G ISRAEL’s On Fire: open on 1 Kislev 5777

G ISRAEL’s On Fire 2: open on 10 Kislev 5777

G ISRAEL’s On Fire 2: created on 1 Kislev 5777


 The URL for this page is http://will157.com/g-israels-on-fire-2-third-temple-solomons-temple-prophecy

This is bigger than ISRAEL on Fire… These pages are The Warning to everyone on Earth… Now is The Time To build The Third Temple!!!

Some may say Solomon’s Temple was built in Brazil. A Temple called Solomon’s Temple has been built in Brazil but that is not The Third Temple!!!



I took a screenshot of the Con Air plane crash scene video on 11/20/16. I was The 136961 viewer of the 1:47 minute video. 3696 between The Two Pillars. You can check the video’s statistics to prove that fact. I don’t  tell people to believe that I have fulfilled and created more prophecies in more detail than any other human has ever  achieved… I show them hard evidence that is backed by living witnesses. The Truth is on my side… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


Here’s a screen recording proving I sent The Prophetic Plane Crash message on The 5th of August 2016… months before The Plane Crash in Brazil happened with THEE EXACT DESIGN WE ALWAYS USE!!! Anyone can predict a plane crash, but Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with an Extreme amount of Detail and Design!!!

Plane Crash Proof



Con Air ♫ In His Hands  ♫  youtube.com/watch?v=px1W7ZOv3mA


abcnews.go.com “Early Evidence Points to Nightmare Scenario for Brazilian Soccer Team’s Ill-Fated Flight” “According to flight data from FlightRadar24, the plane made three circles, descending from 21,000 feet to 15,550 feet for the last two minutes of available flight data.”

g1.globo.com (Translated to English) “The last record of the aircraft is when it is at 15,550 feet of altitude”

www.ibtimes.co.uk “Brazilian football team plane crash as it happened” “The flight’s last recorded altitiude was 15,550ft”