Plane disaster Page 1 was created on Hebrew Date 1 KISLEV 5777 and opened on 10 KISLEV 5777. 10 March 2019 Report: “Ethiopian Airlines crash – Seven British people among 157 passengers killed in horror Boeing plane tragedy”.

(United States = 157 in Simple Gematria)

(Government = 1057 in Jewish Gematria)

Do not say you weren’t warned with an ExtrEmE Amount of Detail and Design…

Plane disaster Page 1 was opened just weeks before 2017 “US troops killed in plane crashes skyrockets in 2017“. 2018 Report:  “After a string of deadly aviation accidents, the Air Force has directed all of their wing units with flying and maintenance functions to ground aircraft for one day to conduct an “Operational Safety Review.” Active duty wings will have until May 21 while National Guard and Reserve units will have until June 25 to complete the review.” “Even before the Navy cargo plane crash Wednesday, the number of U.S. troops killed in plane crashes had skyrocketed this year” “So far this year, there have been 22 U.S. military non-combat plane crashes flying routine operations.” “The number of American troops killed in these plane crashes has more than doubled. Following the announcement by the 7th Fleet Thursday night that it has ended its search for three missing American sailors hundreds of miles off the coast of Japan, the number of U.S. service members lost to plane crashes in 2017 stands at 37. That is more than 130 percent higher than the number killed in non-combat plane crashes at this point in 2016.”

This recording was uploaded to YouTube, weeks before 2017… videos are date stamped on YouTube and the Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ Message is date stamped on Facebook.

Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ Message

Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled with our Details and Design… An ExtrEmE Amount of Detail and Design!!! “Only three of the Brazilian club’s players survived November’s crash, when 71 of 77 people on board died.” “The crash happened on 29 November”

Plane Disaster Page 1 was created on Hebrew Date 1 KISLEV 5777 and opened on 10 KISLEV 5777.

Plane Disaster Page 2 was opened on the anniversary of The Colombian Plane Disaster: 29 November 2017.

29/11/2017 AKA  KISLEV 11/5778.

The most famous ‘Plane Disaster’ in this Realm, happened in New York on 9/11.

KISLEV 11 = 9/11 in The Sacred Hebrew Calendar.

(Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ Message = 911 in Jewish Gematria)

From the day The Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ message that’s shown in the video above was sent, to and including the day of The Colombian Plane Disaster =  116 Days.

A Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ Message was sent 116 days before The Colombian Plane Disaster

116 Days Before

The Signature: W. McNeilly

(W. McNeilly = 116  in Simple Gematria )

(W. McNeilly = 696  in English Gematria )

(King James Bible John 7V17 “If any man will do his Will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of GOD, or whether I speak of myself.” = 1160 in Simple Gematria)

(King James Bible John 7V17 “If any man will do his Will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of GOD, or whether I speak of myself.” = 6960 in English Gematria)


Plane Disaster Page 2 opened on Hebrew Date 11 KISLEV 5778… the one year anniversary of The Colombian Plane Disaster.

(The Signature: W. McNeilly = 1578 in English Gematria)

The 1578 Design, was shown on this website months before The Colombian Plane Disaster.

I got Trident in my title when my Trident Report made international. The Trident Report was released by the media while I was in Bavaria. According to a Google map calculation, the walking route from where I was to The Trident base, (with ferry) is 1578KM

Life and Death

My Date of Birth = 10/8/1989

W. McNeilly = 696 

1081989 ÷ 696 = 1555 (0dp) “Brazilian football team plane crash as it happened” “The flight’s last recorded altitiude was 15,550ft” “Early Evidence Points to Nightmare Scenario for Brazilian Soccer Team’s Ill-Fated Flight” “According to flight data from FlightRadar24, the plane made three circles, descending from 21,000 feet to 15,550 feet for the last two minutes of available flight data.” (Translated to English) “The last record of the aircraft is when it is at 15,550 feet of altitude”

Understand that True Divine Prophecies are fulfilled in an ExtrEmE Amount of Detail and Design!!!

Remember Hebrew is read from right to LEft.

No-one has ever and no-one will ever take on nuclear weapons in The Amount of Detail and Design that I achieved with GOD’s Guidance. The limited human mind cannot begin to fathom how this was possible.

(Anti Nuclear Weapon = 1555  in Jewish Gematria)

Think about Probability & The Butterfly Effect. This Design wouldn’t be possible without all The Key Details being completed with Perfection.

I had to ride forth in one of the four Trident submarines, in order to complete this Design.

In order to release The Trident Report on 5/5/15, I had to get the first patrol.

In order to get the first patrol ahead of numerous other people who wanted a patrol to get their Dolphins and pay rise, I had to earn Fast Track promotion. I earned Fast Track promotion before people who had been in The Royal Navy for years longer than me. I also got The Best Student Award in The Trident Training Facility. GOD chooses the weak and makes them strong. This journey hasn’t been an easy one for me; however, EVErything I needed to do was literally approached with a do or die attitude.

 I got the first patrol, on The Perfect Trident Submarine, for The Design!!!

Her Majesty‘s Ship Victorious “Able Seaman William McNeilly and HMS Victorious“.

(Victorious NIV Psalm 45:4 “In your Majesty ride forth Victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.” = 1555 in Simple Gematria)



When The Mirrors Come One…

5515 + 1555 = 7070 “Only three of the Brazilian club’s players survived November’s crash, when 71 of 77 people on board died.” “The crash happened on 29 November”

The 77 Design is in The Tip of my WILL/Trident Tattoo. I talked about The Design in my WILL Tattoo in my 2015 reports, and on in 2016.

In my 2015 Reports: I called for World Wide Nuclear Disarmament, showed The 777 Design and talked about The United Nations. “More than 70 years after the world witnessed the devastating power of nuclear weapons, a global treaty has been approved to ban the bombs, a move that supporters hope will lead to the eventual elimination of all nuclear arms.” “Treaty adopted on 7 July 2017 United Nations Conference to Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading Towards their Total Elimination”.

7/7/17 Hebrew Year 5777

(Great Pyramid = 777 in Jewish Gematria)

(Order Out Of Chaos = 777 in Jewish Gematria) “Only three of the Brazilian club’s players survived November’s crash, when 71 of 77 people on board died.” “The crash happened on 29 November”

71 77 Mirrored = 7717

This YouTube video titled ‘Submarine Video’, was uploaded to YouTube on 14/11/17… a day before the Navy lost contact with Submarine ARA San Juan on 15/11/17; that’s a witnessed and easily verifiable fact, backed by date stamped evidence. 

(Submarine Video = 7717 in Jewish Gematria)

My Trident Report made international news, made it to the top of the Wikileaks front page, remained on the front page of Wikileaks for months in 2015, landed me on the front page of major news sites for years in a row, led to me welcoming The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize win for Ican (The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), Etc Etc Etc. The World seen my warnings about submarine hazards… they refused to listen. Now they see the consequences of being ignorant.

Link to The Trident Report that’s date stamped 17/5/15 on Wikileaks:

I literally warned about water in DC (Direct Current) compartments causing fires and being likely to sink a submarine… a couple of years before Submarine ARA San Juan made its final call. In the Trident submarines, the DC equipment space is a deck that’s directly above the Battery Compartment.

Quote from my Trident Report that made international news on 17/5/15, about water causing a fire with DC (Direct Current) equipment and being likely to sink a submarine if it’s not dealt with in the right way:  “In another conversation with the SWS Navigation Supervisor, I got him to tell me about his experiences onboard. He has experienced 4 floods and fires onboard. He told me the worst was a flood in the DC equipment spaceThe whole back section was submerged in electrified water, from the 10 kw motor generators. He said they were lucky they didn’t follow the normal emergency operating procedure for that incident. Due to were the flood was coming from If they had followed the normal procedure the submarine would’ve been lost.

Quote from The Trident Report that made international news on 17/5/15, about water dripping onto electrics because of a ventilation problem causing too much condensation: “I did ask them about the humidity problem though, because I had seen how bad it was. Forward dome and 1 deck WT flat were the worst; there was waterdripping from the roof onto all sorts of electrics. They told me that there’s a problem with the system and the condensation levels are 15% higher than they should be at. I then told them “There’s a pump in AMS1 that sprays water on an electrical distribution box.” One of them said “that’s a bit of a design flaw.” They laughed and changed the subject.” “Missing submarine ARA San Juan‘s last message reported fire and leak”. “In his first public comments on the missing sub, President Mauricio Macri said: “The disappearance and current search for the ARA San Juan submarine has touched all Argentines.” “The crew of missing submarine ARA San Juan reported a fire in their final message, according to Argentinian media. The final contact from the vessel, which has 44 crew members on board, reportedly said seawater had entered the ventilation system, causing a battery on the diesel-electric submarine to short-circuit and spark a fire. According to news channel A24, it was received on 15 November.”

On 15/1144 people onboard submarine ARA San Juan had a problem like the exact thing I warned about in my Trident Report on 5/5/15.

15/11, 44 People

(Submarine ARA San Juan = 1511 in Jewish Gematria)

1511 + 44 = 1555

The San Juan Sub Sunk with Perfect Timing and Design, a day after I uploaded that Submarine Video of a submarine sinking… for The Details in that event, click the link below.

WILL in Roman Numerals = 5515050

W – VV – 55

I – 1

L – 50

L – 50

WILL = 5515050

The picture of me holding up the date 5/5/15 was written in reverse and taken in a Mirror.

Hebrew is read from LEft to right.

5515050 Read as 0505155

5 x 5155 = 25775

My first report was The Trident Report. That report put me on the front page of major news sites for years in a row.

I got Trident in my Title by releasing The Trident Report at the age of 25… on The Date in my WILL/Trident Tattoo: 5/5/15 Hebrew Year 5775.




Some say Solomon’s Temple was rebuilt in Brazil.

A Temple called ‘Solomon’s Temple’ has been built in Brazil, but that’s not The Third Temple!!!


Plane Disaster Page 2 opened on KISLEV 11/5778

KISLEV 11 = 9/11 in The Sacred Hebrew Calendar

The first anniversary of the Brazilian Football Team’s Plane Crash for my timezone = 29/11/2017… which just so happened to be 9/11 in The Sacred Hebrew Calendar.

My Date of Birth is on 9/11 in The Hebrew Civil Calendar. My Date of Birth is known as Tisha B’AV.

Plane disaster Page 1 was created on Hebrew Date 1 KISLEV 5777 and opened on 10 KISLEV 5777.

(United States = 157 in Simple Gematria)

(Government = 1057 in Jewish Gematria)

Do not say you weren’t warned with an ExtrEmE Amount of Detail and Design…

Plane disaster Page 1 was opened just weeks before 2017 “US troops killed in plane crashes skyrockets in 2017“.


Plane Disaster Page 2 opened on 29/11/2017 


(Gematria Design = 132 in Simple Gematria)

(Plane Disaster Page = 1032 in English Gematria)

(The Prophecy Designer = 1320 in English Gematria)

(WillIAM McNeilly = 1032 in English Gematria)

(Prophecy Fulfiller = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)

( = 1320 in English Gematria)

( = 1032 in Jewish Gematria)


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( = 777 in Jewish Gematria)

( = 888 in English Gematria)

The page was created in 2017


( = 217 in Simple Gematria)

( = 130in English Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 217 in Simple Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 130in English Gematria) “A plane carrying 77 people, including a top Brazilian football team, has crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia. Colombia’s civil aviation body says only six people survived the crash, blamed on an electrical fault.”


(The Colombian Plane Disaster = 1560 in English Gematria)

When it comes to Prime Numbers, some people count The Number 1 and others don’t.

For those who don’t, 911 is The 156th Prime Number.

For those who do, 911 is The 157th Prime Number.

( = 156 in Simple Gematria)

The Bible 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, The Father, The Word, and The Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

(GOD 156 in English Gematria)

(Knowing = 1056 in Jewish Gematria)

(His WILL = 1056 in Jewish Gematria)

(Let There Be Light = 156 in Simple Gematria)

( = 156 in Simple Gematria)

(The World Wide Web 1056 in English Gematria)

(THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD = 1056 in Jewish Gematria)

(Consistency in The Design = 1560 in English Gematria)

(The Bible 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, THE FATHERTHE WORD, and THE HOLY GHOST: and these three are one.” = 1056 in Simple Gematria)

(The Bible 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, THE FATHERTHE WORD, and THE HOLY GHOST: and these three are one.” = 5777 in Jewish Gematria)

A large percentage of the pages on, were created in Hebrew Year 5777.

The Colombian Plane Disaster fulfilled The Design in The Prophetic ‘Plane Crash’ Message… in Hebrew Year 5777.