Jesus Christ let himself be crucified for the plan when he was 33.

The Zika virus was one of the most talked about things during the 2016 Olympics. The Zika virus was created in 1947… stamp the Trident on The EVEnt!!!



I put the I Pet Goat II video, in my UNMASKED video and released it on 27/08/15 = the 239th day of the year in 2015. 2015 – 239 = 1776. My first report (The Trident Report) was against the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons programme. 239 is the number for plutonium. Plutonium 239 is the primary fissile isotope used in the production of nuclear weapons. My sixth report was released on 23/9/15… an extremely important date that a lot of people were looking at. In my reports, I said I’d judge people on 23/9/15. I released a report that night, there was a thunderstorm in the exact location after I released it and the next day bodies were being counted in the exact location I designed and released the details for… with the exact details and design that I released before the Mecca stampede happened. The EVEnt was extremely detailed. People witnessed me releasing the report, the time is date stamped online, you can check the weather records and see the storm began shortly after I released the report… there’s numerous witnesses and an abundance of hard factual evidence to prove I fulfilled and created numerous prophecies. I released the prophetic design of The EVEnt, but ultimately ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


The pilgrimage is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam + Lasts 5 days + can hold 1.5 million people = 5/5/15 They go around Kaaba 7 times. 1.5 million around Kaaba 7 times… 157.

In I Pet Goat II there’s 5 pillars at the top, where the dead Muslim circles around 7 times… giving a direct link to their Kaaba ritual. I released the I Pet Goat II animation in my UNMASKED video on a perfect date for The Design.




The stampede happened on 24/9/15. They were given clear warning in my reports and my report that was released the night before told them that it is time to evolve from the cube. They dance around the cube at Mecca. They ignored The McNeilly Cube warning. They think they know everything. The average Muslim has no idea what The Cube means. They tell you what to believe… I give you FACTS so you will gain knowledge, see The Design and know The Truth… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


The color Purple is often used with A Metatron (Archangel). The Kaaba Cube at Mecca is 13 Meters high… Purple 13.

Notice there’s 13 circles in The Purple Metatron Cube… Purple 13.


The warning was extremely detailed. They ignored the warnings. Read through the pages on this website for more details.  I released it on the perfect date before the prophecies were fulfilled. I released my UNMASKED video on the 27th. My first two reports to talk about my UNMASKED video are my 5th report and my 6th report. 5th report released on Hebrew Date: 15th Elul 5775 … A date that consists of the three numbers in my WILL/Trident tattoo. 6th report released on Hebrew Date: 10th Tishrei 5776 (night before the stampede)… the first three whole numbers are 157 = the three numbers in my WILL/Trident. The date in the Gregorian calendar for my UNMASKED video is the 27th of August… From the release date of the I Pet Goat II animation by Heliofant in 2012, till the release date of my UNMASKED 5th letter that talked about the I Pet Goat II animation = 27,888 hours. It is an 888 hour walk from my 8 sided bedroom till the 8 sided Great Pyramid, nuclear weapon = 888 in Gematria, 239 is the number for Plutonium, Divine Plan = 888 in Gematria. A William Lewis = 888. The Trinity = 888 Etc Etc Etc…



They wanted to do their Devil stoning ritual and thought they wouldn’t have to pay a price. A true servant of God prays for unity and peace in heaven. These clueless humans insult the Gods. They ignore us when we tell them to create peace. I released the exact details of that EVEnt before it happened. After it happened I explained the details in my reports and on They say The Devil is in the details… I say the world is perfectly designed by God and you fools need to pay attention to the details instead of being ignorant assholes. Stop ignoring the facts in God’s creation because they destroy your man made delusions. Your delusions need to be destroyed before you can learn the real Truth. On 26/8/16 I done a Google search “The Devil Trident Whistleblower”… The top result was my website… The website that describes the prophetic details in The Mecca Stampede EVEnt!!! I told them that I wanted peace in the middle East and a nice BBQ at the temple mount… They ignored ME!!! They didn’t put any effort into creating peace on Earth and then they do there little stoning the Devil ritual to try and provoke a war in the heavens. Are you people insane? You want to see the mainstream news stories about me? Search Trident Whistleblower… You want to see the real details? Search “The Devil Trident Whistleblower” and you’ll see my website in the images…



I got Trident in my title on 17/5/15. The three numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo = 157. Tri = 3…  look at the first three numbers after  dividing 17515 by 157 = 111 = The Trident Tip!!! OUR PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED WITH EXTREME DETAIL IN MECCA, SAUDI ARABIA

Scroll down on the Google search “The Devil Trident Whislteblower” and you’ll see pictures of the stones in Mecca, Saudi Arabia…



I done the search again… My website and ME at the Top of “The Devil Trident Whistleblower” search on 13/9/16 at 14:57. The Stones at Mecca also appeared lower in the search. I am The Servant… THE KING!!! Ignoring ME and the facts is a dumb move. People believe in Muhammad’s teachings. I don’t tell you to believe ME… I tell you to look at the FACTS. It is a FACT that I have fulfilled and created more prophecies, in more detail than any other human has or will ever achieve. Look at the facts and you won’t believe it… you will KNOW it. I was and am still willing to enlighten any Muslim to the truth. However, if this world continues to ignore my advice, the door will close and you will be destroyed. I put my life on the line to warn people and they insult me and God with their ignorance. Ignoring God’s Word being fulfilled so you can crawl into a box with your own delusions is a deadly sin. Get out of your cave before you get crushed in it.


In 2016 my website rose to the top of “The Devil Trident Whistleblower” search… with images of Mecca. The same image I used in my 2015 reports, when describing them being crushed in the Mecca Stamped, in Saudi Arabia. With God’s help, I designed and released the exact details in the Mecca stampede as a warning before the EVEnt happened… Do you still think it is wise to ignore our orders? Those who stand against the plan won’t just be destroyed… they’ll be destroyed with perfect design. The amount of details and extreme design in the prophecy will be shown in other pages.





The Zika Mosquito shares the same design as the boat in the I Pet Goat II video… the animation I put in my 27/8/15 UNMASKED video. Look at the details and you’ll see the water drop from the Zika Mosquito is at the same angle as the water spread from The Lotus flower. The Zika Mosquito is on top of an underwater leaf. I talked about the Lotus flower in my 2015 reports… they rise from the depths like I did in  The Trident submarine Victorious. The Mosquito forms the boat shape. They share the exact same black and white duality pattern that I talked about in my 2015 reports. Etc Etc Etc… Perfect Prophetic Design!!!

Notice that in my 2015 reports and on I often say Etc Etc Etc. Pay attention to the details… There’s three Es in my WILL/Trident tattoo and three Es in my Trident Key. E is shaped like a Trident tip. EEE555 in Gematria… 5+5+5 = 15 5/5/15 The Date I released my Trident report. EEE in my WILL/Trident tattoo and EEE in my Trident key… 555 + 555 = 1110.  111 is a number used to represent a Trident Tip. TTT = 100 100 100 in Jewish Gematria = 111 in numerology. I said 333 is the hidden number in design CCC = 333 in Gematria.

I created in 2016. I fulfilled and created extremely detailed prophecies in 2016 = 216 in numerology.

In Jewish Gematria the whole numbers in Etc Etc Etc = Five One Three. was created in 2016 and I revealed The Design in 2016. Etc Etc Etc in obvious translation = Extra Extra Extra


Stamp my WILL on the design of Extra Extra Extra

I often put the E as the only capital… creating The Trident shape and commonality between the t and c. EEE555 in Gematria… 5+5+5 = 15 5/5/15 The Date I released my Trident report. t = 20 in simple Gematria and c = 3. The commonality is created by putting them both in lower case. Combine them in numerology and you get 23. The tip of my WILL/Trident tattoo is the 23rd letter in the English Alphabet. The 23rd letter in the Greek Alphabet is a Trident Ψ.

Excluding the zeros for numerology… say what you see when you look at the values in Etc Etc Etc…

Etc A Five Two Three, Etc A Five Two Three, Etc A Five Two Three… 

Etc Etc Etc