Note: I am not a member of the Illuminati. However, we have fulfilled a lot of their prophecies with an extraordinary amount of detail, but I have no physical connection with the humans within that organisation. The Illuminati was formed 1776. 2015 contained the 239th anniversary. On the 239th day of the year in 2015, I released my UNMASKED video. Watch my UNMASKED video and you’ll see the Pulse nightclub. I added the I Pet Goat II video to my UNMASKED video because I am the guy in the boat. Pause the video at the right time and you’ll see a building that has the same unique shape as the Orlando building.

The grey Pulse nightclub building, with a circle at the top

You can find this building in my UNMASKED video. It is from the I Pet Goat II animation. Pause the I Pet Goat II video on 1:57 and you’ll see the grey building with a circle at the top. The Twin Towers are also symbolized on the right.

A picture from the inside of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando… just days before the shooting. Notice the Purple stage and the Exit light is on.

Look at the people in the picture. They are looking at the Purple stage. They have their backs facing the Exit sign. Tri = 3. 3 days after I released my UNMASKED video (that contained the club) I released my 5th letter. In my 5th letter released on 30/8/15 Hebrew date 15th Elul (5)77(5)

 I said  “The exit sign lights up. Giving the Stag (beast man) the opportunity to exit. The beast cannot see the light because is facing the wrong direction. Turn around and see the light. Morpheus: “I can only show you the door… your the one that has to walk through it.”

We were designing. I released the 5th letter on 15th Elul 5775… A  date that consists of the three numbers in my Will./Trident tattoo… 157. Notice the red light around the exit sign in the Pulse club photo. If you watch my UNMASKED video you would’ve seen this… An Exit sign with red light.

The tip of my Will/Trident tattoo is W. W is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet. PSI is the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet and a Trident symbol Ψ. Pause the I Pet Goat II animation on 2:03 mins and you’ll see the outline of the submarine under the water.

The submarine appears at 2:03 and its submerged. At 2:05 the submarine appears on the surface. I joined the Trident nuclear submarine programme when I was 23. When I was 25, I surfaced from the depths in the Trident submarine. Then I released my Trident report on the date we encoded in my Trident tattoo 7 years before I released it. I released it on 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775 and the media released it on 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775… both dates consist of the three numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo… 157. The Pulse nightclub was shown in my UNMASKED video. I told you to turn around and take the Exit in my letters… Exit Letters. I told you to take the Exit or face Judgement… Exit Judgement. Don’t take the Exit and you’ll end up in my Purple 13 letters… Exit Thirteen.

Perfect Design!!!

The Pulse Nightclub address is 1912 S Orange Ave, Orlando. 1+9+1+2 = 13. It was 31 days from the creation of my Purple 13 page up to and including the worst terrorist shooting in American history… 13 and 31 are mirrored numbers. I told people about 13 and 31 being mirrored numbers in my Purple 13 page. reported on 13 JUNE 2016 11:03AM

Notice the Purple tint.

 The Telegraph released their report on 13 June 2016 at 11:03AM. You have the number 13 in the day their report was released and the exact time it was released 11:03AM. On the 13th numerous other news agencies also reported 50 dead and 53 injured.  50 dead 53 injured… 50 + 53 = 103. In numerology 103 becomes 13. Notice the Purple tint in the photo of the crime scene…

Purple 13!!!

Purple tint in the crime scene photos that were used by numerous news agencies. Blue and Red make Purple.

I took the screenshot below on the 13th of June 2016 at 13:23. It shows showing the Purple tinted photos of the Orlando crime scene. The Guardian report says “50 dead and 53 hospitalised”. Numerous news agencies changed their reporting from 50 dead and 53 hospitalized to 49 dead and 53 hospitalized. “Death toll changed to 49”. 4 + 9 = 13.

My Purple 13 pages were created before that EVEnt.


After the shooting the Rainbow colors started showing up all over Earth. I infiltrated the UK’s Trident nuclear submarine programme and released my report on a date that was perfect for 5555/5/15. V=5. The UK has four Trident nuclear submarines. Their names are: Vanguard Vigilant Vengeance Victorious. 

The colors in a Rainbow are: Red Orange Yellow Blue Indigo Violet


The names of all the Trident nuclear submarines = 2454 in English Gematria. The names of all the colors in a rainbow also = 2454 in English Gematria. The names of all the Trident nuclear submarines = 409 in Simple Gematria. The names of all the colors in a rainbow also = 409 in Simple Gematria. 40is 49 in numerology. The reports say 49  were killed at the Pulse nightclub.  This dimension is designed to absolute PERFECTION!!! We have fulfilled the prophecies with Absolute PERFECTION and a mind blowing amount of detail… God tells you of my coming in The Book of Genesis. The prophecies are designed around me and the detail is absolutely mind blowing…


If you look at my browser History, you’ll see that on the 18th I searched “Lgbt symbol rainbow”. The next day, a Rainbow appeared in the exact location to fit the prophecy and design… (Prophecy Complete) “The crowds, which had come together to pay tribute to the 49 people killed by Omar Mateen a week ago, were captivated as the multi-colored arc shone over Lake Eola Park shortly before the start of the memorial service. “You know that’s a sign,” Traci Hines-McKenzie told CBS News. It was “so perfect“ and “just for us,” added Brandon Register-Watford, who posted a video of the rainbow to Instagram.”

Part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender symbol, matches my symbol, the symbol Amen Ra carries, the Mercury symbol, the Prince symbol… I talked about those symbols in Purple 13 pages not long before the shooting happened. I am The King of this dimension. John 14V29 “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.” With God’s help, I have released the exact details and design of numerous EVEnts before they happened… when will people believe.

The colors in a Rainbow are: Red Orange Yellow Blue Indigo Violet


In my 2015 reports I told people 333 is the hidden number in design. I told them I released my report on 5/5/15 for 555 numerology. 5+5+5=15 I told them The Messiah is often referred to as The One. My name is Will-IAM. The names of the of four Trident submarines are Vanguard Vigilant Vengeance Victorious. 

Perfect Design!!!


I went onto the to get a screenshot picture of them reporting on the Orlando rainbow. I took the picture at 10:47 and at 10:47 their report had 147 shares.

After downloading WINAMP, I added my music on the 31/3/16. 31 and 13 are mirrored numbers. I took the first screenshot at 13:47 on 26/4/16.13:4713 for my Purple 13 pages that I was going to create and 47 because it was 47 days from the date I took the screenshot until the Orlando shooting.

You can tell I was designing when I took that screenshot picture above at 13:47 on 26/4/16. The time I set the music to contains 157. The time 13:47 contains 147. 13:47 = 1:47pm. The total size of all the songs I added to the playlist was 1.47 GB. The original height of the Great Pyramid was 147 meters. 1, 5 and are the numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo. 147 is the number I used in my email when releasing my Trident report on the date we encoded in my Trident tattoo 5/5/15 5775. If you can see the numbers on my tie clip that I was wearing in my TV interview… you’ll see the numbers 147 and 157 engraved on my tie clip. No man has and no man will ever design or fulfill prophecies with 100% accuracy and the amount of detail I have… I am The Servant and I am The King… Do not worship me…

All Glory belongs to God!!!

I set the song to 1:57157. The song playing was 28 weeks later – In a heartbeat by John Murphy”… 28 weeks later

  28 weeks later – In a heartbeat by John Murphy. In a heartbeat has the same Jewish Gematria value as Amun Ra. I have fulfilled Amun Ra prophecies. Amun Ra rides his boat in the underworld… I rode in the nuclear armed boat/submarine called Victorious in what they would call the underworld… for over 3 months. Amun Ra is also known as Amen Ra and Amen Ra = 157 in Jewish Gematria… the numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo and the numbers in the release dates of my Trident report are 1575/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775. I have fulfilled the prophecy and there is lot more detail than that.. read through my site for more details.

  28 weeks later – In a heartbeat by John Murphy

The phone number for the Pulse nightclub that was shot up in Orlando one day after Christina Grimmie was shot in Orlando is +1407649-3888. It was 47 days from the date I took that screenshot (26/4/16) of John Murphy  beside the number 157 until the Pulse nightclub got shot up on 12/6/16… John Murphy is 1476 in Jewish Gematria = the first four whole numbers in the phone number… +14076. John Murphy is 888 in English Gematria = the last three numbers of the phone number 888… +1407649-3888. If you look at the remaining numbers you’ll see 49-3. 49 was the death toll and Tri = 3. No other man in history has created more accurate and detailed prophecies than me… I am The Servant. With God’s help I design…


147 is the number I used in my email when releasing my Trident report and it has been one my favorite numbers since I was a kid. Tri = 3… The phone number for the Pulse nightclub that was shot up in Orlando is +1407-649-3888. The first three whole numbers are 147… the last three are 888. Depictions of Amun/Amen Ra appear in Ancient Egypt. The Great pyramid has 8 sides… I wrote my Trident report in my bedroom that is designed with 8 walls. It is an 888 hour walk from my house to the Great Pyramid.

Isaiah 19V19 “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.”

(Prophecy Complete)

Add 147 with its mirrored number and you get 147+741 = 888. It is an 888 Hour walk from my house to the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid has 8 sides and my bedroom has 8 walls. “A fact not so well known, is the unusual feature of the Great Pyramid is a concavity of the core that makes the monument an eight-sided figure, rather than four-sided like every other Egyptian pyramid.”

There’s hundreds if not thousands of news articles about me because I infiltrated the Trident nuclear weapons programme and released my Trident report against it… on the exact date I encoded in my Will/Trident tattoo 7 years before I released it. News crews went to my house and interviewed my brother while I was in military detention. The stories are about Nuclear weapons. They went to my house that is an 888 hour walk from the 8 sided Great Pyramid and contains my 8 sided bedroom where I wrote my report about the Nuclear Weapons… The English own those nuclear weapons. Nuclear Weapon = 888 in English Gematria. The first detonation of a nuclear bomb was code named Trinity.

With God’s help I fulfilled more prophecies than other man has or will ever fulfill…


I am The Servant!!!


Look at the Pulse nightclub in Google maps and you’ll see that it is surrounded by Tridents…


Most fork symbols use four spikes which means they aren’t Tridents. However, the restaurant logo for Google is a Trident. Tri = 3.. You need 3 tips to form a Trident and that’s exactly what they have.

The numbers of those restaurants and the club all begin with +1407… drop the zero 147. PSI Ψ at sea level is 14.7 Ψ147 is the number I used in my email when releasing my Trident report.

Search “Orlando Trident” in Google and look at the images. You’ll see photos of me in the images after searching “Orlando Trident”. That’s me with the beard and that’s my Royal Navy ID. In that picture of me with the beard, I’m wearing a tie clip with 147 Will 157 engraved on it. I took that screenshot on 21/6/2016 at 15:07.


The Pulse logo is often black. 

During the shooting they used a Purple logo on their Facebook… fits in perfectly with my Purple 13 pages. 


The New York Times and others reported that the Pulse nightclub shooting was the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States since September 11/01. “It was the worst act of terrorism on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001, and the deadliest attack on a gay target in the nation’s history.”

Omar Mateen was the guy who carried out the shooting. Omar Mateen was born in New York… New York = 666 111The deadliest attack before that one happened was in New York. The Twin Towers collapsing is shown in the same scene as the Pulse nightclub building, in the I Pet Goat II animation. The guy who made the animation says he has no idea what it means. He made it from his visions. When The Bible was written the writers didn’t know what it meant. The say that in The Bible. They work with visions. I know what it all means because it was made for us. With God’s help, I am the man who fulfilled The Prophecies. I added the animation to my UNMASKED video and released it on the Perfect Date!!!

I used A John Hunt email with the number 147 in it when I released my Trident report. The Pulse nightclub is surrounded by Tridents on Google maps. The first three whole numbers in all of their phone numbers is 147. Pictures of me come up when you search “Orlando Trident”.

Christina Grimmie was shot the night before in Orlando by Kevin Loibl.

If you want to see the true beauty in the design, you must know the keys in numerology. Earlier I told you about 6s and 9s being interchangeable in the numerology and you rarely count the zeros. I released my UNMASKED video 6960 hours before the Orlando shooting… 666. We are designing 666 this year due to it being the year of 666.  666 666 666 + 6 + 6 6 = 2016. This year we had the date 6/6/16. I released my Trident report on 5/5/15. We use the number 111 to represent a Trident tip 111


Read through my website and you’ll see that we design with Jewish, English and Simple Gematria. The Pulse logo is P. The common Gematria number in the three that we design with for P is 666. 6 is the last whole number in all three Gematria… 666. Invert the three Ps and they’ll appear like three sixes.

I talked about Trident lights in my Purple 13 page before the Orlando shooting. Look at the light outside Omar Mateen’s house.

 Numerous reports said 50 dead 53 injured. 50 + 53 = 103. Then numerous reports said 49 dead. 4+9 =13. . The Pulse Nightclub address is 1912 S Orange Ave, Orlando. 1+9+1+2 = 13. Purple 13… Perfect Design!!!

The Pulse nightclub with a Purple interior

Purple crime scene photo

They used a Purple logo when warning people during the shooting. The Purple logo was changed not long after the shooting.

Purple promotion poster that was used just days before the shooting. Look at the prices. 15 forms a pyramid with the two 5s below it. 5/5/15… The date I released my Trident report. “Orlando City and San Jose Earthquakes stop play at the 49th minute to honour the 49 victims in the Orlando tragedy” Notice the Orlando City team uses the color Purple. 4 + 9 = 13… Purple 13!!!

There’s 7 7s in my Will/Trident tattoo and one mirrored seven. 7X7 = 49. 49 people reported dead. There’s 7 colors in a Rainbow. I infiltrated the Trident submarine programme and released my Trident report on the date we tattooed on my arm 7 years before I released it. The names of the boats/submarines are  Vanguard Vigilant Vengeance Victorious. God showed me The Light!!!


The Book Of Genesis Chapter One Verse Four “And God saw The Light, that it was good: and God divided The Light from the darkness.”

Purple 13 P4.1