The Tower Tarot published and open at 1:57PM on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777 “Many feared dead “scene from a horror movie” as high rise building collapsed after fire in downtown Tehran Iran” “At least 75 people, including 45 firefighters, were injured when a blazing high-rise commercial building in downtown Tehran collapsed, Iranian state television reported on Thursday. One witness described the 17-storey tower’s collapse as like a “scene from a horror movie”. Meanwhile, other Iranian media reports suggested that over 30 firefighters had been trapped and were feared dead.”



I have warned Iran since the 2015 reports and posted The Tower Tarot cards on this site wayyy before that Tower collapsed in 2017. The Tower Tarot card has been fulfilled in other EVEnts. In the video above you hear the people say “the old and worn out electricity wires” “a gas explosion caused by the fire may have been to blame for the collapse”.

Look at The Tower Tarot card below and you’ll see Electricity hitting The Tower and gassy clouds coming from The Tower. I uploaded that card to on the 8th of July 2016. The card was uploaded to The Purple 13 pages on

Screenshot of image above. Uploaded on July 8, 2016


From the day I uploaded The Tarot card until The Tower collapse in Iran is 6 months and 11 days.

6s and 9s are rotatable in Design.

When was the last time a fire was said to make a building collapse???

The Tower Tarot published and open on at 1:57PM on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777.

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