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The Source Of All Your Dreams, created and opened on 11/7/17 Hebrew Date 17 Tamuz 5777

The video below is my recording of a YouTube video that is titled “If You Build It, They Will Come – Field of Dreams (1989)”. The aim of that video’s creator was to show people that famous quote in the movie Field of Dreams. However, that quote isn’t in the movie. That is what people call The Mandela Effect. My recording shows people reacting to the video. They are surprised to find that quote isn’t in the movie. The movie clearly says “If you build it, He Will Come”

I uploaded the video below on 11/7/17

 (Field Of Dreams = 117 in Simple Gematria)

My 4:44 minute screen recording was of Ruben Lopez‘s video “If You Build It They Will Come“.

When it come to the title “Builder” people instantly think of The Freemasons and The 33rd Degree.

(If You Build It They Will Come = 30in Simple Gematria)

Ruben Lopez made the video and I came along and recorded it.

Here’s the link to Ruben Lopez‘s video 

( = 30in Simple Gematria)

The Phoenix wears 33 around its neck

My first reported on interview ended with The Phoenix

The link to my recording at the start of this page =

( =  1998 English and 333 Simple Gematria)

1998 –3 –3 –3 = 1989

I showed The 1998 and 333 Design on this site, months before I uploaded that video to YouTube. If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you will know that you have no control over The URL / Web Address. Change one letter in the web address for my video and it would no longer equal 1998 and 333.

Everything in this Realm can be controlled to fit The Design!!!  I was not able to control the web address given to me by YouTube, but it still equalled the exact number required for The Design because I serve THE SOURCE OF ALL YOUR DREAMS!!!

The Light from this webpage is being sent to your eyes and interpreted by your brain because the WWW was created in 1989, Field of Dreams was created in 1989 and I was born in 1989. Three essential parts in The Design of this webpage, all born in The Same Year… for The Design!!! “Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.”

The Phoenix is also shown with AB around its neck. My first televised interview was about The Trident Nuclear Weapons programme. In The Trident Nuclear Weapons programme, I wore AB around my neck. The letters “AB” appeared in front of my name in numerous newspapers. The picture below was created and publicly released many years before I released The Trident Report. Phoenix symbolism was around way before my body was born. I was born in 1989. “ORDO AB CHAO A Latin expression, meaning Order out of Chaos. A motto of the Thirty-third Degree, and having the same allusion as lug e tenebris, which see in this work. The invention of this motto is to be attributed to the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish petite at Charleston, and it is first met with in the Patent of Count de Grasse, dated February 1, 1802.”

In my screen recording, you can see that I highlight the number 2013. The YouTube video in my recording was uploaded to YouTube in 2013. According to IMDB, Field of Dreams Blu-ray premiere happened in 2013. “Greece 9 September 2013 (Blu-ray premiere)”

(WillIAM Lewis = 2013 in Jewish Gematria)

Flip The Star in The Ordo AB Chao picture… WL 

The screenshot below shows the Field of Dreams release dates. You can see that it starts with 1989 and ends with 2013.

WillIAM Lewis and WillIAM McNeilly are both my names. I have bank accounts, qualifications Etc, in both names.

The Field of Dreams movie was based on the book written by William Patrick Kinsella.

This page was opened on 17 Tamuz 5777

(William Patrick Kinsella Field Of Dreams = 1757 in Jewish Gematria)

William Patrick Kinsella Died in 2016 with numerous other celebrities. was created in 2016.

 . “Field of Dreams (1989) PG | 147min”


(William Patrick Kinsella = 1447 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria)

 Look at my countries flag and you’ll see My Star of David.

WILL and My Star of David.

If you build it, He WILL COMe

My video started with 1 / 0:32 Highlighted and Kevin Costner on the screen.

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(The Source Of All Dreams = 1320 in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(A Kevin Costner Movie = 1320 in English Gematria)

(Kevin Costner 1132 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

All 1032 English Gematria values = 172 in Simple Gematria. In my recording at the start of this page, you can see that I highlighted 1 / 0:32, then I showed that the guy had 172 subscribers when I took that screen recording of his video. He built the channel, made his video… then I came along… with Perfect Timing and Design!!! 


The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria. When my Trident Report against The Trident Nuclear Weapons base hit the international news, I was in Bavaria… 1578KM from The Trident Nuclear Weapons base, according to a Google map route calculation. That is proven by my bank because I lifted money there. Proven by the police who knew that I flew from that location. Proven by because I paid for my hotels online. It’s a proven, witnessed and verifiable fact.

(The Source Of All Your Dreams = 1578 in Jewish Gematria)

Understand that a mere man has no control over the distants between locations. My Trident report made international news between 2015 and 2016. Can you guess how much tax a payed that year? Everything is controlled by THE SOURCE OF ALL YOUR DREAMS!!!

The level of lucidity in the average human, is extremely low. Even the ones who think they are lucid, are just in a dream state. They don’t understand that they are never fully in control, and they never will be.

A man dreams that he is chasing a flying briefcase that is full of money. His mind in the dream is fully focused on catching the money. He runs and he runs but he can’t catch the money. He never stops to think. The fact that the briefcase is flying should alert him to the fact that he is in a Designed Reality, but he never thinks. His mind is controlled and fully focused on the desire to catch the money. In the morning, his alarm goes off and he thinks that he is awake. Then he spends his entire day chasing money. When he sees buildings turn to dust on 911, he never wonders how and why. He continues to believe that he lives on spinning space ball… while focusing on catching money until the day he dies.

It doesn’t matter how obvious The Changes in this reality are… some people are not ready to woken up. They want to catch that briefcase. They want to believe that they are awake… while they follow their dreams.

More Details Coming Soon…