One Four Seven Great Pyramid on

Created on Hebrew Date 1/1/5777 and open on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777





The Original height of The Great Pyramid  = 147M (0dp). The Original height of The Great Pyramid has often been reported as 5776 inches. Hebrew Year 5776 was in 2016. I created in Hebrew Year 5776 / 2016. “To further verify this part of the cipher pointing to an “alternative capstone” or second messiah, the year 1776 at the base of the pyramid is understood by Masons worldwide to be the year 5776 Anno Lucis (“in the year of light”). This is because Masons of the ancient Craft add four thousand years to the common date, the number of years that conventional theology assumes creation began before Christ: thus, 4,000+1,776=5,776. Why is this important? Because 5,776 is exactly how many inches high the Great Pyramid in Giza would be when completed with its capstone, a sacred fact to occultists. Completing the pyramid symbolically in this way is central to the rituals and mysticism of Freemasons and numerous Illuminated fraternities. This has been true throughout the ages, and is why this symbolism was encoded on the Great Seal and remains at the core of esoteric ambition today.”

MASON revealed on the outside of The Pyramid on The $1 Bill, with My Star of David.

Pay Attention to The 147 157 Design

One Four Seven Great Pyramid on

Created on Hebrew Date 1/1/5777 and open on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777

The United States founding fathers consisted of Great men from A United Kingdom.



The Northern Ireland Ulster Flag and The Israeli Flag

There’s A reason The Northern Ireland Ulster flag contains The Crown!!!



I postponed requests to do interviews until Hebrew Year 5776. My first reported on interview happened in Hebrew Year 5776. The Hebrew Year 5776 forms The Tip of my WILL/Trident tattoo. The Design in the tattoo is shown in other pages. The world first heard my voice in Hebrew Year 5776. This is all proven factual information that is backed by an abundance of hard evidence and numerous living witnesses. You can’t explain how The Great Pyramid was built with that lEVEl of DEsign… it doesn’t mean Aliens came from Mars on their flying saucers. My two names = WillIAM McNeilly.and WillIAM Lewis.  I have active bank accounts in both names, friends and family who know me by either one, previous job pay slips in both names, qualifications in both names Etc Etc Etc…

There’s a reason I grew Long Ginger Hair and a beard for my first reported on interview in 2016 Hebrew Year 5776.

, Blue eyes, Triangle on the right arm, taking on the military industrial complex, Long Ginger Hair and a beard… Another Prophecy Complete!!!

I’m a man of peace. Numerous hippies have walked around with signs that have my name on them.  The Faslane Peace camp, is probably the most popular peace camp in The United Kingdom. The Faslane Peace camp had a huge banner with my name on it at the front of their camp. I couldn’t find the picture online. If you find it, send it to me. One of the people guarding me, showed me it when I was detained on a military base.

A Facebook post made by The Peace Camp about me.

No-one will ever fulfil The Antiwar Activist Illuminati  card in the amount of detail that I have. That is just one of many Prophecies. I hit all The Perfect Dates, with Perfect Design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

You can’t be a real Antiwar Activist if you’ve never taken on nuclear weapons. I made international news for taking on the nuclear weapons system in 2015. I was headline news in numerous news agencies multiple times, for months in 2015. In 2015, my Trident report was on the Wikileaks front page for months. Russia Today is one of the biggest news agencies in the world. I made the top story on Russia Today UK in 2015,  2016 and 2017. You see I’m not just some random Antiwar Activist Haha The Great Pyramid contains an ExtrEmE lEVEl of Design… don’t just look to Ancient times… WE Are still DESIGNING!!!

The Tie Clip I wore in my First Televised interview started with the number 147. The interview was done in Hebrew Year 5776. The Design matched The Height of The Great Pyramid

Hebrew Year 5776 was in 2016. Add up the stones and you’ll see 2016 was The Triangle Year. I burnt my Triangle on my right arm 16 years before 2016. That is proven by numerous witnesses. My friends who were in my school class, my family Etc… some of them remember The Triangle when it was a nasty flesh wound. Now it’s a faint scare that is visible under certain lighting. They all thought it was an accident. They think everything in this world is a coincidence. They fail to see The Design. Those who serve GOD and have been Enlightened will know what there are no coincidences!!!


More Details Coming Soon…