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Ask a globe head why they think Earth is a ball and they’ll tell you one of the many myths. One of the main myths being boats leaving your sight due to Earth’s curvature. This page completely debunks one of the most valued “globe Earth proofs” and completely descridets Bill Nye / One of the top globe Earth clowns. Most of them list this “proof” in their top three “proofs”. In reality, you can no longer see the objects at a distance because human eyes have limitations. This can be proven with real observable science. Get a pair of binoculars, a telescope or camera with zoom, zoom in, and you will see the object again. That would be impossible if the object went out of your vision due to curvature. Notice the object gets smaller as you zoom out. It leaves your vision because it’s too small for you to see it. The scientific method requires you to ask questions, make observations and conduct tests. If you never question what you are told, never observe and never test your own reality, then you aren’t on the side of real science. Real scientific testing disproves the claim “boats leave your vision due to curving around the ball Earth”.

If ships went out of your vision due to curvature, then you wouldn’t be able to zoom in and see them again. This video proves that ships can be seen again if you zoom in. It also shows what happens as the ships get further away… they certainly don’t curve around a ball. Do your own real world experiments.


Boats don’t leave your vision due to Earth’s curvature. You can trust real repeatable scientific experiments that you can conduct yourself or you can trust a lying clown… the choice is yours. Deceivers tell you what to think. I’m not telling you what to believe. I’m giving you facts. You have the freewill to ignore the factual information contained on this site. You have the freewill to believe you’re an ape travelling through space on a spinning ball.


The process of testing claims is called science.  Bill Nye’s claim that boats “disappear” from our vision due to going round Earth’s curvature, does not stand up against real scientific testing. Notice how Bill Nye didn’t use a camera to show you boats going over the horizon? Notice how he didn’t show you a real boat and zoom back in to show you it  had curved around the ball and out of sight? Instead of doing an easy scientific experiment that anyone can replicate,  they made a model. He shows you a model because that doesn’t happen in reality. In reality, if you see a boat go out of your vision,  you can use technology to zoom in and see the boat again… That would be impossible if Bill Nye’s claims were true.

It doesn’t matter how great the zoom is in the camera that is used in Bill Nye’s experiment because you can’t zoom through the model to see the boat again… that doesn’t happen in reality. Bill Nye’s experiment highlights the need to use real world experiments. His theory, experiment and conclusion, don’t hold up against real world experiments. He’s either a really bad scientist or he’s lying to you. Now if he is a really bad scientist, why has he met a president? Why does the media advertise him as the scientist who can “save the world”?

The boats aren’t going out of sight due to curvature… they are going out of sight due to the limitations of the human eye and other factors such as atmosphere. Obviously Bill Nye knows that. He’s a deceiver. Most Flat Earthers call Bill Nye an idiot. It is completely illogical to assume Bill Nye is an idiot. He is one of the most popular people on Earth when it comes to science. He has met a President. They wouldn’t give that position to an idiot who believes in the ball Earth model. Clearly Bill Nye knows Earth is a stationary plane. That is highlighted by the fact he used a model and avoided zooming in on real boats.

On a good clear day anyone can prove Bill Nye wrong with easily available equipment: a pair of binoculars, a telescope or a camera. This is a fight Bill Nye can’t win… unless you put blind faith in him and let him beat you.


Perspective can make objects appear to disappear bottom first. The simple fact that objects are brought back into sight when zooming in, disproves the assumption that they disappeared bottom first due to curvature. 


It is a well known fact that the masses were kept distracted by jesters and clowns for a long time. Modern day people assume they are more intelligent than their ancestors.They assume they live in a democratic system and believe the times of people saying Earth is a stationary plane, and other people getting distracted by clowns is a thing of the past. They assume “we all know Earth is a ball and our democratic government can’t lie to us without us knowing.” The Truth is times haven’t changed that much. There are still wise people who know The Earth Realm is a stationary plane, and there are still gullible people who believe the stories the Clowns / Jesters feed them… like the ridiculous Earth is a spinning space ball story. “Obama talks science and climate change with Bill Nye”.

If you don’t like lairs and want to get mad before a workout, read this news article “In an Age of Alternative Facts, Bill Nye’s New Show Brings Real Ones” “His new program, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” will premiere as a Netflix original series on April 21.”

Carbon emissions are polluting the air and lowering human life expectancy… that can be proven with real science. Instead of focusing on a real scientist who can explain this problem to the masses, they use a clown and create lies. They pretend their lies are backed by real scientific facts. They focus on the lies more than the real facts and make people pay no attention to carbon emissions. They’ve gotten too used to lying… they’ve forgotten The Power of Truth. Maybe the big oil companies and those who back them, don’t really want carbon tax, and that’s why they created an easily defeated argument presented by a clown. Don’t tell me global warming is not debatable when numerous real scientists are highlighting the faked data. When it comes to clowns putting on a show for the unenlightened masses, Bill Nye is one of the top performers. It’s amazing how many people believe this clown is a real scientist who can “save the world”. He does such terrible job… intentionally or unintentionally, he is practically on the side of those who don’t care about Earth’s environment.

Bill Nye = A Jester / A Clown



 If you have read through this entire website, you’ll see that we don’t just Destroy people… they are Destroyed with Perfect, Prophetic Design. My two favourite three digit numbers since I was old enough to think about having favourite numbers = 147 and 157. There’s a reason Bill Nye is A clown / A Jester… DESIGN!!!



The Tie clip That I wore in my first televised interview about The Trident Programme…

147 WILL 157



Flat Earthers view Bill Nye as their enemy, and they call him an idiot. The average person ignores logic and always wants to believe their enemy is weak… that is not a good way to become Victorious. Labelling yourself “Flat Earther” is also not a good way to become Victorious. Ball Earthers want to label you so they can generalise you and try to discredit all of you at once. The term “guilty by association” is used by closed minded morons, If your goal is to convince the masses, you must understand how the masses think.  I’ve seen large political parties be completely destroyed because a few of their members made racist statements. It didn’t matter that their leader and the majority of them weren’t guilty of racism. The masses were lead to believe the entire political party was a racist movement. Every member was viewed as racist… “guilty by association”. I haven’t heard anything about that party in a long time now. Some dumb Flat Earthers make an idiotic statement, and the entire group is viewed as stupid. In reality, there are a lot of intelligent Flat Earthers. They took the label because they seen everyone else do it… herd mentality. Just because you know Earth isn’t a spinning ball, doesn’t mean you can’t be herded into a group like a sheep.


If you label yourself, then you stand with all those who have the same label. The Flat Earther label has been targeted for years. Once you take that label, you’ve already made it difficult for the masses to listen to you. Think of it like bread. If you all have the same label, then the ball Earth’s just need to stick a rat in one of your packages, and every single loaf of bread with the same label becomes unappealing to the masses. Use your own loaf and think for yourself. Flat Earthers are being grouped together and targeted at once. One Flat Earther says something ridiculous and the ape people assume that’s what all Flat Earthers believe. Flat Earthers are making The Truth unappealing to the masses because Flat Earthers have all given themselves the same label. I don’t call myself a Flat Earther because mountains disprove that theory. Globe Earth vs Flat Earth… both sides are unappealing and the facts prove those shapes to be untrue. Flat Earthers say they know Earth isn’t actually flat, and think that excuses the fact they call Earth Flat and have chosen a ridiculous label.


Earth Realm is a perfect name for this world. The name hasn’t been dragged through the mud for years, and Earth is a Realm. Realms come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who says Earth is a Realm, does not highlight the shape they think Earth is. Therefore, an entire group of people who say Earth is a Realm, can’t be targeted at once because no-one knows what they believe or know. If you’re going to fight, fight smart. You don’t have to label yourself in order to disprove the globe Earth model as a group.  You can use hashtags like #NoCurvature or #NoMotion in order to group together. Take the globe Earth model apart with facts. A group can be defeated, a person can be defeated, but real facts are bullet proof.



Being Anonymous means no-one knows your name. My Trident report was featured on the Wikileaks front page for months in 2015. I made international news in 2015, 2016 and 2017… you’d assume the world would know me by now. In Truth, my close friends and family don’t even know my name. Is it WillIAM McNeilly or WillIAM Lewis Hahaha You might think it’s impossible to make your friends and family forget your name… the word impossible is frequently used by those who are too lazy to think. I’ve had jobs, bank accounts Etc with both names. My brother was called McNeilly and now he is called Lewis. Ask him and he’ll tell you my name wasn’t changed. Ask my Mum and she’ll say she doesn’t know. Ask my friends, one of my banks or former workout mates, and they’ll tell you my name was changed to Lewis. Ask the Royal Navy and they’ll tell you my name is McNeilly. There are a lot of confused people and no-one would bet their life on knowing my name. The news reports about me call me WillIAM McNeilly… a lot of the reporters took information from my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account Haha. You don’t need to know my name and you don’t need to know what shape The Earth Realm is. In order to defeat The Great Deception / The Globe Earth model, you just need to know that it isn’t a spinning space ball.  Stick to the facts and keep your beliefs Anonymous.  If you’re going to call me something, just call me WILL.

Do your own scientific experiment.