Financial Prophecy 4 opened on The Hebrew Civil Date 23/11/5777 2018 Report: “In Venezuela, hungry child gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage”. 2018 Report: “Desperate women fleeing Venezuela sell hair, breast milk, sex to get by”. “Venezuelans Eating Dogs, Zoo Animals as Economy Collapses” “Venezuela’s opposition published photos this weekend of men butchering a dead dog on the streets of Caracas, preparing the meat for cooking in a nation that has been forced to take increasingly extreme measures to avoid a famine.” “Under a scorching sun just a short walk from Colombia’s border with Venezuela, hundreds of hungry men, women and children line up for bowls of chicken and rice — the first full meal some have eaten in days.” “Pence says ‘failed state’ in Venezuela threatens United States” “Venezuela: Call for military drills after Trump threat” “President Maduro urges army and civilians to prepare for ‘imperialist’ invasion after Trump spoke of ‘military option’.” “Venezuelan president’s son: We would take the White House” “The son of the president of Venezuela on Saturday reportedly threatened to seize the White House should the United States resort to military action in the South American nation. “If the unlikely event of defiling the homeland came to pass, the rifles would arrive in New York,” Nicolás Maduro Guerra said to state media”. “Maduro Guerra’s comments came one day after President Trump said he won’t rule out military action in Venezuela, which has been embroiled by anti-government protests in the last few months. “I’m not going to rule out a military option,” Trump told reporters at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. “Venezuela is not very far away, and the people are suffering and they’re dying,” said the president. “We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary.” The Pentagon on Saturday said it has not been given any orders regarding Venezuela, but has contingency plans if they are needed.” “White House slaps Venezuelan president with sanctions”

A Gif made from the footage of the Venezuela protests.

The Gif below was made from my UNMASKED video that was uploaded to YouTube on The 239th day of the year in 2015. The UNMASKED video contained The I Pet Goat II animation. The Market Plunge reports combined with War against The United States reports, fulfilled The Prophetic Design in 2017.



I was born on The 222nd Day of The Year.

The link to the original I Pet Goat II video on The Official Heliofant Channel =

( = 2220 in English Gematria)

(Venezuela United States = 2220 in Jewish Gematria)

My first Financial Prophecy was made in my 2015 reports and my 2015 UNMASKED video. From the release date of my first report / The Trident Report (5/5/15) to my final report / The Spirit of Prophecy (Christmas 2015) = 33 weeks and 3 days. In the reports, I said “333 is the hidden number in Design”,

The picture with me holding up The Date 5/5/15 made international news and appeared in numerous newspapers.

WILL in Roman Numerals = 5515050

W – VV – 55

I – 1

L – 50

L – 50

WILL = 5515050

The picture of me holding up the date 5/5/15 was written in reverse and taken in a Mirror.

Hebrew is read from LEft to right.

5515050 Read as 0505155

5 x 5155 = 25775

My first report was The Trident Report. That report put me on the front page of major news sites for years in a row.

I got Trident in my Title by releasing The Trident Report at the age of 25… on The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo: 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775.



25775 “Supermarket shelves in Venezuela are chronically bare, and power shortages are so severe that government offices are now open only two days a week. The health care system has collapsed, the crime rate is one of the world’s worst, and inflation is rapidly eroding what remains of the currency’s value.” “The price of oil, Venezuela’s only significant export, has plummeted, which means revenue could fall by 40 percent this year. The government’s huge borrowing, partly a legacy of the years when oil prices were far higher, has helped bring the crisis to a head because Venezuela now has far less money to repay its foreign debt, forcing Mr. Maduro to slash imports in order to avoid default. On top of that are the consequences of a drought, which has shriveled the country’s hydropower generation, a critical source of electricity.”

Venezuela: “MARKETS PLUNGE”.

United States: “WAR COVERAGE”. “Buenos Aires (AFP) – US Vice President Mike Pence heard more complaints from Latin American allies Tuesday about President Donald Trump’s warning of a possible US military option to deal with the crisis in Venezuela. “The use of force is not the way,” but rather political pressure, Argentine President Mauricio Macri said at a news conference alongside Mike Pence, who is on a tour of Latin American countries. Trump warned on Friday that he was considering various options to resolve the Venezuela crisis, “including a possible military option if necessary.” Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro responded by ordering his armed forces to carry out a national exercise next week. Pence moved to soften the impact of Trump’s announcement, stressing that peaceful pressure is the priority. But he did not rule out Trump following through on his threat. “The United States has many options, and we reserve those options,” Pence said.” “Police helicopter fires on Venezuela court” “President Nicolas Maduro said a helicopter fired on Venezuela’s Supreme Court Tuesday in a confusing incident that he claimed was part of a conspiracy to destabilize his socialist government.” “Venezuelan police set fire to motorbikes belonging to the press, after police were targeted with an explosive device on Sunday” “A handful of Venezuelan soldiers — armed and in uniform — were caught in neighboring Guyana last week begging for food, local police reported, another sign of Venezuela’s deepening hunger crisis.” “Venezuela Adds to Chaos With One of Biggest Currency Devaluations Ever”. “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro carried out one of the greatest currency devaluations in history over the weekend — a 95 percent plunge that will test the capacity of an already beleaguered population to stomach even more pain.” “Venezuela: Government Allows Cannibal Prisoner to Torture, Eat Fellow Inmates” “The parents of multiple late prisoners in the western state of Táchira, Venezuela, say the government did nothing to stop a notorious cannibal from killing and eating their children – and forcing other prisoners to eat human flesh or face the same fate. The cases do not appear to be a product of the growing threat of famine in the socialist nation, though prisoners in many prisons have reportedly resorted to killing and eating stray cats to survive. Instead, it appears the government has done nothing to contain the perverse behavior of a prisoner known as “The People-Eater,” who is believed to have killed and eaten 40 people before being arrested.” “Hunger eats away at Venezuela’s soul as its people struggle to survive”. “Flood of Venezuelans are fleeing depressed country.” “The Venezuelan diaspora is estimated to be about 1.1 million — more than 4% of the population — although the country long ago stopped publishing official numbers.” “Let them eat rabbits. That was basically the message from President Nicolas Maduro to Venezuelans starving and struggling through severe food shortages brought on by a spiraling economic crisis. Maduro unveiled “Plan Rabbit” on Wednesday with his agriculture minister, Freddy Bernal, at a meeting that was broadcast on Periscope. (In the video, the announcement comes after the two-hour mark). The Venezuelan leaders, who blame President Trump and the United States for Venezuela’s economic crisis, recommend that people raise rabbits at home as a source of food.” “Crisis in Venezuelan hospitals: too many patients, too few beds” “The health crisis in Venezuela is approaching levels comparable to the poorest nations, with naked women forced to give birth in a waiting room, patients treated on hospital floors and forecasts that hundreds of thousands of children are at risk of dying from malnutrition. The alarming scenario also includes a shortage of medicines for treating severe diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, and for containing outbreaks of contagious diseases, such as malaria and diphtheria.” “Venezuela supermarkets besieged after government forces price cuts”. “Venezuelan prisoners are eating rats and pigeons as a means of survival as food supplies continue to dissipate”. “Venezuelans perceived their country to be the most dangerous place on the planet in 2017 — worse than war-torn nations, failed states and global trouble spots. In its annual 2018 Global Law and Order Index, Gallup found that Venezuelans distrusted their police, felt unsafe walking at night and had been robbed or assaulted at an alarming rate compared to the rest of the world. The country had a law and order score of 44 in Gallup’s survey, putting it dead last among 140 nations — behind Afghanistan, South Sudan, Gabon, Liberia and South Africa. It was the second year in a row that Venezuela anchored the global list, as the once-wealthy nation faces broad economic, political and social collapse.”