The Nobel Peace Prize page was created and opened at 11:10 on 11/10/2017.

The Trident Tip 111

(The Nobel Peace Prize = 1110 in English Gematria)

When you read through this entire page, try to think about the odds of achieving this level of Design. Just days before this webpage opened, Ican / The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons won The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Searching ‘Ican’ at 33 minutes past midnight, on the night Ican won The Nobel Peace Prize, showed the news article about me welcoming The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize win; at The Top of the Google search. That news article was on the front page of Russia Today / RT, and was shared by multiple news agencies.  Russia Today / RT has recognition as a major mainstream and alternative media news platform. The Trident Tip = 111… I am The Man with Trident in his Title!!! 

The Nobel Peace Prize is recognised as the number one prize among The Best Prizes on Earth. Many people dream of being on the front page of a major news platform for The Nobel Peace Prize, on the day it is awarded. The dreams of men are easily fulfilled. When you finish reading through this page, you’ll see that no man can ever dream of welcoming a Nobel Peace Prize win in the amount of Detail and Design that I achieved with GOD’s Guidance. This page contains witnessed, documented and easily verifiable facts. Feel free to try and prove me wrong.

The Nobel Peace Prize is for all of the Anti-Nuclear Activists… the people who were wise enough to stand against wasting money on nuclear weapons. I made it onto the front page of a major news platform and to The Top of the Google search ‘Ican’ on The Day Ican won The Nobel Peace Prize because of my Trident Report. The Trident Report made international news, The Top story on Wikileaks, remained on the Wikileaks front page for months, caused protests, caused the UK parliament to gather for a debate, got proven right and made the news again multiple news in 2015, 2016 and 2017 Etc Etc Etc.

Anti Nuclear Weapon protesters love me.

They have invited me to weddings, made a huge banner with my name on it, walked around with signs with my name on them, supported my release from the military without charges, Etc.

A supporter of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holds a placard during a gathering outside the Ecuador embassy in London, Britain June 19, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth “William McNeilly published an 18-page report this weekend titled The Secret Nuclear Threat. The dossier detailed what McNeilly referred to as “complete lack of concern for security” regarding the Trident nuclear weapons programme, suggesting that it would be easily open to a terrorist attack. The report was published online by Wikileaks, alongside a photo of McNeilly’s Navy ID card.” “The weapons engineer is almost certain to face a court martial and likely to be charged under the Official Secrets Act 1989 which sets out that someone is guilty if they make a damaging disclosure of any information, document or other article relating to defence without lawful authority.”

I WillIAM McNeilly, released The Secret Nuclear Threat report against The Trident system on 5/5/15.

5+5+5 = 15

(WillIAM McNeilly The Secret Nuclear Threat = 2555 in Jewish Gematria)

To Truly see how amazing this Design is, you must understand Probability & The Butterfly Effect. If I didn’t release that report, I wouldn’t have welcomed The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize with Perfect Prophetic Timing and Design.

2 x 555 = 1110

The Trident Tip 111

(The Nobel Peace Prize = 1110 in English Gematria)

The Simple, English and Jewish Gematria values shown on this site, are unchangeable and true mathematical facts. The letter values are set and recognised worldwide. The Design is shown with Simple, English and Jewish Gematria because The Design was/is made with them… it is also for consistency in Design!!! “We have created an official petition to support the Trident whistleblower, William McNeilly.” “Former Navy Commander backs Trident Whistleblower” “Rob Green, a former Commander in the Royal Navy, has praised the Trident Whistleblower, William McNeilly, for his “courageous action”. He said “the RN is out of its depth operating the existing Trident system”. Commander Green added that this dangerous situation would only get worse” “Meanwhile, public support for McNeilly has mushroomed. More than 6,700 people have signed an online petition calling for him to be pardoned, a Scottish Parliamentary motion praising him as “courageous” has been signed by 27 MSPs – and his raft of allegations have also been backed by a nuclear security expert from the respected Chatham House think tank in London, Dr John Borrie. “We should be very worried,” he said.”

During the nuclear standoff between the United States and North Korea, I appeared in the news again for highlighting the ‘hypocrisy’ and the risk of allowing mad men to be in control of Nuclear Weapons. The realisation of what I highlighted in that article, is one of the main reasons Ican won The 2017 Nobel Peace Price, a month later.

(The Trident Whistle Blower WillIAM McNeilly: “People Who Say Nukes Deter War Must Reconsider” = 8111 in Jewish Gematria)

 For years people argued that nuclear weapons create peace by preventing attacks with fear. I said:  ‘People who say nukes deter war must reconsider’. People reconsidered the idea of nuclear weapons creating peace. They agreed with me, and concluded that the best path to peace, is The Path of Unity and Disarmament. From the day I asked people to reconsider the idea of nukes deterring war in that news article, to the day of A Biblical Star Sign = 1032 Hours Exactly!!!

1032 Hours Exactly!!!

I laugh at the fools who claim that there is no Gematria Design in this world or in the news. I have made international news and made the front page of major news platforms for years in a row. I Design with Gematria. Therefore, no-one can say that there is no Gematria Design in the news. This Entire Realm is Designed. If you change just one letter, the final value of The Words wouldn’t create the perfect Gematria Design. 1032 is a four digit number… think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect!!!

(Gematria Design = 132 in simple Gematria)

(Peace Prize: W. Mcneilly = 1320 in English Gematria)

(The Son Of Peace = 132 in simple Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Illuminati Card Game = 1032 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

The woman on the right with the pink glasses and grey hair, is The Nobel Peace Prize Committee chair: Berit Reiss-Andersen. She awarded Ican with The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. All of my reports were released in 2015. In those reports, I told people that the Illuminati Card Game is Prophetic.

For my first reported on interview about The Trident Report, I grew long Ginger hair and a beard. I have Ginger hair, blue eyes and a Triangle on my right arm… just like the Antiwar Activist in the Illuminati Card Game. That card was released decades before Ican won The Nobel Peace Prize on 10 / 6 / 17.

In United States dating format, The Noble Peace Prize was awarded to The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons on 10 / 6 / 17… The Perfect Date for The Son of Peace Design!!!

10 / 6 / 17

(The  KJV Bible Luke 10V6 And If The Son Of Peace Be There, Your Peace Shall Rest Upon It If Not, It Shall Turn To You Again = 1070 in Simple Gematria Equals)

(KJV Luke 10V6 And If The Son Of Peace Be There, Your Peace Shall Rest Upon It If Not, It Shall Turn To You Again = 1007 in Simple Gematria)


A photo of my passport made international news with The Trident Report. My signature is visible on that passport: W. McNeilly.

(W. McNeilly = 696 in English Gematria)

(The King James Version  Luke 10:6 And If The Son Of Peace Be There, Your Peace Shall Rest Upon It If Not, It Shall Turn To You Again = 6996 in English Gematria)

The video above was recorded and uploaded to YouTube just hours after ‘Ican’ won The Nobel Peace Prize. It shows the news article about me at the top of the Google search ‘Ican’ at 00:33. The link to the video:

( = 6906 in Jewish Gematria)

(Peace Symbol = 696 in English Gematria)

6s and 9s are rotatable in The Design.

(Peace Symbol = 666 in Jewish Gematria) was created in 2016. Numerous people in the media contacted me in 2015 for an interview, but I turned them all down and waited until 2016 for The Design. The world first heard my voice in my first reported on interview about Trident in 2016.

(The Trident King WillIAM McNeilly = 2016 in English Gematria)

666+666+666+6+6+6 = 2016

6x6x6 = 216

I got Trident in my Title after I released The Trident Report. The Trident Report was released after I rose from the sea in a nuclear armed Trident submarine. I was a Fast Track ET-WE-SM (SWS) in The Royal Navy: Fast Track Engineering Technician – Weapons Engineer – Submariner (Strategic Weapons System). That was what I had to wright when filling out forms. Some fools tried to say that I wasn’t an engineer because I only served for about two years. They don’t know what they are talking about. The military is different from civvy street. You have to score a high percentage on your joining tests before you can get into that branch. Then the training pace is a lot faster than civvy street. I went to college before joining The Royal Navy. In college, the teacher spent weeks teaching the class how to solder. The teacher literally wasted weeks teaching us the proper angles and letting us practice. Training in civvy street is slow because it benefits the teachers to drag ass. The more time they waste, the more money they make while teaching you. The Royal Navy is different. They are paying you while you train. It benefits them if you get it done asap. In The Royal Navy, the guy literally spent about a minute showing us how to solder a wire Haha Then we had to build a radio within the week. If you failed to complete the tasks in training, you get removed from the squad and thrown into the next squad. If you fail again, your ass can be thrown out or moved to a different branch. I passed every single test first time.

 I done engineering training, got engineering qualifications, done maintenance on the strategic weapons system, got numerous maintenance tasks signed off while on patrol and I had to write ‘Engineering Technician’ when signing shit. Obviously the first rank isn’t the highest engineering level. The level of maintenance tasks you can perform increases as you move up the ranks. The highest maintenance tasks are carried out by specialists. Saying that I was an ‘Engineering Technician’ on the Strategic Weapons System, is simply stating what my job title was. If you disagree, then your problem is with The Royal Navy.

I received fast track promotion and I was just months away from going on the Leading Hand course.  If I stayed in The Royal Navy, my title would have been ‘Leading Hand McNeilly‘.

(Leading Hand McNeilly = 666 in Jewish Gematria)

(Leading Hand McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in simple Gematria)

(Peace Prize: W. Mcneilly = 1320 in English Gematria)

(The Son Of Peace = 132 in simple Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(Illuminati Card Game = 1032 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 172 in Simple Gematria)

(One Seven Two = 157 in Simple Gematria)

(The Peace Prize Prophecy = 1507 in Jewish Gematria)

(Beast from The Sea = 157 in Simple Gematria)

(Revelation 13:18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” = 1572 in Simple Gematria)

(A Trident Whistle Blower = 1572 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly Trident = 1572 in English Gematria)


(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(One Three Two = 888 in English Gematria)

(The NIV Bible Revelation 13V18 “This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” = 8880 in English Gematria)

After I rose from the sea in The Trident submarine Her Majesty’s Ship Victorious, I wrote The 18 paged Trident Report in my 8 sided bedroom; that according to an official Google map route calculation is An 888 Hour walk from The Great Pyramid.

The 23rd Letter in The Greek Alphabet = Ψ The Trident / PSI. “At sea level, Earth’s atmosphere actually exerts a pressure of 14.7psi.”

23/9/17 AKA 23/9/2017 AKA 23/09/2017

2392017 ÷ 23 = 104000.7 (One Decimal Place)

23092017 ÷ 23 = 1004000.7 (One Decimal Place)

(The WilL Design = 147 in Simple Gematria)

(WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria)

The Original Height of The Great Pyramid = 147M. “Great Pyramid is the largest in Giza and towers some 481 feet (147 meters) above the plateau.”

(One Four Seven Pyramid = 1470 in English Gematria)

(Eight Eight Eight = 147 in Simple Gematria)

When The Mirrors Come One…

147 + 741 = 888

I was born in LEO. From The Day I was born (10/8/89) to and including The Day of A Biblical Star Sign (23/9/17) that symbolises The King in ISRAEL = 888,000,000 seconds 3 significant figures… 3 very significant figures!!!

It is Exactly 3,888,000 seconds from my birthday in 2017 to and including The Date of The Biblical Star Sign 23/9/17.

3,888,000 seconds Exactly!!!

The 888 Time Distance Design from my Birth to The Great Star Sign that represents birth. Take a minute to think about that level of Design. It was my bruised heel that appeared in the images.

(Triple Eights = 888 in English Gematria)

For my flight through the sky to ISRAEL, I was known as A Mr W. McNeilly by the airline.

The screenshot below is from the airline’s website. They called me Mr W. McNeilly and had The A A A Design beside the name. Anyone who booked a flight with KLM and logged onto their website around that time, will have seen The A A A Design beside their name. KLM is a huge and popular airline.

A is The Pyramid Symbol. Pay attention to The Details in the world around you and you’ll see that Enlightened people like Stanley Kubrick put The A in front of their name. For Example: Most people call this movie ‘Clockwork Orange’, but it’s actually called A Clockwork Orange for The Pyramid Design.

888 + 888 = 1776

(Great Star Sign & A Great Pyramid = 1776 in English Gematria)

(THE TRINITY = 888 in English Gematria)

My Trident Report against The UK’s Nuclear Weapon system made international news and put me on the front page of a major news agency’s website for years in a row. Very few people seen The Design in my WILL/Trident Tattoo. They seen The WILL Design, but they failed to see the Trident Design.

(Trident Design 888 in English Gematria)

(Nuclear Weapon 888 in English Gematria)

(Divine Plan 888 in Jewish Gematria)

(Divine Presence 888 in English Gematria)

(The House of GOD 888 in English Gematria)

(Coming Truth 888 in English Gematria)

(Scriptures 888 in English Gematria)

(Simple Gematria = 888 in English Gematria)

(English Gematria = 888 in English Gematria)

(Jewish Gematria = 888 in English Gematria)

I got fast track promotion and the best student award ahead of people who had served in The Royal Navy for years longer than me. My training squad contained around twenty people. One of the guys in my training squad had served for about 7 years before he switched to the ET SWS branch. He was a smart guy, but he didn’t get Fast Track promotion or The Best Student award. Another guy served 5 years, left The Royal Navy for awhile, then he rejoined as a SWS ET. He was also a really smart guy, but he never got Fast Track promotion or The Best Student Award. The Dolphins are given to ‘fully qualified submariners’. I got the first patrol after training and I got my Dolphins before those guys. If I didn’t achieve what I did, I wouldn’t have gotten the first patrol, and The Trident Report wouldn’t have been released with Perfect Timing and Design (5/5/15 5775). Achieving this Design hasn’t been easy, but everything was completed with Perfection. I got the award for being most excellent of men and that got me the first patrol on one of the four Trident submarines… The name of the submarine was Her Majesty‘s Ship Victorious. The Bible Psalm 45V4 “In your Majesty ride forth Victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.”

The Best Student award was this book. You can see that ET is in front of my name. FOST TTF = Flag Officer Sea Training Trident Training Facility.

Anyone who thinks I achieved all of that without knowing anything about nuclear weapons, is an idiot. The Royal Navy tried to downplay my report by saying that I only served about two years and didn’t have enough knowledge about security. In order to get your Dolphins, you have to sit a board. In that board, they grill you for hours and security is one of the main points. You have to know all the access points, how to get through those access points, every major building, every type of guard, the response times for every type of guard Etc Etc Etc. Are they saying I got my Dolphins without knowing enough about security? That’s a major security risk.

Some of the people guarding the submarines had served less time than me. ABs guard the submarines and control access to the submarines from the QM position. They inadvertently admitted that the people guarding the submarines don’t know enough about security. Anyone who thinks I didn’t know anything accessing The Trident submarines, is an idiot… I accessed those submarines numerous times… I worked on them!

I seen first hand how shit the security was. At the end of every patrol, the inverters are removed from the Trident missiles. My branch was the SWS / Strategic Weapons System branch. When removing the inverters: The ET SWS guys set up the tools and pass the tools to the Petty Officers. I got Inverter installation and inverter removal signed off in my task book. During the removal, the guy let me climb the mini ladder and stick half of my body inside the Trident missile for a look. Prior to leaving for the patrol, I had brought massive unchecked bags onboard and my DV / vetting / security clearance wasn’t complete. If you can’t see how allowing people that don’t have proper security clearance onboard a nuclear submarine with unchecked bags isn’t a security risk, then you’re an idiot.

In The Trident Report, I released quotes from official documents which clearly explained: Those missiles are packed with a highly explosion material, and if one missile explodes onboard, it will cause a chain reaction. It won’t cause nuclear detonation; however, it would launch radioactive material over a large area. Don’t forget those submarines contain nuclear reactors.  Don’t forget that this Realm is full of mad men who want to blow shit up and kill people.

There were numerous mainstream news articles released about me and The Trident Report. The Times released multiple news articles about me. In those news articles, they tried to make me look like a crazy Russian Spy, by claiming that I confessed to extremely serious offences that I did not commit or confess to committing. Their headlines claimed that I was learning Russian and called for me to be hunted. If I was found guilty of working with the enemy, I could’ve been thrown in prison for life. “assisting an enemy – more serious charges which carry a maximum term of life imprisonment- as the prosecution would have to be able to prove that he released the information to deliberately assist an enemy or ‘wage war’ against the UK.”

If the liars at The Times had their way, I could’ve been charged for crimes that I did not commit or confess to committing. Not everyone in the mainstream media is bad; however, the mainstream media does contain liars who whore themselves out to the Military Industrial Complex. I don’t serve the Russians… I don’t serve any nation… I serve THE TRUE GOD. You want to make yourselves our enemy? Even those declare themselves our enemy, will walk A Design Path. Watch the video below and you’ll see that ‘coincidences’ happen when people make themselves our enemy. I almost want to thank them for attacking me because that was a requirement in The Design. The mainstream media’s reputation has descended to the point were it benefits you to be attacked Haha

I played chess with about a dozen people in The Royal Navy. Most of them claimed to be good at chess. I acted like a weak chess player and I beat every single person that I played. You can act as tough as you want but you cannot win this game. Every major move has already been completed. Look at everything I have done… you’ll see that imprisonment and death aren’t things that I fear. A couple of weeks before this page opened, I was walking through police road blocks in Palestinian territory… on a deadly day. If you look at everything that I have done, you’ll see that I have publicly insulted the ‘prophet’ Muhammad, publicly called for the destruction of the dome of the rock Etc Etc Etc. There was no fear when I walked through crowds of Palestinians to take some pictures in Bethlehem. If they wanted a fight to the death, they would’ve gotten one. Various types of people have tried to threaten me: members of the military, the media, religious people, brainwashed overzealous nationalistic morons Etc Etc Etc. There is literally no point in threatening a man who only fears GOD. Some guy sent me threats on Facebook; then he blocked me when I replied to his message. The coward probably thought I was going to be detained for a lot longer than I was. If you don’t have the guts to do something, then don’t make threats.

If you look at the Whistle Blowers card in the Illuminati Card Game, you’ll see that the Whistle Blower in the card has short Ginger hair… just like me. You’ve got think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect. Ginger hair is a rare hair colour. It’s a woman trying to make people target the Whistle Blower. It was a female reporter who claimed that I said and done things that I never said and done; in order to make people think that I am a Russian Spy. Then she got put into the same intensive care unit as the most famous Russian.

My Trident Report was first released by the media on 17/5/15. On 17/5/15, The Trident Report made international news… images of me and The Trident Report, travelled through the clouds for the world to see. “When G‑d created time, He first created night and then day. Therefore, a Jewish calendar date begins with the night beforehand. While a day in the secular calendar begins and ends at midnight, a Jewish day goes from nightfall to nightfall.”

Hebrew ‘days’ start at night. Night time on The 5th of October 2017 (Gregorian), was the beginning of the day Ican won The Nobel Peace Prize.

From 17/5/15 to 23:9:17 (Hours minutes seconds) on 5 Oct 2017  = 239.17% of a common year.

239.17% of a common year… Perfect Prophetic Timing and Design!!!

A Biblical Star Sign Prophecy was fulfilled on 23/9/17, while I was in ISRAEL.

If you can show me another man who has flown though the clouds and arrived in ISRAEL, with this amount of Prophetic Detail and Design, then I will send you money. You can select any man that has ever lived in this Realm. To see The Details, make sure the 5:55 minute video below is in HD.

From 17/5/15 to 23:9:17 (Hours minutes seconds) on 5 Oct 2017  = 239.17% of a common year.

239.17% of a common year

In ISRAEL’s Timezone, The Biblical Star Sign Aligned with Absolute Perfection at 23:00 on 23/9/17.

The media released The Trident Report on 17/5/15. I released The Trident Report to the media on 5/5/15.

From 5/5/15 to 23:00 on 23/9/17 = 239.17% of a common year.

You’ve really got to think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect. What are the odds of Achieving this level of Design?  If you change those times by just one hour, it wouldn’t equal 239.17% of a common year… think about that. Perfect Prophetic Timing and Design is an understatement.

Men dream of welcoming a Nobel Peace Prize win… but no man can ever dream of fulfilling Prophecies in The Amount of Detail and Design that I have achieved with GOD’s Guidance… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

1 John 5:“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

WILL in Roman Numerals = 5515050

W – VV – 55

I – 1

L – 50

L – 50

WILL = 5515050

The picture of me holding up the date 5/5/15 was written in reverse and taken in a Mirror… That picture made international news with The Trident Report.

Hebrew is read from LEft to right.

5515050 Read as 0505155

5 x 5155 = 25775

My first report was The Trident Report. That report put me on the front page of major news sites for years in a row.

I got Trident in my Title by releasing The Trident Report at the age of 25… on The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo: 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775.




A Biblical Star Sign Prophecy was fulfilled on 23/9/17.

You see, no man can even dream of welcoming The Nobel Peace Prize win with this amount of Detail and Design. I take no glory because none of this would be possible without GOD. Humans are fools. I am not worthy of being called a fool compared to GOD because no man can be compared to GOD!!!