[WATU 2]


The video above was made by the YouTube channel Light of Life productions. Sharing that video doesn’t mean I agree with everything they produce. My Trident report made international news on 17/5/15; when I was in a hotel in Bavaria. On the same date, I put a post on Facebook with a Light in my Left Eye. In that post, I called for a New World Order. The post was shared over 7000 times. The image of me appeared in numerous newspapers and on TV. Very few people paid attention to the details. No-one noticed all the details and design in the post. When I searched the distance of the hotel from the Trident nuclear weapons base, Google Maps showed the distance as 1578 KM. Distances change on Google maps when roads Etc are shut and opened. When I done the search it was 1578KM. The search will show that distance or around that distance.




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