Created and Opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 5/5/5777.  Hebrew Civil Date 5/11/5777.

Most people look at the suffering in this world that is caused by weak self centered humans, and instead of accepting responsibility, they blame GOD. Humans are the ones who create wars and kill each other. While they are killing each other, a large percentage of them blame GOD. You have freewill, do you not? Humans can end all wars. Humans can create a system that makes sure everyone on Earth can eat when they are Hungary and drink when they are thirsty, but they don’t. Most humans are self centered bastards. They can’t accept that this world is in a mess because of them refusing to help those in need. Helping others means they have to make some self sacrifices. They’d rather act like there’s nothing they can do. They tell themselves that they want to help others but “one person cant make a difference”. They tell themselves that so they can beLIEve that they are a good person… The Truth is, they are lazy self centered bastards that make excuses so they can avoid helping others. It’s not just one person convincing themselves that one person can’t make a difference… it’s billions of morons! Billions of people can make a difference if every individual changes their own idiotic mentality.

You do your part to try and help others. Worry about what you are doing, before you worry about what others are doing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t create a huge change in this world… what matters is that you try. The more people that think like that, the greater the chances are of creating a system that ensures those in need, get the help they need. You will be judged for your actions. If you make self sacrifices to help others, that makes you a better person than those who do nothing.

The excuses people make for not helping others are extremely idiotic. People say that most charities are rigged to milk the money for the staff… that is true. You do live in a world full of greedy bastards and rigged charities. However, you also live in the age of information. Do your research before you give money to a charity. There are a lot of scammers and some of the big charities are in that list, but there are also a lot of great charities that don’t take any of the money for their staff. Blaming rigged charities, blaming others for not doing anything Etc Etc Etc… those aren’t acceptable excuses for you not doing anything yourself. Do some research and make sure you give money to help those in need or help those in need yourself.

A lot of soldiers protest against fighting in wars. They are the ones who pick up the guns and go to war. They don’t want to lose their pay packet and their pension. They tell themselves that one person won’t make a difference.

A lot people protest against the banks… while they are the ones who put their money in the bank. They don’t know a safer place for their money. They tell themselves that one bank account won’t make a difference.

A lot of people protest against the rigged election system… while a lot of them vote for a mainstream party. They want to pick the mainstream candidate that is not as bad as the other one. They vote for the main parties because they tell themselves that one vote for an alternative party or candidate won’t make a difference.

That mentality is not shared by just a few people… it is shared by the majority. The power to create real change has always been with the majority, but the majority consists of individuals who convince themselves they can’t create change. The masses are the ones who fight in the wars. It is their money that has stopped the banking system from going bust. It is their support that keeps the two main political parties in power. They are the ones fuelling the system that they hate.

If you have been doing nothing to help those in need and are looking for the guilty, then you only need to look into a mirror.


Created and Opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 5/5/5777 Hebrew Civil Date 5/11/5777.

From the day this page opened, to and including the The 5th of November AKA 5/11 = 101 days before .

101 = 5 in Binary / Computer Language.

V = 5 in Roman Numerals.

V = 700 in Jewish Gematria

The masses have the ability to create change. The majority’s unwillingness to help others is one of the main reasons for the suffering in this world.  Most people deserve their suffering. Look at the people that have what they need and can get a lot of the things they want. What are they doing today??? This page was opened on The Sacred Hebrew Date 5/5/5777!!! How many people talked about The Beautiful Design in GOD’s creation??? Just because people are causing suffering in this world, doesn’t mean that it’s not a Beautifully Designed Masterpiece. You must look beyond the suffering that the unenlightened bastards are inflicting on themselves… appreciate The Design and Give Glory to God, are you deserve to suffer. The majority’s reluctance to help those in need, combined with a lot of people ignoring GOD, creates a Realm of Suffering.