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Opened at 15:57 on Hebrew Date 1/11/5777

My Trident report made international news over a year before the Ambush collision. I warned about nuclear submarine collisions in The Trident report and in my first reported on interview I warned about that exact class of submarine having collisions… before Ambush had a collision with the Merchant Vessel and made international news ( Prophecy Complete )

When it comes to nuclear disarmament, people can see that I am one of the main players on the world stage. On the day of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons vote, my comments were the top story for one of the world’s biggest news agencies. On the date of the Trident vote (18th of July 2016) I done a live TV interview on one of the world’s biggest and greatest news platforms Russia Today / RT. People wonder why I done the interview on Russia Today / RT. They say BBC would be a better platform. They think it was a mistake working with Russia Today / RT. Those people fail to recognize The Design. They don’t know that there’s a Divine Plan and purpose to everything because they ignore The Details in the world around them.  Here’s a taster of The Details for you: 6x6x6 = 216. 666+666+666+6+6+6=2016.

In 2016 you got to see WILL talk about Trident before the Trident vote… live on Russia Today / RT. Its Design goes well with the One Five Seven Design in my WILL/Trident Tattoo, website and The TRINITY Bible Verse… 157. was created in 2016. was created and opened for public viewing months before the failed missile test and Ambush collision happened with perfect design for I warned about those EVEnts in The Trident report. That report made international about a year before the humiliating collision and failed missile test happened so there are numerous witnesses for these Prophecies. Prophecy = 666 in Jewish Gematria. Prophecy… that’s why I waited until 2016 and done the interview with Russia Today / RT.



I was live on Russia Today / RT at 7PM on 18/7/2016… just hours before the Trident vote was revealed.

I was featured in one of their videos and my words were the top story on the front page of their UK webpage.


If someone Designs something, it is not a coincidence and it sure ain’t a conspiracy theory if you’re talking about what you’ve personally done. I’m sure all this is obvious to everyone who owns a dictionary, but unfortunately there are a lot of dumb asses out there who want to call everything a coincidence or a conspiracy theory. Coincidence is a word used by the deceivers and the deceived. When an idiot doesn’t understand how something is possible, they call it a coincidence, ignore the FACTS and continue to believe they have it all figured out.

In the live TV interview I done on 18/7/16, I talked about the risks of having nuclear submarines… One day after the tape started rolling… to be more Precise 18 1/2 hours after the tape starting rolling in my first live interview, this happened  “British nuclear submarine crashes into ship near Gibraltar A Royal Navy attack submarine has been damaged after smashing into a merchant vessel near Gibraltar.” “A statement posted on the Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday: “At approximately 1.30pm local time today, HMS Ambush, an Astute-class submarine, while submerged and conducting a training exercise was involved in a glancing collision with a merchant vessel off the coast of Gibraltar.”

The British nuclear submarine reportedly crashed at 1:30PM. Perfect timing for my Purple 13 pages haha I mentioned the nuclear attack submarines / Astute class submarines / hunter killer submarines in my live TV interview with RT. I was live on RT’s TV channel at 7PM on 18/7/16… 66600 seconds before the reported collision time / 1110 minutes before the reported collision time. I warned about the UK’s nuclear submarines having a collision in the long interview I done with RT near the start of 2016. 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016 = 216 in numerology = 6x6x6.

The unenlightened masses were too busy playing Pokemon Go to recognise the extremely detailed prophetic design in The EVEnt. Pokemon Go = 666 and 111 in Gematria.

The collision happened with perfect timing… if you watch the live interview on RT you’ll hear the news anchor say that my Trident report was 9 pages and ask me about submarine safety… Well we thought, why not give them a physical demonstration… My Original Trident report is actually 18 pages… just like the interview was on the 18th. It was 18 and a half hours from the start of my live interview were I mentioned the A boats until the reported collision time (Time of interview 7PM till the reported collision time the next day 1:30PM. No time-zone calculation). 6+6+6 = 18.  I was live on RT’s TV channel at 7PM on 18/7/16… 66600 seconds before the reported collision time. 1110 minutes before the reported collision time.

111 is a number we use to represent a Trident (I’m not talking about those rusty submarines). I got Trident in my title when my Trident report was released by the media on 17/5/15. The three numbers in my WILL / Trident tattoo = 157. Divide 17/5/15 by 157 and look at the first three numbers… 111.  There are 18 pages in my original Trident report and that is a demonstration of why the nuclear submarines aren’t safe.

HMS Ambush was the nuclear submarine that was involved in the collision. I told people about the number 156 in my 2015 reports and on this website in 2016 before The HMS Ambush EVEnt… I told you in my 2015 reports to take The One and change the six… 156 becomes 157. If you ignore The One… If you ignore God or ME you will be destroyed with  the perfect design we create and release before The EVEnt… The HMS Ambush EVEnt was another warning… when will you learn that refusing to disarm will result in a catastrophic EVEnt??? I am not just a former AB/ET in the Trident programme… Read through this website and you will see that only a fool would ignore my advice.

Six Six Six HMS Ambush = 1560 in Gematria. 

Six Six Six = 156 in Gematria. 

Check the CCTV footage of me on the Trident base… Look at the two suitcases I took unto the base. There were big stickers on them. Red is a warning colour. Look at the number in the red square… 2.31… Tri = 3 the first three numbers in the collision average I talked about = 2.31. The submarine collided with Perfect timing for my Purple 13 Pages. I released the exact details and design of the Orlando nightclub shooting in my Purple 13 Pages before The EVEnt happened. Zoom in closer on those suitcases and you’ll see the Orlando nightclub logo on them, followed by two words that begin with capital Ps. PPP is 666 mirrored.

In the interview I done with RT at the start of the year 2016 (months before the collision), I told them about the  collision average is 2.3125. Check the audio recordings. Check the video footage and look at my tie clip… engraved on my tie clip is “147 WILL 157“… I have three favourite numbers and that’s two of them…

2.3125 ÷ 157 = 0.0147

What are the odds???


2.3125 The tip of my Will/Trident tattoo is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet and the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet is a Trident symbol Ψ. 2.3125 5x5x5 = 125.  5+5+5 = 15. I warned about nuclear submarine accidents in my Trident report that I released on 5/5/15. You can see A Perfect Prophetic Divine Design!!!



I wore my 147 WILL 157 tie clip again my video interview with Russia Today / RT in 2017… after another one of my Trident report prophecies came true. My Trident report warned about failed missile tests… about one year later the Trident nuclear armed submarines failed their first missile test in years… that made international news. Read the previous page for more Details in that Prophecy.


When you look at The Details and Design you will see that it was all part of A Plan – Crash Ambush. With God’s help, I William McNeilly released the prophetic details of the Ambush Collision with an extraordinary amount of detail and 100% accuracy. ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

The Illuminati Card Game was released in 1995… years before The Prophecies were fulfilled.



One day after the tape started rolling… to be more Precise 18 1/2 after the tape starting rolling in my first live interview, the nuclear submarine named Ambush crashed into a Merchant Vessel…  66600 seconds / 1110 minutes before the Ambush Collision I went on live TV and talked about the Hunter killer submarines. I was supposed to focus on the Trident submarines because the Trident vote was that night, but I mentioned the hunter killer submarines. Ambush is a hunter killer submarine… It was all part of the Divine Plan… We were Hunting Ambush.  Remember was created months before the Ambush Collision fulfilled The Prophecy… A Plan – Crash Ambush.

Nuclear Weapon 3 on was created for The Details in The Ambush Collision.

Nuclear Weapon 3 opened at 15:57 on Hebrew Date 1/11/5777 “This is Britain’s newest and most advanced £1.1billion nuclear submarine lying damaged in its Gibraltar port today after she crashed into a merchant ship during a training exercise.” “Royal Navy nuclear submarine collides with merchant ship off coast of Gibraltar HMS Ambush is said to have ‘the world’s most advanced’ technology for detecting surface ships”


I warned about submarine collisions in the interview I did with Russia Today / RT on 23/2/16. I said 16 collisions since 1979 puts the average collision time at one every 2.3125 years. 2.3125 was the collision average I had calculated and talked about in the interview… 2+3+1+2+5 = 13. It was only a matter of time before the nuclear submarines joined my Purple 13 Pages and fulfilled The Prophecy. Our Prophecies are fulfilled with Perfect Timing and Design!!! Our prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled in an extraordinary amount of Detail and Design.  In the first interview that I done with Russia Today / RT, I wore a tie clip with 147 WILL 157 engraved. You can see the tie clip in the interview. The interview was reported on by numerous news agencies. I was interviewed for hours. The video most of them used was just over six mins.

I first released my Trident report on 5/5/15.

(5515 ÷ 147) ÷ 157 = 0.239 (3dp).

Plutonium 239 is the primary fissile isotope used in the production of nuclear weapons. My Trident report was first released by the media on 5/17/2015 (US dating format).  Divide the date the media released my Trident report 5172015 by 239 and you’ll see the numbers 230125 after the point… the number appears over and over and over again when you divide the date I got Trident in my Title by the number for Plutonium… the same numbers in the collision average I talked about in the interview I done with 147 WILL 157 engraved in my tie clip… Perfect Design!!!

It is not coincidence… it’s design!!! How can anyone convince themselves that I coincidentally wrote the date 5/5/15 in blood red and wore a tie clip with 147 WILL 157 by coincidence??? Wake Up!!! Unenlightened fools tell me it’s just a coincidence HAHA I did not coincidentally write the date 5/5/15 in blood red, take a picture with the date and send it with my Trident report on 5/5/15… it’s design!!! Now The Prophecy has been fulfilled… Now you have no excuse for ignoring The Prophetic Design!!!



The 147 WILL 157 did not coincidentally appear on the tip clip I wore in the first interview I done with Russia Today / RT… I got it engraved for the interview… DESIGN!!!

Why do spinning monkey morons think everything is a coincidence??? Do you think the big bang made me do all that??? Haha



There’s me featured on the big screen in the video below. The man with Trident in his title… ME. At the forefront of nuclear disarmament; after fulfilling countless prophecies in an Extraordinary amount of detail. Pay attention to The Atomic Age Signs. Pay attention to the details. Use basic logic. Seek Guidance and The Light from God.


The Prophetic Illuminati Card Game has been reported on numerous times in the mainstream and alternative media. Look at the images a lot of them use of the cards. Most of them show you blurry images. The Illuminati cards are EXtrEmEly rare. I own every single card in the original 1995 Illuminati New World Order card game and all The Assassin Cards… in mint condition… including all the rare and Ultra Rare cards. Card collecting geeks have a lot of trouble finding the Ultra Rare Illuminati cards in any condition.  Not only do I own them… I help fulfil their Prophecies!!!

Illuminati Card Game – Rogue Boomer