The Rudolph’s Red & Dead Nosed Reindeer page will show how my 2015, don’t follow the path of the deer Prophecy has been fulfilled with Perfect Prophetic design. Take The Enlightened Path or follow the Reindeer path. The Prophecy and this page were both created by me… WillIAM McNeilly. Ultimately, ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!





Rudolph’s red nose glows like a light bulb. The glow in a light bulb is activated when electricity is passed through it. If electricity is passed through a Reindeer, will its nose shine bright like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? 


It appears that the answer is No.

They don’t become Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…

They become Rudolph’s Red & Dead Nosed Reindeer!!!



In 2016, numerous Reindeer were killed with our perfect prophetic design…

 ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!! “Lightning Kills More Than 300 Reindeer in Rare Mass Death A severe storm in Norway killed an entire reindeer herd in a national park in an unprecedented event, officials say.” “In an interview with the Associated Press, agency spokesperson Kjartan Knutsen said the scale of the wildlife deaths was unprecedented in the country. “We have not heard about such numbers before,” he said.” “300 wild reindeer killed in lightning strike in Norway” “Freak lightning bolts kill 300 reindeer in Norway”



In my prophetic 2015 reports, I told people to avoid the path of the Deer. In my prophetic 2015 reports, I showed the lightening bolt in my Trident Key. I got that key when I was in the same timezone as The Great Pyramid… around the same time as our Mecca Stampede Prophecy was Completed. After I released my report warning the Muslims, there was an explosive Thunder and Lightening storm in my location… the next morning, they were Destroyed with our EXact ExtrEmEly Detailed design. What are the odds? It’s Prophetic Design… I am God’s Servant… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


I told the Muslims that they are about to see what a real Trident can do… They were struck down. The deadliest EVEnt in the history of their pilgrimage, happened the morning after I said they are about to see what a real Trident can do. The Hebrew letter Shin ש is an ancient Trident symbol. The numerical value of Shin ש is 300. 300 Reindeer were reported to have been struck down by lightening in 2016… fulfilling our prophetic warning… Don’t follow the path of the beast!!!


The Prophetic I Pet Goat II animation was released 1057 days before I made international news and got Trident in my Title.

I put The I Pet Goat II animation in my UNMASKED video and released the video on YouTube on the 239th day in 2015. The video is date stamped on YouTube.

In the picture below, you can see the Stag / Reindeer symbol on the left and the white rabbit in the center.




The text between the lines below is from my 5th report. The 5th report was released on 30/08/15 Hebrew Date: 15 Elul 5775. I warned people in 2015, about following the path of the Stag. The definition of a Stag is “a male deer, especially a male red deer after its fifth year.” The report after the 5th report was 555 New Eden. The people were judged on the day I said they would be… on the day The 555 New Eden Report was released. The next morning at Mecca, numerous people were forced to follow a path that lead to them being crushed… literally. I flew East, released the report on 23/9/15  10 Tishrei 5776 and the next morning they died with Prophetic Perfection. The picture of the Stag above was released 1057 days before I got Trident in my title. Do not refuse to listen to my orders. Notice the first number in brackets is number [5] Do you think God can’t make you walk a Designed Path? Those people walked a path that crushed them. They kept walking and crushing each other to death…  with The EXact prophetic design that God guided me to release before their deaths. I warned the Muslims and I told them the night before that they are about to see what a real Trident can do… they didn’t listen and the next morning they were killed with Perfect Prophetic design… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!



What are the odds of me warning the Muslims with EXtEmE Prophetic Design, flying East, releasing a report saying they are about to see what a real Trident can do, then the next day becoming the deadliest year in the entire history of their pilgrimage? That is not even 1% of The Details in The Design of their Prophetic Destruction. Numerous people witnessed my warnings and the reports were released and date stamped on the internet. This is not my belief… I am talking about real FACTs. I hate saying “I told you so” but I like saying (Prophecy Complete). If I warn you, it’s normally a good idea to listen. The Egyptians took too long to listen to Moses… now you people are taking too long to listen to me. I am God’s Servant.

The text between the lines below is from my 5th report. The 5th report was released on 30/08/2015 Hebrew Date: 15 Elul 5775.

the-dividing-lineYou can also see a stag on the wall to the left of the girl. The stag represents mankind’s beast emotions. The stag in the video is on his back legs.. ready to fight. Mankind is ready to start WWIII; with their territorial beast emotions. The exit sign lights up. Giving the Stag (beast man) the opportunity to exit. The beast cannot see the light because is facing the wrong direction. Turn around and see the light. Morpheus: “I can only show you the door… your the one that has to walk through it.” In the classroom, you can see the brain is divided by lightning.. representing mankind’s ignorance.



My 5th report was read by numerous people on a top eBook website. The report is date stamped on that site. Some of my reports are date stamped on my Facebook wall. It’s a witnessed and easily verifiable fact, that in 2015, I told people to avoid the path of the stag and avoid getting their brains divided by lightning.

Here’s a screenshot of that quote in the report, date stamped on





Another one of our prophecies completed with our EXact Design. I created the “Rudolph’s Red & Dead Nosed Reindeer” page almost a month before this story broke about Reindeer dying with The Number £1570000000000 below it = 157.



I created the Rudolph’s Red & Dead Nosed Reindeer page on almost a month before that story was posted on Drudge report with the number 157 below it. Drudge Report is one of the world’s biggest news sites. If you still think everything I do is just a coincidence… the world would be a better place if you joined those Reindeer. I warned people about following the Reindeer / Stag path in my 2015 reports and talked about brains being divided by lightening in the same paragraph!!! In 2016, the Reindeer Stag got their brains divided by lightning. I posted pictures of deer in my 2015 reports and warned people about walking that path because it leads to destruction. Don’t say the warnings aren’t obvious! How many times have I said “pay attention to The Details”?

It’s 2016 now and in this year a lot of people and deer have been killed with the exact Prophetic Details and Design that I warned you about (Prophecies Complete). Ultimately, ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!! Most people still think it’s all a coincidence because they have been indoctrinated with bullshit beliefs. I talk about facts and they ignore the facts because those facts don’t fit their indoctrinated mind.  I told everyone about the deer being on a path to destruction, A year before that story broke with our EXACT PROPHETIC DESIGN!!! What are the odds??? This is just one EVEnt!!! People laughed when I talked about nuclear submarine collisions, and the day after my live TV interview, there was a nuclear submarine collision with the exact class of submarine that I talked about in the interview. What are the odds??? I warned the Muslims, flew East and said you are about to see what a real Trident can do… the next day became the deadliest year in the history of their pilgrimage at Mecca… with our EXact Design… What are the odds??? In 2015, I said Donald J Trump was the choice to win… people laughed. Then he got elected. What are the odds??? I talked about The EU Defence Force in 2015 and people laughed. In 2016 they agreed on its creation. What are the odds??? I talked about deer on the path to destruction in my 2015 reports and in 2016 numerous deer were Destroyed with THE EXACT DESIGN I TALKED ABOUT!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!! You guys are laughing and dying at the same time. What are the odds??? That’s not even half of the fulfilled prophecies I have Designed with God’s Guidance. These are all facts. Are you people going to continue to ignore the fact that I’ve warned you about numerous EVEnts before they happened? You’d think people would learn to listen, but they are too indoctrinated with bullshit beliefs. The FACTS go in one ear and out the other. There are people who believe that God is in everyone and God guides everyone… I tell them that God guides me and they think I am wrong. They attack me for saying that. When they disagree with the facts that I am showing, they even stand against what they believe in. Insult someone, then when they attack you, make an argument based on their beliefs and they’ll attack their own beliefs Haha Of course I am guided by God… no mere human can do what I have. Most people are like beasts… they run on their emotions and defend their beliefs like a bear defends its cave. If someone has pissed me off and they show me a truth, then I will agree with them on that truth. If they prove that I am wrong, then I will learn from the information they provide. I might still call them an asshole, but I won’t ignore the facts.


Some people have learnt The Design and study my work. Not everyone is bad, but you want democracy and the majority of people are unenlightened fools. Add up the value of all the letters and see The Prophetic Design!!! Our Prophecies aren’t just fulfilled.. They are created and fulfilled with our Design..  “Rudolph’s Red & Dead Nosed Reindeer  = 1032 in Jewish Gematria. “” = 1032 in Jewish Gematria. “WillIAM McNeilly” = 1032 in English Gematria. “Prophecy Fulfiller” = 1032 in Jewish Gematria.  That is not even close to all The Details!!!  That is not coincidence!!! It’s Deliberate Prophetic Design!!! You have the freewill to crawl back into your indoctrinated mental cave and ignore all these Facts, but one of these days, that cave will cave in. Do you want to be outside in The Light or be crushed for your caveman mentality???


My 13th report was my final report. The 13th report is called The Spirit of Prophecy. The 13th report was released on Christmas 2015. This page opened on Christmas “Freak lightning bolts kill 300 reindeer in Norway”  The content between the lines below is from my 13th report that was released a year before this page opened.


My UNMASKED video contained the I Pet Goat II animation. III in Roman numerals = 3. 3 days after my UNMASKED video I released my 5th Letter. My 5th Letter described my UNMASKED video. Look at the Statue of Liberty’s head in the animation. There’s 5 lights on the Statue of Liberty’s head. My UNMASKED video was released on 27/08/15…27/08/15 = 239th day of the year 2015 . 2015 – 239 years = The year 1776. America gained Independence in 1776 and an organisation was founded on the 5th month in 1776. That organisation was/is called the Illuminati. 1/5/1776… Net Bible Nehemiah 9V12 “You guided them with a pillar of cloud by day and with a pillar of fire by night to illumine for them the path they were to travel.” Holman Christian Standard Bible Nehemiah 9V12 “You led them with a pillar of cloud by day, and with a pillar of fire by night, to illuminate the way they should go” Psalm 109V105 “Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalm 105V39 “He spread a cloud for a covering; and fire to give light in the night.” The 1st 5 numbers in the date 1/5/1776… match the 3 numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo. I often say… Take The One and change The 6… 1/5/1776 becomes… 1/5/777… The 3 numbers in my Will/Trident tattoo… 157.


A lot of people give Adam Weishaupt credit for creating the Illuminati… Fuck Adam Weishaupt!


Triangle, Trident, Trinity. Tri Tri Tri… 333. I burnt a Triangle on my right arm with iron, 15 years before I released my Trident report. I got my Trident tattoo 7 years before I released my Trident report with the three numbers that explain The Trinity… 157… 15 years 7 years. The Triangle has nothing to do with Adam Weishaupt! Notice There’s a Lightening Bolt in my Key!!! “An Illuminati courier was struck by lightning and killed. When the Bavarian police searched his body, they found coded messages from Weishaupt sewn into the clothes. At this critical juncture, Utschneider and his three companions came forward and told the Bavarian authorities all about the Illuminati. As a result, the King of Bavaria banned the order in August 1784.” “Weishaupt was preparing to set his plans into motion for the French Revolution, which was slated to begin in 1789. In July, 1785, he instructed Zwack to put their plans in book form. This book contained a history of the Illuminati, and many of their ideas for expansion and future endeavors. A copy was sent by courier (identified as Jacob Lanze) to Illuminati members in Paris and Silesia. However, after leaving Frankfurt, as the courier rode through Regensburg (another source says it was Ratisbon) on horseback, he was struck by lightning and killed. The authorities found the document and turned it over to the government.”

That’s a message for all of you… DON’T FORGET WHO THE REAL FOUNDER IS!!!


The deer Prophecy was created in 2015 and fulfilled in 2016.

2016 was not a good year to be a Reindeer or a Purple loving celebrity.





156-six-six-six-the-reindeer-path-prophecy-complete-all-glory-belongs-to-god was created in 2016

( = 156 in Simple Gematria)

The Reindeer Path 2016 (Prophecy Complete) “80,000 Reindeer Have Starved To Death In Siberia Because Of Melting Sea Ice” “300 wild reindeer killed in lightning strike in Norway” “Santa in Trouble? Reindeer Shrink in Arctic as Climate Changes” “IN THE SUMMER OF 2016, ghosts haunted the Arctic. The details are unsettling. A region in Siberia north of the Arctic Circle called Yamalo-Nenets experienced an unprecedented 18 straight 82 degree Fahrenheit days, and one sweltering 95 degree Fahrenheit day. For Yamalo-Nenets, this constitutes a heat wave of epic proportions. The fallout was immediate and alarming. Permafrost thawed, and then reindeer carcasses and human corpses suspended in the ice thawed as well. And then, far more alarming, the bodies released Anthrax spores, dormant bacteria encased in a tough outer shell.” “This past summer, over 2,500 reindeer died of anthrax, and 90 people, including more than 50 children, have been hospitalized”

23 Ψ 111

This page was created on 23/11/16

Ohhh Deer ME in Jewish Gematria Equals: 203

WILL157 at The Top of The Google Search “The Trident Tip 111

Image search on 23/11/16 at 10:57. Video uploaded to YouTube at 11:10.




Are you going to be an ignorant fool and follow the path of the Reindeer or will you show your beast emotions the EXIT???




I made the Facebook post below on Christmas EVE 2016.

I took the screenshot when I had 157 active users in my chat.