I created the prophetic Ankara Bombing folder on 15/7/16 and later that day the Ankara Bombing happened. 15/7/16.

From the Ankara Bombing to and including the date this page opened is exactly 157 days.

Ankara Bombing Folder created on The 15th of the 7th.




Ankara Bombing open on the same day as Purple 13 11.3.

This page will show our Prophetic Purple design.

Made for Purple 13  11.313 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 18.

Ankara Bombing = 108

The Ankara Bombing page opened on 18/12/16 Hebrew Date 18 KESLEV 5777.

My original Trident report is 18 pages.

I created a prophetic Ankara Bombing Folder before Ankara was bombed during the Turkey Coup.

Ankara Bombing = 108

Ankara Bombing Folder in English Gematria Equals: 1008

There was 108 pages on WILL157.com when the Ankara Bombing page had the content above added.



Fools tell you that the information above is “just numbers” “no-one cares”. Don’t listen to the fools. This is more than numbers… it is Design. Only a fool would fail to see The Prophetic Design. Most of those fools have probably no idea where Ankara is. Ankara is the capital of Turkey. What are the odds of me creating the Ankara Bombing Folder on the day of the coup… before the bombing happened??? I created that folder before the bombing was reported on by any one in the West because I created it before the coup bombing started. That is more than numbers… THAT IS PROPHECY!!! The Prophecy was created and fulfilled with our EXact Prophetic Details and Design. Created on 15/7/16… 157 days before The Details were revealed to the public on WILL157.com… What are the odds? Only a fool would think that was a coincidence. Do they think there was an explosion in my number 18 house and I fell onto my laptop… coincidentally creating Another Extremely Detailed Prophecy???  With God’s Guidance, I have fulfilled and created more prophecies, in more detail than any other human has ever achieved… that is a FACT, backed by an abundance of hard evidence and living witnesses. It doesn’t bother me if an unenlightened fool doesn’t care about my work. It does not bother me if an unenlightened fool doesn’t care about The Design in this Realm… they are just fools. Don’t tell me no-one cares because there are intelligent people who do. I have no time for jealous “haters”. I care only about those who seek The Truth with God and walk The Enlightened Path.



The Purple 13 Pages are Back!!!

The Prophecy was Designed for The Purple 13 Pages.

The day before this page opened, there was a bomb in Turkey… 13 people reported dead.

www.huffingtonpost.comANKARA, Turkey (Reuters) – Thirteen soldiers were killed and 48 more were injured when a car bomb hit a bus transporting off-duty military personnel” “The military confirmed 13 personnel were killed and 48 wounded and said civilians may also have been injured in the attack.”




This page was created before that bomb went off. From the day this page was created to and including this page’s opening for public viewing, is week and 3 days… 1 3. That bombing happened on the 17th. Giving enough time for the news dudes to release their reports on the 17th and 18th… The 18th is 157 days from and to the Turkey Coup Prophecy 15/7/16…

WILL157.com appears numerous times in the Google search “Ankara Bombing Trident”. The majority of the pictures are from The Purple 13 pages on WILL157.com.  www.bbc.co.uk “Turkish bus attack: 13 off-duty soldiers killed by car bomb” www.independent.co.uk “Turkish bus in Kayseri hit by explosion leaving 13 soldiers dead” www.dailystar.co.uk “Turkey bus blast kills 13

Picture source BBC



When the mirrors come together…

147 + 741 = 888.

888 + 888 = 1776.

This page was published at 10:47AM.

The screenshot at the start shows a message that was sent with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook page. WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Gem.

Watch the 1:47 minute video below to see WILL157.com appearing numerous times in the Google search “Ankara Bombing Trident”. The majority of pages are from The Purple 13 pages on WILL157.com. The non 7 Gem values below are 8 and 5… 8+5 = 13.


This page was created on the 8th of December AKA Hebrew Date 8 KISLEV 5777, at 10:47.

This page was opened on the 18th of December AKA Hebrew Date 18 KISLEV 5777, at 21:57.

From this page’s creation to its opening is 15070 minutes… 157.

147 WILL 157… The Engraving on The Tie Clip that I wore in my first televised interview about The Trident programme.



Another Bombing in Istanbul Turkey, had people reporting 13  people dead.

Below is Purple photos from The Turkey Coup and Ankara Bombing EVEnt.

Prophetic Design… Prophecies Complete… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!

Purple wearing Turkey Coup victim

Searching “Ankara Trident” on 27/9/16 showed my old RN identification card.

Searching “Ankara Trident” on 27/9/16 showed an image and link to this website.

The image of the Serpents eye with The Trident in it.