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(The Mandela Effect Page = 157 in Simple Gematria)

When completing The Mandela Effect Quiz, answer the questions with the first memory that comes to your mind. If you don’t know the answer to the question, then don’t answer it. This is not about you trying to get the answer correct… this is about what you personally remember. Select your answers, then press submit to see the ‘correct’ answers. If you do not believe the correct answers are correct in this world, then look it up on Google yourself.


 The Mandela Effect Quiz

In Star Wars, did Darth Vader say "Luke, I am Your Father" or "No I am Your Father"?

The title of famous series of books about a family of bears is 'BerenSTEIN Bears' or 'The BerenSTAIN Bears'? BerenstEIn or BerenstAIn?

In the 1937 Disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, does the Queen say "Mirror Mirror on the wall" or "Magic Mirror on the wall"?

Does The Bible say The Lamb lay down with The Lion or does it say The Lamb will lay down with The Wolf?

When Forest Gump was sitting on the bench, did he say "Life IS like a box of chocolates" or "Life WAS like a box of chocolates"?

The popular quote from Field of Dreams is "If You Build It, THEY Will Come" or "If You Build It, HE Will Come"?

Happy-go-lucky fools say The Mandela Effect is just people ‘misremembering’. What are the odds of millions upon millions of people ‘misremembering’ the exact same thing? You can literally walk up to people, ask them a question, and know the exact wrong answer most of them will give you… if it’s just people ‘misremembering’ how do you explain knowing exactly what people are remembering ‘incorrectly’ before they tell you what they remember? A lot of people answer the questions with certainty. In many cases, they have multiple strong and vivid ‘false’ memories.


Read the mainstream news articles about The Mandela Effect and you’ll see a lot of articles claim The Mandela Effect is just people with memory problems. Look at the people in the alternative media and you’ll see people say The Mandela Effect is caused by shape-shifting reptilian baby fuckers from Nibiru, who are time travelling through the blacks holes created by CERN to make you look like a fool when you try to remember shit.

Alternative Media = Alternative Bullshit.

If you want to find The Truth, you need to pay attention to The Details. Examine the facts. What we know for certain, is numerous people share the exact same memories that don’t reflect what can be observed in this Realm…. now that is extremely fascinating. Don’t let the bullshitters in the mainstream and alternative media put you off studying your own mind and the world around you.


(The Mandela Effect Quiz = 1118 in Jewish Gematria)


When people try to see who has the power in this Realm, they look at the people prancing around trying to look like a lion. They spent too long looking at the top of the mountain; the sun removed their ability to see The Truth in the real world. They look at those who try to keep the appearance of being king of the jungle. The sheep fail to notice The Wolf laying beside them… they wouldn’t know The Lion Man if they seen him. You can look at those who try to maintain the image of a lion until the cows come home, but if you can’t even see the wolf beside you, then you have a problem with your vision. Most people think of the ability to see with their eyes when I say the word ‘vision’. If you cannot see with your mind, then you are mentally blind. A person can look at a crossword puzzle and see all of the letters instantly, while failing to notice any words. A person with a trained mind can look at a crossword puzzle and see all of the words instantly.

The level of mental blindness the average person has, is far below the ability to instantly see a single word in an extremely basic crossword puzzle… they cannot see basic words in sentences. Their minds see and believe what they want… they ignore the details in the real world… they are blind. Look at (A Bible Isaiah 11V6 “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” = 1570 in Simple Gematria). The Bible’s Mandela Effects page on www.WILL157.com, was created on Hebrew Date 11/1/5777 and opened for for public viewing on 1/14/5777, for The 157 and 1457 Design. People are convinced that if they look at A Bible Isaiah 11V6, they’d see the famous quote about the lion laying with the lamb. The Bible actually says The Wolf lays with the lamb. Once people had their belief Destroyed, a large percentage of them attributed it to The Mandela Effect and convinced themselves that the lion was the one to lay down with the lamb. There is no Bible verse about a lion laying beside the lamb. Google it if you don’t believe me. Do a Bible search if you don’t believe me. People mentally see something that doesn’t exist in reality, in order to reinforce their beliefs. Being blind to The Details, means that they are blind to The Truth about this Realm’s Design.

  If you search ‘Isaiah 11:6’ in Google, you’ll see that most of the pictures show a Lion and a Lamb. I took 1  4:57 minute video on Hebrew Date 1/14/5777. In the video, you can see that most pictures showed a Lion and a Lamb. You can see that a good percentage of the pictures say “The Wolf” but show you a Lion instead of a wolf… Mandela Effect researchers call that ‘residual evidence’. The screen recording also shows that pictures of me and my pictures appeared in the Google search ‘Mandela Effect Prophecy’ on Hebrew Date 1/14/5777.  The first picture from my website in The Google search contains The Number 1457. That picture is a screenshot of my Barry Bell Yahoo 1457 Email. I used that email address when sending my Trident report to the media. 1457 is my favourite four digit number; that’s the number I used when locking my bike up as a kid.

If you want to find the intended meaning of someone’s metaphor, it is wise to examine the metaphor for what it is… instead of trying to link someone’s metaphor to other metaphors based on keywords. The Masses / Sheep not noticing the wolf laying beside them because they are distracted by the lion, has a different meaning than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The wolf laying beside the lamb hasn’t disguised itself as a sheep. The Wolf simply remains unseen due to the ignorance of the sheep.

Isaiah 1:16

 (The Wolf Man = 1160 in Jewish Gematria)

The Signature: W. McNeilly

(W. McNeilly = 116  in Simple Gematria )

(W. McNeilly = 696  in English Gematria )

(King James Bible John 7V17 “If any man will do his Will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of GOD, or whether I speak of myself.” = 1160 in Simple Gematria)

(King James Bible John 7V17 “If any man will do his Will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of GOD, or whether I speak of myself.” = 6960 in English Gematria)

(The Lion Man = 666 in English Gematria)

(The Lion Man = 111 in English Gematria)

(The Lamb, Lion and Wolf = 1116 in English Gematria)


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