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The video below debunks the globe Earth model with a real scientific experiment that anyone can repeat to confirm the curvature of the globe Earth is nothing but science fiction. The experiment is conducted over water. Water maintains its level. The height of the bridge is shown. The distance is shown. The locations are shown. The only thing that isn’t shown in the video is curvature because believe it or not… you don’t live on a spinning space travelling ball!!!



Lake Ontario is FLAT! Fort Niagara, NY to Toronto


Now before you globe heads go Dr. Evil on me, can you tell me what height is curvature visible from? Standing on your towel at the beach? From the top of a building? A mountain? An Airplane?

At What Height is the Earth’s Curvature Visible?

They say “if Earth is Flat, why can’t we see for miles and miles?” We can see for miles and miles when the atmosphere is clear. Those people are too lazy to go look themselves and if you show them a photo or video proof, they say “it’s a mirage”. “Corsica photographed from Nice, photo of a true mirage” “The atmosphere swept by the storm Zeus on March 7 gave rise to an astonishing and beautiful picture of Corsica taken from Nice, about 200 km away. In truth, it is rather a picture of a “mirage” of the Island of Beauty. Explanations.” “So how was this view possible? “In fact, this is a mirage,” explains Patrick Rebillout, director of the weather center of Ajaccio”

200KM = 3.14KM (2dp) of Earth curvature. They know that the picture below debunks the ball Earth’s curvature so they call the picture a mirage. Does that look like a mirage to you? If you said yes, you need to WAKE UP!!!

Here comes Dr. Evil in a wheel chair with his lasers.

Now here comes Dr. Stephen Hawking in a wheel chair with his lasers. “It’s difficult to overstate the lethality of ALS, the condition with which Hawking lives. The disorder can befall anyone. It first brings muscle weakness, then wasting, then paralysis, ripping away the ability to speak and swallow and even breathe. The ALS Association says the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with the condition is between two and five years. More than 50 percent make it past year three. Twenty percent make it past year five. From there, the number plummets. Less than 5 percent make it past two decades. And then there’s Hawking. He has passed that two-decade mark twice — first in 1983, then in 2003. It’s now 2015. His capacity for survival is so great some experts say he can’t possibly suffer from ALS given the ease with which the disease traditionally dispatches victims.”

Proof of Stephen Hawking Faking Experiments in Attempt To Make The Globe Model Appear Real… with freaking LASERS Haha In reality, numerous people have used lasers to prove there’s no curvature. You can trust the deceivers or do your own experiment.



I was a fast track engineer technician / E.T on the UK’s strategic nuclear weapons system. My sub branches were navigation and fire control. I passed numerous tests on the navigation systems. That branch in the strategic weapons system has the highest classification. Some of the information is above Top Secret. Obviously I’m not going to talk about the systems or real maps in detail. Don’t believe what you read in newspapers like The Times. I have never confessed to recording Top Secret information and I have never released any Top Secret information or documents. The Trident report that was featured on the Wikileaks front page for months in 2015, does not contain Top Secret information and only highlights my concern for that information being released. Obviously I’m not going to talk about the details in the systems. What I will say is, they would not work on the globe Earth model. Submarine systems only work on a stationary plane. The theory that the low level employees get indoctrinated with, does not match up with the practical. The average unenlightened, compartmentalised employee does not question these details. Their mindset is focused on knowing what they need to know within their box. However, there are people who want to know everything about the systems. They want to understand the systems.

On one of my first days on patrol, a high ranking staff member asked me a question about the globe Earth model. I made the calculations and told him that it doesn’t make any  mathematical sense. The globe Earth model has major mathematical flaws. It can easily be disproved by anyone. After I told him it doesn’t make sense, he just smiled and said I know. He never told me that the globe model is wrong or that Earth is a plane, but it’s pretty obvious why he asked me to calculate that. I already knew scientists release fake science. I knew that since I was a kid. The flat Earth model isn’t new to me. Someone taught me it when I was kid. Knowing The Truth, makes you question everything. The amazing thing about all this, is the amount of people who believe in the globe Earth model and never see the obvious flaws.

Trapped in a world with hypnotised people who think they are apes spinning through space. is like being trapped in a mental  institute. They claim they are the ones who believe in “science”. In reality the globe Earth does not stand a chance against real science. The majority of them don’t know anything about the globe Earth model. They believe NASA’s photos of space are real… even though NASA says they are photoshopped images. They believe a pendulum proves Earth’s motion… even though pendulums are designed to move in a consistent pattern and are the known tool of a hypnotist. Anyone can buy a pendulum and see that it doesn’t move until you apply a force to it. The problem is people believe everything they are told. They are afraid to question authority because they don’t want to look like a “crazy Flat Earther”. In reality, they are the crazy ones. Crazy people ignore facts. Crazy people believe they are spinning, space travelling apes. They call those who believe in Scientology crazy, but they never seem to notice they have also been brainwashed by fake science. There are no real images of a ball Earth, there’s no proof of motion and the curvature of your fake ball Earth has been debunked. You must to be insane if you still want to hold on to those unscientific beliefs.

 Believing what “scientists”  tell you to believe does not put you on the side of science. I love science. Those who truly love science: question everything, everyone and stick to the facts. This world is full of deceivers. Don’t trust anyone. The Earth Realm pages Destroy the fake globe Earth model with facts that you can prove and see yourself. No-one will be able to read through all these pages, understand the fact based content and conclude they are an ape spinning through space. Sharing someone’s video in these pages, does not mean that I agree with everything that person says. Just pay attention to the facts they show. You don’t have to like a person or agree with everything they say, in order to recognise a fact if they present one. That is obvious to any true logical thinking person, but not the masses. Look at the political world and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Most people run on their beast emotions. The vast majority of people want to believe everything their enemy says is false. The Art of War teaches you to understand your enemy.  Defeating your enemy is easier when you know what they think they know and know why they think it. That is a good way to become Victorious. Even if they are at the bottom of the mountain, you must attempt to understand them. You can’t truly judge someone, if you don’t understand them.


Where’s the curvature?

Brisbane Australia. Reportedly recorded from 47KM away.