The Nuclear World page on was created on 2/11/16 Hebrew Date: 1 Cheshvan 5777 by me… WillIAM McNeilly. This page was open on Hebrew Date 23 9 5777. 9 Nov 2017 Report “Nuke fallout ALERT as Russian RADIOACTIVE LEAK sweeps across Europe A NUCLEAR disaster in Russia has sent a radioactive cloud across Europe, experts have warned.” “The pollution recorded indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia, or just over the border in Kazakhstan, in the last week of September. This comes just a week after the UK was struck by “radiation fog” with the Met Office issuing an alert. Nuclear radiation fears are also being caused by North Korea with their testing of the hydrogen bomb and missiles. French nuclear safety institute IRSN made the terrifying warning yesterday.” 21 Nov 2017 Report: “Russian radioactivity recorded 986 times higher than usual as toxic cloud sparks nuclear accident rumours” “Russian officials had previously denied any knowledge of a nuclear accident – but now the country’s meteorological service admits finding traces of an isotope only produced by splitting atoms in a reactor” “Ruthenium-106 is a product of splitting atoms in a reactor and does not occur naturally.” “The isotope was found in Tatarstan and southern Russia and had reached “all European countries starting in Italy and toward the north of Europe” from 29 September, it said.” “In its report on the nuclear cloud, France’s IRSN said the source of the pollution was probably an accident somewhere between the Volga river and the Ural mountains. It said the levels of pollution were so high that if the accident had happened in France, authorities would have evacuated the site and the surrounding areas.”

I warned Radiation spreading across Europe in this page, months before this incident. Take the steps you are told to take or you will make The Nuclear World even more radioactive.


Infowars reported on my Trident Report, a day after it made international news. My first warnings about The Nuclear World becoming even more radiated, were released in 2015. Most of the people who read my Trident Report, imagine a Nuclear Weapon causing radiation damage… a lot of them seem to forget those submarines run on Nuclear Energy. The Nuclear Reactor is extremely dangerous. The Trident Report was not just about Nuclear Weapon hazards… it was also about the risk of having  submarines powered by Nuclear Energy. If you know how Trident Missiles work, you’ll know that a random explosion onboard won’t cause nuclear detonation. The main risk is from the missiles or torpedoes exploding, causing a chain reaction, and launching the radioactive materials over a wide area. I backed that fact up, by releasing quotes from official documents, in The Trident Report. There’s a huge difference between nuclear detonation and an explosion that launches nuclear materials over a wide area; however, the latter is still extremely dangerous.

(Nuclear Weapon = 888 in English Gematria)

(Nuclear Energy = 888 in English Gematria)


Nations are finally starting to listen. They are finally starting to see the risks in creating a Nuclear World. “Geneva (AFP) – The Swiss voted Sunday in favour of a massive overhaul of the country’s energy system by gradually replacing the power from its ageing nuclear reactors with renewable sources. A full 58.2 percent of Swiss voters supported the shift, according to a final tally after Sunday’s referendum, with only four of the country’s 26 cantons voting “no”.”


In 2015 I released reports that warned about the radiation risk that the UK’s Trident nuclear armed submarines pose. My Trident report made international news. In 2016, I done an interview about the radioactive risk. That interview was covered by numerous news sources. On the day of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons vote, my comments were featured on Russia Today and I was live on TV that night. They voted to renew Trident that night. The next day there was a collision with the exact submarine class that I talked about in the interview. In my previous interview, I warned about the risk of them having a collision. The interview was supposed to focus on the V boats, but I also talked about the A boats. These pages on will cover information that the mainstream have not covered… at least for now. The Nuclear World page was created in 2016 and its purpose is to Enlighten you to the fact that you are already living in a Radioactive World… A Perfectly Designed Radioactive World. I often say “take the one and change the six”. That is a Key. The cross is also a Key in The Design… 1516151+6157. The Nuclear World and Nuclear Weapon pages opened on 23 9 5777 AKA  23/12/2016




The Nuclear World and Nuclear Weapon pages opened on 23 9 5777 AKA  23/12/16


I warned about submarine collisions in the interview I did with Russia Today / RT on 23/2/16. In the interview I said there has been 16 collisions since 1979. That puts the average collision time at one in every 2.3125 years. 2.3125 was the collision average I had calculated and talked about in the interview… I literally said the collision average is 2.3125… who would give a number that precise? Who would hear a number that precise, look at my Tie Clip with 147 WILL 157 on it and not see The Design??? Perhaps they did notice it.


2+3+1+2+5 = 13. It was only a matter of time before the nuclear submarines joined my Purple 13 Pages and fulfilled The Prophecy. Our prophecies aren’t just fulfilled… they are fulfilled in an extraordinary amount of Detail and Design.  In the first interview that I done with Russia Today / RT, I wore a tie clip with 147 WILL 157 engraved. You can see the tie clip in the interview. The interview was reported on by numerous news agencies. I was interviewed for hours. The video most of them used was just over six mins. I first released my Trident report on 5/5/15.

(5515 ÷ 147) ÷ 157 = 0.239 (3dp). Plutonium 239 is the primary fissile isotope used in the production of nuclear weapons. My Trident report was first released by the media on 5/17/2015 (US dating format).  Divide the date the media released my Trident report 5172015 by 239 and you’ll see the numbers 230125.. after the point… the numbers appear over and over and over again when you divide the date I got Trident in my Title by the number for Plutonium… the same numbers in the collision average I talked about in the interview I done with 147 WILL 157 engraved in my tie clip… Perfect Design!!! It is not coincidence… it’s design!!! Unenlightened fools tell me it’s just a coincidence HAHA I did not coincidentally write the date 5/5/15 in blood red, take a picture with the date and send it with my Trident report on 5/5/15… I did not coincidentally get 147 WILL 157 Engraved on my Tie Clip for the interview… it is Design!!!



Some people think the warnings aren’t clear enough and that I should be doing more to warn people… while they sit on there lazy ass doing nothing to help me. I told people about submarine collisions with the A boats, Went on live TV, talked about the A boats and the need to end The Trident programme… They renewed Trident so the next day there was a collision with an A Boat. I sacrificed my career warning people and the warnings were extremely obvious. When I was appealing my dishonourable discharge, I said you can give me dishonourable discharge to show discipline, and I gave them a report that talked about the need to strengthen Europe’s defences and create a European Defence Force… Does the warning get any clearer than that? They didn’t listen… then all over the news, mass amounts of people flooding in from the middle East. The media was releasing reports about people in the West moving to Syria… at that time I released reports telling people to strengthen the defences because ISIS and the others are going to come to the West from Syria… Everyone called me crazy… then I was proven to be right… nothing new there… ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!


I wrote reports warning about ISIS attacks… ISIS was mentioned over a dozen times in a report that talked about strengthening the defences… Can I be more obvious than that? That was before the ISIS attacks happened in Europe… They didn’t listen and after they refused to listen, ISIS carried out numerous attacks in Europe. The warnings are obvious. What the people must do is also giving in an obvious way. What more can I do when people don’t listen? How more obvious can I be with the warnings? If I tell everyone “don’t put your hand in the fire or you’ll get burnt” and everyone puts their hands in the fire… is that my fault or theirs? Do you expect me to tattoo the warning on my back and run around naked with neon  lights? I’ve sacrificed my career, spent thousands and try my best everyday to warn people… yet people expect me to do more, while they do nothing. They are warned and they only have themselves to blame. People didn’t listen to Noah. People don’t listen to me, even after God has proven me to be right… time and time again. I’ve been proven right numerous times and everyone else has been proven to be wrong… when do you learn who you should listen to? Intelligent people have learnt to listen to my warnings, but the majority of people are like brainwashed zombies.


My Trident report wasn’t my only report. I told them that the UK has been and continues to be radiated, but very few acted. Respect to the ones who did, but this is democracy and if they want a Radioactive World… then a Radioactive World is what they get. The Prophets try their best to warn people, the people don’t listen and then the exact thing that is warned about happens. There is nothing new here. If you hate me for warning people and creating Prophecy, then you are a fool. If you study The Bible and hate me for warning people and creating Prophecy, then you are a hypocrite and a fool. This World was made to fulfil God’s Word and I’m not talking about the written word. The written word is like painting… The Word is more than a painting. Without an Artist there would be no painting.




fog-warning-plume-of-toxic-winter-smog-engulfs-uk-sparking-breathing-fears “The Met Office issued a warning for fog thick enough to reduce visibility to 100 metres from 6pm last night.” “The swathe of eerie “radiation fog” will be worsened by a plume of pollution which has drift across to the UK from northern Europe.” “It has warned levels will reach between 48 and 64 micrograms per metre cubed – high enough to cause breathing problems in vulnerable people.” “The Met Office has fog warnings in place from 6pm yesterday until 9am today”

6pm until 9am… 69… The symbol for cancer.

You want submarines that create the risk of a radioactive catastrophe and release radiation into the environment?  Then you get radiation and you increase the risk of you, your family, your friends and all your descends getting cancer. Of course they will say that radioactive fog is nothing to worry about. “Researchers pin down risks of low-dose radiation Large study of nuclear workers shows that even tiny doses slightly boost risk of leukaemia.”

They tell you that it has always happened and people believe them. Cancer rates have dramatically increased and the average person thinks it has always been that way. How often do you hear about Fukushima releasing mass amounts of radiation? How often do you hear about Chernobyl still releasing radiation? How often do you hear about the Windscale nuclear catastrophe? Most people in the UK have never heard of the Windscale nuclear catastrophe that happened in the UK. Numerous people died from the radiation. The average person is blissfully ignorant about of the Fact that there’s numerous radioactive sites in the UK. They walk their dogs and play with their kids on radioactive beaches. The blissful ignorance ends when their kids hair starts falling out.


You can get information on the Windscale EVEnt from numerous news articles and other reports that have been written about it… yet the average person has never heard of The EVEnt. The Government admitted they covered it up for years. They’d rather you feel safe than know that you are not safe. Tell someone the lie they want to hear and they will love you… tell someone The Truth they don’t want to hear and they will hate you. The Truth is still worth a lot more than lies. The World can hate me, but I will continue to stand by The Truth… even if it costs me my life in this world. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. I don’t give a shit if you hate me for telling The Truth and trying to protect my people. Tell The Truth and you’ll be amazed at how many “friends” you lose. Wise people seek The Truth and fools want to ignore The Truth. This world is not running short on fools. Will you walk The Path of Truth???


The Smog, Parliament and The Trident Lights.



UK’s Great Smog 1952


( = 156 in Simple Gematria)







Watch this documentary about The Windscale Nuclear Catastrophe. People said I was crazy because I warned about the risks of a nuclear catastrophe caused by the desire to have nuclear weapons… those idiots don’t even know that there has already been a nuclear catastrophe in the UK, caused by the desire to have nuclear weapons. They can think I am crazy, but the bottom line is always going to = I am right and they are ignorant fools. They laugh and die at the same time. They’d rather watch sports and fantasy movies, than pay attention to The Details in the real world and try to create a better world.

Unilad Gaming is one of the most liked pages gaming pages on Facebook. On The 15th of Sept 2017 they made a post about Fallout, and I got the top comment out of numerous people. That means more people liked my comment about Fallout on The 15th of Sept, than any other comment. Sept = 7. 15 7.

I negotiated the release date of my Trident report with A John Hunt 147 email.

(Fallout Four = 147 in Simple Gematria)

(WillIAM Lewis = 147 in Simple Gematria)


Facebook Unilad Gaming:

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The people who play Fallout Four, know that radioactive fog damages their health (unless you have unlocked the ability to with stand radiation). When they take radiation damage in the game, they complain about it… when they take radiation damage in the real world, most of the time they don’t know about it, and most of people who know about it, don’t complain about it because they don’t know how deadly it is. The mainstream tells them that they receive radiation daily from the Sun… they often avoid pointing out the fact that there are different types of radiation.  The average person in the real world is clueless. They die without complaining because they don’t know what is killing them.

Fallout 4 – Radiation Damage Comments.

The video above shows how people react to being radiated in a virtual Nuclear World. The video below shows how the average person reacts to living in The Nuclear World called Earth. This is what the average person would rather do or watch others do. Why try to stop creating a more Radioactive World, when you can be like the people in the video below? Why try to create a better world when you can spend your time doing stupid shit or watching others do stupid shit?

111 is a number used to represent a Trident 111. I got Trident in my title when my Trident report was released by the media on 17/5/15. I Got Trident in my Title by releasing a report that warned about the risk of another nuclear catastrophe. The three numbers in my WILL / Trident tattoo, website, release dates of my Trident report, The TRINITY Bible verse… all = 157. Divide 17/5/15 by 157 and look at the three numbers before the point… 111. In Fallout 4, your vault is number 111. Fallout 4 is a Great Game. The Game Designers done an awesome job.


WILL in Roman Numerals

W – VV – 5 5

I = I

L = 50

L = 50

5 + 5 + 1 + 50 + 50 = 111

The picture of me holding up The Date 5/5/15, made international with The Trident Report.