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Muslim Terrorism on opened at 10:57 on 1/11/5777

The Evolution of Muslim Terrorism 2018 Report: “ISIS terrorists are preparing for attacks at the World Cup in Russia using drones, it has been claimed. Sick propaganda has been shared a number of times implying the terror group will target the tournament due to take place in June. Now chilling images have been shared on the messaging app Telegram which reportedly show preparations for attacks. They show drones being armed with grenades, missiles and mortars that can be dropped on targets.” 9 Nov 2017 Report “Homeland Security bulletin warns of weaponized drones and threat to aviation” “The National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin, which replaced the old color-coded system, is used to give the public and local law enforcement a summary about ongoing and potentially new terror threats.” 24/1/17  26/10/5777 “How ISIS-controlled drones like this are striking new fear within the U.S. military” “In a new threat to the West, the Islamic State on Tuesday debuted on social media a commercially available drone dropping small bombs with pinpoint accuracy onto Iraqi targets in and around Mosul. The new capability raises the specter that the Islamic State one day could attack urban areas from the air, not just on the ground. The U.S. military is alarmed by the terrorist army’s quick technological advances and is evaluating more than 20 systems to detect and destroy its drone air force. Other systems already have been rushed to the war.” “The explosions appear relatively small but deadly.” “Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, said the drone video shows that the Islamic State has made a progression in delivering improvised explosive devices. The militants have gone from buried IEDs to vehicle-borne IEDS to airborne IEDS”

Fox News Feb 2017 Report 2018 Report: “White House officials are preparing legislation that for the first time would allow federal law enforcement and homeland security to disrupt, take over or even destroy suspected hostile drones in U.S. airspace. The goal is to break the logjam preventing substantial expansion of commercial uses of unmanned aerial systems, because those agencies currently lack authority to disrupt or neutralize suspicious aircraft piloted from the ground.” 2018 Report: “A swarm of armed drones attacked a Russian military base in Syria”.


There are hate preachers in the west who promote killing non-Muslims. People say those hate preachers and their followers should be deported. I say deporting them isn’t the answer. Anyone who promotes death to our people in our land should be treated like an enemy combatant. If it were up to me I’d capture them, stick an electric collar around their necks and send them to forced labour camps for seven years, then deport them. Do you know how much money it would cost to deport them all? Deport them and there’s a chance they’ll come back. Why waste tax payers money when you can make money from their forced labour and ensure they’ll never want to come back again.


If you think terrorists being able to drop bombs with drones is not a big deal, then congratulations you are a successful idiot. All it takes is for one terrorist to drop one bomb on a nuclear facility for you and everyone you love to die. There are numerous terrorist organisations across Earth. There are numerous lone wolves inspired by ISIS and groups like ISIS. If the odds are one in million chance of someone using a modified drone to carry out a major attack, then the risk in doing nothing is extremely high. There are billions of people on Earth.  The threat does not just come from Muslim Terrorists, but from crazed lunatics that want to kill people on a massive scale so they can get their names written in history. This page is called Muslim Terrorism, but this is an issue for all people to deal with. There are Great Muslims in this world… I know that. I have friends from all across Earth and friends from various belief systems. I’m not racist. Most of my time spent in relationships has been with black women. Don’t play the racist bullshit on me. Islam is not a race… it’s a religion that contains white people, Asian people, black people Etc… Those who call Islam a race, are the ones who are ignorant racists.  I know a threat when I see one. In order to properly deal with an issue, you must first recognise the issue. Alcoholics don’t go to meetings and never mention alcohol by name because not all drinks are bad. The first thing you must do is recognise you have a problem. Muslim Terrorism is a real and growing threat. “Doomsday Clock Announcement, 2017 National Press Club, Washington, D.C. January 26th, 2017, 10:00a.m. EST”


I’m not claiming that the fulfilment of my  modified drone attack Prophecy and the Designed Facebook that I made a day before the clock moved, was their reason for moving it, but The Design matches.. You can go unto my Facebook page: see the post, see that it’s unedited, see that all the letters add up to 11570, check the time and date Etc…


My Trident report made international news in 2015. I released The Trident report on 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775 and it made international news on 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775. Tri = 3. Both dates consist of the three numbers in my WILL/Trident Tattoo, website, The TRINITY Bible verse Etc… 1571 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, The Father, The Word, and The Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!! “The clock was changed from 11:55pm to 11:57pm in 2015. “The Doomsday Clock is ticking on world’s nuclear apocalypse countdown as Donald Trump begins his reign as US President” “The hand on the Doomsday Clock, a symbol of how close the world is to meltdown, has been moved 30 seconds closer to midnight. The time now is the rather inelegant 11:57:30, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.”




Video of my Modified Drone Attack message.


Screenshot of my Facebook post that showed my Prophetic Modified Drone Attack message.



The Text between the dotted lines below is from my Facebook post… the post I made one day before the Doomsday clock moved from 11:57 to 11:57:30. All the letters in the post add up to 11570, and I showed the total in the post.

( 23/1/17 “ISIS unveils a new remote-controlled drone that they film dropping a BOMB in Mosul” “this is the first time a remote-controlled attack craft has featured in one of their videos.” In my first interview with Russia Today, I had a conversation with RT’s reporters about the risk of Drones being modified with bombs by ISIS… that was about a year before ISIS started modifying Drones and releasing videos showing modified drone attacks. For more proof than witnesses, I sent a date stamped message about half a year ago.  I told you to strengthen Europe’s defences months before the ISIS attacks in Europe happened. People never listen… what are the odds of them listening this time? Enforce a drone ban. Make flying a drone require a license. Taking down air planes and bombing people with modified drones is a risk that needs eliminated. Eliminate the threat or wait for more people to be Eliminated??? Which path are you going to take??? 24/1/17 “ISIS Unveils Weaponized Drone Program in New Video” “ISIS supporters on social media were boasting that the terror group now has an air force after the Islamic State released today their first video showing Weaponized drones being used against Iraqi forces.” A = 1 B = 2 C = 3 D = 4 ) 11570.


I made the post at 7:11PM and the Doomsday clock announcement began at 10AM the next day.

The average person looks at 7:11PM on a clock and says “ten past seven / 7:00”

I added A minute for The Design.

A Design I talked about in my 2015 reports and on this website in 2016

I Pet Goat II was released 1057 days before my Trident made international news and I Got Trident in my Title

F = – F

F = -F

1 = -1

+ 1 To The Time  7:10PM and -1 from  The Time of The Doomsday Announcement… The Time distance = exactly 888 minutes.

The clock moved because of the Nuclear Weapon threat!!!



The Majority of people in the United States where it mattered voted for Donald J Trump… that’s how he won the ELection.


The Original Height of The Great Pyramid = 147M

F = -F

1 = -1

+ 1 To The Time  7:10PM and -1 from  The Time of The Doomsday Announcement… The Time distance = exactly 888 minutes.

They said they moved the clock based on Donald J Trump and Nuclear Weapons.

Donald J Trump = 888 Nuclear Weapon = 888

888 = 888 in the base 10 number system. The number system you learn in primary school and see all around you, is The Base 10.

The Base 10 number system consists of the 10 numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.    888 = 888 

The Base 8 number system: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.   888 = 1570   

888 in base ten = 1570 in base Eight.


Read through the Donald J Trump page on and you’ll see that I prophesied his win wayyy before anyone knew that he stood a chance. I told people he would win wayyy back in 2015. I made the Gif below and posted it in on months before the Doomsday clock moved from 11:57 to 11:57:30. In the Gif you can see Donald J Trump and the numbers 11 5 7. 3 numbers that match The Doomsday Time. The Gif is date stamped online and there are numerous witnesses to prove that it was uploaded to months ago… 11 5 7.

My Trident report against the Trident nuclear weapons system made international news in 2015. Tri = 3. The symbolic device was created by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947.” “The clock was last adjusted in 2015 when it was moved from five minutes to three minutes to midnight amid global perils such as climate change and nuclear proliferation. That was the closest it had been more than 20 years.”


The front page of The Sunday Times on 22/1/17  24/10/5777 was about a Trident missile test that failed. The Sunday Times contacted me for my input into their reports. If you’re new to this site my name is WilliAM McNeilly AKA The Trident Whistleblower. Other news agencies also contacted me. I had a video link with RT on the night the story broke. The Trident story with my comments were the top story on RT UK for two days. I said the A boats will crash… an A boat crashed one day after my other Live TV interview on the day of The Trident vote. I said missile tests will fail… the next missile test (over a year later) failed. It was first failure in many years. In my reports I warned about Terrorist infiltrators… are you fools really going to doubt me??? I have been proven right and you have been proven wrong sooo many times. It is illogical for you to assume that you are the one who is right.


The Sunday Times “the naval source says that something went wrong after the missile left the sea from the submerged submarine, and the test was deemed a failure. Details of the failure are not known, but the source believes the missile may have gone in the wrong direction possibly heading towards the American mainland” “The prospect of an armed missile with such destructive power heading in the wrong direction is terrifying. Michael Elleman, an engineer who helped develop the Trident II D5 missile, said if the launch had not been a test and the missile had been armed, the consequences could have been “collateral damage on steroids”. The test missiles are rigged up with small explosives so they can be destroyed if something goes wrong, but experts have told this newspaper that this does not occur when a Trident is fully armed with nuclear warheads”. “Power to flatten cities and kill millions” “Ultimately Downing Street decided to cover up the failed test. If the information was made public, they knew how damaging it would be” Published time: 24 Jan, 2017 17:17 “Trident whistleblower tells RT he ‘witnessed 4 unreported missile test failures’ Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly leaked details about a number of serious test fire issues aboard Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet a whole year before the June 2016 misfire that sent a missile careening towards the US.” “McNeilly published a dossier highlighting a range of safety and security failures aboard Trident submarines in May 2015 – more than a year before the latest mishap.” “UK government crisis erupts over Trident nuclear missile failure” “The Conservative government’s attempt to cover up the potentially catastrophic failure of a Trident ballistic missile has blown up in its face.” “Nor were concerns vocalised in 2015 when William McNeilly, a former Royal Navy nuclear submariner-turned-whistleblower, warned that Trident was “a disaster waiting to happen.” “He posted a dossier on-line criticising “military deceivers” and naval “spin doctors” for ignoring the 30 defects he had identified on the weapons system. His warning that “It’s only a matter of time before worse information comes out, and everything is proven to be true” has come to fruition.” “May would probably have been briefed during the handover even without the looming Trident debate. Preparing for her Commons speech in Trident’s defence would make that a certainty. She praised Trident as “our ultimate safeguard” while knowing that it had just badly misfired. Nuclear weapons have always gone hand in hand with secrecy and lies, not least in Britain. Labour prime minister Clement Attlee first decided to develop them in 1947 without telling the public, parliament or even the cabinet. In 2015 whistleblower Able Seaman William McNeilly went on the run from Faslane naval base where Trident submarines are stationed. He had to risk jail to reveal that health and safety practices there were a “disaster waiting to happen”. And lie upon lie is needed to justify Trident’s existence. It is supposed to keep the world safer. Yet the existence of nuclear weapons drags other countries into a race to develop more and more.”


My Trident against the Trident nuclear weapons system made international news in 2015. Tri = 3. The symbolic device was created by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947.” “The clock was last adjusted in 2015 when it was moved from five minutes to three minutes to midnight amid global perils such as climate change and nuclear proliferation. That was the closest it had been more than 20 years.”



Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight 2017 Graph



I sent The Prophetic Modified Drone Attack message with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account. Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with our Details and Design… an EXtrEmE amount of Detail and Design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


My 2 favourite 3 digit numbers since I was old enough to think = 147 and 157.

In my first reported on interview I wore a Tie Clip with 147 WILL 157 Engraved on it. I had conversation with the reporter and camera man reporter dude about the risks of IS modifying drones for bombings on the day of that interview… wayyy back in February 2016. There was a microphone recording what I said most of the day. If you are an investigator, you may be able to get the recording from RT. Feel free to release anything I have said. The Truth does not hide… people hide from The Truth.

I revealed my favourite numbers in my 2015 reports. Those reports were read by thousands and The Trident report made international news.


My Prophetic Message “Modified Drone Attack” was sent in August 2016 and I talked to the RT reporters about ISIS going to modify drones wayyy back in February 2016. 24/1/17  26/10/5777 “New ISIS Video Shows Them Using Drones to Conduct ‘Airstrikes’ in Mosul” “In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Knights of Bureaucracy,” ISIS militants are shown attaching bombs to drones” “ISIS has been using “exploding drones” for months, however this is the first footage of them doing so. In October 2016, The New York Times reported that the Pentagon was struggling with a new aerial threat from ISIS.” “The full video called Knights of Bureaucracy shows the extremists attaching bombs to drones and sending them over populated areas.”


If IS wants to survive, they must lay down their weapons and hand authority to me.

Do that and you will become stronger than ever.

I will contact world leaders, ensure your safety… to the best of my ability I will protect and guide you. War with weapons is pointless when you are out numbered. Prophet Muhammad: “The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr”. When I was detained on base after releasing my Trident report, I said to a Royal Navy Chief who served in Iraq “you may hate Muhammad but he has earned respect. He was a Great military leader who still has an effect on the world years after his Death.”

The only way for the Islamic State to survive is hand authority to me… I told you that in 2015… days before Russia started bombing you… you did not listen then… are you going to listen now??? Continue to ignore me and you will be Destroyed!!!

You think the Prophet Muhammad fulfilled Prophecies??? You follow the Prophet Muhammad because you think he fulfilled Prophecy???

No human has ever or will ever fulfil and create prophecies in the amount of Detail that I have with God’s Guidance. Our Modified Drone Attack Prophecy was just one of many prophecies that was created and fulfilled with EXtrEmE Design… The words “Mecca Prophecy” and The Design at Mecca is linked to me more than Muhammad or any of you. There is Design in every major religion and I serve The True Designer… The God of Gods!!!