PEDO CRACKDOWN 2 opened on 27/1/2018 The Sacred Hebrew Date 11/11/5778 2018 Report: “Extra police officers need to be recruited as a “priority” to help tackle a big rise in sexual assaults, a police and crime commissioner has said. South Wales Police reported a 257% rise in rape and serious sexual offences, from 727 offences in 2011-12 to a projected 2,593 in 2017-18. Commissioner Alun Michael said a planned recruitment of 148 officers and staff needed to be completed soon. NSPCC Wales said sex offences against children had risen “alarmingly”.”

. 2018 Report: “DARK WEB PAEDO Who is Dr Matthew Falder? Dark web paedophile and Cambridge Uni graduate jailed for posting sick images online”. “The pervert admitted 137 offences including the sexual exploitation of a child, voyeurism, making and distributing indecent images of children and encouraging the rape of a four-year-old. Falder’s offending went unnoticed for eight years. The shamed scientist preyed on victims via Gumtree and other sites by pretending to be a woman and blackmailing them. He persuaded vulnerable users into sending naked or partially clothed self-images, which he shared on the dark web after moving them off Gumtree. Some horrific pictures showed babies and children being tortured.”

. 2018 Report: “Barry Bennell branded ‘sheer evil’ as he is sentenced to 30 years”. “There were cries of “yes” from the public gallery at Liverpool crown court as he was sentenced to serve the longest individual term of 30 years, with another year on licence.” 2018 Report: “Barry Bennell has been found guilty of 43 charges of historical child sexual abuse. His conviction is the first since allegations of sexual abuse in football began to surface in 2016. So who is he? A junior football coach and youth scout, Barry Bennell was a man who boasted he could find professional football clubs the next young star. He was described as a “pied piper” who told young footballers he could help make their dreams come true. In fact, the 64-year-old was a prolific sex offender and a predatory paedophile who preyed upon young boys who were dreaming of a career in football. He repeatedly abused boys – some up to 100 times – while promising to further their careers.”

. Dec 2017 Report: “In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes, according to the latest government figures.”

. 2018 Report: “Child sex abuse in Bonneville at highest number in a decade”. “The annual child sex abuse reports, released by the Attorney General every January, shows Bonneville County brought 44 cases before the court from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, a 57 percent increase over the previous year when Bonneville County reported 28 sex offense cases against children.”

. Jan 2018 Report: “Hundreds Arrested, Dozens Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation”. “Since the task force was established in Nov. 2015, 221 victims, 157 of which are children”.

. 2018 Report: “PSNI warning as fallout from ‘paedophile hunters’ reverberate around Belfast”. “Police warn vigilante groups not to share information online following a number of incidents in Belfast”. “The partner of a man arrested following a vigilante sting by ‘paedophile hunters’ has had to quit their job over concerns for safety. Elsewhere in Belfast two men have been beaten in their home by loyalists armed with baseball bats. And a woman has had ‘PEDO’ spraypainted on the side of her car”. “77 cases that have reported to the PSNI”.

(N. Ireland = 77 in Simple Gematria)

If you get caught being a Pedo in my area, the police are the least of your worries. The Pedo Crackdown in my area is baseball bats cracking skulls, and that’s the mild treatment. When I was a kid, my aunties neighbour used to always try to talk to me and my bro. He got seen hanging around a school… after that, he got two bullets.

For the record, I’m not promoting or calling for violence… just simply stating facts. It’s perfectly legal to state facts.

. 2018 Report: “Global swoop on suspected paedophiles”. “Seven people were arrested in dawn raids in the UK today as part of the world’s largest ever co-ordinated police crackdown on paedophiles, the National Crime Squad (NCS) said. Police in 19 countries carried out 130 arrest and search warrants in an “unprecedented” operation which targeted Internet users who download and distribute child pornography. The arrests are the culmination of a 10-month investigation, codenamed Landmark, in which police sifted through data from about 1,500 Internet newsgroups.”

. 2018 Report: “A depraved Missouri couple is accused of raping a teen girl they kept in their home as a “sex slave” for more than a year, prosecutors said.”

. 2018 Report: “A former member of the junior US gymnastics team says serial pedophile and disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar once asked if he could “videotape” himself doing a procedure on her. Kamerin Moore, who was on the 2008-2009 Junior US National Team, said Monday at a sentencing hearing for Nassar”.


More Details Coming Soon…