Anti Vaccine 2 opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 11/11/5778 2018 Report: “José Peralta, First Dominican-American Elected to New York State Senate, Dies at 47”. ““It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about not feeling well,” Mr. Sosa said. “He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.” Mr. Peralta was at home with his family on Wednesday night when he became disoriented. He was taken to the Elmhurst hospital and died there at 9:23 p.m., Mr. Sosa said.” 31 Jan 2018 Report: “Injecting minute amounts of two immune-stimulating agents directly into solid tumors in mice can eliminate all traces of cancer in the animals, including distant, untreated metastases, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The approach works for many different types of cancers, including those that arise spontaneously, the study found. The researchers believe the local application of very small amounts of the agents could serve as a rapid and relatively inexpensive cancer therapy that is unlikely to cause the adverse side effects often seen with bodywide immune stimulation. “When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumors all over the body,” said Ronald Levy, MD, professor of oncology. “This approach bypasses the need to identify tumor-specific immune targets and doesn’t require wholesale activation of the immune system or customization of a patient’s immune cells.” One agent is currently already approved for use in humans; the other has been tested for human use in several unrelated clinical trials. A clinical trial was launched in January to test the effect of the treatment in patients with lymphoma. Levy, who holds the Robert K. and Helen K. Summy Professorship in the School of Medicine, is the senior author of the study, which will be published Jan. 31 in Science Translational Medicine. Instructor of medicine Idit Sagiv-Barfi, PhD, is the lead author. ‘Amazing, bodywide effects’ Levy is a pioneer in the field of cancer immunotherapy, in which researchers try to harness the immune system to combat cancer. Research in his laboratory led to the development of rituximab, one of the first monoclonal antibodies approved for use as an anticancer treatment in humans.”


If you are Anti Vaccine now, would you still be Anti Vaccine if you got cancer and a Cancer Vaccine was released?

Think about the labels you accept. If you label yourself ‘Anti Vaccine’ then are you against researching cures that are administered by Vaccine? The ‘Anti Vaccine’ label suggests you are… unless you like being a hypocrite. Labelling yourself ‘Anti Vaccine’ puts you in a box… it’s as dumb as labelling yourself ‘right wing’ or ‘left wing’ and limiting yourself to the restricted views within The Box / The Cave… Caveman Mentality. You can be against certain Vaccines and be against certain Vaccine practises (which I personally am) while also realising that not all Vaccines are bad. I am against certain vaccines, I am against giving babies far too many vaccines, Etc; however, I am not against all vaccines or vaccine research. The ‘Anti Vaccine’ label is not a label that describes me… I don’t like labels. Anyone who labels themselves ‘Anti Vaccine’ is being a moron.

(Cancer Vaccine = 101 in Simple Gematria)

(Anti Vaccine = 101 in Simple Gematria) 31 Jan 2018 Report: “A clinical trial was launched in January to test the effect of the treatment in patients with lymphoma. Levy, who holds the Robert K. and Helen K. Summy Professorship in the School of Medicine, is the senior author of the study, which will be published Jan. 31 in Science Translational Medicine.”


From the day I first recorded myself in The Public Internet Archives (The Wayback Machine) saying “not all vaccines are bad” with the word ‘Cancer’ appearing randomly in the Anti Vaccine page (20 Dec 2017) to and including 31 Jan 2018 = 1032 Hours Exactly.

1032 Hours Exactly!!!

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

( = 1320 in English Gematria)

(Cancer = 132 in Jewish Gematria) 31 Jan 2018 Report: “Injection helps the immune system obliterate tumors, at least in mice”. “Our immune cells can destroy tumors, but sometimes they need a kick in the pants to do the job. A study in mice describes a new way to incite these attacks by injecting an immune-stimulating mixture directly into tumors. The shots trigger the animals’ immune system to eliminate not only the injected tumors, but also other tumors in their bodies.” “Hoping to develop a more potent approach, medical oncologist Ron Levy of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and colleagues used mice to test the cancer-fighting capabilities of some 20 molecules, including several types of antibodies that activate immune cells. The researchers first induced tumors by inserting cancer cells just below the skin at two different locations on the animals’ abdomens. After tumors started growing at both sites, the scientists injected the molecules, alone or in combination, into one tumor in each mouse. They then tracked the responses of both tumors. A pair of molecules—a type of DNA snippet called CpG and an antibody against the immune cell protein OX40—produced the best results. “On their own, they do almost nothing, but the combination is synergistic,” Levy says. When the researchers injected the two molecules into mouse tumors, they disappeared in less than 10 days. In less than 20 days, the noninjected tumors had also vanished, the team reports online today in Science Translational Medicine.” 2018 Report: “Chemotherapy-free ‘cancer vaccine’ moves from mice to human trials at Stanford“.



A Serial Killer page created on 11/22/2017, The Sacred Hebrew Date KISLEV / 4 / 5778

A Serial Killer page opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 11/11/5778 2018 Report: “A Roman Catholic deacon and former nurse went on trial in Belgium on Monday suspected of killing at least 10 people, including his own mother, by injecting air into their veins. Ivo Poppe, 61, dubbed the “Deacon of death” by local media, would be one of the worst serial killers in Belgian history if convicted in the trial in the town of Bruges.” “officials believe the real toll could be much higher, with the inquiry having established a list of at least 50 suspect deaths based on notes in his diary, which included a count of fatalities at the clinic. Most of the suspected victims died from an injection of air into their bloodstream.”

(Deacon of Death = 101 in Simple Gematria)

(Anti Vaccine = 101 in Simple Gematria) 2018 Report: “A German nurse who is already serving a life sentence for two murders has been charged with killing 97 more patients over several years at two hospitals in northwestern Germany”.  December 2017 Report: “Italian “ambulance of death” worker arrested on suspicion of murdering patients”. “Police in Italy have arrested an ambulance worker on suspicion of murdering people to earn money for a funeral parlour with alleged links to the mafia” “Local Italian media were referring to the case as the “ambulances of death” scandal, as the worker was accused of injecting air into the veins of patients while they were being transported in an ambulance, causing them to die of an embolism, the BBC said.”


‘Anti Vaccine’ & ‘A Serial Killer’ both pages created on in November 2017, before those December 2017 & 2018 news reports.

On the day I created A Serial Killer page on, I made two Serial Killer posts on Facebook. I commented the same message below the post so that you can clearly see that they are unedited. The messages were sent on 11/22/2017. Only selected friends can see the posts. Message me if you want to see the posts on Facebook.

(A Serial Killer = 132 in Simple Gematria)

A serial killer epidemic will be coming soon’ Prophecy created in 2017


(A Serial Killer Air Vaccine = 217 in English Gematria)

(A Serial Killer Air Vaccine = 1302 in English Gematria)

You can see my number of friends at the time of the screenshot above was 1302. I maintained my number of friends on Facebook at 1302 in 2017 and into 2018.

I deliberately added the word ‘Epidemic’ to my Serial Killer post.

The word ‘Epidemic’ is Perfectly linked with Injections & Death.

A Serial Killer page opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 11/11/5778

(A Vaccine Serial Killer = 1111 in Jewish Gematria)

(Illuminati Card Game = 1032 in English Gematria)

(A Serial Killer = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(A Serial Killer Air Vaccine = 1302 in English Gematria)

( = 1320 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(The Prophecy Designer = 1320 in English Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(The Servant = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 130in English Gematria)

(THE MOST HIGH 132 in Simple Gematria)

(THE LIVING GOD 132 in Simple Gematria)


The Trident Tip 111

(Ambulanza Della Morte = 1110 in Jewish Gematria)

(Serial Murderers = 1110 in English Gematria) “Police in Sicily say Davide Garofalo injected air into veins” “Working on what the Italian media has dubbed the “ambulanza della morte”, or ambulance of death, Davide Garofalo, 42, faces charges of voluntary homicide over the deaths of at least three people and possibly dozens more.” “The victims died from embolisms, caused when blood vessels are blocked – usually by a clot, a fat globule or an air bubble. More than 50 suspicious deaths involving Garofalo”.


(Serial Killer Davide Garofalo = 1506 in English Gematria)

(The Serial Murder = 1056 in English Gematria)

(Lethal Injections = 1056 in English Gematria)

(Injections & Death = 156 in Simple Gematria)

( = 156 in Simple Gematria)

(A serial killer epidemic will be coming = 1570 in Jewish Gematria)