In 2016, Mormons came to my house to talk about their beliefs. These are meant to be people who understand The Bible. How is it that I know more about The Bible than them? The Word is not the written word. A painting is not The Artist. I destroyed their beliefs. They came to my  house thinking they were going to teach me, but I was the one who taught them. I showed them The Prophecies that I have fulfilled and my fulfilled prophecies that I created with God’s Guidance. They were impressed, but they never thought it would be a good idea to hand their authority over to me instead of believing in the Mormon religion.

I asked them “do you know The Bible verse about the Lion laying down with the lamb?” The one I was looking at me said “yes”. Then I looked at the other one and said “do you remember The Bible verse about the lion laying down with the lamb”. He said “yeah, I remember that one”. I said “check your Bible, there is no verse about the Lion laying down with the lamb”. Am I the only person who has gotten rid of Mormons by talking about The Bible? Haha I was nice to them and they were nice to me. Really nice guys and I like their devotion to God. They visited three times. We shook hands and they haven’t come back. They said they would, but that was months ago. Feel free to come back for a cup of tea and a chat anytime you want 🙂