Nuclear Weapon 6 created and open at 5:55PM on Hebrew Date 11/14/5777


Maybe the sun newspaper isn’t too bad after all…  “SUBS: ZERO The Royal Navy’s ENTIRE fleet of attack submarines is out of action — and Theresa May doesn’t know because ‘chiefs fear reaction’ All seven nuclear subs are currently listed as non-operational” “PM ‘unaware’ that Britain currently has NO working hunter-killer attack submarines (let’s hope nobody’s told Mr Putin either) Royal Navy currently has no ‘hunter-killer’ attack submarines on active duty Five of the seven in service are said to be undergoing maintenance work ”  “The Royal Navy’s fleet of attack submarines are all currently out of action – and Ministry of Defence chiefs are said to have kept it a secret from the Prime Minister.” “According to The Sun, it is the first time in decades Britain does not have an attack submarine on stand-by to respond to threats.” “The others currently in service are the HMS Ambush – which is being repaired after crashing into a tanker off Gibraltar in 2016, and HMS Artful. A Whitehall source told the paper: ‘No one is being honest about the scandal.’ ”



Every time I attack a news agency, they come out and attack the nuclear submarines Haha That is proven by my Facebook posts. Go and look at the posts and their dates, then check the dates on their reports against the nuclear submarines. I singled out The Times for their report that called me a Russian Spy… then they broke the story about the failed missile test. I singled out CNN in Facebook posts, webpages and a video… then CNN confirmed the failed missile test. In  The Nuclear Weapon 4 page, I attacked the sun newspaper… then they broke the story above. What are the odds??? How long before the Independent news agency breaks a story against the nuclear submarines Hahaha

The A boats out of service news reports broke on Hebrew date 11/14/5777.

At 5:55PM on Hebrew Date 11/14/5777 I opened this page, made a Facebook post about the news reports and commented on my Facebook post. The comment below is from my Facebook post.



Screenshot of the Facebook post.

more details coming soon…