There’s me featured on the big screen in the video below. The man with Trident in his title… At the forefront of nuclear disarmament. I released The Trident Report against The Trident Nuclear Weapon system. The report made international news three years in a row: 2015, 2016 and 2017.


I uploaded a Submarine Video to my YouTube channel on 11/14/17; that video shows a submarine sinking… one day before the Navy lost contact with their submarine on 11/15/17. “the navy announced last Saturday that it had lost contact with the San Juan on 15 November.”

In my first reported on interview, I warned about submarines sinking. I didn’t just focus on the UK’s Trident submarines… I talked about other nations haven sunken submarines. When I talked about the odds of a submarine sinking, I used specific numbers to show The Design.

Submarine Video Uploaded: 11/14/17. The Navy lost contact: 11/15/17

The tie clip that I wore in my first reported on interview had ‘147 WILL 157‘ engraved on it.

In my first reported on interview, I warned about submarines sinking. I didn’t just focus on the UK’s Trident submarines… I talked about other nations having sunken submarines. When I talked about the odds of a submarine sinking, I used specific numbers,  to show The Design.

Submarine Video Uploaded: 11/14/17. Navy loses contact: 11/15/17

The tie clip that I wore in my first reported on interview in 2016: 147 WILL 157.

No man has ever and man will ever warn about submarines sinking, in the amount of Detail and Design that I achieved with THE TRUE GOD’s Guidance.

No man will ever achieve this level of Design because my guided actions have been completed with Perfect Timing.

When it comes to dates, a lot of people reduce the year to two numbers… in some places, they reduce it to one number.

Submarine Video uploaded: 11/14/7. The Navy lost contact: 11/15/7.


Verily I say unto you, no-one has ever warned about submarines sinking, in The Amount of Detail and Design that I have achieved with THE TRUE GOD’s Guidance!!!


There’s more than one way to look at everything I have done: The 3d perspective and The Real Perspective. I made international news by releasing my Trident report against The Trident Nuclear Weapon system. That report made international news. The reason for writing the report was the safety and security issues at the site. The content in the report was what I had witnessed and heard others talk about. Hook me up to lie detector and I can read over the entire report… you won’t detect a lie because I was being truthful. That is The Truth within The 3d Realm.


The Truth in The True reality is… I done it for Prophecy. It may be hard to comprehend how my motivations for releasing The Trident report can be for the safety issues and Prophecy, but it shouldn’t be if you understand this Realm.The motivation to carry out an action is often given when fulfilling a Prophecy. Moses fulfilled and created prophecies because of the motivation he had to free his people and protect his people. My motivation was the nuclear threat to my people. Saying that I done it for Prophecy, does not exclude the fact that I released The Trident report because I was concerned about the safety of my people. Everyone tries to simplify everything. Don’t simplify The Truth… The Truth is most valuable in its purest form. Prophecies are created and fulfilled with extreme detail… that is why the numbers add up. In the 3d Realm, I am opposed to nuclear weapons. In the true reality, I am thankful for their creation because they were created to fulfil Prophecy. Being willing to die fighting a system that I am thankful for… that is The Truth and when you understand that, you’ll be one step closer to understanding how this world works. Everyone plays a role in The Design. This Realm is Designed to perfection. White, Black, Asian, Indian… we are all related and we all play a role in The Design. Learn your role and fulfil your destiny.



I released my Trident report  on The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775. Tri = 3. The last three numbers in the date 5/5/15 = 515Here’s a link to The YouTube video I made on the day this page opened The video shows my website appearing numerous times in the Google search “Trident Prophecy” and “Trident Prophecy Complete”. With God’s Guidance, I completed The Trident Prophecies in an EXtrEmE amount of DEtail. I took the screen recording on the same day this page opened. On that exact day, Google’s doodle was The Trident Lights. A = 1 B = 2 C = 3. Add up all the letters in the URL link to the YouTube video and you’ll see That The Total is 515.





Search “Trident Whistleblower” in Google and you’ll see numerous news articles about me. That is the information based in the 3d Realm. Not everything in those articles is true. Like The Times report that claims I was learning Russian before “going on the run”. I have never attemped to learn Russian, have never been to Russia and I wasn’t trying to avoid arrest after I knew my report was released. After I knew my report was released, I flew back to the UK from Bavaria the next day; to hand myself in. Getting arrested before knowing The Trident report was released, could have given them the opportunity to try and stop it from being released. They released their report that claimed I was on the run with Top Secret information after learning Russian… they updated that report on the 19th, after I had already handed myself in to be arrested on the 18th. There is hard evidence to show that they knew I was in police custody on the 18th. They still haven’t took down their bullshit report.


On 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775, I released The Trident report against the Trident Nuclear Weapon system. The Trident report made international news on 17/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775. One of the main threats is how easy it is to access the submarines. All that is needed to access the Trident nuclear armed submarines is a few fake IDs. My comments about the Trident nuclear weapon system have appeared in numerous news articles… in 2015 and 2016. Search “Trident Whistleblower Fake IDs” on Google and you’ll see numerous news articles about that warning.



It is not my belief that fake IDs are all that is needed… it is a fact, if the security is still the same as it was in 2015 when I was based there.  Fake IDs and the layout of the base can be obtained by hackers. In 2015, I warned everyone about hackers, but they refused to listen.  Most people assume that I’m just a whistleblower that released one report… they couldn’t be more wrong. My third report was called The Art of War. The Art of War was released on 16/6/15. The report was read by thousands of people. Here’s the link…


The Art of War report was released on 16/6/15 and contains the word “hack” 6 times… “Hacker” “Hacking” “Hacked”. What makes them assume they can’t be hacked? What makes them assume that we can’t create a Hacking Prophecy? Don’t be an assuming ass. I don’t want anything to happen at the Trident nuclear weapons site. I don’t want them to be hacked. It is my aim to increase security and make sure that my people and land are protected.  Phones have finger print scanners! Why can’t the gates at a multiple Billion pound nuclear weapons site have finger print scanners? One simple defensive move eliminates the risk of people gaining access with fake IDs. A 100% compulsory finger print scan before access, will remove the threat of unauthorised people gaining access via the gates. When I say that you can be hacked, the terrorists can use the information to create Fake IDs and access the Trident nuclear weapons system… you listen to the warning and increase security!!! Do not doubt me after God has proven me to be right numerous times. Of course I am not just right and our prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… They are fulfilled with an EXtrEmE amount of DEtail and DEsign. Time and Time again, people have ignored my warning and they have been proven wrong. With God’s Guidance, I sent The United States ELection hacking prophetic message, before The ELection.



6x6x6 = 216

The US ELection Hack Prophetic Message Video Proof



The US ELection Hacked… Prophetic Message screenshot Proof



I sent 2 messages about Hacking. 2 Months and 2 days later, The US ELection hacked Prophecy was Completed.

I was born on The 222nd day of The Year.

I was born on The 222nd day of The Year and named WillIAM McNeilly

The Prophetic Hacking message was sent on 10/15/16  Hebrew Date 13 Tishrei 5777. I sent the message to my WillIAM McNeilly Facebook page from my WillIAM Lewis Facebook page. WillIAM McNeilly = 1516 in Jewish Gematria. WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria. I made A Designed Facebook post on the same day as that Huffington Post headline that showed The ELection Hacking Prophecy was Fulfilled. “The US Election Hacked…” Prophecy was created as prophecy of the headlines and news stories about people saying the ELection was hacked. Was the ELection hacked or is it propaganda? That’s for you to research. People must learn to do their own research. Most mainstream media and alternative media dudes tell you what to think… I tell you to think and pay attention to the Facts. I say that because The Truth is on my side. “The US Election Hacked…”  Prophecy Complete… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


I sent The Prophetic “The US Election Hacked…” message on 10/15/16 at 15:16PM.

I often say “take The One and change The Six” 1516 becomes 157. 151+6 = 157.

I took the screenshot below at 22:00 on 12/22/2016 Hebrew Date 22 KISLEV 5777.

At that exact time, I had 157 active users in the chat.

The Prophetic message (“The US Election Hacked…”) was sent at 15:16PM on 10/15/16 and The Designed Facebook post about The Hacking Prophecies Fulfilment was made at 5:55PM on 12/17/16 Hebrew Date: 17 KISLEV 5777… There were 2 messages that contained the word Hack (“Hacking” “Hacked”) The Post was made 2 months and 2 days later when the headline showed the prophecy was fulfilled… add 2 hours to Time Distance from The Hacking Prophecies creation to The Designed Post about its fulfilment = 1516 hours to the nearest rounded down hour. What are the odds? Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are created and fulfilled with an extreme amount of detail and design. No other human has ever or will ever, fulfil or create prophecies in the amount of detail that I have with God.







When I say that you need to increase security, to protect the people from hack attacks, what should you do? Continue to ignore everything I say or listen? Don’t play your rank cards on me… I am God’s servant… The King of this Realm. How do you think I fulfil and create prophecies in this amount of Detail? I couldn’t tie my shoes without God. A mere human couldn’t do this. That’s why I say “Worship God… not me”. I posted the video above on my WillIAM Lewis Facebook page, with Perfectly Designed Text… on the same day as the Huffington post Hacking Headline.



You can view my Facebook post by clicking the Black and Gold Facebook logo, in the top left hand corner of this site.

The full text in the post is contained in the brackets below.

( Go ahead and talk about the news… That stuff is new to you, but I created The Design and sent The Prophetic messages before the ELection result was announced Haha I sent The Prophetic “The US Election Hacked…” message about a month before the United States ELection! The”Hacking Confirmed” story made headlines lol I sent the prophetic message before the ELection. It’s 2016 DEsign was perfect for Add up the letters “United States” = 157 in simple Gem. “Government” = 1057 in Jewish Gem = 157. and These Prophecies were created before any of this happened. You people witnessed me create and post the Russian propaganda post before all this started taking up the majority of the headlines… What are the odds of that happening? Haha Our prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with our EXact EXtrEMEly DEtailed DEsign. No other human has ever or will ever fulfil or create the amount of prophecies that I have with God’s Guidance… That is a FACT! Backed by hard evidence and numerous living witnesses. You don’t believe it… you either know The Truth or ignore The Truth. I didn’t just prophesy Trump winning wayyy back in 2015… I prophesied the EXact Design of The ELection and EVEnts after The ELection. EL EL EL was tattooed on my Left arm years before these EVEnts Hahaha I don’t care if you don’t care so don’t bore me with the “news” that you don’t care lol There are a lot of people who do care about my work and The World around them. My site has been called the best site by a growing number of people. One of the main purposes of The Design in this world is Prophecy. I run The Best Prophecy Site on Earth. If you don’t care about The World around you or The Truth, then feel free to unfriend me and crawl back into your darkened cave. Know The Truth or ignore The Truth. The Truth, The Prophecy… The Destroyer… ALL GLORY BELONGS GOD!!!)  


All the letters in this post add up to  110447 in Jewish Gem.  All the letters in the post add up to  17515 in Simple Gem. I got Trident in Title on 17/5/15 by negotiating the 17/5/15 release date of my Trident report with A John Hunt 147 EMail. 



I posted the Gematria above in the comments section of the post. I was born in 1989. The post and description of the post are both perfectly designed. The Prophecy was created with EXtreme DEtail, The Prophecy was Fulfilled with EXtreme DEtail and The DEtails in the Prophecy were shown after its fulfilment…in Great Detail. When I say you can be hacked, you should increase security.


I made the Facebook post below on the day this page opened. The post was made at 10:47AM on 23 9 5777. WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Gematria.


(If you think the media doesn’t create propaganda against the Russians, then you’re a fool. Read this report The Times released about me last year. They updated that report on the 19th of May… After I had already flown back from Bavaria to the UK and handed myself in on the 18th. Their report is proven beyond any doubt to be pure bullshit. I was in UK custody when they updated a report that claims I was learning Russian and on the run with Top Secret files. Their report claims that I said things that I have never said. I have never tried to learn Russian in my life and I have never travelled to Russia so why would I be learning Russian? They provide zero evidence in their report and purposely took quotes out of context to create the image in the readers mind that I confessed to being a spy. For Example: Their report claims that I confessed to sneaking into a Top Secret compartment / The Navigation center… when my report clearly states more than once that I worked in the navigation centre, my job required me to be in there and I was given access to the navigation centre. Saying that I wasn’t asked to leave during Top Secret meetings is not sneaking into a Top Secret compartment. I was on the access list. They are lairs and they think all of you are fools. Anyone who reads my report would know The Times report is nothing more than lies. They have been caught red handed fabricating lies and creating propaganda against the Russians. I sent them long messages pointing out the numerous lies in their report and asked them to take it down multiple times. They still leave that report up. A report that claims I was on the run, learning Russian and had Top Secret information… A dumbass report that was updated after I had handed myself in. This world is not short of fools. Convincing fools that I am Russian spy puts my life in danger. I went to get a lawyer but the price was too high for me. You sacrifice your career to warn people about a nuclear threat and they repay you by trying to make you look like a crazy Russian Spy.  in Simple Gematria Equals: 20150


The Times released their report against me in 2015. A = 1 B = 2 C = 3. Add up all the letters in the post I made about their bullshit report and you’ll see the total is 20150. I’d like to thank all those who make themselves my enemy. Where would I be without you? Hahaha

I typed a large paragraph that adds up to the exact five digit number that was required for The Design. I typed that up faster than most people can type. It is more than Gematria… it is Design!!!



The ELection Hack was blamed on the Russians.





I made the Facebook post below on 10 KISLEV 5777… The Drudge Report headline fulfilled The Design on 11 KISLEV 5777.

105777 115777


My Post on 10 KISLEV 5777






I made the Facebook post above on 10 KISLEV 5777… The Drudge Report headline below fulfilled The Prophetic Design on 11 KISLEV 5777. “Trump on Russia meddling in US election: ‘I don’t believe it'”

The Headline on 11 KISLEV 5777


My Donald J Trump, Fake News and Russian Propaganda post, was made one day before the headline below. Drudge Report is one of the World’s biggest news sites. My US Election Hack message was sent about two months before those headlines… the message was sent about a month before the ELection result was revealed… Prophecies Complete… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!



1110-putin-prove-it-gematria-drudge-report-headline-prophecy-complete-all-glory-belongs-to-god “Trump on Russia meddling in US election: ‘I don’t believe it'”

“US intelligence had previously linked Russia to leaks of damaging email from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign but saw it as a broad bid to undermine confidence in the US political process.

On Friday, however, the Washington Post reported that the CIA has concluded that the aim of the cyber intrusions was to help Trump win the election.

Trump dismissed the reports as an attempt by Democrats to excuse their election loss.

He said there was “great confusion” within the intelligence agencies, whom he portrayed as fighting among themselves.

“Nobody really knows. And hacking is very interesting. Once they hack, if you don’t catch them in the act, you’re not going to catch them. They have no idea if it’s Russia or China or somebody. It could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. They have no idea,” he said.”  “We’re going to have different people coming in because we have our people, they have their people. And I have great respect for them. But if you read the stories, the various stories, they’re disputing. And certain groups don’t necessarily agree.”


This page was created on 11/20/16 at 15:55. YouTube video Uploaded at 4:44PM. The video’s length is 34 seconds… Three 4s… 444.