This page will show The Details in The First Flat Earth Celebrities. Tila Tequila helped the Flat Earth movement as much as Shaquille O’Neal. Be cautious of those who don’t present real facts and make ridiculous statements; however, as they say, “any publicity is good publicity.”


Not that many celebrity Flat Earthers have come forward. At the time of writing this, the top 4 celebrities reported on for being Flat Earthers = Tila Tequila, B.O.B, Kyrie Irving and Shaquille O’Neal.


 When The Design requires people to ignore all real observable science and think Earth is a spinning space ball, they will. That is proven by history and our current reality. People always want to believe they have the answers; that fact combined with the masses believing that agencies like NASA would never lie, creates a world full of morons who believe whatever bullshit is feed to them. When they want people to think Earth is Flat, then mass amounts of people will think Earth is Flat. We live in a world that is full of gullible sheep.

Masons created and run NASA. Shaquille O’Neal is a Mason.  He came forward saying he was a Flat Earther, then he back tracked; that was a tactical move that will make the zombie minded masses assume that every celebrity who says “Earth is Flat” must be joking. The Truth is, not all of them are joking. There are celebrities who know the globe Earth model is just science fiction. B.O.B. sacrificed his great career to make songs against the system and the globe Earth model. B.O.B. rapped against the Masons and said Earth is Flat; that’s what put him up against the Mason Shaquille O’Neal. “Shaq latest in the NBA community to join flat-Earth belief” “Shaquille O’Neal said on the March 20, 2017, edition of his podcast that he believes the world is flat. –The Associated Press” “Shaquille O’Neal Drives From Coast To Coast And Thus Believes The Earth Is Flat” “Shaquille O’Neal recants his stance on the Earth being flat: ‘I’m joking, you idiots’  “

Shaquille O’Neal is a MASON



Shaquille O’Neal

33 one of most significant numbers for MASONS and THE DESIGN!!!


THE DESIGN is clear to see when you have THE LIGHT to see.

If someone claims MASONS aren’t powerful, they highlight their ignorance of this world’s DESIGN.


I sent this message from my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account to my WillIAM McNeilly Facebook account.

I sent the message about a month before Shaquille O’Neal said Earth is Flat.

I was proven right when more celebrities talked about Flat Earth in 2017, than 2015 and 2016 combined.  

Kyrie Irving’s Eye in A Triangle Tattoo

The Eye in A Triangle appears on The Top of Pyramid on The $1 Bill.

Pay attention to The Details and you’ll find The Word ‘MASON’.

When The Mirrors Come One…

147 + 741 = 888

888 + 888 = 1776

(The Freemasons = 888 in English Gematria)

(A WillIAM Lewis = 888 in English Gematria)

According to an official Google map calculation, my house is an 888H walk from The Great Pyramid.

The writing at the bottom of The Pyramid on The One Dollar Bill = 1776. The United States and The Illuminati were both founded in 1776. The Pyramid represents The Great Pyramid. The original height of The Great Pyramid when completed with a capstone = 147M (0dp) / 5776 inches. I created and done my first reported on interview in Hebrew Year 5776. I sent the message about celebrities going to talk about Flat Earth more in 2017 than the two previous years combined, with my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account.



There’s a reason I grew Long Ginger Hair and a beard for my first reported on interview in 2016 Hebrew Year 5776.

You can’t be a real Antiwar Activist if you’ve never taken on nuclear weapons. I made international news for taking on the Trident nuclear weapons system in 2015. I was headline news in numerous news agencies multiple times, for months in 2015. In 2015, my Trident report was on the Wikileaks front page for months. Russia Today is one of the biggest news agencies in the world. I made the top story on Russia Today UK in 2015,  2016 and 2017. You see I’m not just some random Antiwar Activist Haha

Blue eyes, Triangle on the right arm, taking on the military industrial complex, Long Ginger Hair and a beard… Another Prophecy Complete!!!

Images of Donald John Trump appeared in news articles for the most likely candidates to welcome The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.  Numerous people thought Donald John Trump would win The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, especially in the alternative media. People like Alex Jones were strongly campaigning to give the award to him. Images of him appeared multiple times in the Google image search ‘The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize’ before the results were announced. Donald John Trump never got to appear at the top of the Google search after the results were announced… I got to appear at the top of the Google search ‘Ican’ after Ican won The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. The achievement here is not welcoming The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize win for Ican, on the front page of a major news platform and rising to the top of the Google search ‘Ican’ on the night Ican won The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize… the prize considered to be The Greatest Prize on Earth. The achievement is the same as before: rise to the top like a submarine, hit the target with the required Design, then get the fuck off the radar again Haha I made it onto the front of major news sites for years in a row, made it to the top of Wikileaks, remained on the front page of Wikileaks for months, had my name appear in numerous mainstream news articles, Etc Etc Etc… yet I remain undetected. I can still travel without people recognising me. No-one can say with absolute certainty that they know what my name is. Is it WillIAM McNeilly or WillIAM Lewis? Fifty fifty guess. Would you bet your life on guessing it?

Here’s a recording of me at the top of the Google search ‘Ican’ on the night ‘Ican’ won The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. I welcomed the win on the front page of Russia Today. Russia Today is recognised as a major mainstream and alternative news platform.


A lot of people believe Secret Societies don’t exist. Those people are wrong. I’m a member of a Secret Society that was founded by The Masonic Order. I don’t speak for my lodge or Freemasons. My information was not gained from my lodge. I joined in 2016. As far as I know, most of the people in my lodge think Earth is a spinning space ball.

The average Orange Order and Mason member spends a lot more on charity than the average Christian. My lodge gives old women enough money in the winter to pay for their heating. The average Christian Church takes money from old women in the winter. People have no right to generalise against an entire group of people like The Masons. The amount of people killed, murdered, raped… by Christians and Muslims is shocking. Look at the amount of Christians killing people in Africa, India, Etc. Christians don’t talk about that when they are discriminating against all Masons for the actions of a minority. I’ve seen videos of Christians burning people alive in Africa; that shit still happens.

I was getting really close to an Indian woman years ago. We talked every day. She came from a Christian family. We went on a few dates, met up in a different country, held hands a few times, but that was about it. She was afraid of getting in a relationship with someone who her family might not approve of. Her fear was not based on her family slightly disagreeing… she was afraid of her relatives in India getting violent. People still get stoned to death in India. The average Christian believes that’s just a Muslim thing. Christians still kill people. Can you attack all Christians for the actions of a minority of Christians? No. Then why do some Christians think it’s acceptable to attack all Masons for the actions of a minority? People should be judged for their own actions. A lot of Masons are Christians. Contrary to popular belief on YouTube, they don’t all worship Satan. My Orange Order lodge has A Bible on the main desk. Bible verses are read in meetings. You will learn a lot more about The Bible in our lodge than you would in the average Christian Church. To get into our lodge, you have to be a member of a Christian Church. Most people in the lodges are Christian. Just because a minority might worship Satan, doesn’t mean the majority does.

The SASH my Grandfather wore…


When “truthers” talk about Secret Societies on places like YouTube, they show that they don’t know what they are talking about. One person on YouTube says something and the rest of the YouTube “truther” community report on it like it’s a fact. Some of the “awakened” people on YouTube never shut up about The Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry. Most of them have never been to Scotland and have no knowledge of what happens inside The Lodges. Most of the YouTube “truthers” claim that Secret Societies hide in the shadows. The biggest Secret Society in Scotland isn’t The Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry. The Orange Order is the biggest in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Every year, countless Scottish people come to Northern Ireland to march with us on The 12th. They also march in the streets of Scotland. Main roads are shut down for us. The entire City Center is filled with people. We walk on the main roads with bands in front of us. We carry big banners with symbols on them. One of The Symbols is The Pyramid with The Enlightened Eye. The Freemason lodges used to march in the streets too. To claim Secret Societies are hiding in the shadows is extremely ignorant. They ignore The Real Truth. Just calling yourself a ‘truther’ doesn’t put you on the side of Truth. You don’t know The Truth until you’ve seen the real evidence with your own eyes or heard it with your own ears. The YouTube ‘truthers’ claim the symbols and societies are ‘hidden in plain sight’, while members literally walk down main roads in large numbers, with the symbols on large banners and bands banging drums in front of them HAHAHA The largest and most powerful ‘secret’ societies aren’t hidden at all. Don’t believe everything you hear on YouTube. The only reason I am using the name ‘secret society’ is because that’s what people call them… their existence is far from a secret. There’s a big difference between a ‘secret society’ and a society with secrets.


The average YouTube “truther” gets stuck on this Where’s Wally page.

Hmm where is he? He must be hiding in one of the secret lodges.

Play a game of Chinese whispers in a large group and see how the story changes. The YouTube “truth” community is one big game of Chinese whispers. They start with someone talking about someone eating an apple and end up with lizard, vampire, baby fuckers from Nibiru are trying to take over the world. A blind man throwing a dart is more accurate than a YouTube “truther” making a prediction. YouTube was made famous by people acting like fools in funny videos. Now people go there to listen to fools. How many of them said the world was going to end in 2012? How many of them said Obama was going to bring in Martial Law and rule for a third term? How many of them said Trump would never win because Hilary was selected to win by the establishment? Good luck finding a YouTube “Truther” who didn’t make one of those claims.


A lot of the “truthers” on places like YouTube used to warn people about alien invasions from distant planets. The alternative media used to be full of shit about aliens invading from places like Mars.  Now a lot of them say there will be no alien invasion because Earth is flat. Have you ever noticed that the mainstream media and most of the people in the alternative media are almost always on opposite sides? They herd people into two bullshit groups… just like the left and right wings in politics. They care more about your support than they do about The Truth. Herding sheep is profitable. I don’t care about offending both sides because I’m not trying to win a popularity contest.

Now that the mainstream media is talking about alien invasions, the alternative media is arguing against that claim. The people in the alternative media who don’t say ‘Earth is flat’ argue against the mainstream media’s alien reports, by saying the mainstream media is building up for the alien deception to usher in demons. “Truthers” on places like YouTube always want to believe they know The Truth, and The Truth to them is normally the opposite of whatever the mainstream media is saying. Numerous people in the alternative media, change their stance based on the mainstream media’s stance. No-one can change The Truth… yet a large percentage of those in the alternative media have changed what they promoted as The Truth, while continuously calling themselves a ‘Truther’. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong if you call yourself a ‘Truth Seeker’, but if you call yourself a ‘Truther’ then promote something as The Truth, before you’ve seen conclusive evidence, then you’re a fool. Some people interpret the word ‘Truther’  as meaning ‘Truth Seeker’; however, a large number of those who claim that title, talk like it means they only promote The Truth. I don’t accept the ‘Truther’ title because there’s no human in this world capable of being right all the time. You increase the amount of times you’ll be proven right, when you know that you might be wrong, and when you don’t wholeheartedly claim something to be true, before you’ve seen conclusive evidence.


The YouTube “truthers’ constantly tell people that The Pyramid with The Eye Symbol is an evil symbol. The Bible Isaiah 19V19 “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.” (The Great Pyramid) The Bible Matthew 6V22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” The single Enlightened EYE. Those “truthers” claim to know everything about Secret Societies and The Bible, but they don’t. They are not real Truthers… they are fools. They don’t know The Bible. They have never witnessed The Truth. Most of the information they believe to be true is just based on hearsay. The Bible Proverbs 15V14 “The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.” The Bible Proverbs 15V2 “The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness. 3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.”


The YouTube ‘truthers” claim to know The Bible, but they don’t. They have been proven wrong more times than a broken clock. Their aim is to scare people for views so they can get famous or make money or both. If they actually read The Bible and pay attention to The Details in this world instead of watching other fools spew bullshit from their mouths, they’d know that The Pyramid with a single Enlightened Eye is A Divine Symbol. Unlike them, I don’t care about fame or money. This website doesn’t contain adverts, I don’t sell anything and I have spent a lot of money on this website. This website was not created for me to get famous. I’ve turned down numerous requests from the mainstream and alternative media for interviews. The interviews I select are for The Prophetic Design. I made international news in 2015, 2016 and 2017… this site wasn’t built for me to get famous or make money. This site was built for Prophecy. Most YouTube “truthers” bitch about ads being removed from their videos, their view counter not going up Etc… You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that most of them are only interested in making money and getting views. Most of them claim every other channel similar to theirs is run by shills / government agents. They do that so they get all the attention. When I open a new page on this site, I don’t tell people about it. When I open a new page, I very rarely share it on my own Facebook wall. I don’t give a shit about views. I shared information before. The information was put out there. People have been shown enough to know they need to listen. If they are still ignorant, then that’s their problem.


Another thing those dumbass YouTube ‘truthers” tell people is The Light means Lucifer and The Light is evil. Just because a few Masons said The Light equals Lucifer, doesn’t mean every Secret Society member worships Lucifer. A lot of Christians believe in different things. Some Christian preachers charge their followers for prayers. A lot of Christian preachers are scam artists. You can’t throw all Christians into the same group so why do people think it’s acceptable to assume all Secret Society members believe in the same thing? You can say you’re walking The Enlightened path and serving The Light, while talking about serving GOD. Again, those YouTube “truthers” know very little about Real Secret Societies and The Bible. When I say I’m serving The Light and walking The Enlightened Path, I’m talking about serving GOD. I don’t give a shit about Albert Pike’s beliefs. The Bible is The Book that sits on The Main Table in my Lodge. It’s The Book that is read from in every meeting. When I talk about The Light, it’s The Light of GOD. The Bible Psalms 119V105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” The Bible John 1V5 “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” The Bible Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”


The Sash above was my Grandfathers. His surname / The name he pasted on to his kids was Shearer. He was A member of The Orange Order, The Royal Arch Purple & The Black!!!


Shaquille O’Neal’s back tracking was clearly a tactic to make people think celebrities are joking when they say “Earth is Flat”. Kyrie Irving is a top class basketball player. When asked multiple times on various occasions, he said “Earth is Flat”. “As passengers on Earth we are all carried around the sun at a mean velocity of 66,600 mph. Add to that dizzying notion the fact that we are spinning (at the equator) at a 1,000 miles-per-hour”

Monkey people believe Earth’s spinning at 0.5 KM/Sec. Earth’s revolving around the Sun at 30 km/sec. The Solar System is moving around the Milky Way Galaxy at 250 km/sec. The Milky Way Galaxy is moving in the Local Group of galaxies at 300 km/sec. Monkey people believe that, and they can’t prove motion. Real science proves Earth is motionless.

People wonder why basketball players are talking about Earth not being a spinning ball… they know they wouldn’t be great basketball players if Earth was spinning and travelling at those speeds. They know that they don’t have to calculate Earth’s spin and the Coriolis Effect every time they throw the ball Haha The demonstration below shows what happens when you throw a ball straight while spinning.

Throwing a basketball on a moving platform. Real Coriolis Effect.

Ball Earthers believe in myths. I have passed shooting courses and there was never any mention of calculating the Coriolis Effect. Snipers have came forward and said they don’t calculate the Coriolis Effect. The images of Earth from space that show a ball shaped Earth have been proven to be fake. NASA admits that the most popular images of the Ball Earth (like the picture that appears on iPhones to brainwash people) are photoshopped. If you believe that is wrong, then you disagree with NASA because NASA admits they photoshopped that image of Earth. Boats going over the Horizon can and has been debunked numerous times by people with telescopes, zoom cameras, Etc. People say they have seen the curvature from airplanes, but when a balloon was sent higher than any commercial airplane and showed no curvature, the ball Earthers said “you can’t see the curve at that height, you need to be higher.” Therefore, seeing curvature from a plane or a high mountain isn’t a proof, seeing boats “disappear” over the horizon isn’t a proof, the pictures of Earth as a ball aren’t proof… the main “proofs” for Earth being a ball have been debunked by Flat Earthers, and NASA’s own statements. There’s a reason Airplanes are called Airplanes. The Word Plane is an Early 17th century word from the Latin word planum and it means ‘flat surface’ .  Airplanes fly over a plane / flat surface.

Globeheads claim that people just think Earth is flat because they watched too many videos on YouTube. There are numerous scientific books written about Earth being a stationary plane. It is  proven by real observable science. I was taught Earth is a stationary plane before YouTube was created. The main globe Earthers avoid debating people because they know they are wrong. Anyone who looks into the globe Earth claims or the stationary plane proofs, should know Earth is a stationary plane. If they still believe all the crap NASA puts out, they should go join those Scientology guys… they’d fit right in Haha


 Ball lovers think it is funny to laugh at Flat Earthers. Laughing at ball lovers is even funnier. Look at what they beLIEve is real Haha

Saying NASA tried to fool people doesn’t make much sense when you look at the crap they put out. It’d be like a naked bald man putting one bit of hair on his head, then people saying “he tried to fool people into thinking he’s a werewolf” Haha  Will you just look at this crap… just look at it Hahaha You can’t say NASA tried to fool you if you’ve never looked at the crap NASA put out Haha

Every “mistake” made by NASA and other space agencies is only assumed to be a mistake. It is not wise to call them idiots. They successfully achieved the seemingly impossible. The idiots are those who research it and still think Earth is a spinning space ball. Imagine being tasked with convincing people Earth is a spinning space ball when all real observable science proves PLANEt Earth is a stationary PLANE. There are a lot of intelligent people working for NASA and The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos). It is illogical to assume they are making mistakes and putting out crap by accident.

The picture of “Earth” below was released by the Russians. The image made international news. All the mainstream news guys reported on it as if it was real. Look at the difference between that clearly fake image and NASA’s clearly fake images Hahaha Will you just look at it Haha “This is THE definitive image of planet Earth: Satellite captures all of our globe in one stunning, 121million-megapixel shot” “Hanging in space, our beautiful blue planet has never been seen more clearly. This is Planet Earth, seen from 36,000km above the surface, with the rich deep blues of the sea contrasting with the sharp outlines of land, as white clouds scurry across the skies. The image was taken by the Electro-L, Russia’s latest weather satellite, and unlike other images of our planet, it was taken in one single shot, at a massive resolution of 121million megapixels. Most images by NASA and other agencies are taken by stitching many images together, so it is rare to find such a high-definition image of our beautiful planet in one single shot.”

HAHAHA How can people beLIEve this crap??? Most people actually believe these pictures are real.

Look at the crap NASA and other space agencies put out… seriously! You can’t honestly look at that crap and say NASA and other space agencies tried to fool people. Did you blame every employee at the supermarket when you found out the guy in the Santa outfit wasn’t the real Santa? You’ve got to accept responsibility for your own gullibility. People fooled themselves because they wanted to believe they were spinning space apes. They wanted to believe they lived in a chaotic world so they could sin without fearing GOD’s wrath.

Just look at the crap NASA put out… will you just look at it Hahaha Now look into a mirror and ask yourself “how did I believe in Santa, the Tooth fairy and the spinning ape ball stories?” You have to accept some responsibility for believing that crap was real. NASA didn’t fool anyone… they fooled themselves. The first step in overcoming your flaws, is recognising you have flaws. If you’re extremely gullible, you must recognise it and stop believing in things too easily. The majority of information on this website is factual. The information on this site is backed by real science, hard evidence and numerous living witnesses. I want people to question everything because The Truth is on my side. Anyone who tells you what to believe and doesn’t like you questioning what they say, is probably lying to you.

I uploaded the video above to one of my YouTube accounts. Here is the link

This page covers The Details in First Four Flat Earthers that were talked about in the media numerous times because they said ‘Earth is Flat’ while being a celebrity. What are the odds of the Gematria Design containing 444  2 times? YouTube users can’t change URLs. They are automatically generated… yet the number always equals the exact number I want it to equal.

What do you think of my Flat Earth card? Almost as nice as my WILL/Trident Tattoo Haha

You see, you think you’re dealing with humans when it comes to “The Flat Earth Conspiracy” but you’re not. Most ball lovers and flat heads, have their minds trapped in a materialistic box. The human body is just A Temple. Some Temples are empty, while others are guided. This is all part of The Divine Plan. How can anyone look at people jumping around in a space station wearing a Gorilla suit and not realise it’s not real? Clearly there’s a lot more to The Great Deception than a few crappy fabricated pictures and bullshit pseudoscience. The footage below is footage from ‘the international space station’. Look it up… seriously. They claim that guy in a Gorilla suit chased astronaut Tim Peake around a space station that is orbiting Earth at ridiculous speeds. How can anyone believe that shit? I’ve questioned scientists since I was a kid. They didn’t like being questioned back then too. It pisses me off when people lie to me. I was right back then and all those people were wrong. Being a logical thinker in a world that is full of gullible morons makes you fearless. Who fears Death when the world is full of annoying gullible morons.


The unenlightened masses think they are waking up on their own… in Truth, it’s all part of A Divine Plan. Flat Earthers think they are free thinkers and are no longer being herded like sheep… completely oblivious to the fact they got herded into the Flat Earth group and labelled like cattle. The Flat Earth label is a ridiculous label that has been targeted for years. Once a globe ape hears the words “Flat Earth” their indoctrinated mind instantly dismisses everything the Flat Earther says. Only a sheep would take the label ‘Flat Earther’… Group mentality. Mountains disprove the Flat Earth. Flat Earthers will say, “we don’t think this world is literally flat”, while simultaneously calling Earth “flat”.  If you had a six pac, would you want people to call your stomach “Flat” ? Haha I know it can be hard to not use the word ‘flat’ when talking about a stationary plane, but you must also realise the masses have been programmed to link the words ‘Flat Earth’ with crazy people.


The word ‘Plane’ is often defined with the word ‘flat’; however, ‘Plane’ is a much better word because it makes people understand why an ‘Airplane‘ is called an ‘Airplane‘, and it avoids triggering the brainwashed globeheads who get emotional when you say ‘flat’. If you really want to wake people up, you must know how they think. Accepting a label that has been dragged through the mud for years, is something a sheep would do. Grouping together with the same label makes it a lot easier for the globeheads to discredit the entire movement… like placing a mouse in a loaf of bread. Every loaf of bread with the same label, gets ignored by the masses. If you disagree with me saying most Flat Earthers are like sheep, then that’s probably because you’ve been herded into the Flat Earth group and want to defend your label… Herd Mentality. Group Mentality. Disagreeing with me and defending your new label confirms my point. Most people want to believe they have the answers; that’s why they leave one deception and jump straight into another.  Earth is A Realm… this world is called The Earth Realm. Realms come in all shapes and sizes. People saying ‘Earth is a Realm’ can’t be collectively discredited because no-one knows what the individuals believe or know about the shape of this Realm.

Morons have created a group called ‘the infinite plane society’. Their group is easily discredited as a whole because of their ridiculous label. They have no understanding of mathematics and reality. Infinity has no end. To create an infinite plane, it’d have to be expanding constantly forever. Humans would never be able to prove an infinite plane. The infinite plane society provides zero evidence for their theory… yet numerous morons accept that label. Those morons are jumping from shit to shit, like mindless flies.


Sheep blindly defend the globe Earth model and the most popular Flat Earth model. They always want to think that they have the answers. The human ego stops most people from admitting they don’t know. Socrates: “To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.” Pluto: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” True knowledge is gained by sticking to the facts. The conclusions most people make, are just theories. By sticking to the facts, you can destroy the globe Earth model. There is power in grouping together. We can group together without taking labels. Group with facts. Use hashtags like #NoCurvature #NoMotion. There is no need to label yourself “Flat Earther” and defend everything that every other Flat Earther claims to be true. You might not directly defend everything the other Flat Earthers think is true, but the masses believe you all  think the same because you have the same label. That is why the Flat Earth movement is moving at the speed of a turtle.


Sheep mentality: “I’m a Flat Earther now. I love my new label. I’m no longer a sheep because videos on YouTube told me that I’m an awake free thinker. Bro, do you even wake up? I’m totally woke right now. Bro, you need to quit watching TV. The TV is programming your mind. The only place I get my information from now is YouTube, and Tila Tequila videos on YouPorn.

The Flat Earth International Conference 2017 turned some Flat Earthers into kinda celebrities.

ABC Nightline News | The Flat Earth International Conference 2017

What colour is a human? Can you answer that question by saying one colour? Only if you’re a racist.

Watch the video above and you’ll see the flatheads and the globeheads say the sky is blue. Were they 100% certain that the sky is blue before saying the sky is blue? Where’s the proof that the sky is blue? Seriously Haha Making statements like you know the answer because it seems obvious and it’s what you’ve been told, is how people got into this situation. In school you are told the sky is blue and during the day you sometimes see a blue sky all around you… that’s why all those people instantly said the sky is blue. The sky does not always appear as blue. Therefore, just saying ‘blue’ doesn’t answer the question correctly. Is the sky appearing as blue above the dark part of Earth? No. They got asked a simple question and got it wrong. You might think I’m being an ass but a wrong answer is a wrong answer. If you care about The Truth, then you don’t defend wrong answers.


Sometimes the sea appears blue. Kids at school often use the colour blue when colouring in the sea in their colouring books. What colour is the sea? Can you answer that question by simply saying blue? Only if you’re a moron. Believe it or not, the water in the sea isn’t actually blue.


If you think I’m taking the piss and some of the people at the ‘first flat earth conference’ weren’t literally taking the piss, then you’ve got terrible research skills. “The conference was in response to a growing movement dubbed the “Flat Earth Conspiracy,” where individuals believe the earth is not, in fact, the shape of a sphere and NASA has been lying to the American people. “We used to think that when we got started individually in this, that we were alone,” said Patricia Steere, a conference speaker.”

Flat Earther Patricia Steere is one of the most popular Flat Earthers and she was a speaker at the ‘first flat Earth conference’.

Patricia Steere has literally taken the piss Hahaha BTW, the picture below isn’t photoshopped… she has literally promoted ‘Urine Therapy’. The picture below is a screenshot of her post. I asked her, “are you taking the piss?” I couldn’t find her on Facebook again while logged into my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account after asking her that question so I think she blocked me for simply asking if she was participating in Urine Therapy. I was ‘friends’ with her on Facebook long before the 2017 flat earth conference… I guess fame really goes to some peoples head… fame and piss.



I told you 2017 is going to be a year that a lot of Celebrities talk about Flat Earth.

Freddie Flintoff is one of the most popular sports stars in the United Kingdom. 2017 Report: “Freddie Flintoff ‘joins growing list of celebrities who believe the Earth is flat’” “Former England cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff seems to have joined the growing list of celebrity oddballs who think the Earth isn’t flat, but is instead some sort of pancake thing.” “Flintoff revealed this week that he was obsessed with a podcast called the Flat Earthers – and coming round to their ideas, saying there is, ‘evidence to suggest the world isn’t round’ Flintoff said, ‘If you’re in a helicopter and you hover why does the Earth not come to you if it’s round? ‘Why, if we’re hurtling through space, why would water stay still? Why is it not wobbling? Also if you fire a laser about 16 miles, if the world was curved, you shouldn’t be able to see it but you can.’”


. 2017 Report: “Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Sammy Watkins believes the Earth is flat.” 2017 Report: “Kyrie Irving became a hot topic at All-Star weekend when the Cavs star point guard said he believes planet Earth is flat. No, really, he did. And it looks like Irving may not be alone. Speaking to the media Saturday, Draymond Green made it known he may be a flat-earth truther too. “I don’t know. I haven’t done enough research, but it may be flat,” Green said.”  2017 Report: “Wilson Chandler jumped on the bandwagon as well, advising those skeptical of the flat earth theory to “just walk outside and use your five senses.”” 2017 Report: “Lions’ Darius Slay believes the Earth is flat just like Sammy Watkins” “If new Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving wants to walk over the edge of the world with someone, he should call up Lions cornerback Darius Slay. On Wednesday, Slay revealed that he — like Irving — believes the world is flat.”



I sent this message from my WillIAM Lewis Facebook account to my WillIAM McNeilly Facebook account.

I sent the message about a month before Shaquille O’Neal said Earth is Flat.

I was proven right when more celebrities talked about Flat Earth in 2017, than 2015 and 2016 combined.  


There are two kinds of people in this Realm: Those who fight to create a better world, and those who get in the way.

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People often ask me to tell them how I do what I do. I am The Servant of THE TRUE GOD. All I do is walk The Designed Path.

If you want to achieve Greatness, You Must Recognise The Designed Path and Follow It!!!

( = 777 in Jewish Gematria)

( = 888 in English Gematria)

The page was created in 2017


( = 217 in Simple Gematria)

( = 130in English Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 217 in Simple Gematria)

(THE SUPREME ARCHITECT 130in English Gematria)