Earth Realm 4 open on Hebrew Date 11/14/5777

I went to the moon with my dog rover… if you deny it, you are a crazy conspiracy theorist. My dog rover is still on the moon.


Still more believable than NASA’s rover. Not even joking… NASA has convinced people they took this thing to The Moon for a joy ride Haha People believe anything their authority figures tell them… and they have the cheek to laugh at the Scientology guys lol Gullible hypocrites.

Gif made from Official NASA footage showing NASA’s Rover


How can anyone believe this thing landed on The Moon??? Amazing.

It’s hard to believe that is the official NASA moon lander. Here is a link to NASA’s official website… go look at their images yourself.

Screenshot from NASA’s website.

This photo is from NASA’s website… how can anyone believe that thing landed on The Moon? Hahaha


You have to be a proper throbbing space cadet to believe this thing went to The Moon Hahaha


Prophecies Complete…