The Zika Mosquito shares the same design as the boat in the I Pet Goat II video… I put it in my UNMASKED video that was released on the 239th day of the year in 2015. Look at the details and you’ll see the water drop from the Zika Mosquito is at the same angle as the water spread from The Lotus flower. The Zika Mosquito is on top of an underwater leaf. I talked about the Lotus flower in my 2015 reports… they rise from the depths like I did in  The Trident submarine Victorious. The Mosquito forms the boat shape. They share the exact same black and white duality pattern that I talked about in my 2015 reports. Etc Etc Etc… Perfect Prophetic Design!!!

The Boat in the I Pet Goat II / My UNMASKED video is Anubis

I revealed the prophetic details in the Zika Prophecy in 2016. I showed the Black & White similarities between the Zika mosquito & Anubis in 2016.

Go onto the I Pet Goat II website ( and you’ll see the boat is Anubis, the man in the boat is Amun Ra and the animation is called I Pet Goat II. “The Christ character in his boat is reminiscent of Ra, the Egyptian sun god who travels the sky in his celestial boat. In the evening he descends into the underworld, a sort of death. And in the morning he is resurrected and lights up the sky. The theme of resurrection was an important motif in the life of Egyptians. Anubis, the jackal-headed god, is the Greek name for the earlier Egyptian Deity Anapa. He is associated with the afterlife and protects the souls of men in their journey through the underworld.”  147 has been in my top three numbers since I was old enough to think “what’s my favorite number?” 147 is the number I used in A John Hunt email address when releasing my Trident report… JohnHunt147147 is the number I used when designing the Zika virus prophecy. I sent the prophetic Zika message with my William Lewis Facebook account. William Lewis = 147 in Gematria. Amun Ra Aka Amon Ra Aka Amen Ra was depicted on the walls in Ancient Egypt. The original height of The Great Pyramid is 147 Meters.

Near the beginning of 2016, I sent a private message with my William Lewis Facebook account saying we can make the numbers in the spread of Zika match my numbers.

My prophecy was fulfilled with an extraordinary amount of detail and design. I sent those messages before these news stories broke. I clearly designed with the numbers 147 and 157… then the numbers appeared in the spread of Zika… exactly like I predicted… “CDC update: 147 Zika cases in U.S.” “US Now Has 147 Cases Of Zika Virus: CDC” Look at the Zika reports from around the time of my birthday in 2016 and you’ll see the number 157. AUGUST 9, 2016 Report “Here’s something going right in Rio: Weather has eased Zika fears” ” In a survey of the virus’s spread, Brazilian health officials estimated early this year that there are 157 cases of Zika infection for every 100,000 inhabitants in Rio” Aug 11, 2016  Report  “World’s Most Notorious Serial Killer is Small But Deadly” “To date, 157 women have tested positive for Zika in America, NPR reports.” Aug. 15, 2016 Report “The average number of mosquito days in Atlanta has risen from 140 days per year during the period from 1980 to 1989, to 157 mosquito days per year in the period since 2006. This is based on data from the National Institutes of Health.” Aug. 5, 2016 Report  “We have already seen a perfect storm of mosquitos, virus, and lack of access to reproductive health care. The world watched it happen in Brazil, where before the Zika outbreak, the country reported on average 157 registered cases of microcephaly per year.”   The number 157 appeared frequently in the Zika news stories after I talked about the virus.  Here’s some other reports “Zika infection numbers in the state of Rio are the highest in the country, with infection rates at 157 per 100,000 inhabitants.” “There are 157 pregnant women in the U.S. with possible Zika infection. Republicans don’t care.” “(CNN)The number of pregnant women with the Zika virus in the United States has more than tripled, increasing from 48 to 157, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.” “the US and Puerto Rico test positive for the Zika virus, CDC warns 157 pregnant women in the US”

Near the beginning of 2016 I done an interview with Russia Today / RT. In the interview I wore a tie clip with “147 WILL 157” engraved.

I done the interview before those news stories broke. My interview in February 2016 wasn’t live. My interview was published on Russia Today on 26 Feb, 2016 20:07. Here’s the link  Notice the 333 and 777 in the URL. Watch the interview and you’ll see The Phoenix at the end. With God’s help, I have fulfilled The Phoenix prophecies in an extreme amount of detail. My interview was published on Russia Today / RT…Published time: 26 Feb, 2016 20:07. Notice the published date is the 26th and published time is 27 in numerology. These two news articles by CNN and Tech Times fulfilled my 147 Zika prophecy when they talked about Zika and the number 147 in their reports that were published on the 26th and 27th of February. I wore the tip clip with 147 WILL 157 on it in an interview that was reported on by numerous news agencies on the 26th of February… the same day the CNN and other news agencies broke the 147 Zika news story… Fulfilling my 147 Zika spread prophecy that I made earlier that month!!!

You can see I sent the Zika Prophecy message with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account on 2/3/16. You can see the messages say February. They say 2/3 because it is in US dating format.  The date is the second of February 2016. My 147 appearing in the Zika spread prophecy was fulfilled on the 26th when CNN and others broke the 147 Zika news stories. The tip of my WILL/Trident tattoo is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet. The 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet is a Trident Ψ. The 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet is Ψ called PSI. PSI at sea level is 14.7 Ψ.  2/3/16. From the date of my prophecy 2/3/16 till the day it was fulfilled 26/2/16 is exactly 23 days AKA 2 days and 3 weeks. You see, the prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with an extraordinary amount of detail and design. I am God’s Servant… The King… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


The interview was reported on by numerous news agencies across Earth. I sent the prophetic 147 Zika spread message with my William Lewis Facebook account. I said the numbers in the spread of Zika would match the numbers I used… Then The CDC put out Zika reports with the same numbers… 147 and 157.


My final report was my 13th report. After that I created on a perfectly designed date. From my final report on 25/12/15 to and including the creation of date 5/2/16 = 1032 hours. There’s a lot more detail in the design than that. Too much for one page.


132 in numerology. 1 + 3 + 2 = 6   1x3x2 = 6   (1 / 3) * 2 = 0.66666666666666666666666… 

555…  5+5+5=15  5/5/15… In 2015 I turned 26. First four numbers for  2015 / 132 = 15.26. In 2016 I turned 27… 2016 / 132 = 15.272727272727272727272727272727… In 2017 I’ll be 28… 2017 / 132 = 15.28 (2dp). In 2018 I will turn 29… 2018 / 132 = 15.29 (2dp). In 2019 I’ll turn 30… 2019 / 132 = 15.30 (2dp). The common number is 15… 5+5+5 = 155/5/15. Perfect design and synchronicity with my date of birth, the value of my name, the dating system and The Prophecies!!!

The Design and synchronicity for the hidden number in design 333 is perfect in the year 1989… I was born on the 222nd day in 1989… 10/8/89.

(1989 + 3 + 3 + 3) / (3 + 3 + 3) = 222. I was born on the 222nd day in 1989.

(1989 + 3 + 3 + 3) = 1998. 3+3+3 = 99 rotated = 6… From the first day in 1998 … 1/1/1998 till the date I released my Trident report (The date in my WILL/Trident tattoo) 5/5/15 is 6333 days. 6 x 333 = 1998 -3 -3 -3 = 1989.

10/8/89 or 10/08/89 or 10/8/1989 … All three formats for my date of birth fit the design with Perfection because they were designed by God to fulfill the prophecies in an extreme amount of detail and design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!  


10889 / 333 = 33 (0DP) Tri = 3. Triangle burnt on my right arm, Trident tattooed on my left arm 33. The other 3 is hidden. The Phoenix wears 33.


10889 / 333 = 33 (0DP)

10889 / 333 = 32.699699699699699699699… 699 days = 99 weeks and 6 days. Combing the mirrored numbers: 966 + 669 = 1635. 1635 + 5361 = 6996.


100889 / 333 = 303 (0DP) = 33 in numerology.

100889 / 333 = 302.9699699699699699… 69 days = 9 weeks and 6 days.

6s and 9s are interchangeable in The Design. My passport was featured by one of the world’s biggest news agencies, on the day of the Trident vote. My passport has been in numerous news articles and appears in numerous searches online. I sent the passport with my Trident report. You can see my date of birth with my signature below it…


6s and 9s are interchangeable in the design. 696, 699, 999, 966, 996… 6x6x6 = 216.  I showed the design on in 20162016 = 216 in numerology. Divide my date of birth 1081989 by 333 and after the point you get .216216216216216216216216216216216216216


 (1989 + 3 + 3 + 3) / 3 = 666

 (1989 + 3 + 3 + 3) / 6 = 333

(1989 + 3 + 3 + 3) / 9 = 222


I told people in my 2015 reports that 333 is the hidden number in design. 3 + 3 = 6 + 3 = 9. 

Divide my date of birth (10/8/89) by the Illuminati and America’s year of birth and you’ll see 369 recurring over and over and over again.

10889 / 1776 =  6.13119369369369369369369369369369369369369369…

1776… 1+7+7+6 = 21… 2 + 1 = 3.      613119… 6+1+3+1+1+9 = 21… 2 + 1 = 3.  Perfect Design for The 33.

111 is a number used to represent a Trident tip. I got Trident in my title on the date encoded in my WILL/Trident tattoo 5/5/15. 613119 divided by 5515 = 111 (0dP)

The Phoenix WillIAM McNeilly = 1776 in Gematria. The Illuminati was created in 1776.


I created in 2016 and I first Illuminated people with these details on my site in 2016.

10889 / 1776 =  6.13119369369369369369369369369369369369369369…

2016 = 216 in numerology. Divide 613119 by 1776 and you will see the number 216 recurring over and over and over…
The numbers in  613119 arranged in numerical order = 111369 = The Trident Tip and 369
Etc Etc Etc


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