’t do. If you are for true online freedom, then you shouldn’t complain about any information that is posted or any information that is censored. The owners of the sites have a right to do what they want… with limited exceptions: promoting terrorism, child porn and other extremes. We should never give anyone the power to censor or control the content on other people’s private websites because they perceive the information as false. Those who seek to control the internet aren’t interested in protecting you from reading fake news… they are more interested in stopping you from finding The Truth and feeding you their agenda.


www.breitbart.com “German Politicians Consider Forcing Facebook to Delete ‘Fake News’ With a general election looming next year, a range of German politicians are growing increasingly concerned over what they see as the spread of “fake news” and are considering forcing Facebook to delete posts they deem unacceptable”  “Opperman added that this would include things such as “made-up news reports, conspiracy theories, hate and rabble-rousing.” ”


www.breitbart.com “The German Interior Ministry has announced its intention to combat so-called “fake news” on social media by setting up a “defence centre against disinformation,” ahead of next year’s federal election.”


 Respect freedom of speech and seek to promote freedom of speech beyond its current limits. Do not give the government the power to tell you what is fake news and what is real news… you’ll be giving them the perfect propaganda machine. You may agree with your current government and they may have good intentions, but can you guarantee that all those who take control of the government in the future won’t use a “Ministry of Truth” system to guide the masses on a destructive path??? This is bigger than us reading bullshit news articles. Think about the consequences before you act… think about the future generations.





Fake News page open on WILL157.com at 10:57AM on 10 TEVET 5777


Video proof of The Prophetic “Controlled Internet” Facebook message that I sent on 29/8/2016 Hebrew Date 5/5/5777.



The Fake News being used to control the internet stories happened months after I sent The Prophetic “Controlled Internet” message. I sent The Prophetic “Controlled Internet” message on 29th of August 2016 Hebrew Date 5/5/5777I sent the message months before the United States ELection result was announced and Fake News became one of the most talked about issues in the mainstream and alternative news.


www.techdirt.com Nov 23rd 2016 “China Uses US Concern Over Fake News To Push For More Control Of The Internet”.


www.africablogging.org 09.12.2016  “African Leaders Could use ‘Fake News’ to Control Internet Access” “This time ‘fake news’ has grabbed the headlines because of the surprise victory of Donald J. Trump who beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, against all the media projections and opinion polls. Post election period is always for postmortem – reflecting on national gains, loses and future prospects. Worries if not fears about ‘fake news’ its impact on issues of national concern are justified. The good thing though is that the concern about ‘fake news’ does not underplay the importance of journalism in democracy, it only emphasizes the crucial role journalism play in promoting and safeguarding democratic values.” “They say when America sneezes the whole world catches the cold. The ‘fake news’ issue could play into the hands of unscrupulous African leaders refusing to be transparent and accountable to their people. As social media has become an essential tool for political engagement in many African countries, guarding against ‘fake news’ could become a convenient excuse for most African leaders to control social media. Already internet shutdowns are taking a hold on the continent.”


www.theguardian.com Friday 9 December 2016 “Stop worrying about fake news. What comes next will be much worse” “In the not too distant future, technology giants will decide what news sources we are allowed to consult, and alternative voices will be silenced” “Did the sequence of events leading up to the 4 December #Pizzagate incident in Washington, DC mark the point when fake news became real?” “I’m primarily interested in the larger network that has enabled fake news to become such a salient topic. What I’ve found most troubling about fake news so far isn’t the factual errors, the misinformation, or the propaganda involved. It’s not the politics either . And no, it’s not Trump. Sign up to the new-look Media Briefing: bigger, better, brighter Read more What’s scary about fake news is how it is becoming a catch-all phrase for anything people happen to disagree with.” “Fake news has certainly been attracting attention, including that of national policymakers. Marsha Blackburn, an American congresswoman, has gone so far as to imply that internet service providers should be held responsible for taking down fake news, saying: “If anyone is putting fake news out there, the ISPs have the obligation to in some way get that off the web.” “I can see where we might be headed: the suppression of alternative voices and the censorship of content that addresses certain issues.”


www.theguardian.com  Friday 2 December 2016 “With fake online news dominating discussions after the US election, Guardian correspondents explain how it is distorting politics around the world” “As reports emerged that fake news had influenced the US presidential election, China trumpeted its system of a “internet management”, portraying freedom of speech as broken when it can affect the outcome of an election. The pedlars of fake news are corroding democracy Andrew Smith Andrew Smith Read more “China is on its way to strengthening internet management,” said an editorial in the Global Times, a tabloid affiliated with the Communist party mouthpiece People’s Daily. “The western democratic system appears to be unable to address” the problems and conflict unleashed by the internet, the paper added.”


www.americanthinker.com November 26, 2016 “In response to the recent election fiasco, progressives are increasing their efforts to control the internet. They are targeting “fake news.” Since no one is in favor of “fake news”, this should be a clear winning strategy. Progressives can portray themselves as the defenders of democracy and free speech. At the same time they will be able to eliminate some troublesome competitors who might question their own reliability.”


www.wsws.org 1 December 2016 “In the weeks since the November 8 election, US media reports on the spread of so-called “fake news” during the presidential campaign have increasingly repeated unsubstantiated pre-election claims that the Russian government hacked into Democratic Party email servers to undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton. There is more than a whiff of McCarthyism in this crusade against “fake news” on social media and the Internet, with online publications critical of US wars of aggression and other criminal activities being branded as Russian propaganda outlets.” “there was a significant increase in “fake” political sites and content during the US elections. Stories that stretched the truth or were entirely made up typically started on mock news web sites and were then amplified by social media sharing. Other false reports originated on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and spread rapidly” “In the case of Facebook, this initiative—reminiscent of Orwell’s Thought Police—will be reinforced by barring accounts identified as “fake news” sources” “Pressure to shut down or muzzle “fake news” sites and social media accounts are emanating from the offices of corporate media organizations concerned about the loss of their influence over the public. Any moves to censor Internet content must be opposed as an attack on democratic rights.”






On The 23rd of December Obama signed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act as part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act.  From my prophetic “controlled internet” message (29/8/16  5/5/5777) to the day Obama signed that into law = 116 days. 116 is the number used to show the controlled design over the United States Presidents.


I told people that Donald J Trump would win wayyy back in 2015

I sent the prophetic message “The majority of people have been convinced to vote for Trump.” on 1/11/16.

We knew the majority of people (where it mattered) would be convinced to vote for Trump… the vast majority of people on Earth assumed Hillary would win.

The first United States – Government page on WILL157.com, was opened on 9/11/16

I opened the United States Government page 2  on 11/11/16

Etc Etc Etc

Colossians 1:16 “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:”

1 Peter 1:16 “Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.”

Zephaniah 1:16 “A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.”

www.rt.com “Cyber command, anti-US propaganda, troop increases: Obama signs defense spending bill into law” “US and anti-US propaganda Without naming the controversial “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act,” which was introduced by Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) before being placed in the 2017 NDAA, Obama mentioned it in generally favorable terms. Critics point to the law authorizing grants in order to track anti-US propaganda as a form of the US government itself pushing propaganda on its own domestic population, in the guise of highlighting so-called fake news.” “Congress passed the military funding bill on December 14, leaving a deadline of December 26 for Obama to sign or veto the legislation.”

From my prophetic “controlled internet” message (29/8/16  5/5/5777) to and including December 14 = 155520 minutes.

The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo and The Date I released The Trident report = 5/5/15.

5/5/15 reversed = 15/5/5.

Our Prophecies are complete with Perfect Design




www.globalresearch.ca “Big Brother” Watches Everyone in America: Obama Signs “Ministry of Truth” into Law “Legislation Opposing Speech and Media Freedoms” “First Amendment rights are threatened like never before. Truth-telling on vital domestic and geopolitical issues is now considered fake news or Russian propaganda.” “Washington wants views contrary to its own suppressed, writers like myself and many others silenced. When truth-tellers become enemies of the state, freedom no longer exists.” “In early December, Congress overwhelmingly passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act as part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act – an unconstitutional measure against First Amendment freedoms. On December 23, ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend, Obama signed it into law practically unnoticed. Along with approving bloated military spending, it establishes a Center for Information Analysis and Response – a de facto Ministry of Truth. It aims to ferret out truth-telling on vital issues, suppress what everyone has a right to know, countering it with state-sponsored propaganda – along with perhaps targeting reliable independent sources of news, information and analysis for elimination. Orwell once said in times of universal deceit, truth-telling is a revolutionary act. In America, it’s an endangered species, heading toward becoming criminalized, its disseminators risking prosecution, imprisonment or elimination by other means. Obama governs under a police state apparatus, hardened throughout his tenure. When truth-telling becomes fake news or Russian propaganda, criminalizing it is a step closer to reality.”


www.businessmirror.com.ph “Is the ‘Ministry of Truth’ coming?” “The term “fake news” was originally coined to describe the content of certain web sites that specialized in satire. But now fake news has become a propaganda tool, especially in politics, because people are unable or unwilling to differentiate truth from fiction.” “The government of Germany is considering a law to fine social-media sites €500,000 for each day the platform does not delete a fake news story.” “It is dangerous being so ignorant or so lazy to separate the truth from lies. But much more dangerous is the government deciding what “truth” is. Government-mandated “fact-checking” is a major first step down the slippery slope of censorship.”


americanfreepress.net “Obama’s Parting Gift to You: A Ministry of Truth” “Before leaving office on Jan. 20, President Barack Obama and the Democrats stuck Americans with a combination Christmas and going-away present that effectively creates a Ministry of Truth to police what constitutes news in this country. Notably missing from this new measure is who, exactly, is going to be defining what is true and what is false.” “Congress and President Barack Obama made their move, passing and signing into law a bill that will create an Orwellian Ministry of Truth. The budget-busting $611 billion 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has hidden deep within its pages a proviso known by various euphemisms such as the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 (H.R. 5181) or the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S. 2692).” “This legislation “does not bode well for independent media and has massive potential to be abused for political purposes,” commented the news and commentary website “21stCenturyWire.com.” Germany’s boss, Angela Merkel, joined with Obama in calling for more censorship and news control. As part of the same drive, we have already seen Facebook partnering with government-sponsored “fact checking” sites and algorithms being  put in place to remove dissident news from social media feeds. The new law chips away at freedom in America.”



One of the Facebook posts that I made about Fake News. The post highlights the risk of it creating a Ministry of Truth. All the letters in the post add up to 50515… 5515.


Every mainstream news agency has released news stories that contain false information. Should all of them be shut down too? Numerous news agencies reported that Santa was delivering presents to kids… that is by definition Fake News. They report Santa is delivering presents to kids then they talk about fake news like every word that comes out of their mouth is 100% factual.


If I ever see my site on one of your lists, we will teach you the meaning of the word “coincidence”. That’s all… just teach you that “coincidences happen” because I am just one peaceful law abiding citizen armed with a dictionary. It’s just a coincidence that I have released the exact design before all major EVEnts since 2015. When I say certain people are going to die, in an extremely detailed way… it’s just a coincidence that they fulfil the prophecy 100% of the time… or is it? Remember we prophesied all of this back when you noobs were convinced Donald J Trump had no chance. How many times have you assumed that I was wrong, only to find out that you are the one who is wrong? I told you to avoid the fake news path and now you are feeling the backlash.

www.pressherald.com “Fake news triggers backlash in Germany” “The Breitbart report has triggered a backlash in Germany, igniting fresh concerns over the manipulation of information”

www.dailycaller.com “Liberal Media See ‘Fake News’ Label Thrown Back In Their Faces” “An aggressive push in the liberal media to push a narrative of widespread “fake news” may have backfired as members of the liberal media now face that same “fake news” label being applied to their own reporting.”


(It’s just coincidence that I talked about bullshit Russian propaganda, fake news and sent the prophetic “controlled internet” message with minute precise timing before congress passed the bill to control “propaganda” “fake news”. It’s just a coincidence that I sent that message months before the ELection… months before fake news became headline news due to Trump’s win… a win that I also talked about a year before it happened. It’s just coincidence that I created WILL157.com almost a year before any of that. It’s just a coincidence that all the letters in “Fake News” = 1057 in Jewish Gematria. All the letters in “Government” = 1057 in Jewish Gematria. All the letters in “United States” = 157 in Simple Gematria. It’s just coincidence that I opened the Fake News page on WILL157.com at 10:57 on Hebrew Date 10 TEVET 5777. If my site appears on one of your lists… you’ll be given more demonstrations to show that coincidences happen with the exact details that we coincidentally release before those “coincidences” happen. More of our Prophecies Completed with our EXact Details and Design, but still the majority of “spinning monkeys” will convince themselves that an explosion made us create that design and send those prophetic messages. The majority of religious people will convince themselves that it’s just a coincidence that I have fulfilled more prophecies in more detail than any human in history, and created prophecies that were fulfilled with more detail than any human in history. It’s just a coincidence that I have fulfilled and created prophecies with more detail in one second than Muhammad did in his entire life. Just ignore me and crawl back into your box at Mecca… A = 1 B = 2 C = 3 “The Saturn Cube” = 157 in Simple Gematria. “The McNeilly Cube” = 157 in Simple Gematria. What are the odds? Ha Does the average Muslim even realise that they are worshipping Saturn when they run rings around The Saturn Cube at Mecca??? Search “The Mecca Cube 157” in Google and you’ll see my images with you guys in the images. It’s just coincidence that I flew East, said you are about to see what a real Trident can do and the next day became the deadliest year in the history of the Mecca pilgrimage. It’s just a coincidence that we released the exact extremely detailed design before that happened. It’s about time for you noobs to quit doing your stoning The Devil ritual when we are trying to make peace. Throwing stones at three pillars is very disrespectful. In the spirit of political correctness, I think that you should respect others. Especially since you have no idea what 3 stone pillars actually represent. Of course it’s just a coincidence that searching “The Mecca Stampede Trident Devil” shows my images with your dead bodies near the top of the Google image search. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are… you will still walk the path that is Designed for you. I warned you and you didn’t listen… then 2015 became the deadliest year in the history of the Mecca pilgrimage. Think ThaT, about that. Pay attentions to the details and facts or continue to follow your own beliefs. I said “you are about to see what a real Trident can do” and the nEXt () became the deadliest year in Mecca. I sent that message on this Facebook account. Some of you people read that message. The average person ignores facts that they can’t manipulate to fit their indoctrinated view of the world. ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!! ) = 30777. A = 1 B= 2 C = 3… The text between the brackets = 30777. In the stoning The Devil ritual at Mecca, they throw 7 stones at 3 pillars. http://will157.com/fake-news-ministry-of-truth-prophecy/


“1984 Audiobook by George Orwell” video’s length = 10H 57mins…

Fake News page open on WILL157.com at 10:57AM on 10 TEVET 5777