I made a Designed Facebook post at 1:57 on  23/1/17  25/10/5777.

Nuclear Weapon 2 opened on 23/1/17  25/10/5777.


The front page of The Sunday Times on 22/1/17  24/10/5777 was about a Trident missile test that failed. The Sunday Times contacted me for my input into their reports. If you’re new to this site my name is WilliAM McNeilly AKA The Trident Whistleblower. Other news agencies also contacted me. I had a video link with RT on the night the story broke. The Trident story with my comments were the top story on RT UK for two days. I will work with them and any other news agency that wants my input. I’m not the anonymous source that’s mentioned in The Sunday Times report. The Sunday Times was able to confirm that I was correct when stated the government and military are lying about the useless danger that is the Trident nuclear weapons system. In my Trident report, I warned about this exact event over a year before it happened. I was in the MCC / Missile Control Center during the end of patrol tests early 2015 and I witnessed with my own eyes the Trident system fail its simulated missile launch tests. I witnessed it fail 3 out of 3 WP 186 Missile Compensating Tests and the BRT Battle Readiness Test was not even attempted due to sea water in the hydraulic system. That information is in my Trident report. I was in the ET/WE/SM SWS FC branch. Engineering Technician Weapons Engineer Submariner Strategic Weapons System Fire Control. It was my job to learn about missile tests, conduct missile tests, pass tests on missile tests, be in the Missile Control Center during missile tests Etc… I had missile tests signed off in my task book. They wouldn’t have been signed of in my task book if I didn’t know anything about them and clearly I was proven to be right.


The Sunday Times “the naval source says that something went wrong after the missile left the sea from the submerged submarine, and the test was deemed a failure. Details of the failure are not known, but the source believes the missile may have gone in the wrong direction possibly heading towards the American mainland” “The prospect of an armed missile with such destructive power heading in the wrong direction is terrifying. Michael Elleman, an engineer who helped develop the Trident II D5 missile, said if the launch had not been a test and the missile had been armed, the consequences could have been “collateral damage on steroids”. The test missiles are rigged up with small explosives so they can be destroyed if something goes wrong, but experts have told this newspaper that this does not occur when a Trident is fully armed with nuclear warheads”. “Power to flatten cities and kill millions” “Ultimately Downing Street decided to cover up the failed test. If the information was made public, they knew how damaging it would be”



www.rt.com/uk/374948-trident-missile-test-mcneilly Published time: 24 Jan, 2017 17:17 “Trident whistleblower tells RT he ‘witnessed 4 unreported missile test failures’ Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly leaked details about a number of serious test fire issues aboard Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet a whole year before the June 2016 misfire that sent a missile careening towards the US.” “McNeilly published a dossier highlighting a range of safety and security failures aboard Trident submarines in May 2015 – more than a year before the latest mishap.”


blogs.spectator.co.uk “Trident renewal vote blows up in the government’s face” “Trident missile had misfired in a test in June and veered towards the US, rather than Africa.” “After Theresa May refused to say four times on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning whether she had known of the reported malfunction when she told MPs the nuclear deterrent should be renewed, the row rumbled on today. No.10 announced that the Prime Minister had been aware of the Trident missile test that reportedly misfired, but left it to Michael Fallon to attempt to hose down the mess this afternoon as he faced MPs in the Commons.” “Fallon’s steely resolve was undermined further by a CNN report (published while he spoke in the chamber) that claimed the Trident test did go wrong off the coast of Florida, where the missile self-destructed.”

A comment from the spectator article above


www.wsws.org “UK government crisis erupts over Trident nuclear missile failure” “The Conservative government’s attempt to cover up the potentially catastrophic failure of a Trident ballistic missile has blown up in its face.” “Nor were concerns vocalised in 2015 when William McNeilly, a former Royal Navy nuclear submariner-turned-whistleblower, warned that Trident was “a disaster waiting to happen.” “He posted a dossier on-line criticising “military deceivers” and naval “spin doctors” for ignoring the 30 defects he had identified on the weapons system. His warning that “It’s only a matter of time before worse information comes out, and everything is proven to be true” has come to fruition.”


socialistworker.co.uk “William McNeilly went on the run from Faslane naval base where Trident submarines are stationed. He had to risk jail to reveal that health and safety practices there were a “disaster waiting to happen”. And lie upon lie is needed to justify Trident’s existence.”


There was no holding back in my interview with RT on the day The Sunday Times broke the story. RT lets me say what I want Haha Taking on one of Military Industrial Complex’s biggest deals while they are trying to cover up a major incident is not good for your health. People have been killed for a lot less than what I done last night. A brainwashed fool would say “my government never lies or does anything bad. Every government on Earth and in history does, but not mine.” People say the same thing all around the world. The government has been caught lying numerous times. Pretty sure believing every word a compulsive liar says is a mental disorder. Those people have got serious Stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance.

The source says he thinks that it launched towards the United States mainland. I told everyone that they don’t work and they are a hazard, but the government didn’t listen… instead they decided to spend countless Billions more on a system that doesn’t work, is a danger and has killed more British people than it has killed British enemies. The Windscale nuclear catastrophe killed numerous people and radiated British soil. The government admitted to covering that up too. They care more about their image than they do about your safety. What image are you trying to maintain on the world stage??? The image of hypocrites and liars??? You promote your own nuclear weapon system while telling other nations that they shouldn’t develop their own. How do you think they view you??? How do you think they view nuclear submarines that are crashing into merchant vessels and launching missiles in the wrong direction, while you continuously lie about the systems??? WAKE UP!!!


My warning to CNN and other people in the media, was posted on Facebook before CNN released the video below. It is good to see them attack the Trident nuclear weapons system with Truth.


Screenshot of the Facebook post I made before CNN uploaded their video about the Trident submarines failed launch.


You can go onto my Facebook page, view the post, check the time and see that it is unedited. Here is a quote from the post that gives clear warning and instruction to the media and mentions CNN by name “Those of you in the media can use quotes from this post. CNN is considered one of the biggest news agencies… any giant can be brought to its knees. You seen what happened to CNN just weeks after I coincidentally singled them out and warned them with the exact details in multiple posts, messages, a video and a webpage before that event happened with the exact Design. Coincidences always happen when people don’t listen.  This is your chance to be on the right side of History. The Sunday Times has took the right path with this report. There are numerous journalists in my friends list and journalists who monitor this page. Ignorance will be no excuse. Question is which path are you going to take? Evolve into a Butterfly or die in your darkened cocoon??? The tides are changing… swim with the new mainstream or drown??? This is bigger than all of us… think about humanities future!!!”


They sold a broken system. There needs to be another vote on Trident’s renewal. Here is a direct quote from my Trident report that was released about a year before Vengeance failed the missile test in a humiliating way  “Final tests ­ At the end of a patrol tests are done to see if the weapons system could have performed a successful launch. These tests let us know if we really were providing the UKs strategic nuclear deterrent / CASD. It had reached the end of my three month patrol. It was time to do WP 186 missile compensation test. The test was carried out 3 times and it failed, 3 times. Basically the test showed that the missile compensation system wouldn’t have compensated for the changes in weight of the submarine during missile launches. Which means the missiles would’ve been launched on an unstable platform, if they decided to launch. Another test was the Battle Readiness Test (BRT) which proves that the muzzle hatches could’ve opened whilst on patrol; if they needed to launch, they could’ve launched. The BRT was cancelled due to the main hydraulic system containing mostly sea water instead of actual hydraulic oil. Basically they’re endangering the public and spending Billions upon Billions of tax payers money for a system so broken it can’t even do the tests that prove it works.”


www.rt.com “Fallon refuses to explain alleged Trident nuke malfunction, as US officials spill the beans” “As Defense Secretary Michael Fallon dodged questions in the Commons over a June 2016 nuclear missile incident, US officials appear to have been openly briefing the American press on key details.” “CNN was told that the incident occurred close to Florida and resulted in the missile, which was not equipped with a nuclear warhead, self-destructing after veering away from Africa and towards the US mainland.”


www.huffingtonpost.co.uk “Michael Fallon Refuses To Reveal Details Of Trident Missile ‘Failure’ But US officials confirm story to CNN” “However as he was speaking, CNN published a story which reported a US defence official had confirmed the missile, which was not carrying a nuclear warhead, was “diverted into the ocean to self-destruct”. The test conducted by HMS Vengeance occurred weeks before MPs approved the £40bn Trident renewal programme – but parliament was not informed.” “Downing Street confirmed today that Theresa May knew of the test before she asked the Commons to vote. On Sunday, the prime minister had refused to answer four questions on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme about whether she was aware.”

https://www.rt.com/uk/374703-british-trident-test-failure/ “I had a video link with RT on the night the story broke. The Trident story with my comments were the top story on RT UK for two days.”


My Comments were the bottom line in RT’s top UK story. The bottom line is my warnings were 100% accurate. More of our Prophecies have been completed with perfect timing and Design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


The British people were sold a system that does not work. They were lied to and told that it is a reliable and safe defence system. They were lied to before the Trident nuclear weapons vote… there needs to be another vote!!! If someone lied to you about a car they sold you, would you continue to give them money???


I told everyone about A boats having collisions in my first reported on interview. I gave a precise number for the collision average, went on live TV later that year and talked about the A boats. The next day an A boat crashed into a Merchant vessel with perfect timing. In my 2015 Trident report I told everyone that the simulated missile launch tests failed. The submarine provided a platform that was too unstable for a successful missile test. The government ignored my warnings. Over a year later a Trident submarine went to the United States to do a missile test and failed for the first time in years. Hate to say I told you so… but I love saying Prophecy Complete!!!


They downplay everything I say by saying that I was new to the systems. Then how come I have been proven right and they have been proven wrong sooo many times??? I say an A boat is highly likely to crash… they crash into a merchant vessel. I say the systems can’t pass a missile test… they fail a missile test for the first time in years. Clearly I know more about the systems than they do. I achieved the best student award, earned my dolphins when I became “a fully qualified submariner” and got fast track promotion ahead of people in my squad who had been in The Royal Navy for many years more than I was. Also, everything I said would happen, has happened with perfect timing and Design… not just about the Trident nuclear weapons system, but every other event in almost 2 years. Only an ignorant fool would ignore my warnings and listen to the people who have lied to them and been proven wrong countless times.


The UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system is a useless and dangerous system that is leeching on the defence budget. In the war on terror, the nuclear weapons are just a target for our enemies. We must adapt to the changing world in order to survive. The world has changed since the cold war. It’s time to create a New World without Nuclear Weapons. Keeping the Trident nuclear weapons system while fighting a war against terrorist infiltrators is like keeping a gun fight in a TNT factory. I still believe the UK’s nuclear weapons system is one of the best, if not the best maintained nuclear weapon system on Earth. The Royal Navy is The Greatest Navy in history and I hope that they will stand by The Truth. I am not trying to damage the image of The Royal Navy… I am trying to protect its image while others lie about the risks of another nuclear catastrophe. They never listened to my warnings. They crashed into a merchant vessel and conducted a humiliating missile test. If they listened to what I said a year before that, those events wouldn’t have happened. They are the ones ruining the image of The Great Royal Navy and that pisses me off!!! They lie because they are controlled by fear and their own selfish interests. They are controlled by the thoughts of doubt that tell them one man or woman can’t make a difference. In the beginning I was just one man standing against a Goliath system… any giant can be brought to its knees with a pen through the jugular. The Royal Navy was created to serve and protect the British people and through history they done that with perfection. Protect the people with The Truth.


I think they are The Greatest… What does that say about the rest of the nuclear nations? All nuclear nations must be disarmed!!! That can’t be achieved by promoting your own nuclear weapons system. When you go on the world stage and talk about how great your nuclear weapons system is, other nations that aren’t capable of maintaining nuclear weapons think they need their own. That increases the risk of nuclear weapons getting into the hands of terrorists or incapable fools. You people are trapped in cold war strategy. Promoting nuclear weapons is foolish. Nuclear Weapons are an obstacle on the path to true world wide unity and security. We must adapt to defend ourselves against our real enemies. Donald J Trump aims to create stronger ties with Russia. Trump is wise enough to recognise that the real war is against the terrorists. Donald J Trump’s comments about starting an arms race are foolish, but he also said “‘until such time as the world comes to its senses”. It’s time to start disarmament… not an arms race. How many nuclear weapons do you need???  Enough is Enough… End the cold war strategy and create A New World Order!!!


There are numerous nuclear submarines that have sunken. Just because I attack the UK’s nuclear submarines, does not mean that I am a Russian spy. I am pro human. It does not matter where you are from. All nations must be disarmed. I have highlighted the fact that Russia and America both have sunken nuclear submarines wasting in our seas. The fact that they thought it was acceptable to dump nuclear waste into the sea. It’s only a matter of time (if it hasn’t already happened) before the shielding is corroded in those submarines by sea water, and radiation is released. The radiation gets into the sea, into the fish and then into your body or the bodies of those you love. Don’t believe them when they downplay radiation by saying dumb things like “The Sun gives you radiation so there’s no need to worry”. There are different types of radiation and radiation inside your body from eating contaminated food is a lot more dangerous than The Sun on your skin. Your skin protects you. The cells inside your body can be destroyed a lot easier. One small dose of radiation inside your body can cause cancer. What will you do to help protect humanity and the future generations from more nuclear disasters??? I am just one man. To achieve nuclear disarmament, all of us must work together and stand by The Truth. This is bigger than all of us… think about humanities future!!!


The reports below and many others were released after I made the Facebook post warning them. It is great to see the media stand on the side of truth.

cnn.com “US official confirms Trident missile failure”

www.telegraph.co.uk “American defence officials last night confirmed that a Trident missile test last year had been a failure, undermining UK Government claims that it had been a “success”. In a row that threatens to escalate into a diplomatic incident, unnamed US officials said that an unarmed Trident missile test off the coast of Florida had to be “diverted into the ocean to self-destruct” because of an “anomaly”.

www.independent.co.uk “New details emerge in US about the malfunctioning missile – at the same moment British MPs are being told they cannot know ‘operational details’ ”


I made a Designed Facebook post at 1:57 on  23/1/17  25/10/5777.

This page opened on 23/1/17  25/10/5777.

socialistworker.co.uk “May would probably have been briefed during the handover even without the looming Trident debate. Preparing for her Commons speech in Trident’s defence would make that a certainty. She praised Trident as “our ultimate safeguard” while knowing that it had just badly misfired. Nuclear weapons have always gone hand in hand with secrecy and lies, not least in Britain. Labour prime minister Clement Attlee first decided to develop them in 1947 without telling the public, parliament or even the cabinet. In 2015 whistleblower Able Seaman William McNeilly went on the run from Faslane naval base where Trident submarines are stationed. He had to risk jail to reveal that health and safety practices there were a “disaster waiting to happen”. And lie upon lie is needed to justify Trident’s existence. It is supposed to keep the world safer. Yet the existence of nuclear weapons drags other countries into a race to develop more and more.”