Search “A Trident Cabal” in Google and the top result will show you a picture of me with a light in my left eye… calling for a New World Order. The CDC Center For Disease Control card is from The Illuminati New World Order playing cards deck.

I first released my Trident report to the media on 5/5/15 … a Perfect Date for 5555+5+5=15 5/5/15. I told people in my 2015 reports that 333 is the hidden number in design 1+3=4+3=7+3= 10. There’s 33 weeks and 3 days between my 13th report on Christmas (25/12/15) and my Trident report on the date encoded in my Will/Trident tattoo 5/5/15 5775.  Christ died at the age of 33 and rose again after 3 days. 555 333.

I got Trident in my title on 17/5/15. 2016 is a perfect year for 666. 666+666+666+6+6+6 = 2016 = 216 in numerology. 6x6x6 = 216. The distance between 17/5/15 (The date I got Trident in my Title) and 6/6/16 is 555,840 minutes AKA 33350400 seconds AKA 105.75% of a common year. Tri = 3… the first three whole numbers in 105.75% are 157 = The three numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo… Perfect Design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


I burnt a Triangle on my right arm 15 years before I got Trident in my title. I tattooed the Trident on my left arm 7 years before I got Trident in my title. 15 years 7 years… 157. When I begin my work, I spit my blood from my mouth onto my arms and form an X when the Triangle and Trident are brought together. X = 300 in Jewish Gematria. The Ancient Hebrew Trident letter is shin ש. The numerical value of  ש is 300. One Five Seven Will Trident and Triangle Blood Trinity!!! Tri Tri Tri = 333

Time and date of the screenshot below, showing me at the top of “A Trident Cabal” search = 10:57  9/9/16



Click on the first link and you’ll see a picture of me with one enlightened eye. Read what I said and you’ll see that I said “It’s time to end this world order of fear, and create a new world order through peace and unity.” Everyone’s too focused on what I said about the nuclear weapons… they ignore the details. One person messaged me because he noticed I said New World Order. He is one of those people who think they are awake but know nothing.They watch videos of other clueless people that can only make assumptions; then they conclude that they are an “awake truther” lol He assumes that I work for the Illuminati Hahaha He has probably watched too many YouTube videos. There’s numerous videos on YouTube of people talking about numerology and symbolism. The vast majority of them have zero experience in numerology and symbolism. Yet people listen to them, like they are listening to experts. Listening to them would be like ignoring what an experience car mechanic says about your car and listening to a three year old kid that can’t even spell car. Why does anyone listen to them? Of course awake truthers are better people than the sleeping masses. A percentage of them are extremely intelligent and great thinkers. I like them. I just don’t like the ones who think they know the truth because they watched a video by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Would you learn how to fly from a taxi driver that has never been in an airplane? A large percentage of them escape one deception and fall for the next deception too easily. 99% of the “truth” channels focus on scaring people with lies because they know that gains more views. They tell people every symbol and every color is Satanic because they know that will scare a good percentage of the masses. For example the eye symbol… some Satanists use an eye symbol but that doesn’t mean everyone that uses an eye symbol is Satanic. They say the Sun symbol is Satanic, the eye symbol, the lightening symbol… practically every symbol to them is Satanic. They say Black, Red, Orange, Silver Green Etc Etc Etc is Satanic. Have they got a problem with traffic lights? Haha

There is absolutely no mention of that in The Bible… yet they act like they are the ones who know The Bible. If they read The Bible they’ll see The Bible uses The Sun, The Pyramid and a single enlightened eye as good symbols. They constantly say the light is Lucifer and the lightening symbol represents Lucifer. They hear someone else talk about the Lucifer lightening Bible verse and conclude lightening is a symbol that is exclusive to Lucifer. The people who believe that clearly haven’t read The Bible. The lightening symbol is used more than once. Symbols can be used to represent multiple things. The Bible also uses lightening when describing the coming of The Son of Man. Matthew 24V27 “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Do the YouTube scaremongers tell you the Bible uses Lightening to describe the coming of The Son of Man? No, because they don’t want you to know the truth. They just want to scare you for views. It is amazing how their viewers don’t see them constantly contradicting themselves. Are you going to believe The Bible or some YouTube fool who acts  like he or she knows The Bible? They say the light is Satan and they say the dark is Satan. They tell people that Satan is the God of this world. They talk like they are against Satan but they are the ones who are giving all the credit to Satan so they can scare people for views. They are the ones committing blaspheme by saying everything is Satanic and claiming that Satan is the God of this world. Their minds are too inverted to realize that fact. A lot of them are false prophets. They make predictions and the vast majority of their predictions don’t happen. They told everyone the world was going to end in 2012… what year is it now? Don’t listen to the fools. They contradict everything The Bible says and The Bible tells you to ignore the fools who make false predictions and contradict The Bible. They tell you what to think. I give you the facts and urge you to think for yourself because The Truth is on my side. They act like they know everything.  I tell you that I am not all knowing… only God knows the full plan. None of the prophets were perfect. Sometimes the best thing you can do is say you don’t know. If you recognize you don’t have the answer, then you will seek the answer. If you think you know the answer and ignore new information that disproves your initial thoughts, then you might never know the real truth. Don’t listen to people who act like they know something when they have no experience of what they are talking about. I have fulfilled and created more prophecies in more detail than any other human has or will ever achieve. I have deciphered the Bible code and Earth’s design better than any other human. Yet I tell you that I am not all knowing. Only God knows the full plan. Seek God’s light and pay attention to the details in the world around you. Question everything and everyone. Don’t trust mere humans.  Someone called me a puppet in the game lol I don’t work for or take orders from humans. People like him have no idea how this world works. I don’t trust people, I am far from being rich, I don’t get paid for my work, I  don’t fear death and I am 100% focused on fulfilling the prophecies. I can’t be bought. God has a plan … I will fulfill my role in the design or die trying. People can’t control people like me. I am controlled, but not by mere humans. There is no greater joy than serving God. I serve God and no-one else.


If you disagree with the current world order, then why would you disagree with a New World Order? If you disagree with wars and a divided world that is full of discriminatory violence, why would you disagree with peace and unity? Who is the real puppet? That guy disagrees with the current system and attacks anyone who points out the need to create a new system. He has been manipulated to the point that he is fighting to maintain the system he hates. Like numerous others, he doesn’t realize that fact. They hate the current world order and they fight against any attempt to create a New World Order. They hate their cave and are afraid to come out and see the light. I don’t serve the current system. It is a broken system that is on the path to destruction. I serve the plan to create a better world for all mankind. That is the plan, but plans can change. Ultimately i serve God.  If people don’t show respect to God, we won’t create a better world for them… they’ll be destroyed with perfect prophetic design. The truth is everyone works for us. When I say us, I am not talking about humans. I have threatened every human on Earth… what makes someone think I work for people? haha Yes, we fulfill Illuminati prophecies. That’s because enlightened people serve and get information from us. The Illuminati was only founded in 1776. 1776 is a key year in the design. I have fulfilled numerous ancient prophecies.  I have fulfilled Ancient Indian prophecies, Ancient Greek, prophecies Etc… that doesn’t mean I’m a Greek Indian who is in the Illuminati Haha It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest man in the world or the poorest man in the world… you will all be guided and judged. It doesn’t matter who you are… if you stand against the plan, you will be destroyed. Real Divine Kings don’t take orders from humans. I don’t get paid from secret societies but if they are truly wise, they will start paying me because I am The King. Searching “Trident Cabal” or “2012 Trident Cabal” or “A Trident Cabal” then clicking on the top result in Google will take you to the page in the screenshot below. There’s me with one enlightened eye… calling for nuclear disarmament and a New World Order on 17/5/15. That post I made was shared over 7000 times and no-one recognized the true design.

Matthew 6V22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Tri = 3…The Google search “Trident Cabal” showing my website in the third row of images on 5/9/16 at 10:57


The 1995 Illuminati New World Order UNMASKED card says “There is a secret of our cabal that even you of the Twelfth Circle have not known… until now…”

People wonder who the man under the mask and in the boat is. The I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before 17/5/15… The date I got Trident in my title and called for a New World Order. You should know who it is by now…

The Cards were released in 1995. They are detailed and prophetic. The man on the UNMASKED card has dark Ginger hair that curls at the back when long… exactly like ME. No-one knew who I was/am. Most people still don’t know. There’s people who think they know me, but they don’t even know my name. Close friends and family members aren’t even sure what my name is Haha WillIAM McNeilly or WillIAM Lewis??? Most of them don’t know I have a website. They don’t know what I have done. We can keep secrets… even from myself. Matthew 6V6 “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

There’s three Es in my Will/Trident tattoo and three Es in my Trident Key… EEE = 555 in Gematria. E = A Trident Tip. EEE mirrored is 333. 555 333.  The Trident Cabal EEE!!!



Isaiah 53V1 “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?”

WILL 157


Seven 7s. One mirrored 7. 5 code letters for the number 5 in Latin and Gematria. The number 1. WILL157. 


I have A Will Trident designed with the numbers: One Five Five Five Five Five Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven


The word engraved on my Trident Key is ENERGIEI first created the rise of Zika prophecy in 2015 when I had a conversation about the year 1947 and a virus that could be used for propaganda in order to reduce Earth’s population growth. That was before most people had heard of Zika. In 2016 I sent private messages on Facebook saying the spread of Zika will match the design and numbers I talked about. Weeks later, my number 147 appeared in the headlines. Then months later around my birthday, the number 157 was all over the news with the Zika virus. Predicting the exact details and design of a virus before it escalates fulfills ancient Messiah prophecies. My 2015 and 2016 prophecies were both fulfilled with an extraordinary amount of detail and 100% accuracy. No other human has or will ever, fulfill or create prophecies in the amount of detail that I have with God… that is a FACT, that is backed up by an extraordinary amount of evidence and numerous living witnesses. Why listen to clueless preachers who tell you to believe what they say, when you can listen to The Servant / The King who gives you FACTS??? Why believe when you can know? If you haven’t already figured it out, you will find out one day that most preachers are absolutely clueless. The majority of them either serve or have fallen for the mass deception. A lot of them sit around waiting for the mass deception… completely clueless to the fact that they have no understanding of the world around them… they have already been deceived. They talk about prophecy. Ask them how many prophecies they have fulfilled and created. Ignoring my advice and listening to them is like ignoring your doctor’s medical advice and listening to a mentally handicapped grave digger. My 2015 and 2016 prophecies were both fulfilled with an extraordinary amount of detail and 100% accuracy.


The shit or bust flag was thought of as lucky. It was flown on LCT 157 during the Invasion of Normandy on 6/6/1944.

It doesn’t matter if they see me as just a “whistle-blower” or The King… they will follow the paths that are designed for them regardless of their beliefs. Standing in a pyramid formation with the Skull and Bones symbol, and a Tri Tip Key that matches the outline shape of the key I picked up near the Black Sea after fulfilling numerous prophecies on 10th Tishrei 5776  AKA 23/9/15.

The Angel of Death blowing the whistle… look at the shape of the unlocking part on the key…


Tri = 3. The search “9/11 Trident” on Google at 10:57  6/9/1shows ME in the 3rd row. I was the first human in the search “9/11 Trident”. The only thing left standing after the World Trade Center buildings turned to dust were the buildings Tridents.


The date engraved in my Trident Key is 1983. 1983 + 6 = 1989 (The year I was born) 1989 + 6 = 1995 (The year the Illuminati cards were released) 1995 + 6 = 2001 (The year the buildings turned to dust). 666. I was the first human in the “9/11 Trident” search on 6/9/16. I was also the first human in the 9/9/16 “9/11 Trident” search. 9/9/20169/9/2+0+1+6 = 999.  The US and UK’s emergency numbers = 911 and 999.


The only thing left standing after the 9/11/01 attack were the Tridents. I was the first person in the Google search “9/11 Trident” on the attacks 15th year anniversary. The Tridents are the main feature in the 9/11 Museum. Numerous people walked around the museum on 9/11/16 and looked at the 9/11 Tridents. They remember The EVEnt that created the “chaos”. Chaos is just an illusion in this perfectly designed world. V  “I, like God, do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence.” I was at the top of the search on the 15 year anniversary. 5+5+5 = 155/5/15 = The date encoded in my Will/Trident tattoo… The exact Date I first released my Trident report.

I down the search in two different browsers, with two different accounts… I was the first human in the search “9/11 Trident” on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. 5+5+5 =15  The date I released my Trident report = 5/5/15. First human in the search “9/11 Trident” on  9/11/16. I took the screenshots of the search at 10:57.


The 156th Prime number is 911


On 9/11/16 numerous people shared the #NeverForget. “9/11 anniversary: 15 years since the terror attack that shook the world” “People have taken to Twitter under the hashtag #NeverForget to pay tribute to those who lost their lives 15 years ago.”

I Will tell you Never Forget Nine Eleven or 1947.

The Prophetic Illuminati cards were distributed in 1994 when I was 5 and released in 1995. 55 VV W

               The card below was released in 1995                                  9/11 happened in 2001… 9/11/01   


Pentagon Card released in 1995                             Pentagon Attack happened on 9/11/01



Tri = 3. My old Royal Navy ID appeared in the third row, when searching “9/11 Trident.” Pay attention to the details. On the ID I am called AB W McNeilly.

My ID shows you my date of birth. The nuclear warheads are the UK’s. The Trident missiles come from the United States, Government. My date of birth in US dating format is 8/10/89. In US dating format, I got Trident in my title and called for a New World Order on 5/17/15. Tri = 3…  81089 divided by 51715 = 1.57 (3dp)… The three numbers in my Will / Trident tattoo = 157. You can also write the dates as 8/10/1989 and 5/17/2015…. it doesn’t really matter what way you write them. I am God’s Servant / The King!!! With God, I fulfilled the prophecies in an extreme amount of detail and design…  8101989 divided by 5172015 also equals 1.57 (3dp). Perfect Prophetic Design…




The prophetic I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I got Trident in my Title and called for a New World Order. The animation shows the Twin Towers turning to dust. The deadliest terrorist attack in the history of the United States happened on 9/11. My old ID was at the top of the “9/11 Trident” search. On the ID I am called…

AB W McNeilly… 911 in UK dating format = 119


I released my Trident report on 5/5/15 and told people it was released on that date for 555. 5+5+5 = 15… 5/5/15. The date 5/5/15 5775 is in my Will tattoo. I told people in my 2015 report, 333 is the hidden number in design. I got Trident in my Title when my Trident report was released on 17/5/15… when I was in The Germania one thousand five hundred and seventy eight KM from the Trident nuclear submarine base…

The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria Germany. Hence the name “Bavarian Illuminati”. When I got Trident in my title on 17/5/15,  I was in Bavaria. The Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with an extraordinary amount of detail and design.


I used A John Hunt email with the number 147 in it when sending my Trident report and negotiating the 17/5/15 release date. Put my Will on A Bavarian Illuminati


Isaiah 19V19 “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.”

Add 147 with its mirrored number and you get 147+741 = 888. It is an 888 Hour walk from my house to the Great Pyramid. The expiry date on the Royal Navy ID that I obtained in The Trident programme  is 8/8/17… 8/8/1+7 888. 888 combined with its mirrored number… 888 + 888 = 1776. The Illuminati was founded in 1776. The Great Pyramid is one of the main places in Earth’s design. It is one of the main symbols that the enlightened use. The truly enlightened recognize The Divine Design in The Great Pyramid. According to that Google maps search, it is an 888 Hour walk from my house to The Great Pyramid… Therefore, there and back is 1776 Hours. The Roman Numerals written on the bottom of the Pyramid on the One Dollar Bill = 1776. With God, I have fulfilled the prophecies in an extraordinary amount of detail. No other human has or will ever fulfill prophecies in the amount of detail I have with God… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

The Great Pyramid has 8 sides and my bedroom has 8 walls. “A fact not so well known, is the unusual feature of the Great Pyramid is a concavity of the core that makes the monument an eight-sided figure, rather than four-sided like every other Egyptian pyramid.”

There’s hundreds if not thousands of news articles about me because I infiltrated the Trident nuclear weapons programme and released my Trident report against it on the exact date I encoded in my Will/Trident tattoo 7 years before I released it. News crews went to my house and interviewed my brother while I was in military detention. The stories are about Nuclear weapons. They went to my house that is an 888 hour walk from the 8 sided Great Pyramid and contains my 8 sided bedroom where I wrote my Trident report about the Nuclear Weapons… Nuclear Weapon = 888 in English Gematria. The first detonation of a nuclear weapon was code named The Trinity project. On 17/5/15 I added a photo to A William Lewis Facebook account with one enlightened EYE, I called for world wide disarmament and a New World Order.

The height of The Great Pyramid when completed with a capstone is 5776 inches . I fulfilled and created numerous prophecies in Hebrew year 5776. My 13 reports were finished in Hebrew Year 5776. I created this website in my 8 walled bedroom that is 888 Hours away from the 8 sided Great Pyramid in The Hebrew year 5776. My 13 reports were released in the Hebrew years 5775 and 5776. The tip of my Will/Trident tattoo (W) is designed to represent the two Hebrew years 5775 and 5776. Us are interchangeable with Vs in Latin and V = 5 in Roman numerals. The two Us in the W cover both sides of the two 7s  = The Hebrew year 5775. I got Trident in my title in Hebrew Year 5775. The U/5 on the right is touching the 1. 5775 +1 = Hebrew Year 5776…  The numbers in my Will tattoo are in Latin, English and Gematria. The numbers are 1, 5 and 7… I created in Hebrew Year 5776. These are all real FACTS that clearly show Divine Design! Anyone who says it is a coincidence due to an explosion many years ago is a liar or a fool Haha I am God’s Servant… The Servant!!! True knowledge is gained from real Facts. Don’t listen to those who preach and want you to believe that what they say is  true, unless they have shown you a valid reason to believe. Don’t listen to those who profess their theories to you without showing you real facts. I don’t ask you to believe… I give you facts so you will know I am who I am… I am The Servant…  ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

Isaiah 19V19 “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.”

You see, we don’t vaguely fulfill prophecies… we fulfill them with a mind blowing amount of detail and perfect design…

I am God’s Servant… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


The tip of my Will/Trident tattoo is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet. The 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet is a Trident Ψ. I released the exact details of numerous prophecies in 2016.


Revelation 1V17 “When I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man. And He placed His right hand on me, saying, “Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last, 18 I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”


I released the UNMASKED card in my UNMASKED video on 27/8/15 = the 239th day of the year in 2015. 2015 – 239 = 1776. The Illuminati was founded on the 5th month in 1776.  1/5/1776… Net Bible Nehemiah 9V12 “You guided them with a pillar of cloud by day and with a pillar of fire by night to illumine for them the path they were to travel.”  Holman Christian Standard Bible Nehemiah 9V12 “You led them with a pillar of cloud by day, and with a pillar of fire by night, to illuminate the way they should go” Psalm 109V105 “Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalm 105V39 “He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in the night.” The 1st 5 numbers in the date 1/5/1776… match the 3 numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo. I often say… Take The One and change The 6… 1/5/1776 becomes… 1/5/777… The 3 numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo… 157. I am The King… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!



As you can see, I UNMASKED on 27/08/15 = 239th day of the year in 2015 = 23/9/15. Do the Google search for A Trident Cabal yourself. Go in and look at the date I uploaded my UNMASKED video to YouTube. Do the calculation yourself. There’s hard evidence to prove everything I am telling you. It is not a belief that I have fulfilled more prophecies in more detail than any other human… it is a fact that is backed up by an extraordinary amount of evidence and numerous living witnesses. I work with FACTS. You can become another witness. I UNMASKED on 27/08/15 = 239th day of the year in 2015 = 23/09/15. That gives the direct link between my UNMASKED video and my 6th Letter on 23/9/15 AKA  10th Tishrei 5776… the first three whole numbers in the main date / Hebrew date = 157. 2015239 years = The year 1776. My first report / The Trident report was released after I infiltrated the Trident nuclear weapons programme. Search The Trident report and you’ll find numerous news articles about me and the Trident nuclear weapons programme. 239 is the number for Plutonium. Plutonium 239 is the primary fissile isotope used for the production of nuclear weapons. 27/08/15 was 17 days after my Birthday. My 5th report described my UNMASKED video. There was 76 days between my 5th Letter and the Paris attacks. 17 + 76 = 1776. Any logic thinking person can read through my site and know that I am The King! This world  doesn’t have very many logical thinkers.