Financial Prophecy 2 open at 7PM on 5/7/17 Hebrew Date 11 TAMUZ 5777

The Financial Prophecy Design shown in my 2015 reports focused on Greece and New York. The Condo in building One57 that made the headlines, was bought in 2015. In 2017, it became the first foreclosure in Billionaire row’s One57 Building … with Perfect Design for my website “One57 made Billionaires’ Row. Will it now destroy it?” “Coupled with a series of unprofitable resales, the impending foreclosure — the second at One57 in as many months — has cast a shadow over the onetime poster child of the luxury residential boom.” “New York skyscraper One57 might set record for most expensive repossession” “The building, One57, set a record for New York’s most expensive residential sale when a penthouse sold for $US100 million in January 2015. It may now set another, less desirable record, for the priciest repossessed property to be dragged to the auction block by a bank seeking to recover a mortgage.”

Understand that The 157 Design and The United States Financial Collapse Prophecy Design was shown in my publicly released reports, years before these headlines.  The Design was also shown on this website months before the first foreclosure. The One57 Building had a Great year in 2015… the year that I released my Financial Destruction Prophecy. A lot of people thought I was crazy when I was talking about a financial collapse with Design. They thought I was crazy when I the showed The 157 Design in 2015. Numerous 100% accurate and ExtrEmEly Detailed Predictions later, and people are now asking me for advice Haha  People refused to listen when I gave them free advice. They insulted me. Don’t expect me to help those who refused to help me. “New York’s “Billionaires Row” Suffers Biggest Foreclosure In History” “Manhattan’s One57 tower, a member of “Billionaire’s Row,” a group of high-end towers clustered along the southern edge of Central Park, has gone into foreclosure – the second in the span of a month.” “A June 14 auction was scheduled for a 56th-floor apartment at the same tower. That condo was purchased in July 2015 “One 57 becomes home to Billionaire’s Row’s first foreclosure” “A “stunning” apartment on the 56th floor of Extell’s 157 West 57th Street will be the “first high-end condo to go into foreclosure” on the notoriously expensive street, Khashy Eyn, CEO of Platinum Properties told the Post. An unnamed buyer who “shielded his identity behind an LLC, Central Park Immobilier,” picked up the four-bedroom, four and a half bath unit back in 2015″ “Trouble in paradise? First foreclosure on New York’s Billionaires’ Row” “One57 was the first of a series of new skyscrapers to be completed on Manhattan’s 57th street, which has since been dubbed Billionaires’ Row.” May 30, 2017 “Hard times hit Billionaire’s Row with luxury condo foreclosure” “The dubious distinction is going to a stunning apartment on the 56th floor of 157 W. 57th St.” ” “This is the first high-end condo to go into foreclosure,” said Kashy Eyn, of Platinum Properties, who is listing the property with Cash Bernard.” “A mystery buyer who shielded his identity behind an LLC, Central Park Immobilier, bought the unit for $21.4 million in 2015.”  “There is now a lien on the property for $20.9 million “plus interest and costs,” and a foreclosure auction is slated for June 14, according to Property Shark. “We rarely see luxury condos up for auction, let alone in such an exclusive building as One57, home to the city’s most expensive condo ever sold,” a Property Shark spokesman said.” “One57 was funded by a subsidiary of an Abu Dhabi company linked to a $7 billion global money-laundering investigation, The Post revealed last year.”

It doesn’t matter if you are broke or a billionaire. Money is a tool. Letting it go to your head can be as deadly as letting a hammer go to your head. The celebrities didn’t take the advice I gave them in 2015, then 2016 coincidentally became, well you know.

The prestige image of Billionaire row’s One57 Building has been Destroyed… Destroyed with Perfect Timing and Design!!! You were made with Design and you can be Destroyed by Design. Forget about “Do what thou wilt”. It’s time for people to understand: Do what you are told!!! There is no need for someone to be a Billionaire. The total amount of money allowed for an individual should be capped at $157 Million. Any amount of money they earn over that amount, must be spent by them within a set time period or removed as a tax. That will encourage them to invest more in their company instead of milking it dry… which will create more jobs for workers and a better experience for the consumers. It will encourage them to invest more in other projects… that move will help the economy. It should be agreed on by Nations worldwide to stop people from using certain countries as a haven, like they do with their taxes. Anyone from a Nation that uses the cap, must comply with the rules or be sanctioned by the Nations involved. That same standard must also apply to standard taxes. There is far too much tax avoidance in this world. Tax avoidance in Greece played a major role in the economic EVEnt the lead to their PM standing down. The average person is suffering. Selfish people have created a monopoly to milk them dry on every turn. Those selfish people make it so that the average person cannot compete against most of their services. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Understand that you are at The Crossroads and I’m giving you friendly advice. This will end with a cap on your money or cap in your ass when the masses get sick of your shit. Select your path wisely. You can be a hero or a villain.

My first Financial Prophecy was released to the public on my Facebook page, on 7/7/15 Hebrew Year 5775. That is a proven and easily verifiable fact. This page contains facts. An inability to understand these facts, does not stop them from existing. Fools ignore facts.  My first Financial Prophecy webpage was opened on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777. My second Financial Prophecy webpage was opened on 5/7/17 Hebrew 5777. My third Financial Prophecy webpage opening date = 7/7/17 Hebrew Year 5777. The Dates consist of The Three numbers in my WILL/Trident Tattoo, website, the building name (One57), the building’s number (157 W), THE NUMBERS IN THE TRINITY BIBLE VERSE!!! 157!!! “CBO: Income Taxes Up 9.5% Next Year; But Debt Climbs More Than $1 Trillion” “In fiscal 2017, which ends on Sept. 30, the federal government will collect $3.315 trillion in total taxes, according to the projections the CBO released with its “Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2017 to 2027.” That $3.315 trillion in total taxes will include $1.574 trillion in individual income taxes”.

In 2017, I bought 33 more Silver coins. Those 33 coins have A Trident on them. My WILL/Trident Tattoo consists entirely of the numbers 1, 5 & 7 in English numbers, Latin and Gematria. The number in my website is 157. The Greek Trident letter is Psi Ψ. At sea level Psi  = 14.… All those Details were shown in my 2015 reports.  Days before this page opened: 147, 157 and 33 hit the Financial News.  June 2017 “Gold futures climb Rs 33; Silver futures up Rs 157 on firm global cues” “The white metal for delivery in September was trading higher by Rs 147

From the date of the 33, 147, 157 report above to and including the opening date of this page is 7 days.

My first reported on interview happened about a year and half before that 33, 147, 157 Report. The tie clip that I wore in my first reported on interview had an engraving: 147 WILL 157.

The interview ended with The Phoenix. The Phoenix wears 33 around its neck.

Those who have read through this site, know that my two favourite three digit numbers = 147 and 157. The Triangle burnt on my right is synced in Design with The Great Pyramid. The original height of The Great Pyramid = 147M. The Trident on my LEft Arm is Designed entirely with The Numbers 15 & 7.  Triangle Trident…Tri Tri = 33.  Add The Number 33 to The Number 147 and you get the total number of Degrees in A Triangle!!!

2017 Hebrew Year 5777 Report “1,057 hedge funds shut down last year—the most in any year since the financial crisis” “For the full year, a total of 1,057 funds were closed” “short of the record 1,471 closures seen in 2008.”

I released The 157 Financial Prophecy Design in Northern Ireland Ulster and The Design was fulfilled in the United States. The Northern Ireland Ulster Flag has My Star of David with The Crown. ISRAEL’s flag and My Star of David Flag, come together with Perfection. Now that’s a beautiful flag…


Tamuz is the 10th month in the Hebrew civil calendar and fourth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Hebrew calendar.

11 Tamuz 5777 can and is also written as 11/10/5777

From The Original 777 Date 7/7/0007 to the opening date of this page (11/10/5777)1057000000 minutes (four significant figures… four very significant figures).

The Financial Prophecy page 3 was opened on The Perfect 777 Date… 7/7/17 Hebrew Year 5777.

From The Original 777 Date 7/7/000to the Financial Prophecy page 3’s opening date (7/7/17 Hebrew Year 5777) also1057000000 minutes (four significant figures… four very significant figures).

The number of minutes from 7/7/000 to and including the opening date of this page is exactly 1057160160 minutes.

When The Mirrors Come One…

1057160160 + 0610617501 = 1667777661

This page was opened in the 10th month and in Hebrew Year 5777…. 10 5777

If you have read through this site, you will know that I often say “take The One and change the six” and “Nothing = Nothing”… Those are Two Keys in The Design!!!





The reported date for the first foreclosure auction in Building One57‘s history = 14th June 2017. “a foreclosure auction is slated for June 14, according to Property Shark.”

The first Financial Prophecy page on opened at 1:57PM on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777 AKA 11th Feb 2017.

The time and date gave 2 157s to its Design.

From 1:57PM on Hebrew Date 11/15/5777 to 21:57 on the date of the first foreclosure auction in Building One57‘s history = 177600 minutes EXactly!!!

The United States was founded in 1776. The first building to have a page dedicated to it on is The One World Trade Center, in New York. The first Financial Prophecy report that I released was titled One World. Do you see how everything is connected in The Prophetic Design? You’d have to be blind not to. The Height of The One World Trade Center is 1776FT. The page about The One World Trade Center opened on Hebrew Date 1/11/5777.

(The Phoenix WillIAM McNeilly = 1776 in English Gematria)

The Phoenix Rises from The Ashes. When it comes to remembering people rising from ashes, 9/11 comes to the front of most people’s minds.


The One World Trade Center building was built after The World Trade Center buildings were Destroyed. The Design of the economic impact in The World Trade Center’s Destruction, is shown in the next Financial Prophecy page… The 7 Design. This page opened on Hebrew Date 11 Tamuz 5777. From The Day of The 9/11/01 attack to and including The Day this page opened is exactly 5777 Days.

From the attack on the New York Skyline (9/11/01) to the day this page opened is 5776 days. The Original Height of The Great Pyramid is 5776 inches. You can look at it from the 9/11/01 attack to the day this page opened and see the 5776 or to and including the opening date of this page and see the 5777. Your choice is between the 6th and 7th… just like The One57 building sits between 6th and 7th avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

New York has a beautiful Skyline. The One57 building and The One World Trade Center are both beautifully Designed buildings. 2017 “Prices for Manhattan real estate hit a new all-time high in the second quarter” “The The median sales price also hit a record, up 7 percent to $1.19 million. While homes were sitting on the market slightly longer”.

119 Mirrored 911.

In The Hebrew Civil Calendar, I was born on The 9th Day in The 11th month… 9/11. My Date of Birth is literally 9/11.

When all the ash cleared on 9/11, people seen that The Tridents remained standing.

The words 9/11 Trident” were linked to me more than any other human on Hebrew Date 9/11/5777. Images of me also appeared at the top of the Google search “9/11 Trident” on 9/11/2016 and numerous other dates. The top pictures of me and my ID, are from other people reporting on me and my Trident Report. Images from this site also appeared in the search on 9/11/5777. You see, I’m not just some random guy talking about 9/11 and Tridents. Those words were linked to me before I created this site and before I took the recording of the Google search below.

The Picture of me holding up the date 5/5/15 made the international news with The Trident Report. Pay attention to The Design.


The original height of The Great Pyramid = 147M.

. “The 147 Companies That Control Everything” “Three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have taken a database” “They discovered that global corporate control has a distinct bow-tie shape, with a dominant core of 147 firms radiating out from the middle. Each of these 147 own interlocking stakes of one another and together they control 40% of the wealth in the network.”


2017 Hebrew Year 5777 Report  “Household debt tops 2008 peak ahead of financial crisis” “U.S. household debt has topped the record level reached in 2008, a milestone for the recovery that shows consumers are borrowing again.” “In the first quarter, outstanding mortgage debt increased $147 billion”

2017 Hebrew Year 5777 Report “More retail stores have closed in 2017 than at the same point in 2008” “The bad news for the retail industry is coming fast and furious these days. Big names are shuttering stores or going out of business.” ” “The “bubble has now burst,” Urban Outfitters Chief Executive Richard Hayne told analysts. “We are seeing the results: Doors shuttering and rents retreating. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future and may even accelerate.” One factor is, not surprisingly, Amazon. The online giant has taken away significant sales from malls and chain stores. “

2017 Hebrew Year 5777 Report “America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever” “Amazon is gobbling up most of the industry’s online growth” “The battered American retail industry took a few more lumps this week, with stores at both ends of the price spectrum preparing to close their doors.” “At the bottom, the seemingly ubiquitous Payless Inc. shoe chain filed for bankruptcy and announced plans to shutter hundreds of locations. Ralph Lauren Corp., meanwhile, said it will close its flagship Fifth Avenue Polo store — a symbol of old-fashioned luxury that no longer resonates with today’s shoppers. And the teen-apparel retailer Rue21 Inc. could be the next casualty. The chain, which has about 1,000 stores, is preparing to file for bankruptcy” “The rapid descent of so many retailers has left shopping malls with hundreds of slots to fill, and the pain could be just beginning.” “Other companies are plowing ahead with store closures outside of bankruptcy court. Sears Holdings Corp., Macy’s Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. are shutting hundreds of locations combined, reeling from an especially punishing slump in the department-store industry.” “Others are trying to re-emerge as e-commerce brands.” “But even brands moving aggressively online have struggled to match the growth of market leader Inc.”

(Amazon Store = 147 in Simple Gematria) “Stores are closing at an epic pace” “If stores do close at the rate Credit Suisse is projecting, it could mean America will lose more than 147 million square feet of retail space this year.”


2017 Hebrew Year 5777 Report “The devastation in the US retail sector is accelerating in 2017, and in addition to the surging number of brick and mortar retail bankruptcies, it is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the soaring number of store closures.” “Another striking fact: on a square footage basis, approximately 49 million square feet of retail space has closed YTD. Should this pace persist by the end of the year, total square footage reductions could reach 147M square feet, another all time high”

People witnessed me use and talk about The 147 and 157 Design, years before this page opened. The financial Prophecies fulfilment is one of many Prophecies… created and fulfilled with The Exact Design we released before it happened!!!

The Date The Trident Report was released by me = 5/5/15 Hebrew 5775. The Date The Trident Report was released by the media = 17/5/15 Hebrew 5775. Both dates consist of the numbers 1, 5 & 7.

Financial Prophecy 2 open at 7PM on 5/7/17 Hebrew Date 11 TAMUZ 5777

From the date of my first Financial Prophecy (7/7/15) to 7PM on 11 TAMUZ 5777  = 17515 hours EXactly!!!

(In GOD we Trust = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(HOLY TRINITY = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(Financial Prophecy = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(A New World Order = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(Eye of your Mind = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

On the day I made the international news (17/5/15), I also made A Designed Facebook post. In that post I called for A New World Order and I had One Enlightened Eye. That post was shared over 7000 times on Facebook and was talked about in numerous news articles. The 1:57 video below shows the post at The Top of the Google search Trident Cabal.

The picture of me holding up the date 5/5/15 beside The Angel, first hit the news on 17/5/15. Do those coincidence theorists think that date coincidentally flew into my hand? Haha It’s clearly Design.

(The Angel of The LORD = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

When The Trident Report hit the news, with my images and words… a lot of the news articles called me AB WillIAM McNeilly.

(AB WillIAM McNeilly = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

The Trident Report was released against The Trident Nuclear Weapons system, after I served a full patrol on The Trident Nuclear Armed Submarine Her Majesty’s Ship Victorious. “The Atomic Age, also known as the Atomic Era, is the period of history following the detonation of the first nuclear (“atomic”) bomb, Trinity, on July 16, 1945, during World War II.”

You are living in The Atomic Age. If you want to know The Design in The Atomic Age, you obviously need to pay attention to The Atomic Age Signs. I was the main opposition to The United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons programme, 70 years after the first detonation of a Nuclear Weapon because I released The Trident Report on 5/5/15 (5+5+5 =15) and the media released it on SUNday 17/5/15. When it comes to the biggest nuclear weapons vote in the UK, The 2016 Trident Nuclear Weapons renewal vote was the biggest. When it comes to the main popular opposition news platform to take on The Trident Nuclear Weapons programme, Russia Today / RT UK is the biggest. On the night of The Trident Nuclear Weapons vote that was worth hundreds of billions, I was live on Russia Today and my comments with a picture of my passport was the top story on Russia Today UK. Understand that no-one without THE TRUE DESIGNER / THE TRUE GOD can achieve this level of Design.

(The Atomic Age Signs = 555  in Jewish Gematria)

(5+5+5 =15)

(The Atomic Age Signs = 175 1050 in Simple and English Gematria)

My body was born in Northern Ireland

(Northern Ireland = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

Northern Ireland is often written as N. Ireland.

(N. Ireland = 77 in Simple Gematria)

The date of my first Financial Prophecy report 7/7/15.  The Date this page opened 5/7/17

(Seventy Seven = 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

5/5/15 mirrored = 15/5/5

When The Mirrors Come One…

5515 + 1555  = 7070

Add in the times of day and you’ll see that from the time I released The Trident Report on 5/5/15 to the time of the first foreclosure Auction in Building One57, is 770 Days to the nearest day.

Seventy Seven is in The Tip of my WILL/Trident Tattoo… I got that tattoo 7 years before The Trident Report hit the news on 17/5/15. Now The Word Trident is linked to me more than any other human, in this Realm’s entire existence. Search “Trident Prophecy” in Google and you’ll this site dominates it. This Design and this website wouldn’t exist if every single Detail wasn’t completed with Absolute Perfection. Understand The Butterfly Effect and you will understand that fact. Details like the type of submarine class (Trident Nuclear Weapon), time of my patrol, the Gregorian and Hebrew dating systems, the base ten number system, my date of birth, the name I was born with, the invention of the WWW / World Wide Web Etc Etc Etc… all essential Details in creating this Design. Remove just one of those, and you wouldn’t be reading this… there would be no Design.

(Trident Matrix 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(A Silver Trident Coin = 217 in Simple Gematria) In 2017, I bought 33  one oz Britannia Silver coins, months before The 33, 147, 157 report above was released.

Look at that  British coin and you will see a Silver Trident.

(Silver Trident 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(British Trident 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

(Trident Credit Card 175 1050 in Simple & English Gematria)

The Type of The Card above is  “Straight Government Bank“. That card is part of The Illuminati Card Game. The Illuminati Cards and Assassin Cards, were released in 1995 and 1996. They are famous worldwide. The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria. When my Trident Report against The Trident Nuclear Weapons base hit the international news, I was in Bavaria… 1578KM from The Trident Nuclear Weapons base according to a Google map route calculation. That is proven by my bank because I lifted money there. Proven by the police who knew that I flew from that location. Proven by because I paid for my hotels online. It’s a proven, witnessed and verifiable fact. Recently one of my friends joined the army. He rang my other friend up and told him that in his joining course, they had to watch a presentation about me. He said that they claimed that I released The Trident Report to a German newspaper. “Trident whistleblower ‘was learning Russian’.” The mainstream media released reports saying that I was learning Russian, and now you are telling new military recruits that I released the report to the Germans??? It was released for free to everyone… The Trident Report was released for free to a Scottish newspaper, Wikileaks Etc. Go onto the Wikileaks site and look at their release date. Listen to the Julian Assange’s interview about my Trident Report… you’ll see that Wikileaks released The Trident Report on 17/5/15. Which German newspaper are you guys talking about? Just because I was in Bavaria, doesn’t mean that I’m working for the Germans! Stop trying to make me look like the enemy.

(Straight Government Bank = 1578 in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design  = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(Bank of England Card = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(A Trident Coin132 in Simple Gematria)

(A Silver Trident Coin1302 in English Gematria)

(A One Dollar Bill132 in Simple Gematria)

(World Order = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(Illuminati Card Game = 1032 in English Gematria)

(  = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(One Enlightened EYE  = 1032 in English Gematria)

(The Ground Breaker  = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller  = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly  = 1032 in English Gematria)


This news report was released after The Financial Prophecy 2 page was opened and on the opening day of The Financial Prophecy 3 page 7/7/17 Hebrew Year 5777 “Facebook campus expansion includes offices, retail, grocery store, housing” “The new campus would include several office buildings, hundreds of homes, retail, a grocery store, and parks and plazas, all part of what the social network giant envisions as a new center for the neighborhood. “This will be a village,” said Ryan Patterson, a real estate manager with Facebook. “The community benefits will be open and accessible to everyone.” Menlo Park-based Facebook intends to develop 1.75 million square feet of offices, 1,500 units of housing”

 1.75 million square feet of offices, 1,500 units of housing


This page opened on, on Hebrew Date 11 TAMUZ 5777. Days after this page opened with The 157 Design and showing The Silver Coins that I bought, the exact Silver Coin that I showed in this page appeared as an advert on Drudge Report… for £15:57. 


Check out the next page for the fall of The Dollar to a 7 year low with Perfect Timing and Design for the Financial Prophecy 3 page.