Hollywood Exposed opened on 29/11/17 Hebrew Date KISLEV 11/5778

www.theguardian.com “Harvey Weinstein sued for alleged ‘sex trafficking’ in Cannes” “Kadian Noble alleges that the disgraced producer invited her to his hotel room during the Cannes film festival in 2004 claiming that he wanted to cast her in a forthcoming movie. She claims that he proceeded to grope her before trapping her in the bathroom and forcing her to perform sexual acts.”


Weinstein caused a stain on Hollywood, that the masses can’t bear to see, without feeling a burning desire to expose more perverts.

www.abcnews.go.com 2017 Report  “Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple men in entertainment, media and politics in the U.S. and beyond have faced allegations ranging from inappropriate behavior to forced sexual misconduct to rape.”

WILL157.com was created early 2016. I first Exposed Hollywood on this website in 2016… they ‘coincidentally’ started dropping like flies with The Exact Detailed Design that I ‘coincidentally’ released before their Deaths… 2016 became known as one of the most deadliest years for celebrities. Numerous top celebrities died in 2016. Multiple pages attacking Hollywood celebrities and showing The Design in their Deaths were created on this site in 2016. The Hollywood stars were also attacked for trying to tell people how to vote. The average person got aggravated watching a bunch of rich people telling them how to vote.

2016 was Destructive year for Hollywood…

(Hollywood Exposed2016 in Jewish Gematria)

Then 2017 came… Hollywood Exposed like never before.

(Hollywood Exposed = 217 in English Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed  = 1302 in English Gematria)

I showed the record wildfire and 132 Design in The Masonic Order page 2 on WILL157.com, months before the record breaking wildfires hit the news after burning 132,000 acres; that’s a witnessed and easily verifiable Fact!!!

The Flames came Like Clockwork… what colour do you see in the flames?

Things literally got heated in California, with The Californian Thomas Fire.

www.usatoday.com 8th of December 2017 Report: “Chelsea Handler, Lea Michele, more celebrities flee homes as California fires rage”.

www.sky.com 7th of December 2017 “Celebrities are among tens of thousands of people fleeing their homes in wealthy parts of southern California as wildfires close in. Paris Hilton, Chelsea Handler and Chrissy Teigen told of their fear as they evacuated their multimillion-dollar luxury homes. Hundreds of buildings have already been destroyed.”

www.wsj.com December 2017 Report: “Record Wildfires Ravage California” “The most destructive wildfire, in Ventura County, raged nearly unchecked for the fourth straight day, consuming more than 132,000 acres.”

www.desertsun.com December 2017 Report: “Southern California fires are destructive and unprecedented — and a sign of things to come” “The ongoing Thomas Fire alone, by contrast, has already burned 132,000 acres.”.

www.vox.com December 2017 Report: “The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reported six major fires as of Friday morning. The smallest of these is the Liberty Fire in Riverside County at 300 acres, which ignited Thursday. The largest, the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, spans 132,000 acres and has been burning since Monday.”

Visit The Masonic Order page 2 on WILL157.com, for The Design in the Fires and Floods… The Design that was released before they happened.


(Baptismal Fire and Water = 217 in Simple Gematria)

(Baptismal Fire and Water = 130in English Gematria)

Hollywood Exposed with Perfect Timing and Design… Our Timing and Design!!!


(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 217 in Simple Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 130in English Gematria)

(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(The Prophecy Designer = 1320 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

(The Servant = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(http://www.WILL157.com = 1320 in English Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed  = 1302 in English Gematria).

(Hollywood Exposed = 217 in English Gematria)


(WILL157.com = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

www.yahoo.com December 2017 Report: “he wildfire that roared through the orchards of California’s Ventura County destroyed much of the region’s avocado crop not just with flames, but also with fierce Santa Ana winds and a thick blanket of ash. With the so-called Thomas Fire just 10 percent contained by Friday afternoon, after blackening more than 132,000 acres across Ventura County”


(The Thomas Fire = 147 in Simple Gematria)


147 WILL 157


I attacked Hollywood and showed The 147 and 157 Design in this page, just days before The Thomas Fire came into existence with Perfect Timing and Design.

Think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect!!!

www.time.com December 2017 Report “The first of the fires, the Thomas Fire, started in Southern California’s Ventura County at around 6:30 p.m. on Monday Dec. 4”.

The Hollywood Exposed page on WILL157.com was opened on the 29th of November 2017; that’s a witnessed and easily verifiable fact. Date stamped messages are on Facebook about this page opening and this page is date stamped in the public internet archives.

The Thomas Fire 132,000

The 132 Design was shown in the Hollywood Exposed page on WILL157.com in 2017, days before The Calfornian Thomas Fire came into existence and appeared in numerous news articles with The Number 132,000.

Again I say unto you, think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect.


(Hollywood Exposed = 217 in Simple Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed = 1302 in English Gematria)


The Simple, English and Jewish Gematria values shown on WILL157.com, are unchangeable and True Mathematical Facts. The letter values are set and recognised worldwide. To Truly see how Amazing The Design is, you must understand Probability & The Butterfly Effect. If you change just one letter in ‘Hollywood Exposed’  it would no longer be The Perfect Numbers for The Design.



www.abcnews.go.com 2017 Report  “Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple men in entertainment, media and politics in the U.S. and beyond have faced allegations ranging from inappropriate behavior to forced sexual misconduct to rape.”

This page is called ‘Hollywood Exposed’ but unlike most people who attack Hollywood, I believe in Truth and fairness. Not everyone in Hollywood is bad. Not everyone who has been accused of sexual harassment is guilty. People have gotten their names in the news by becoming accusers. The United States is not running short on liars and people who want to be famous. When you make it easy for someone to get their name into the news by accusing celebrities of sexual harassment, you’re going to get false accusations. Also, serious offenders have been thrown into the same list as those who didn’t do anything wrong. A guy who hugged his staff members, was listed with those who sexually assaulted minors.

If you see someone being targeted in the news, check what they have been accused of doing and remember that they are innocent until proven guilty. A guy hitting on a woman or slapping a woman’s ass isn’t a serious offence. I’ve had my ass and balls grabbed by random women, when I’m out having a drink. One woman grabbed on balls so hard, it hurt. I didn’t like my balls being grabbed like that, but I’m not going to act like I was raped… she was simply showing that she was interested. The way Hollywood is being exposed in the media, will make people afraid to hit on someone they like; however, there are also some cases that are serious and needed to be exposed.

A list of all the accused or proven guilty sexual harassers, provided by www.abcnews.go.com

— Celebrity chef John Besh — Accused by 25 women of sexual harassment. He has stepped down from the company he founded.

— Singer Nick Carter — Accused by pop singer Melissa Schuman of raping her approximately 15 years ago. Carter has denied her allegations.

— Comedian Louis C.K. — Accused by five women of sexual misconduct. Planned release of film “I Love You, Daddy” halted. Netflix special canceled. He says the allegations are true and has apologized.

— Cinefamily executives Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai — Accused of sexual misconduct. Movie theater shut down in the wake of allegations due to crippling debt.

— Actor Richard Dreyfuss — One woman alleges sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.

— Film producer Adam Fields — Accused of offering a promotion to a woman at his former employer, Relativity Media, in exchange for sex. He has denied the allegations.

— Director-producer Gary Goddard — Accused by one man of sexually molesting him when the man was 12. He denies the allegation.

— Casting employee Andy Henry — Admitted to urging women to take off their clothes during coaching sessions in 2008 while working on the “CSI” series. He was fired by his current employer.

— Actor Dustin Hoffman — Accused by woman of sexual harassing when she was 17. He has apologized for his behavior.

— Actor Robert Knepper — Accused by one woman of sexual assault. He denies the allegations.

— Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg — Accused by 19 women of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. The “Supergirl” and “Arrow” showrunner has been suspended by Warner Bros. Television Group. He told Variety he has made comments on women’s appearances and clothes “but they were not sexualized.”

— Pixar and Disney Animation chief John Lasseter — Accused by several women of unwanted touching and has announced he is taking a six-month leave of absence. He has acknowledged some “missteps” with employees and apologized for any behavior that made workers uncomfortable.

— Actor Jeremy Piven — Accused by three women of sexual misconduct. He denies all allegations.

— Filmmaker Brett Ratner — Accused by at least six women of sexual harassment. Playboy shelved projects with Ratner and Ratner stepped away from Warner Bros. related activities. He denies the allegations.

— Comedy festival organizer Gilbert Rozon — Accused by at least nine women of sexually harassing or sexually assaulting them. Rozon stepped down as president of Montreal’s renowned “Just for Laughs” festival and apologized “to all those I have offended during my life.”

— Producer Chris Savino — Accused of harassing up to 12 women. Fired from Nickelodeon. He has apologized for his behavior.

— Actor Steven Seagal — Accused by two women of rape. He denies the allegations.

— Def Jam Records mogul Russell Simmons — Accused by model Keri Claussen Khalighi of coercing her to perform a sex act and later penetrating her without her consent in his New York apartment in 1991. Simmons has disputed her account, saying the relationship was consensual.

— Actor Tom Sizemore — Accused of groping an 11-year-old actress in 2003. Utah prosecutors declined to file charges, citing witness and evidence problems. He denies the allegation.

— Actor Kevin Spacey — Accused by at least 24 men of sexual misconduct or assault. London police reportedly investigating two sexual assaults. Fired from “House of Cards” and replaced in Ridley Scott’s completed film “All the Money in the World.” Massachusetts prosecutors are investigating one allegation. His former publicist has said he is seeking unspecified treatment.

— Actor Jeffrey Tambor — Two women — an actress on his show “Transparent” and his assistant — allege sexual misconduct. He denies the allegation, saying in a statement that he has “never been a predator — ever.” Tambor said this week he doesn’t see how he can return to the Amazon series.

— Actor George Takei — One man alleges sexual assault. He denies the allegation.

— Writer-director James Toback — Accused by hundreds of women of sexual harassment. Beverly Hills police investigating complaints. He has denied the allegations to the Los Angeles Times.

— “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.

— Producer Harvey Weinstein — Accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment or sexual assaults, including rape. Fired by The Weinstein Co. and expelled from various professional guilds. Under investigation by police departments in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex, but he has apologized for causing “a lot of pain” with “the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past.”

— Actor Ed Westwick — Accused by two women of sexual assault. The BBC pulled an Agatha Christie adaptation from its television schedule and halted production on a second sitcom starring the former “Gossip Girl’ actor. Los Angeles police are investigating. He denies the allegations.


Media, publishing and business:

— Billboard magazine executive Stephen Blackwell — Accused of sexual harassment by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

— Penguin Random House art director Giuseppe Castellano — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. Penguin Random House is investigating. Castellano has not commented.

— New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish— Multiple sexual harassment allegations. He has resigned from the magazine.

— Journalist Mark Halperin — Accused of harassing about 12 women while at ABC News. Book contract terminated. Fired from job at NBC News. He has denied some of the allegations.

— Artforum publisher Knight Landesman — Accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and sued by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

— NPR news chief Michael Oreskes — Accused of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment by at least four women while at The New York Times, NPR and The Associated Press. He has been ousted from NPR.

— Amazon executive Roy Price — Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He resigned from Amazon.

— PBS and CBS host Charlie Rose — Accused by several women of unwanted sexual advances, groping and grabbing women, walking naked in front of them or making lewd phone calls. He has apologized for his behavior, but has questioned the accuracy of some of the accounts.

— New York Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush — Accused of making drunken, unwanted advances on women. He disputes some of the accusations but has said he had had a drinking problem and apologized for “any situation where I behaved inappropriately.”

— Webster Public Relations CEO Kirt Webster — Accused of sexual assault by one woman. Firm renamed and Webster is “taking time away.”

— Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — Accused by one man of sexual harassment. He says he did not intend to make the accuser uncomfortable.

— New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier — Accused of sexually harassing numerous women. Removed from the masthead of The Atlantic magazine. He has apologized for his behavior.

— NBC News booker Matt Zimmerman — Accused of inappropriate conduct by multiple women at the network. He was fired from NBC.


www.pagesix.com “A day after being fired by NBC, former “Today” host Matt Lauer on Thursday broke his silence on the mounting sexual misconduct allegations against him — saying some of the accusations are “untrue” but that he is “truly sorry” for the pain he has inflicted.”

www.hollywoodreporter.com “Writer Jenny Lumet: Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me (Guest Column)” “The screenwriter of ‘Rachel Getting Married’ and ‘The Mummy’ (and the daughter of filmmaker Sidney Lumet) details a terrifying encounter with the legendary music producer, who says he is stepping down from his businesses in the wake of the new claims.”


www.thesun.co.uk 2017 Report “A RING of high-powered Hollywood paedophiles – whose abuse was as horrific as Jimmy Savile’s – is set to be exposed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.””


www.vanityfair.com “Corey Feldman on Abuse Allegations: “It’s All Connected to a Bigger, Darker Power” The actor speaks frankly about his $10 million campaign to make a movie about an alleged pedophile ring in Hollywood.” “After numerous women accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment and assault at the beginning of October, speaking up about sexual misconduct in Hollywood has become an odious but necessary near-daily event. Many more big-name players have been accused by multiple people of abusing their power: Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, Roy Price. And as the dominoes continued to fall, people starting paying attention to Corey Feldman again, asking him to finally name the alleged abusers he’s been alluding to for years, the secret sexual predators he says prey on child actors.”

Abuse Victim Corey Feldman publicly named names in 2017.

Abuse Victim Corey Feldman Reveals the Name of an Alleged Abuser on Doctor Oz in 2017

www.theeventchronicle.com “Flashback: Barbara Walters Shames Abuse Victim Corey Feldman On National TV For ‘Damaging An Entire Industry’”

www.whatreallyhappened.com “Barbara Walters accuses sex abuse victim Corey Feldman of ‘damaging entire Hollywood industry’”.

1470 is a four digit number… think about that when you’re thinking about Probability & The Butterfly Effect.

(Abuse Victim Corey Feldman = 1470 in English Gematria)

(The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. = 1470 in Simple Gematria)

The Original Height of The Great Pyramid = 147M

The Trident Greek Letter = PSI Ψ

I am The Man with Trident in his title.

At sea level PSI = 14.

www.bbc.co.uk “Able Seaman McNeilly was detained after returning to the UK last month”.

www.independent.co.uk “Able Seaman William McNeilly, 25, generated headlines this year when he released the dossier about the Trident submarines based at Faslane on the Clyde”.

www.theguardian.com “Able Seaman William McNeilly said he had moved between countries and locations on a daily basis since his disappearance. Photograph: William Lewis/Facebook”.

The mainstream news media, called me Able Seaman WillIAM McNeilly and you’ll also find my name WillIAM Lewis in their news articles because I made posts during the release of Trident, with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account.

(Mainstream News Media = 1470 in Jewish Gematria)

(Able Seaman WillIAM McNeilly 1470 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria)

Her Majesty‘s Ship Victorious

www.telegraph.co.uk “Able Seaman William McNeilly and HMS Victorious“.

Psalm 45V4 “In your Majesty ride forth Victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.”

(WillIAM McNeilly “In your Majesty ride forth Victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.” 1470 in Simple Gematria)

In 2016 and 2017, Hollywood was Exposed in a Destructive manner.

Ask someone to think of Destructive forces, and odds are they’ll say a Hurricane.

www.washingtonpost.com “On Saturday, Hurricane Ophelia accomplished the unthinkable, attaining Category 3 strength farther east than any storm in recorded history. Racing north into colder waters, the storm has since weakened to a post-tropical cyclone, but it is set to hammer Ireland and the northern United Kingdom with damaging winds”

www.popsci.com “10 consecutive hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean—storms that upended the lives of millions. An average year sees 12 named tropical storms, six of which go on to be hurricanes. Three of those hurricanes typically reach category three or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This year saw 17 named storms, 10 of which strengthened into hurricanes and six of which reached category three or stronger. It was a truly awful hurricane season that will easily rank as one of the costliest on record, in terms of damage.” “One storm making one landfall is bad enough, but the storms we saw this year just kept hitting.” “Harvey made landfall in Texas as a category four with winds of 130 MPH. The storm stalled and dumped several feet of rain in the following days, leading to historic flooding around Houston and killing dozens. And Irma was waiting to follow close behind. The hurricane laid waste multiple Caribbean Islands before pummeling Florida. Barbuda sustained such heavy damage that all of the island’s inhabitants had to temporarily evacuate to sister island Antigua ahead of Hurricane Jose, depopulating the island for the first time in centuries. Irma’s close brush with Puerto Rico severely weakened its infrastructure at the worst possible time, setting the stage for the U.S. commonwealth’s worst modern disaster.” “Many of these hurricanes broke one record after another. Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the United States in 12 years, and it produced the most rain ever seen from one tropical cyclone in the United States. Irma was the strongest hurricane on record outside of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, and it was one of the longest-lived category fives we’ve ever seen. Ophelia’s approach to Ireland was the farthest northeast we’ve ever recorded a major hurricane.

www.slate.com “An already unusual hurricane season just got a lot weirder as Tropical Storm Ophelia set her sights on … Ireland and the British Isles. Unaccustomed to such weather, these decidedly not-tropical northern nations are buttoning up, for the first time in recent memory, in the face of the impending storm. Schools are closed, the power is out, and police report at least three people have already been killed in Ireland.”

www.nytimes.com “With Tropical Storm Ophelia’s transition to Hurricane Ophelia on Wednesday, 2017 became the first year in more than a century”

(Tropical Storm Ophelia = 1470  in English Gematria )

(WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria)

From The Day I was born, to and including The Day Hurricane Ophelia was born AKA The Day Tropical Storm Ophelia became a Hurricane = 1470 weeks EXactly!!!

1470 Weeks EXactly!!!

I showed The 1470 Hurricane Design in A Wind Prophecy page one… before Ophelia came into existence with Perfect Timing and Design!!!

A screenshot of The 1470 Hurricane Design in A Wind Prophecy page one, date stamped in the public internet archives.

(The KJV Bible John 7V17 “If any man will do his Will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of GOD, or whether I speak of myself.” = 1147 in Simple Gematria)


The Final 2017 Hurricane, broke records and came to my doorstep in Northern Ireland… literally… after I called for A Wind Prophecy to be fulfilled in my location. What are the odds?

www.nytimes.com “10 Hurricanes in 10 Weeks: With Ophelia, a 124-Year-Old Record is Matched”. “With Tropical Storm Ophelia’s transition to Hurricane Ophelia on Wednesday, 2017 became the first year in more than a century — and only the fourth on record — in which 10 Atlantic storms in a row reached hurricane strength.”


www.WILL157.com was created months before Hurricane Matthew came into existence; that’s an easily verifiable FACT!!!

The first Hurricane Message was sent with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account, less than a couple of weeks before Hurricane Matthew came into existence.

A Category 5 Hurricane is defined as 157 Mph or higher.

www.nhc.noaa.gov “Category 5 (major) 157 mph or higher”

www.washingtonpost.com “Hurricane Matthew became the first Category 5 storm in the Atlantic in more than nine years. It was the capstone to a day of incredible intensification — the hurricane rapidly strengthened from a tropical storm on Thursday to a destructive force of nature on Friday.”

Understand that www.WILL157.com was created and The Prophetic Hurricane Message was sent, during a time when there was no category 5 Hurricane for almost a decade; that’s an easily verifiable FACT!!! The Prophetic Design and The Prophetic Hurricane Message was sent just before Hurricane Matthew came into existence.

(Tropical Storm Ophelia = 1470  in English Gematria)

(Hurricane Matthew = 1570 in Jewish Gematria)

The Tie Clip that I wore in my first reported on interview: 147 WILL 157.

There are date stamped webpages in the public internet archives from 2016, which show me saying that 147 and 157 are my favourite three digit numbers. I talked about those numbers in my 2015 reports… long before Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Ophelia came into existence. The 2015 Reports were read by numerous people and are date stamped online… those reports talked about our ability to control the wind with Perfect Timing and Design!!!

Visit A Wind Prophecy page for more Details in The Greatest Hurricane Prophecies this Realm will ever see!!!

I got Trident in my title when my Trident Report that warned people about the risk of submarine disasters made international news on 17 / 5 / 15.

17 / 5 / 15

(One Seven / Five / One Five = 217 in Simple Gematria)

(One Seven / Five / One Five = 1302 in English Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed = 217 in English Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed  = 1302 in English Gematria)


This website Exposed Hollywood in 2016 and 2017.

(Hollywood Exposed =  2016 in Jewish Gematria)

Then came 2017… Hollywood Exposed like never before.

(Hollywood Exposed = 217 in English Gematria)

(Hollywood Exposed  = 1302 in English Gematria)

Hollywood Exposed with Perfect Timing and Design… Our Timing and Design!!!


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(PayPal.me/donate777 = 777 in Jewish Gematria)

(PayPal.me/donate777 = 888 in English Gematria)

The www.PayPal.me/donate777 page was created in 2017


(www.PayPal.me/donate777 = 217 in Simple Gematria)

(www.PayPal.me/donate777 = 130in English Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 217 in Simple Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 130in English Gematria)


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