Nuclear Weapon 4 open on Hebrew Date 11/11/5777

My comments about The Trident nuclear weapons system were the top story on RT UK on 3/2/5777 Hebrew Date 7/11/5777

The comments were on a hilarious and accurate Trident nuclear weapons poster that was designed by a great artist: Darren Cullen.

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Between the brackets below is text from my Facebook post that is about my comments being the top story on RT UK

(My comments are the top story on RT UK today. RT is one of the only major news platforms with the balls to say I was right. Everyone knows I was proven right when the submarine collision and the failed missile test happened… but not a lot of people want to admit it because those same people said my 2015 report didn’t contain any truth. Well The Truth revealed itself one year later when you crashed into a Merchant vessel with perfect timing and failed the first missile test in years… 2 things I warned everyone about in The Trident report one year prior. They are acting like a stubborn driver heading in the wrong direction… they ignore all signs and think everything will be alright if they just keep going forward. The further they get, the harder it is for them to get to where they need to be.) = 7775 in Simple Gematria. Hebrew is read from right to left… I made the post in Hebrew Year 5777.

Darren Cullen’s tweet about his poster

The hilarious and accurate poster says

“Become a suicide bomber

The crew of our nuclear submarines are on a suicide mission.

To launch their missiles means death is certain, not just for them, but for the millions of innocent people those bombs will obliterate, and for the rest of us too.

The next line, printed in capital letters, adds: “Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs.

To find out how you can become a suicide bomber, visit:”

The Sun is a newspaper that is read by idiotic perverts who like their propaganda served with pictures of slutty “celebrities”. The Sun responded to his poster by saying “‘BECOME A SUICIDE BOMBER’ Fury as fake Royal Navy posters appear at London bus stops slamming military for having nuclear bombs Posters claim crews on nuclear submarines are ‘suicide bombers’ on a mission to kill ‘millions of innocent people’ BRITS have slammed the designer behind fake Royal Navy posters which have cropped up at a slew of London’s bus stops without warning.”

The Sun newspaper should be renamed: The Shit. They don’t deserve to be called The Sun. Where is the fury by Brits? Numerous British people are against the Trident nuclear weapons programme. Scottish people are British and the majority of Scotland hates the Trident nuclear weapons system. In Truth, the majority of people don’t give a shit. “Fury” “BRITS have slammed the designer” What shit are you guys talking? Hahaha I’m British, the person at RT who contacted me is British, the posters were put up in Britain, the poster’s designer’s twitter account says London UK so he’s most likely British too. The Sun newspaper wants people to think the majority of British people want to waste hundreds of billions on a nuclear weapons system that doesn’t work… The Sun newspaper is full of shit. Their nonsense only works on weak minded perverts.

Darren Cullen Designed the poster. He made a tweet about my comments on RT.

RT asked me for my comment on the story. I told them “The Sun claims that the message in the posters is “Fake”. The Sun “Posters claim crews on nuclear submarines are ‘suicide bombers’ “. It is well known on board nuclear submarines that the Trident submarine on patrol will be the prime target in a nuclear war. Once the submarine starts launching it will be easily detected by the enemy. They know it is extremely unlikely that they would survive a major war against Russia. They are ready and prepared to be suicide bombers. They also aim to drop bombs on cities in a nuclear war… that would kill millions of innocent people. The fallout would kill even more innocent people. Judging by the last missile test, it is not unlikely that the Trident submarines would nuke the United States by accident.”

I sent my comments to RT with my WilllAM Lewis Facebook account.

WillIAM Lewis = 147 in simple Gematria.

When The Mirrors Come One…

147 + 741 = 888

888 + 888 = 1776

The Tie Clip I wore in my first reported on interview.

Other mainstream news dudes talked about my comments.

The Telegraph is one of the most popular newspapers in the UK. “Former Royal Navy weapons engineer-turned-whistleblower William McNeilly supported the premise of the posters, telling RT: “It is well known on board nuclear submarines that the Trident submarine on patrol will be the prime target in a nuclear war …They are ready and prepared to be suicide bombers.”

Haha It’s true… people hate The Truth because it hurts their little feelings lol The bomber submarines are the prime target in a nuclear war. Everyone on board knows the patrol submarine would be destroyed in a nuclear war. They train to bomb entire cities and they know that will kill them. They train to be suicide bombers. That’s The Truth… it doesn’t matter how much you sugar coat it to defend your deluded pride. Of course their intentions are to deter, but they still train to be suicide “bombers”… if those rusty boats are even capable of hitting anything. Judging by the last missile test, it’s not unlikely they’ll nuke the United States by accident Haha All nuclear nations will be disarmed. It’s only a matter of time. This is not about where you are going… it’s about how you get there. I warned you about collisions in 2015 and early 2016. One day after my live interview on the night of The Trident vote, there was a collision with the exact class of nuclear submarine that I talked about in the live interview. I warned you about missile tests failing and one year later the first missile test to fail happened with perfect timing. What are the odds??? Haha

It’s kind of annoying when everyone thinks I’ve only released one report with accurate predictions. I released 13 reports in 2015. Those reports predicted a lot more than a nuclear submarine collision and a failed missile test. A lot of people said no-one predicted Trump… My 55 paged 555 New Eden report was released in 2015, sits at the top of the Google search for its name, is date stamped on (23/9/15) and has been read by numerous people… the word Trump appears 5 times in the 55 paged 555 New Eden report. I also told people to their faces and sent a prophetic message with perfect timing before the ELection prophesying Trump’s victory. In the reports, I told people numerous times to pay attention to The Details. For those of you who think that’s not prophesying… here is a dictionary definition of the word Prophesy: “say that (a specified thing) will happen in the future.” Saying the A boats will crash before they crashed is specifying the details in a specific event before it happened AKA prophesying. The Spirit of Prophecy is not limited to people who are mentioned in The Bible. Saying Trump would win before most people is by definition prophesying his election win. In the 55 paged 555 New Eden report the word Trump appears 5 times. Here is a quote from The 555 New Eden report: “economist cover“. My 2015 report talked about Tarot cards, the economist cover and the word Trump appeared A Designed number of times… years later Trump wins the ELection and appears on the 2017 economist cover in a tarot card (Prophecy Complete).

I warned people about ISIS invading Europe and carrying out attacks months before the attacks happened in Europe (Prophecy Complete). I told Europe to strengthen its bond with a European Defence Force wayyy before BREXIT and wayyy before they agreed that the creation of a European Defence Force is the way forward (Prophecies Complete). That is proven in my reports and by numerous witnesses. I sent messages that are date stamped and told people to their face, ISIS will develop modified drones for bombing… almost a year before they did (Prophecy Complete). I posted a picture of Xavier in a purple shirt online and said if he messed with the real AMEN RA, I’d release the exact details of his death before it happens then point out his purple shirt and most people will think it’s a coincidence… not long after that a man named Xavier got blown up on The Dallas Trident and pictures of him in his purple shirt made international news… most people thought it was coincidence that I said that happen before it happened with exact extremely Detailed Design (Prophecies Complete). I flew East to release my 55 paged 555 New Eden report. In the first paragraph I said “YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE WHAT A REAL TRIDENT CAN DO!!!” Later in the report I gave them more Details about where the EVEnt was going to happen. In The 555 New Eden report I said “When you dance around that cube in Mecca… remember it’s time to evolve from the 3d box / The cave / The caveman mentality.” No-one listened to the EXtrEmEly Detailed warnings. A Muslim messaged me about my reports and said that I sound like a conspiracy theorist Haha That guy needs a dictionary and a brain that works. They didn’t listen the warnings that were released before the 555 New Eden report, in the UNMASKED video or the warnings in the 555 New Eden report… the day after I released The 555 New Eden report that said “YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE WHAT A REAL TRIDENT CAN DO!!!”… became the deadliest day in the history of the Mecca Pilgrimage with The Exact Details and Design that I released before The EVEnt happened. Wikipedia “On 24 September 2015 an event described as a “crush and stampede”[5] caused deaths estimated at well over 2,000 pilgrims, suffocated or crushed during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The high casualties generated by the disaster make it the deadliest Hajj disaster in history.” What are the odds??? Still want to call me a conspiracy theorist???

They were crushed at an EVEnt that consists of them throwing stones at three stone pillars… AKA A Trident Tip Ψ. They thought they would go unpunished for their stoning The Devil ritual… as most of you know, “The Devil carries A Trident”. I don’t believe in The Biblical Devil… Shiva has A Trident. The Trident is a symbol for THE TRINITY. Naming rusty submarines Trident and throwing stones at A Trident Tip is not wise. Who can but Prophesy??? They were Destroyed with Perfect Timing and Design. Try to calculate the odds of that happening after I flew East and said “YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE WHAT A REAL TRIDENT CAN DO!!!” You won’t find a calculator big enough to calculate the odds of all this happening by coincidence. Shiva is also known as The Destroyer. I got my WILL/Trident tattoo years before those Prophecies were completed. The definition of a conspiracy theorist is someone who thinks a secret group is working in secret. I am one man who tells people what is going to happen and I tell people what I do… that is almost the complete opposite of a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy. Perhaps if he adds a dictionary to his one book collection, he might understand that fact. I think his brain is conspiring with his emotions to make him an ignorant idiot. There is no need to hide The Truth in a blind world… Alll I haev to doo is mke a few errrors, act a bit crrayy cray ad peoplle iggnore all the: Factss/ Hahaha The Divine Details and accuracy in our Prophecies make Nostradamus and Mohammed look like two blind men in a where’s Wally competition… that is a FACT!!! Most of them will ignore The FACTS in this post because they want to believe their idols are better than me. I’ve completed more prophecies and created more accurate prophecies than anyone in human history… hence the reason pictures of me appear in the Google search “Prophecy Complete” and my images dominate the Google search “Trident Prophecy”. There are numerous Ancient Trident prophecies: Shiva, Neptune, The Devil, Saturn. My images appear more in the search “The Mecca Prophecies” than the majority of a billion+ Muslims combined. The Mecca Cube is a perfectly Designed masterpiece. I will bring more Glory to its True Design than all of the Muslims combined. The Mecca Cube (The Saturn Cube = 157 in simple Gematria). They make rings around a Cube… SATURN!!! When I say nuclear disarmament is inevitable, you can continue to believe all of this is coincidence like a moron or you can listen to the EXtrEmEly accurate warnings for once. You are at the crossroads… which path are you going to take???