The I Pet Goat II page on was created on Hebrew Date 1 10 5777

The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I got Trident in my title, called for A New World Order and made international news on 17/5/15. It’s a multiple award winning, world famous animation. Most importantly, it is a prophetically Designed masterpiece. “Statue of Liberty mysteriously goes dark except for crown, torch”  “The statue was cast in darkness for at least an hour around 11 p.m. and even the National Park Service seemed perplexed by the New York harbor’s black void.”  “The lights turned back on just after midnight.”


The Statue of Liberty went into darkness. The Lights turned on again on Hebrew Date 10 ADAR 5777.  The EVEnt was reported on by numerous people in the media. The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I got Trident in my Title, made international news and called for A New World Order. What are the odds? Haha

A scene in The I Pet Goat II animation. My Star of David is on my countries flag.

The Northern Ireland Ulster Flag and The Israeli Flag both contain The Star of David. Both flags come together with perfection!!!

The Statue of Liberty went into darkness. The Lights turned on again on Hebrew Date 10 ADAR 5777. The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I called for A New World Order on 17/5/15. I was born in Northern Ireland Ulster. What do you think the name of my birth location equals in Gematria? 1057… What are the odds? Haha You live in A Designed Realm and I’m The King… GOD’s servant!!!



I’m a member of secret society that was created by Masons. Maybe that technically makes me A Mason. Either way… I aim to create A New World Order!!!

My first reported on interview ended with The Phoenix.

When I was kid, my granny told me she was a fortune teller. She said she could read someone’s future just by looking at the details in their hands. The idea of prophesying the future by paying attention to The Details fascinated me. However, I am a very sceptical person. I am more sceptical than the average atheist. Atheists have a reputation for being scientifically minded and very sceptical. In Truth, most atheists aren’t sceptical… they believe everything the “intellectuals” profess to them. They look to scientists for their information. Personally, I don’t trust anyone or believe anything until I see the evidence and experience it myself.

I showed my granny my hands and she looked away. Apparently it’s unlucky to read a family members hands. Even as a kid, I didn’t buy into the superstitious stuff. My other granny claimed it’s unlucky to put umbrellas up in the house or walk through the front door with something over your shoulder. Telling me what I shouldn’t do when I was a kid, wasn’t a great strategy. I broke mirrors, put umbrellas up in the house, walked under ladders, carried stuff over my shoulder when entering houses and constantly showed my granny the palms of my hands.  She’d look away, but I figured a professional fortune teller would only need one look to see. The mirrors I broke were just tiny mirrors in my school. I was an asshole when I was young, but wasn’t a big enough asshole to break mirrors in people’s houses.

My fortune teller granny wanted to buy me and my brother a pet goat. Unfortunately, my mum wouldn’t allow her to get us a pet goat. That annoyed me because I really wanted that pet goat. The back garden in my house had plenty of grass for a goat. Instead of having a pet goat, my mum got dogs. We had two dogs in that house… I was bitten by both dogs. One dog tried to bite me every time I ran. I was bitten by the other dog when I was trying to stop the two dogs from fighting. I still liked the dogs, but it makes me wonder if a pet goat would have been a better option. When watch the I Pet Goat II animation, it makes wonder what happened to the goat that I would’ve gotten if my mum allowed my granny to buy us the goat. It makes me wonder, why my fortune telling granny wanted to buy us a goat. Maybe she did see a glimpse into the future.

If you know anything about The Masonic Order, you’ll know that the word GOAT is a popular acronym in The Masonic Order. Most people think it means GOD OF ALL THINGS. Maybe it does in The Freemason Lodges, but it doesn’t mean that in The Orange Order. You’re told what it means in your initiation into The Royal Arch Purple. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what it stands for; however, I will tell you that it doesn’t refer to an actual goat. The Jewish Gematria value for what the acronym ‘GOAT’ stands for, is very interesting.

I Pet Goat II Rise of The Phoenix Prophecy!!!